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  1. Perhaps you misread my post which was not hearsay, not a second or third hand account but something which happened to me. Perhaps you didn't misread the post and it was your intention to question my integrity. Just for clarity some of the order summaries are attached. If you use Amazon I would keep my eyes open
  2. Just checked my Merc kit and it says 500 miles at 70. Holts tyreweld says "as soon as possible" so I was perhaps being conservative, but important to check. Tyre sealants will always be a limited, temporary solution but do also have some advantages. The last time I used one was in the Honda which also carries a full size spare but in pouring rain on the side of the M1 at 6pm on a Friday two minutes spent with a can of sealant was far preferable to getting the jack out.
  3. but then leBoat didn't have a lot of success with A to A hires either, it was a short lived venture as far as the broads is concerned.
  4. Which is all very well if you have shops local which sell the things you want to buy, and offer you a selection from which to choose which is about a common around here as rocking horse ****. The last genuine tool shop closed in Leicester nearly twenty years ago, well before the advent of Amazon, Ebay et al. If I want to buy a wood plane now, or a precision screwdriver I have the choice of going to B&Q, buying the usually one option they have available, if indeed they do have one, and if needed asking advice from a sales assistant with an O level in sociology and wouldn't know the difference between Oak and Balsa, or buying online from a specialist company with specialist knowledge which I can access, if needed, by calling them or dropping them an email. That said, I would never, ever use Amazon. A few months ago my email inbox filled up with order confirmations from Amazon for a range of different electronic goods. Earphones, Phablets, Smart watches, that sort of thing. When I logged into my account it showed three orders totalling over 190 items, 30 - 40 of each, all sold at a cost of 10p and paid for with an amazon gift card, which I never had. I contact them immediately, they said they would cancel the orders and that I should change my password. I did that, and added additional security requiring a pass code to be sent to my phone to access my account each time I try to log on. My phone received dozens of message that week with one time pass codes, I contacted Amazon again and again and all they said is that nobody had logged into my account since I had changed the password, though as the pass code is only generated after the correct password then obviously someone had hacked my account on their system and access the password again. They advised me to change the password again which I did. Then, about a month later I started getting emails. "thank you for reviewing ear buds" or phablet, or smart watch. The whole thing had been a scam to generate false reviews for cheap Chinese goods. I spent an entire evening changing each and every one of them to read something very unbecoming of the item and the company selling them. Thankfully I do not have a stored payment card with amazon. I dread to think what might have happened if I had. The whole approach of Amazon was totally blase, they couldn't give a monkeys. I found it shocking that somebody could access me password so easily. If ever you do shop on Amazon please don't believe the reviews, they are likely to be fake.
  5. And still nobody (unless I missed it) has used the phrase "one way hires". It has to be attractive to take a boat from Wroxham and return to WRC, or vice versa
  6. I think that well known tyre company are up to their well known tricks of inventing unnecessary work for themselves, and expense for their customers. The use of a tyre selant should not have any impact on whether a punctured tyre can be repaired or not. The substance used in tyre sealants is a modified latex rubber, not an adhesive. It can be easily peeled from the inside of the tyre before a puncture is repaired. It may require a new valve if the sealant was inserted through the valve. The latex material has no impact on the structure of the tyre, but they were correct that it is only a temporary repair. The manufacturer of the sealant will mark the product with a safe limit for both both distance and speed. Usually something like twenty miles at 50mph. Beyond this safe limit the tyre may begin to leak causing it to overheat and fail.
  7. Am I the only one here thinking Marina development, waterside living, high cost homes ......
  8. Sorry to revive an old thread, but as the mighty Bob was already mentioned here I though this would be a fitting place to mourn his passing. I was a big fan of his before that now legendary performance at Headingly in 1981. He was one of the superstars of the Sunday League which was avid viewing in our house. Sunday lunch at the dining table, wash up then on with the cricket. I was always excited if Warwickshire were to be shown as it meant another appearance on Willis, giant of a man running in from the boundary rope with that unique action trailing his bowling arm behind his backside. We all copied that as kids on the local park. It was his inspiration that led me into fast bowling, though I cannot claim to have got anywhere near his achievements. A couple of appearances in the Minor Counties Championship before a back injury sustained playing Rugby ended my career, at least on a serious level. Bob himself was no stranger to injury especially with his knees, both of which required several surgeries which would have ended lesser men. His rehabilitation was close to impossible but he would not give up and returned to the highest level of the game against all odds. Thank heavens he did, as along with Ian Botham he gave the world what is, and will always remain the greatest test match ever at Leeds in '81.It was almost a public joke in the England team of the late seventies as to who would get the job of lifting Willis into the bath at the end of the days play, but he was back on the field the next morning, running in and bowling with genuine pace, something England has had little of in test cricket. With the advent of Sky Sports in the early 1990's Willis found a platform from which to vent his opinions, especially on England. For such a placid, equable character he had a razor sharp wit and was not afraid to demonstrate it. It was backed by a phenomenal knowledge of and insight into the game of cricket and he quickly found his niche in summarising rather than commentating and given some of England's more recent test performances his evening "verdict" program was often more interesting than the days play. I missed his input in this recent New Zealand series, and whilst aware that he was ill was totally shocked to hear that his illness had taken the ultimate toll. As both a player and commentator of the game of cricket, which I love so much he stood on the very top step.
  9. A hugely underrated car, just my opinion of course. A drinking friend of mine bought one new in 2002, the 2.5 V6 with the factory approved LPG system. He still has it today. For the first 7 years of it's life it commuted every day to North London running up in excess of 450k miles. He bought it because I was running an LPG Mondeo at the time and constantly bragging about how much money I was saving against buying petrol. He reckons those first 7 years alone the savings on fuel cost paid for the car twice over. I did try claiming a commission but all I got was a pint of Guinness and a Woodbine. He still drives around town in it, still running on LPG. Still a lovely looking car inside and out and as it was, if I dare say so without offending anyone, somewhat retro in it's styling it hasn't aged. I guess the theory that if it's old fashioned to start with it never gets any older.
  10. If anyone reading this decides they don't have a spare but want one then you could i) ring your local main dealer and pay about 150 for a space saver or alternatively ring your local scrap yard and they will usually be able to find you a matching alloy wheel for half the cost, usually with a decent tyre ready fitted (unless of course you have twenty one inch rims, or AMG wheels or something similar)
  11. My Merc doesn't have a spare, nor anywhere to fit one. The space beneath the boot floor which would normally accommodate such is stuffed full of electronics, the DAB tuner is in there, as is the amplifier, rear signal module, a sort of computerised fusebox, the emissions tank is in there, the auxilliary battery, various control modules for things like the distronic radar, parktronic sensors etc. The hydraulics for the roof mechanism fills the space behind the side panels where this kind of stuff normally lives. I have the Merc compressor and bottle of gunk, but during a recent visit to the one local MB main dealer I have found to have any degree of integrity the gent there suggested the Merc gunk is pretty useless, get a bottle of the Holts stuff which is much better and about a fifth of the price. The key is to use it properly. Spray it in, wait exactly two minutes then drive the car for five miles as near as possible maintaining 50mph. It's the rotation of the wheel that seals the gunk into the puncture, not the pressure applied by the can. The wheel will need repressurising afterwards so a pump is essential. Gunk can only seal punctures in the tread of the tyre, side wall damage means a mobile tyre fitter!
  12. better that than a sheet of toilet paper .....
  13. I have been known to organise the odd online treasure hunt during the winter months to fend off the winter blues. Could do another if there is any interest?
  14. Thank you for your update Paladin. Through out the life of this thread I have been reading it with interest, wondering under what legislation the Authority are making this dictate as I can find nothing in the bylaws to back it up. Does the authority have the authority to create rules and regulations of this kind by any power given to it by the Broads Bill?
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