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  1. Take the old name off, put the new one on and inform whichever authority she is licensed with. That's all there is to it. Some people will tell you it's bad luck to do it in the water and that she should be lifted out, that's up to you. You might want a small ceremony and to pour a libation over her bows, again up to you.
  2. and now no Donny either..... Comiserations, always tough losing any game on pens
  3. Paul

    Locks Pub

    From the photos we're seeing and the look of the new menu I very much fear that the Locks is losing (has lost?) it's soul. Let's face it, it isn't the easiest place to get to by road or river, you have to make a real effort and there needs to be a good reason to do so. It's character was the old piano, the wine bottles covered in years of candle wax, the obscure wall hangings. The sense of being somewhere unchaged since the wherrymen stopped by for a bowl of stew, pint of black and a twist of shag. There was nothing like sitting in the bar at luchtime nibbling on a pork and stuffing roll with the sunshine beaming through the windows, illuminating the dust motes playing in the air. Sipping on a pint of Headcracker, or in more recent years "Gone Fishing", especially on the odd occasion that somebody would pick up the guitar that was always lying around the place and give us a song or two. The landlords wife used to have a cracking voice and would often give a short performance if asked nicely. That seems to be gone now. It would appear the place has been sterilised. We'll still pop in and see for ourselves when we're next tht way in July, hopefully the menu will have had a reality check and the pictures over emphasise the pillaging of the places character.
  4. OMG. The best pub on the broads just started selling chocolate as well. Heaven truly is a place on earth.
  5. That's a (the!) Doncaster Rovers fan on holiday
  6. Put a Barcelona shirt on it, then it won't matter how many it scores, we;ll still beat it.
  7. The moorings are what they are, they are solid, with a good depth of water but are concrete so good fendering is needed. I'm sorry I didn't walk up to the "Fort" moorings to see what was going on with them. Always approach against the tide which runs quite quickly here, especially the ebb.
  8. Sorry, I did say I would report back from our visit at Easter. Can only agree with Howard's assessment. Nipped down on a Wednesday lunchtime, beautiful day. Nice to see a couple of hire boats on the moorings and several groups drinking. The Adnam's Ghost Ship was superb and an even more reasonable 3.30 a pint. Sat out on the patio looking over the marshes, could have stayed all afternoon. Went back the following evening with the familt in tow. Beer was just as good second time around!
  9. Paul


    But does it have facilities for the crew such as toilet and galley, and more importantly a large after deck on which the CEO can be interviewed by local media?
  10. Paul


    I wonder if the Acle debAcle will last any longer?
  11. Paul


    I agree with much of your argument Paladin. If SOB is not performing the task it is required to do then off loading is the best option. Sadly we live in an age of bottom lines and the bottom line here is that a good many individuals stated when the decision to purchase her was announced, "what a waste of money". Now here we are what, six years? down the line and they are being proven right, if indeed the boat is for sale which as yet has not been substantiated, though I doubt the BA would want it pride of place on the riverside at some local brokerage. Far more likely a cut price deal will be done with some other authority to move her to the Thames or such like, and she'll slide quietly out of the back door.
  12. Paul


    something like this perhaps?
  13. So, update from last night. Our initial plan was, as you know to use a six foot scaff tube, bent into a U shape (or more a like a rounded "v") then each "leg" would in turn be bent to about 45 degrees into each of which we planned to weld bicycle forks to hold rear wheels. This part of the plan has fallen apart as the person we had lined up to bend the tube no longer has access to the bending equipment needed. Plan B. <<< under construction >>>
  14. Actually, what I should have said is gassless mig which uses the flux cored wire, or arc which uses a welding rod. From what I've looked at so far the mig looks easier. As for the scotch I had no intention, until the Knochandu came out.
  15. I need some advice. Last night, whilst in the cricket club, sometime in the hazy period when the Guinness stops flowing and the Malt Scotch starts, when there is enough sentience to make decisions, but not enough to make good ones, a couple of mates and myself decided that it would be fun to enter our local soapbox derby, which takes place in July. Our entry has been accepted and so now we need to build a machine designed to get from the top of a hill to the bottom, negotiating a number of obstacles enroute in the fastest possible time. On the back of a beermat we have drawn something which might do the job but the problem is we are all carpenters, not metal workers.One of us, guess which, needs to become a master welder in the next fortnight. Can somebody tell me what type of welding I should go for? I want something that is inexpensive and easy to, if not master, produce decent seem welds to fabricate a basic frame from scaffold tube, box section and steel plate. I'm thinking gassless arc welding, the type that feeds wire to the welding tip, is that sensible? Then it's Youtube 101.
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