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  1. but read that report in full and the footnotes will tell you that as VW are known to use a defeat device in their Euro 5 Diesels "a question mark remains over the results". The misconception is that VW's are reliable, they are not. The Polo is the only car which to make the list of 50 most reliable cars, and that they are clean, which they are not. They are cleaner than some, but dirtier than others. It is no surprise to see Renault, and their budget offshoot Dacia coming in amongst the worst cars. A bit embarrasing for Volvo to see that their Euro 6 engines produced worse test results than the Euro 5s. It is interesting to compare the results they got testing diesel against petrol cars. My Merc Blutec Diesel for example produces 0.028g/km, well below the Euro 6 limit, but the equivelent petrol car produces 0.21g.
  2. Very best wishes indeed, but sad, sad news nonetheless. I can't call it the last of the riverside stores, but the last of the really good ones. It will be a big loss, not only to the boating community but to the village, and the surrounding area too.
  3. https://www.evolutionpowertools.com/videos/evosystem_video.html can't beat this imho, love mine. Initial outlay is a bit high, about 220 for the engine unit and another 120 for the pressure washer but offers a really good generator option as well and a powerfuk dirty water pump which i don't have. It's more powerful than your average electric, and not as expensive as many other petrol units.
  4. Paul

    Loddon Staithe

    I would have thought it more likely to be Loddon Marina next door, but I am guessing.
  5. actually i thought he was towing it, as being a Renault it must have broken down.
  6. You'll be expecting the patter of tiny henry's soon then
  7. The most eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the car is being supported by a Honda jack. Fifty seven thousand quid and benz don't even suply a Jack!
  8. Anyway, enough of this frivolity and these desparate attempts to derail this thread, lets get back on topic with a still from a vlog I'm doing for mbclub covering the brake change. Have to say the brembos suit this car, much better response and feel from the brakes then the old mb kit gave.
  9. only ten? our Panasonic has 27, plus three extra "user defined programmes" plus the ability to extend the rise, add a prewash, increase or decrease the spin speed, non spin for easy iron ..... but your right, every time I look at it then it is always on the same setting!
  10. No problem washing mixed fabrics together at all KK, though always use the lowest temperature recommended for your different items, on this occasion i would expect that to be woollens. I have a Panasonic washing machine which has a mixed fibres setting, which is very useful. It was quite expensive but i can wholeheartedly recommend them. I wouldn't mix colours though, always keep whites in one wash, reds andpinks in another and a third for dark colours. And don't tumble dry the woollens. Anything else we can help with?
  11. I find this forum very friendly and appreciate the mix of on and off topic subjects that it covers. If something doesn't interest me I simply ignore it. If you find that difficult then certain other forums exist which don't allow off topic comment at all, perhaps you would be happier on one of those. Either way posting a comment deliberately intended to promote discord does you no credit. "You may not like what I am saying. Take it as you will."
  12. Just Google "Norfolk Broads Forum", but then you knew that before you posted.
  13. well he gets my vote ....... at least someones doing some dredging ....
  14. if you type in the year at the bottom of the page it will narrow things down for you a bit
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