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  1. It's a very complex picture in Leicester and there is no single answer to why it has such a high number of confirmed cases. One without doubt is that there have been a greater number of tests following the initial concern over infection rates in the area so inevitably more confirmed cases. When you look at the number of confirmed cases as a ratio to the number of tests carried out Leicester is not that much different to a number of other vulnerable locations which have been highlighted. That said, the number of cases has been too high and does indicate that the measures supposedly put in place to limit the spread of the disease have not worked. There have sadly been numerous reports in local media of large gatherings in the city in recent weeks, some marking religious festivals, others related to protests ongoing around the country and in all of them social distancing seems to have been non existent. Police have reported visiting a number of manufacturing sites where social distancing has not been observed and "issued advice" though I have not heard of any charges being bought. There are also a large number of extremely secular ethnic communities and it has been suggested that the "message" has just not gotten in to these communities as it should and the method of communicating the lock down rules has been heavily criticised.
  2. Sadly I have to agree with Nigel, as much as I have enjoyed the photos that he has posted over many years on this, and other fora there is no way that he can know if any particular image is going to cause upset or offence. It has certainly made me rethink how I share images online and will in future perhaps be much more circumspect and hesitant in doing so. People tend to relate certain things with times in their lives, for me it might be a song, a film, a place even. For others as in this case an image. Some rekindle good memories, others not so good memories of less happy times. There are to this day a couple of songs and a couple of movies I cannot bear to hear or watch and a certain place I cannot bring myself to visit. These were favourites of mine and my late fiance, and despite the fact that she died thirty years ago next week that nerve is as raw today as it was then. All I can say is that having known Nigel through these fora for close to twenty years, a person less likely to wish to cause offence is difficult to imagine.
  3. The Ferry House at Surlingham, because it's the best pub on the southern rivers and alongside the Bridge Inn at Acle the best on the Broads. The Watersedge is a Restaurant more than a Pub and had a bit of a rough time a few years ago but seems to have recovered, current reviews have been more favourable but there are still some doubts about the welcome given to hire craft on their moorings. To be fair, I'm more of a Gammon and Egg and a pint of best character than Lobster and Chateau Margeaux.
  4. The Nelson's Head at Horsey The Lion at West Somerton The Bridge Inn at Acle The Ferry House, Surlingham The Wherry, Geldeston The Locks Inn, also at Geldeston.
  5. it hardly amounts to a hill of beans in this crazy world, though I note the usual suspects in that other place are baying for blood. Life's too short.
  6. the post will not get anyone in to trouble. If anyone had done wrong gets in to trouble then it will be there own decisions and actions that is the cause, not the reporting of it.
  7. not necessarily, if they were out last night they could have drifted down to Stracey or Stokesby on last nights ebb and through Yarmouth on this morning's slack.
  8. Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone.
  9. If your planning to use the Angles Way path then I think you will be OK for most of the route with the buggy, there are a few short stretches where the buggy might struggle with an occupant but that might be the time for a piggy back and carry the buggy if it's not too heavy
  10. There are quite a lot of things for Children to do on the Southern Rivers if you know where to find them. Upstream from Waveney River Center you'll find Beccles which has good safe moorings at the yacht Station alongside which there is a large playing field with a good play park suitable for all ages. It's a short walk into the town where you'll find a good range of shops including butcher, baker etc. There is a fee to moor at the Yacht Sta. Just downstream you'll find the entrance to Oulton Dyke which takes you to Oulton Broad, again it's a Yacht Station with a mooring fee but it's right next to the Park which has a boating lake, play park, museum, tennis courts as well as lots of room to play football, run around etc. You can also catch a train for the five minute ride into Lowestoft to visit the beach. Try and use the train from Oulton Broad south which takes you over the swing bridge across Lake Lothing. Along with the beach and amusements etc there is a great dancing fountain which my kids (9 and 2) love playing in. Take beach ware and towels as they will get wet. If you do want to visit the seaside I would go to Lowestoft rather than take the boat to Great Yarmouth. Beyond Oulton Dyke you have the stately home of Somerleyton Hall, perhaps not quite so suitable for young children but the Hall and Gardens have reopened on Sundays and Thursdays only though some areas of the garden remain closed, including the play area. I'm not sure about the maze. There are free moorings at Somerleyton. Continue down river to St Olaves and keep left on to the New Cut which will take you to Reedham on the River Yare. There are free moorings here though the tide can run quite quickly so moorings can be more of a challenge but there is a quay attendant to help you. From the moorings it's about 15 minutes walk to Pettitt's Animal Adventure park: https://www.pettittsadventurepark.co.uk Next to Pettitt's is the Humpty Dumpty Brewery which is open most afternoons, always worth a visit to make sure Dads are not forgotten! https://www.humptydumptybrewery.com Continue up the River Yare past the chain ferry and turn left into the River Chet which takes you to Loddon. There are two good play parks here, plus a skate park if you eldest is into such things. The first play park is a more adventure based one on the Pits, and old recreation ground at the top of Pits Lane. Moor at Pacific Cruisers if they have space, say hello to Richard and Fiona, broadland's friendliest boat yard owners and then walk along Pitt's Lane until you come to the end, the play park is on the corner and along with play equipment and plenty of room for ball games and frisbee etc there are also picnic tables so if the weather is good take a sandwich or too. If you're getting towards needing your toilets pumped out here would be a good place. Rockland Broad, which is shallow and crossed between marker posts into another little dyke which takes you to the free moorings at Rockland Staithe. There is a nice pub here but is remains to be seen what they will be able to offer, and a post office and village store ten minutes walk away in the village. There are also some nice walks along the marshes. Returning to the River Yare and continuing upriver you come to Brundall. There is not much here noawadays for the visiting boater, the riverside shop has gone and it is mostly private marinas and boatyards but as you enter the village there is a nice pub, Coldham Hall on your left, after which on the same side is a dyke leading into Bargate, a very pretty secluded little broad. A second dyke leads out the other side and back to the main river. Continue upstream and you will come to one of the rivers real gems, The Ferry House at Surlingham. Free moorings, lovely food but you might have to book ahead for both. https://surlinghamferry.co.uk Continuing upstream you'll come to The Waterside restaurant as previously mentioned. Wave as you cruise by and then after you pass under the bypass bridge you have Whitlingham Country park on your left. There are a few free moorings though they do tend to be quite busy. https://www.whitlinghamcharitabletrust.com From here the river leads into Norwich with it's famous cathedral, the Castle which is a museum and art gallery and better than average city center shopping with a decent market.
  11. I think it's more along the lines of a smoke screen in a further attempt to get the pub itself de-licensed. I don't think there is any intention to create a serious business of any kind on the site.
  12. I'm just considering the implications of possibly been having moderated by a cat .......
  13. Not this time no, although I have in the past and have got that proverbial rabbit, I think this time I was glad of an excuse to switch. One reason Talk Talk has been such good value for me over the past few years is the Sky Sports add on was really cheap, I contracted when there was an offer of £8 a month and have managed to negotiate to keep it each time we have renewed. That boost has ended so it's back to £36 a month now. Talk Talk have slipped behind Sky in recent years, their mobile app is rubbish and doesn't let you watch much in the way of programming, just control your box and view program guides. With the SkyGo app we can watch any of our contracted content anywhere on an android device, including the Android TVs in the bedroom and caravan meaning no multi room subscriptions or additional kit needed. Add to that the TV boxes they supply which are dreadful, we are on our third this year and this one is faulty. They tend to freeze up when using the hard disk either to record or playback meaning a reset every time and this latest one seems to be suffering their latest glitch which is a faulty dolby decoder so every time the audio switched from surround to non surround content, like at ad breaks you get a crackle on the sound. I have switched the surround off for now. Interestingly whenever you email them it takes about three days to get a response, but I had an email in my inbox within 30 seconds of completing the Sky sign up process saying how sad they were to see us go.
  14. And before anybody gets to thinking that I'm about to name and shame somebody, the title of this thread is eponymous, i.e. it refers to me. I've had a "sort things out day" today, and have come up against a number of things that really annoy me, and I wondered is it me, or does anyone else feel the same. Firstly the TV. Broadband etc. Our contract is up next week and I've had a lovely email from those nice people at Talk Talk explaining why my package is going up by over 50% on what I am paying now, so much so that it is now cheaper to go back to Sky, who I left about five years ago who can offer the same package with more benefits, such as an app to watch the package on the go, extra channels not offered by talk talk, discounted netflix etc but, these are all introductory offers that last the 18 months of this contract. So no doubt when i come to renew in 18 months I will be shopping around again. Why don't companies just fix a fair price and stick to it ... Secondly, passwords. Why don't companies when they ask you to create an online password tell you what it must / must not include. I've had to register something today and entered a password only to get "your password must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one digit and one special character. So i change it and guess what .. the character "\" is not permitted ... special characters can be * + - _ ?, so why not blooming say that, as not only do I have to type and retype the new password every time I also have to go back and fill in half the page which banks out each time and accept all the ts and c's again and try and decipher that illegible capture thingy. And finally pop ups when you land on a web page, "do you want to web chat" ..... "can we send you our latest offers" .... "we would like to know your location" .... No, I don't want to web chat, if I did i would click the little link in the corner that says, "webchat". If I want you to know where I am I will tell you and I certainly don't want to be bombarded by yours and everyone else you can think of's special offers. I just want to read the bleeping web page i came too Arrrggghhhh! Is it me, have I really become a grumpy old git?
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