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  1. Tim, that piece about the tv and washer dryer was excellent, is it possible that I could share this (suitably edited to protect the guilty) with some of my friends? I read it out to my wife and she was killing herself laughing.


    1. Timbo


      Hi Grendel,

      Please feel free to share wherever you please. I'd think of it as my revenge on the 'jobs worths' that I've been dealing with, and their endless forms, for the last year. So used have I become to repeating my Dad's date of birth and national Insurance number, when asked for my own the other day I gave his by mistake. This left me a little dischuffed when the young woman behind the counter said "Oooh you look good for 72 I wouldn't say you looked a year past 60". She looked crestfallen when I corrected my error and she discovered I was not quite 50. 

      best regards


    2. grendel
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