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  1. I would like to advise members that when a thread disappears it may return later there are several reasons threads get hidden, some are due to the moderator team wishing to discuss whether the thread or post has broken any terms of service, generally if we temporarily take a thread down, its to discuss some aspect of it. we generally pm a member when this happens to let them know. it can also get taken down through automatic moderation when it has been reported, in this case we dont usually know straight away that it has been taken down, so it may be some time before a moderator team
  2. at work i believe everyone except senior management was furloughed for some time, I was off 3 weeks and came back to a 4 week backlog of work, but some were off a lot longer, dependent on workload. the managers who did continue working covering their teams voluntarily took a pay cut to 80% of their normal wage- all the way up to the CEO, as our work is loosly based on new construction, parts of our business dropped to 10% of pre covid work levels initially.
  3. Marthams last year had 2 encapsulated manuals for each boat, when it came in the old manual was wiped over and put in the cupboard, and the new that had been sitting in the cupboard a week was put in its place, thus, helping keep them clean for the next hirers. it doesnt take a lot of forethought, they also have the manual linked on your booking page on the website.
  4. no, thats not the correct approach, you start out with, I hear the hotel has a lovely spa, I will treat you to a luxurious morning at the spa, since the spa can do nothing to make me look better, i will just have to console myself with a mornings shooting at a little shooting club i spotted next to the runway
  5. they look and sound just as good, and are an excellent snack while travelling.
  6. if you are still having issues try this link https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/
  7. well it should all be fixed now, just make sure the link you take is to the https version
  8. ah apple, i do know we have issues with some apple file formats.
  9. some browsers are reporting the site as unsecure it is not, it is as secure as it ever was, its just that as of 13.00 the digital piece of paper saying the site is secure has expired, dont worry the team are on it and hope to get the certificate renewed as soon as possible.
  10. probably the file extension, a lot of the tablet cameras have weird file extensions that are not recognised by the forum software. of course that all gets fixed when you download them normally.
  11. I supposed just because they are allowed, doesnt necessary mean they have to, there may be other measures necessary to be put in place before they can open up indoor service.
  12. technically this discussion should not be in this section as speakers corner is for and its not really a topic for the broadscot lounge. might I suggest we let this topic die quietly, while I am sure it is a lamentable state of affairs, really its more of a topic for the press to sensationalise and other social media pages to discuss. Thanks
  13. What thick and sticky? I think you mean vicious
  14. all part of the fun of the quiz
  15. strangely enough, many years ago now, the viking group i used to belong to was banned from a pub for not drinking enough beer, as most of us had to drive home we mostly had soft drinks and quite often food too, the soft drinks were the same price as the beer, so we reckon 10 people on soft drinks with food was quite a sizeable chunk of profitable custom to chuck away on a wednesday night.
  16. did you use running stitch Polly?
  17. and if the cat is alive when you open the box
  18. I dont know, was it something biblical, like the heavens opening and a bolt of lightning?
  19. its difficult on some boats unless you are running a speed app, to know your exact speed, on Water rail there is a line on the rev counter marked 5mph, now depending on tide conditions that can be anything from 4 mph to 6 mph (or more if heading down south through great yarmouth, I was doing 6.3 mph on little more than tickover last week.) If you ever hire a Marthams boat, you dont even get the help of a rev counter. but I have noticed on water rail, that there is no appreciable wash until you are doing 0ver 2400 rpm, ie 6mph through the water, and then maybe 4" of wash at the bank.
  20. so this new (to me - it dates back to the 1930's) metal shaper will give at least my arm exercise, and doesnt wear my knees out.
  21. maybe his supervisor was sitting next to him
  22. when the alternative is roads full of potholes, and damaged cars, i know which i would choose. at this time of year, wherever road works are, they will be inconvenient.
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