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  1. I wasn't (note the correct apostrophe) going to mention the upper case I after a mere comma.
  2. If the major issue is maintenance then perhaps consider a share? There are several reputable syndicates represented on the forum. Of course that doesn't address the issue of boat handling and mooring and if that too is becoming prohibitive then shore based options might be for you. We reduced the amount of boating we did a few years ago for health reasons but still visit regularly. Whilst you will miss the boat there are benefits of being "land based" and many wonderful places to visit and eateries etc to try which are not accessible by water.
  3. you mean "I too would get it wrong", surely?
  4. Horses have two ends, one bites, the other kicks. As regards the Tesco lasagne scandal I'm not sure which is the most worrying. The fact that amounts of equine DNA in the mince was above allowable limits, or that there is an allowable limit in the first place.
  5. Paul


    I suppose it's a bit like donating to the RSPB. If they spent the money trying to save the beleaguered little house sparrow, or skylark I would be happy to do so. But when I find my money is being spent lobbying politicians, who earn enough already or watching dolphins in Scotland I think no. Scottish dolphins are no doubt a good cause, but not the concern of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The clue is in the name.
  6. Paul


    I was aware that the RNLI spent money overseas long before I stopped my regular donation. In those days it seemed to be spent on education projects overseas, teaching local leaders to in turn teach communities about water safety which I did not mind. It was some of the things they spent money on in the UK which made me stop and think. Expensive man-management training and "group bonding" sessions come immediately to mind. We decided to take a long hard look at the charities we supported with the monthly donations, after which we stopped them all, RSPCA, RNLI, RSPB etc. Some of the things that came to light were staggering. We still support our local RSPCA rescue centre through gifts in kind. Pet food, blankets as these can be used at the centre in question. Financial donations made to them still have to go to "head office" to be mis appropriated, sorry I mean reallocated. We still support local lifeboat stations whenever we are nearby one, through the shops and donation boxes though I imagine this too has to go to central coffers so that the professional "moneylenders in the temple" can decide how to spend it. Of all we support Caister the most, being free of RNLI influence I have more confidence that my hard earned passed to them actually gets spent on saving lives than rebadging excercises and the like.
  7. I think Guardiola will be gone from Man City soon. Three seasons and they haven't looked like winning the Champions League, which is what he was brought in to do, and a poor start to this season. It won't be long before we start hearing phrases like "lost the dressing room" etc etc....
  8. You want to listen to some of the children's presenters. When we were kids there was uproar when John Noakes joined Blue Peter as he had an accent. Prior to that it was Queen's English and reserved pronunciation. I said then it was the thin end of the wedge. And what's with the phrase "my bad", for heaven's sake. They mean" my fault" or "my mistake". It's all over the TV just lately. I love that Ron Manager clip, used to love that program, the sad thing about it is he seems to talk a lot more sense than many of the pundits on Match of the Day just lately.
  9. Well done the Canaries, and a big thank you from the red half (red 7/8ths really) of Merseyside.
  10. it's about time they banned all boats from the Broads, all they seem to do is cause trouble....
  11. Which demonstrates the point, my wife gets a good 4g signal at Horning Staithe using a Sony M4 (not a top of the range phone), on Giff Gaff which I believe uses O2 or on Vodafone. My Huawei get's an OK signal. I can browse the web and push or pull emails but I can't use facetime, skygo or youtube. I have to tether to her phone to do that. I can't comment on Salhouse as we never stop there. Coverage is gradually improving, though I fear that may stall as providers concentrate on 5g, and phone manufacturers are, very slowly waking up to the need to improve the reception of their devices though Sony are still head and shoulders above the rest in that area.
  12. I like Sony phones, but like you have struggled to replace them on my recent contracts with Vodafone. My previous phone was a Samsung, I was seduced by a "special offer" meaning the then top of the range phone came "free" whilst I would have to pay extra for a basic Sony. It didn't take me long to realise why they were giving the Samsung away. When people have asked and posted about signal I have made the point time and time again that the device may be more important than the network. I'm not sure people believed me.
  13. I wasn't quite sure whether to post this here or in today's jokes, but what happened to the canaries last night? Fell off their perch a little.
  14. The basin is not normally an issue for most boats since being dredged, though the corner nearest the road as previously described is starting to silt up again and can be as little as two feet at low water. The area of main concern is the old ford just past the end of the boatyards which is a stony bar across the river and can be less then two feet at low springs. I've touched bottom there above once. There is quite a rise and fall on the Chet so just avoid low water and you should have no trouble.
  15. A fabulous result and if Ben Stokes had been elevated to the ranks of the greats for his world cup exploits I think he's just ascended to the higher rank of immortality. I hope that this result, earned by the stoicism of a couple and heroism of one does not allow the ECB and it's selectors to paper over the gaping cracks and avoid addressing the deficiencies which left us chasing 350 plus in the second innings. Had England lost this match, which in truth they should have, the selectors would have had no choice but to make changes. Now they have the age old excuse of the inept, "never change a winning team" The weaknesses in the England batting must be addressed and those who are continually failing have to make way. Jason Roy and Joss Buttler are not test cricketers. Hopefully they will continue to spearhead England in the white ball game for years to come but their tenure in the red ball outfit should be at an end. Time and time again England try to fit players, batsmen especially into a position that does not suit them, and time and time again that policy has failed. It is time to select specialists.
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