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  1. it will be the oil pressure once the engine is warmed up that you want to check, on a recent trip with a marthams hire boat, just after starting the pressure was 70 psi, but after a while it levelled out to about 40 on normal revs, and about 20 on tickover. that was in a boat freshly refurbished.
  2. if you dip the dipstick, get the oil on your fingers and thumb and rub them together, if it feels gritty then you may have metal particles, a magnet on the side of the sump can help stop these floating around in the engine. do you know how many hours it has on it?
  3. just because they know the facts and pass them on doesnt mean that they are able to follow their own advice, my daughter works within the NHS umbrella, and isnt the smallest person in the world, and she has been on the recieving end of lots of bigotry for being overweight, there are many reasons someone may be overweight and not all of them can be controlled, so while a larger person may be able to give out dietry advice, they may not benefit from following it themselves. I guess all the above comments re race and sexuality also apply to size (large medium and small), you can replace the words racism and homophobia in Graces quote with any other differences and it would be just as true as the original quote. a doctor doesnt have to have perfect blood pressure themselves to be able to tell you yours is too high, I guess its all about how they tell you, and whether they come across as blaming you for your medical problems as to how the advice is recieved. rather than confronting the person, how about talking with them about whether they have personally found any effective methods of losing weight - that is if that is what they are advising you, often mutual discussion can be more rewarding than confrontation.
  4. thats the easy bit, its stopping them sinking that is the trick.
  5. if I had lots of money (and time) i might consider it.
  6. I was saying that was my position, hopefully not inferring that was what hoseasons were trying to implement.
  7. all of my friends are- friends - just that, strangers are just people I havent made friends with yet I am pretty easy going and try and get along with everyone. I will defend anyones right to hold an opinion and express it - as long as they dont try and force it on others and respect that others might not agree with them. at work we probably have representatives of most races, creeds and sexual orientations, but they are all just friends and colleagues and we muddle along just fine, we have a laugh sometimes, but not at each other, but with each other. we do realise that some have foods they dont eat, others dont drink we try and accomodate this when we buy treats for the office, but they dont feel sleighted if we forget and get say chocolate liquours, they will just politely decline as it is the thought that counts.
  8. i suppose it depends upon the circumstances, did the engineer have to make a site visit to generate the quote, if so did he indicate either by telling you or on his website or correspondence that a call out fee was chargeable (is it refundable if he then gets the job. if a callout fee is applicable he should have made you aware before he started.
  9. no, the worst ones had been run up hand tight and not torqued, nowadays we use special torque bolts that shear off when the correct torque has been achieved, just to avoid this problem
  10. dont listen Dave, you just enjoy being out on Chloe Jane with the family.
  11. just try and get it sorted before it goes bang, its a lot harder afterwards as timbo knows to his cost.
  12. I have an old electrical isolator on my desk at work, it came out of the lighting circuit at my mother in laws and the copper contacts were completely melted, if it had not been a metal box with ceramic insulation, that would have caused a fire. at work we have had a few incidents with distribution boards catching fire, almost invariably because the customer cables had not been correctly tightened to make a good contact, then the contacts heat up due to arcing and eventually catch fire.
  13. ah - another mad cat lady Man, I used to have 8 cats (down to 4 now through natural causes (old age - the oldest was about 26 years)) I think this is not so much a case of publicising their own personal beliefs (well of course that is how the EDP portray it) but realising that their advertising was unconciously discriminating against racial and gender minorities, and putting that right. - the comment in the EDP about putting all of the advertising pictures on the board room table and only 1 containing a person of non white ethnic origin. fair play to the company for the realisation and for putting this right, but the only ones really making an issue of it are the EDP, by branding it as 'newsworthy'. Of course any travel company is going to leap at any opening offered by newspaper publicity, its free advertising, so why not make the most of it.
  14. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
  15. you are quite right, but unfortunately there are individuals who make a point of attacking anyone who they feel is 'different' , I suppose in this i would exhibit the typical American religious group response that use their religion to attack anyone who they feel departs from their code of morals, and who are particularly active against LGBT individuals. rather than treating them as people with different views, they attack and denigrate them, I guess this is why the LGBT community feel obliged to stand up in their defence of their sexuality. Slowly the world is changing to accept people for what they are, but as long as there are bigots and racists out there, there will be others who feel they have to stand up and shout their differences to all. Companies should not have to make statements saying they are pro this, anti that, It should be a matter of course that these things are taken as read, but the world hasnt quite reached that equilibrium just yet. * I use the American example as these groups seem to exhibit the excessive attitudes I mention above, but really it is any group or individuals who attack others actions and beliefs.
  16. Actually that isnt the direction we are headed, eventually all natural gas appliances will be converted to run on hydrogen, and the gas pipes will contain hydrogen, that is the position we are looking at going forward, but that may still be some time in the future as they have to make the delivery systems idiot proof before we get houses exploding left right and centre.
  17. this is for lead acid batteries, some heavy duty ones can withstand a deeper discharge, and other chemistry batteries can be discharged lower before recharge without damage, (I think Robin delved deeply into this on one of his videos when he was looking at various batteries.)
  18. a 1 kw heater uses about 4.2A at 240V, at 12v that is 83A, on a standard 110AH Battery that will drop the batterry chage below the 50% minimum reccomended in under an hour - in the hour it will take the battery down to about 25% charge (about 11.6V), at this level when charged it wont recover to its full 100% capacity (you may get away with it once if you are very lucky).
  19. I do have the advantage of access to the local electricity network cable records, but that apart, there is a website called linesearchbeforeyoudig, that will give you access to records of underground services if you put a search in for your property, a query on there will return a comprehensive response from all the local utility providers, plus will provide a list of non participating providers with contact details. this is pretty much an essential step if you are doing any digging deeper than a spade length to indicate where to go carefully.
  20. maybe they will reword it as no stag or hen parties.
  21. Oldgregg, I think that most people dont think about the power consumption of various devices, they just plug them in and use them, as an example at home I have a 64A supply, i considered installing a 10kW power shower (about 42A required), then looked at the supply cables and realised that if three houses used a power shower at the same time, the main power cable supplying our 16 houses would be at its maximum add in the normal useage of the remaining houses and you would risk the cable burning out. its amazing being in the industry so to speak, how some of the cable installations from even as recently as the mid 70's and early 80's were underdesigned to the point they can be overloaded so easily with modern usage. I wonder just how many people investigate the supply network when considering new appliances.
  22. well i suppose unlike that other vote, with the vote so close they chose to retain the status quo and not change anything. (and thats as close as i am daring to get on politics).
  23. having read the article, I think you may have interpreted some of the wording differently to me Vaughan, I dont think there was a clear suggestion that rural areas are homophobic or racist, just that he had heard someone express the fear that they might be. to me the statement was that anyone who considered themselves to be homophobic or racist should think about booking elsewhere as the company were promoting inclusivism, ie if you want to complain to the company in a racist or homophobic slant about other peoples activities or race at the holiday venue, then you shouldnt have booked with them in the first place, as they have warned you. its about being inclusive in their advertising. I think that people who live and work in london are so inclusive nowadays, that such a melting pot of all the extremes that society could bring together, that racism and homophobia are diluted down to a small few, it would be natural for those within that mix therefore to see anywhere where this cultural mix isnt predominant with a degree of trepidation - much as someone from a remote rural area might view London as a crowded and scarey place. To me people are people and thats where it stops. everyone has as much right to be treated well as anyone else, as long as that works both ways , we should all get on well enough.
  24. I think a lot of the problems with the blue boxes is down to regular cleaning and maintenance, they can be quite useable if regularly cleaned and respected by the users. others encountered on sites have been decidedly unfriendly.
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