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  1. +1 to that. Johnny Heward's about the best there is when it comes to moving boats. He'll charge you the right price, he will not rip you off but neither will he cut corners to give you a cheap quote.
  2. Yes, when having made a fish pie and realised we had no potatoes. Very nice it was. Also at Jersey Royals time I occasionally use a herb crumb topping and serve with early crop Jerseys and green beans.
  3. Thanks for that, but I don't really do FB, I don't even do NBN facebook. I have had a quick look and it doesn't seem to be somewhere you can ask, chat and discuss, more a string of adverts from BRM. Good if you want to know what's new to the market etc but not somewhere you'd discuss Hornby or Bachman, Plywood or OSB etc...
  4. I know we have one or two good people here with an interest in model railways, I wonder if anyone can suggest a decent forum that a relative newbie such as I might sign up to? I have tried a couple, one of which I'm getting no response to my sign up request, the other doesn't accept my email address as it's on ymail. We are setting a layout up for Jamie in the spare bedroom, but having never progressed beyond a little tank loco on the dining room table when I was a kid I want to poll advice and opinion from one or two "experts". Thanks
  5. You'd be surprised how many locals do, or at least used to use the Locks, certainly when Colin was there. There was without fail a decent number in the bar every evening both drinking and eating, even in late autumn when we used to visit. This is very sad news indeed, but not surprising. Sadly I, and certain others here questioned the direction of the Locks when it was "renovated" and have been proven to be right, though of course nobody could foresee this global pandemic but I agree with JM, the damage was done long before the world ever heard of COVID-19. I only visited once after Coli
  6. Where's the fun in that, what you typed first time is what you really mean, publish and be dammed!
  7. My info at the time was that a third party expressed an interest and Colin was "eased out". It's heresay but from someone usually well informed on things in the area.
  8. I think we will have to disagree on that one. In it's pomp the Wood's End was one of the best. I'm afraid it is another example of how to destroy a pub. The character has been surgically removed, the management is arrogant and that permeates through the staff.
  9. A suitable boat is what makes you happy, there are those that would tell you it must have sails, some will tell you it must be made of wood. Others will tell you that it must go under all the bridges. Do you know what, it's all bovine effluent. There is too much misery about, especially in this pandemic era. If it makes you smile then enjoy, and if someone wants to tell you it's not suitable then <<insert comic raspberry sound bite here>>
  10. I sometimes see these videos pop up on my You tube feed and think thank god I'm not sad enough to stand there videoing everything waiting for some poor unfortunate to cock up.
  11. What a load of tosh. Has somebody suddenly invented an EV that can notch 600 miles on a charge, or recharge in five minutes and I missed it?
  12. I know Charnwood water well, I've played cricket on the ground across the A6, next to the crematorium many times. Sadly this is what the modern world is coming to, too much liability and blame culture nobody dare allow anything, just in case.
  13. and when all that is done they'll both need retiling
  14. A local village here in Leicestershire called Shackerstone used to hold a family festival every year on this first weekend in September. It's not ancient, it began in 1990 and last year was the 25th and sadly last. It will not happen again, not a COVID victim - the decision to end the festival was taken after last years event and is largely down to the ever increasing amount of bureaucracy and costs involved. It was a wonderful weekend, display arena, steam engines, vintage cars, wild west enactments, fair ground, lawn mower racing, stunt men, red arrows etc etc. Plus the neighbouring steam ra
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