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  1. he does have a point there d46, he said the owners were not fools (by not admitting ownership / responsibility), not implied that anyone who slipped was a fool, I suggest you see if you can find what the owners are responsible for under the d16 agreement and report back to us, so can we all calm down now and get that useful information that will benefit anyone wanting to moor there.
  2. I would presume if you needed to ask, then there would be a sign to that effect, and if mooring wasnt allowed, then likewise a sign would say so. Plus the OP has taken the time to contact the relevant authorities to ascertain these moorings status to post here along with the permission to relay this data to the rest of us, so I would think that the data as relayed to us is correct.
  3. @ChrisB we are looking at the latest posts area to see if there is an easy way to allow users to ignore sections like speakers corner, at the moment you can achieve it in the parameters for the latest posts by following all the sections you wish to see and then click the only show the areas i am following, I understand that more detailed instructions how to do this are in the process of being drafted. its all available in the section illustrated below
  4. to be fair they are listed as dp16 moorings by the Broads Authority.
  5. surely this isnt about the boat in the picture, that was just incidental to the topic of the moorings as it happened to be moored at that point when the picture was taken, it could have been any boat. so lets not stray into the realms of the tos by naming and shaming, and concentrate on the topic of the moorings.
  6. I see issues that might arise from proposal 8 Are the Broads Authority going to stop Elon Musks Starlink Satellite launches, as it is a recognised fact amongst astronomers that these are going to ruin the view of the stars. you cant have a night under the stars if you cannot see stars. I did also spot the watering down of the importance of navigation, by splitting one of the current purposes into 2 to create 4 equal purposes, one of which is navigation, thus reducing the importance from 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 also the comment that an updated sandford principle would be contentious with some navigation interests in the Broads I think this needs some careful study to work out just what it means (not just the face value of what it says)
  7. it may have been a condition of their planning permissions to provide moorings, much like at barnes brinkscraft and elsewhere.
  8. and ask suffolk county council why they have allowed them at all considering their specific notation under their signage regulations saying that they would not allow signs for national parks except under specific conditions that these signs do not meet. - ie as specific directions to a specific venue for the national park - would this be where the visitor centre at acle would have fitted into the picture? (apart from the fact it isnt in suffolk)
  9. I have those on my subscription list too, along with Acorn to Arabella (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAiDWnTP0WB1xCp6uuUo0VA) and Tally ho ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg-_lYeV8hBnDSay7nmphUA) which are wooden boatbuilding vlogs. I also watch a lot of other building and restoration channels that mainly deal with restoring old tools and mechanisms.
  10. more a case of if the NP website hosted from Yare House, Headquarters of the Broads Authority says it is. which puts a whole different complexion on the point in case. your very example shows the whole point of the argument for your opposition, rather than questioning us why we are not doing anything about it, it proves our point of why we should be trying.
  11. well thats 4 of us that think we answered the question, maybe not the answers that you wanted to hear.
  12. I wonder whose budget that role comes out of.
  13. I also read that it is a product synthesised from natural Gas, surely in the long term, though it may burn cleaner, that is no better than any other finite resource fossil fuel. Now if (for instance) they could produce the fuel from a different gas (hydrogen for preference) then I could see a point to it. surely though production of a diesel fuel from vegetable oils (a sustainable source) would be a better option. also the cleaner emissions claim would have to be substantiated for a wet exhaust system, would for instance the fatty acid methyl esthers dissolve in the water to create a new pollutant?
  14. sorry I meant suffolk, my typing fingers easily mix up suffolk and sussex
  15. to reiterate my previous quote from the Suffolk council signage regulations, special authorisation would require a process and an audit trail.
  16. As these signs must have had special approval (in Suffolk at the very least) surely there must be minutes of the approval meeting available. or at least a record of approval. unless they were just a rubber stamping exercise there must exist a paper trail regarding their approval and the process must have been followed.
  17. the manual for traffic signs can be found here - https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/771873/traffic-signs-manual-chapter-1.pdf
  18. herein lies the issue, sign making companies set up for road signs will be able to produce signs in the standard sign colours (see below) pantone 326 is not one of these, so a special batch of signs would be required, with maybe a special order of materials to achieve the colour. which is not a proper road sign colour in the first place
  19. in part additional cost for the signs would be the bespoke background colour , ie not a colour found on any other signs
  20. it still breaks the sussex council guidelines that specifically exclude national parks from signage and says such would need specific authorisation, so one must ask why they have allowed them despite their own guidelines.
  21. they were in the hidden cave just around the curve.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vLhcg_FU9g
  22. Griff of course was posing with his best profile on display for this shot
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