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  1. because in series after the keel cooler, it wouldnt get hot water.
  2. We have moved this topic into the members area as it is basically a request from old members into the whereabouts of other old members- so better suited in the members area. we would also like to remind people that cross posting posts and screenshots from other forums is specifically against tos here so would ask you refrain from doing so, if people want to go find out, they will have to join the other forums and search for themselves. Thank you
  3. I will agree with meantime, I did a late crossing and managed 5 mph into the incoming tide on breydon, headed north, then caught the end of the flood up the bure, this was about 1 1/2 - 2 hours before high tide.
  4. in that respect i like water rail, you can have the roof up, but leave the sides off and the screen down, if rain is blowing straight in through the screen area i raise the screen and leave a 4" vision slit at the top.
  5. yes, mine arrived in the post this morning too.
  6. Well thats very helpful of the BBC, dont you just wish they would stop reporting in such an alarmist manner, at this rate they will start another round of panic buying . (I am lucky, I topped up on bog rolls the other week and got a 24 pack) i bet shopping will be fun saturday.
  7. for goodness sake, can we ask that members take care of themselves and try not to get injured, at this rate we will get a bad name. says the person who owns 4 black cats that are constantly trying to get underfoot.
  8. from what I know, its only the ridge that needs replacing every 10-15 years, the bulk of the roof should last about 40 years as long as the ridge has been properly maintained, this might vary with the quality of material used and the proficiency of the thatchers.
  9. Though I am thinking she may need to be a deck fitting rather than on the couch.
  10. We are already covered in that department CC
  11. if not I will have to make a 1/12 scale flat iron and heat it up and iron it that way.
  12. finally the cushions are done and installed on the cockpit seating
  13. I too use one of those on an o2 PAYG sim, its a 12Gb sim that lasts for a year and isnt that cheap (but work would pay for it?)not found anywhere yet I dont have a signal, I too leave mine plugged into the USB with the unit as high as it will reach (usually hanging over the curtain rail.
  14. I was informed yesterday that we now had a new hybrid working policy, we were allocated a number of days we could work from home based upon our roles and ability to work from home and remain productive, up to 3 days per week allowance they said, well everyone I know was allocated 1 day, to get all 3 days it has to be authorised by your manager. so as someone who the government decided was extremely vulnerable 1 week before the end of the period extremely vulnerable were supposed to remain isolated, and i have had the double jab, I am expected to go back into the office and mingle with my colleagues, most of whom have as yet not had a jab or have only a single jab (some only left university this year), the policy is effective as per next monday, but my manager is on holiday until that date, so we have been advised not to go in, until we have spoken with him, let us see what they will require of me after Monday, personally I think it will take a minor miracle for them to get me much more than 2 days a month, and if they get that they should consider themselves fortunate.
  15. I have the battery Thanks, its similar capacity, but at 11.1V
  16. Slowly getting there with the cushions
  17. if I can punch the Breydon tide on Water Rail with a 21hp engine, then it should be possible on the majority of boats, the biggest issue is getting to the mouth of the Bure early and trying to punch the outgoing tide there, you may easily go flat out and only be making 1mph or less against the current.
  18. nothing better than waking up the neighbouring boat with a waft of cooking sausages, bacon and eggs at 6am in the morning.
  19. at my old house we used to get an infestation of flying ants one day in the year, thousands of them, just from the bathroom, then next day, nothing and clear the rest of the year.
  20. Yes I found it out on board Jayne 2 from Marthams, i had problems from the start so was using the shower hose to flush the pan, I suppose it was down to the yard not remembering to open the sea cock, they were pretty busy when I picked her up, fitting other things like windows and toilet roll holders (she was relaunched just 2 hours before I arrived after a major refit (new cabin sides and top) and I was the first hire, they had rushed to get her ready for me to take to the wooden boat show at beccles.
  21. does it draw its water from the river, in which case is the through hull valve open and the inlet not blocked?
  22. thats simple, its then her boat, one way or another.
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