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  1. I have just had to add the 's' to the link in the advert and the webcam link both of those links should now work.
  2. if you are not seeing barnes brinkscraft from an old link, check you have the s in https, as that might make a difference
  3. nothing more fun than a remote app on your phone tuned into the neighbouring boats tv.
  4. the solar panel caused me no end of problems finding one with the correct voltage to charge the lighting circuit battery, in a flexible panel, that was the right size (actually forget the voltage, just the flexible in the right size was tricky, happily the voltage was perfect.), i did find two options, a single panel as you see, or a pair of panels half the width, but not quite as long as the bigger panel, this bigger panel was better size wise on the roof, if you look very carefully at the starboard side, you can see the pads of solder, the wires run up through the roof at the very edge and are soldered on.
  5. just one boat of the pair needs the fenders down, if both have them there is a chance of ripping off the stanchions when the fenders snag on each other
  6. more work on the cabin roof fittings, all now fixed down, solar panel fitted and wired to a connector under the cabin roof
  7. you will find most live youtubers have a 30 second delay from live in case of mess ups.
  8. probably upgrade to a better boat for free. you never know it might be your booking that decided which boat was sold this year.
  9. its quite normal, boats go up for sale mid season, but are not available until the end of season
  10. it may be a deliberate policy, so if there is a crash at the bridge or some other incident they can shut the cameras down before they broadcast it.
  11. if you are starting at potter heigham, lathams have a fishing tackle shop just across the road from their main shop.
  12. looking on this page the lost motion seems to be for dual position helms, and the units require to be in neutral before engaging the second unit, the parts are shown here https://www.asap-supplies.com/steering-and-controls/dual-station-control-units
  13. granted the nearest Martham boats get to modern definitions of luxury is a usb socket, but if by luxury you mean the warm glow of a mahogany interior, then for me they are as luxurious as I need.
  14. so 50 years ago they could build boats that are similar dimensions to modern ones, yet they still fit through Potter heigham with ease., so its boat design that has changed over those 50 years.
  15. This is a 43 foot 9 berther and passes under Potter Heigham bridge regularly
  16. it seemed a lot of workers in clothing factories got ill, there was a report that one factory owner was so concerned that his staff keep working that he went in to make sure despite having all the symptoms. and that as some of the factories employed immigrant workers on less than optimal wages they were living crammed into houses 20 to a house. How accurate these reports were, I have not had time to check, but as it was on facebook, it must be true
  17. you havent just bought the Victory have you?
  18. No, I am good, I have plenty to get what can be done before the wooden boat show finished, as I will be on the broads from the 21st, and have other stuff to get ready for that too, it will mostly be getting the cabin roof fittings fixed down
  19. time to fix some of the fittings into place, these were drilled and pins were used to locate them, then the first of the roof vents was fitted, this one straddles the joining strip at the front.
  20. savings on office space too, if you have 20 staff in an office and most are working 2 or 3 days a week from home, you can rotate it so you only need 8 or 10 hot desks and a smaller location, so cheaper rent. Most staff can work using a laptop, so all you need in the office is docking stations, unfortunately for me, my software is one of the few that still runs better on a slightly higher spec desktop or an expensive top of the range gaming type laptop. a lot of our designers have the standard laptop now, as I know because the requests I get to convert files and do all the processes that CAD really only does well on a desktop are on the rise, if I were moved to a laptop (as they want me to if I return into the office), then we would have nobody to do those specific CAD processes usually involving larger files (40+ Mb)
  21. It does strike me that the government are aiming this in the thought that prices to the customer will remain the same, but that the business will only pay the reduced VAT, thus giving the businesses a cash injection, of course we all know this wont work like that as customers will expect a reduction, and thus the businesses will be no better off (apart from their accounts departments having a much higher workload trying to balance the books.) Ian may be able to answer this one - will the provisions bought in by the restaurants etc have the VAT lowered too? or will they still be purchasing the supplies at full VAT rate? if that is the case, then the price to the customer isnt going to drop as much as they think it should.
  22. Robin has a pressure washer, and a big hoist on the top of his boat.
  23. I have a cordless air pump thats probably better than that.
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