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  1. ok so this shows the normal flow and where I come from and need to get to.
  2. there is a similar situation near where I live in canterbury, between two roundabouts, entering from a right hand lane needing to turn left at the next roundabout, usually facing a solid queue of traffic from the slip in to the left all wanting to turn right at the next roundabout, complicated by a bus lane and traffic lights, in just a few hundred yards I need to cross two lanes to the left. streetview shows this road as nearly empty - must have been early sunday morning, its usually a solid queue. its common to get to the top, start pulling into the left lane only to find a bus or taxi coming up at a fair lick, but only having a very short section of lane to get across, also once at the roundabout the traffic turning right will swing across that left turn lane to hug the outer kerb, as they are not thinking there will be vehicles entering the roundabout on their left to take the left turn, ok it all happens at a lot slower speed, but gets frustrating all the same, once I was forced to stay in the right lane and do a full trip around the roundabout to make the left turn, as people just dont want to make a space to let you across.
  3. I know that one too, but have never had occasion to use the roundabout, just drive straight under on the A127. That said, the standard of driving on the A127 does leave a lot to be desired, barely a day passes without queues of traffic along the A127 past our office due to collisions, and as the entrance and exit is only off the east bound carriageway and there are no back entrances if there are traffic hold ups, we either cant get into- or sometimes out of the estate where I work.
  4. I know that one well, its only a few miles further along the A127 from where I work
  5. Dont worry- we are not all as bad as that lot^^^^^^^^^ (well not all the time)
  6. where that it had only been three! , I have been tail ended by a lorry, I stopped at the red light, he assumed I wasnt going to. twice I have been driven into from the side as someone pulled out from a side turning, then there was the post office van, I was tail ended by a women in a car as I pulled away from a roundabout and had to stop as a vehicle came round from out of sight. then I have had several rubber on the road near misses as people pulled into the spot I would have been occupying if I had not braked (both cars and lorries), one of the hazards of doing 33,000 miles a year mostly on the M25, but then again that is spread out over 38 years of driving.
  7. I had my at fault accident on the second day i had my first car, all the rest of the accidents I have been involved in have been the other drivers fault and unavoidable, including 1 at just a couple of miles per hour when a bus had pulled out at a junction onto the road I was on, and the back of the bus was still just in my lane, i slowed right doen to crawl past and just as I got level with the back end a post office van pulled out to turn right from behind the bus, i had a whole foot in which to react. ever since that first accident I have taken great care to watch out for what traffic around me is doing.
  8. I can think of a large percentage of the driving public that dont understand a solid line means yo cannot cross it, many cars go through the dartford tunnel in the right hand tunnel, then cross the solid line to exit at junction 31 (the solid line extends past junction 31) the number of accedents that happen here and shut at least one of the tunnels is legendary. before they took the toll booths away the signs said no exit at junction 31 for the right hand tunnel.
  9. stern fairleads and one of the fender mounts added
  10. Today i have finished the fender plates, and started fitting the plates to the boat, firstly the plates are polished up prior to the fitting.
  11. now thats just being greedy MM its always your turn, and when its not, Timbo seems to hog a lot of the rest of the turns.
  12. you know that JA just posted that to tempt someone into buying it dont you.
  13. It appears I might be busy tonight, I have to deliver something at 8pm, and dont know when I will get away.
  14. clearly when you mix the blue arrows with the green arrows and reverse the green arrows direction of travel, people have a problem with it
  15. in fairness from the position of the car, he could not have seen the van indicating left anyway, so should have made an assumption that it was going onward rather than turning left. I have had one other instance of a vehicle carving me up in this way on a roundabout, but in that case he clearly pulled to the central lane of the 3 lane roundabout to overtake 3 cars behind me and myself then tried to exit left across the two lanes between him and his exit, I was in the centre lane preparing for a left exit onto a two lane slip road at the next exit, he not only nearly got hit by me (i had been watching him), but also by the car on my left, also proceeding around the roundabout to the next exit. the standard of motoring and any consideration towards other drivers is dropping I believe. in the last week alone I have seen several aftermaths of accidents where cars have been taken out as they cut across the front of lorries at the last minute to get off slip roads (mind you that is normal on the M25), either the sat navs are giving the turn instructions too late or people are just idiots.
  16. here is the river Thurne section of my map currently under production, detail is still being added, but It can be used on the fly from the pdf or printed out (at whatever size you please as I have included a scale bar.) chopped into handy page sized chunks for navigation purposes, other sections might come available as time passes, I do have the whole map as a pdf, but that is currently a huge (22mb ) file. and likewise still to be completed. River Thurne.pdf
  17. it was almost as if the car driver got half way past the van, saw his exit and then totally ignored the fact the van was there, despite not having finished overtaking it.
  18. I have been put into a similar situation - luckily in my case the car and I were indicating, but he was overtaking me round the outside and going round to the next exit (turning right), while I was turning right from 1 exit earlier, both of us slowed to give way to the other, then he let me through. (2 lane roundabout onto 2 lane dual carriageway) so yes while you can still get caught out, indicators do help (as does assuming the other vehicle will do the worst possible manoeuvre at the worst possible time- all the time).
  19. from what I can see that is just atrocious driving, the cause is the idiot cutting across the front of the other vehicle after attempting to overtake on the roundabout. down here near / in london, if they tried that their car would have been written off within hours of them getting on the road.
  20. plate neatened and 2 more plates done, 9 to go
  21. shame on you Smoggy for suggesting that one of us might- besides, she still has ducklings.
  22. Simon, there are maps available from the boatyards that give a lot of this information, plus I am in the process of trying to create a resource for this forum that details these things too, but mine is not ready yet as it has barely ptrogressed past the base map level, and I am adding detail about things such as moorings on a regular basis.
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