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  1. Paul

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    Mooring fees and parking charges are a fact of life I'm afraid. I'm surprised that free car park has lasted so long. Nothing's for nothing in this day and age.
  2. Paul

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    One of the best posts I have read on this, or any other forum.
  3. Paul

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Here's a left field idea for you. The work I suggested at Potter Heigham could be done as part of a landmark project to regenerate the area and promote tourism to the Norfolk Broads. If Navigation were to benefit then part funding from that budget would be appropriate. It could also attract private investment or sponsorship as well as funding from tourism authorities, even lottery funding. A kind of "cross organisation" project so no single budget takes the hit. I wouldn't want to suggest what this landmark project might entail, perhaps a visitor and education centre maybe? After all, there is much more to attract visitors at Potter Heigham than at some other locations, take perhaps Acle Bridge as a random example. It could be a CEO's golden achievement, and monument to his time in office which offers great benefit to many different broads users.
  4. Paul

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Very simplistic MM, and mostly wrong. The figures for sea level rise are actual, measured levels issued by the EEA. Not estimates doctored to suit the needs of whichever political organisation has funded the research. Of course, future predictions can never be guaranteed. Sea level rise might just stop, as if by magic tomorrow. Then again I might win tonight's Euro Millions Jackpot. The European Environment Agency is a very well respected and trusted organisation. Your schoolboy physics teacher perhaps needed a change of career, as the glass should have contained salt water which is slightly more dense than fresh water, and even more dense than ice, as water is by some peculiar quirk the only substance on earth which gets less dense as it solidifies (I paid attention at school!) Repeat your experiment, on sufficient scale and you will see the water level rise. My 8 year old son has done this experiment in school, you'll need something bigger than a glass though. A lab tank is ideal. The one other point you make which seems at odds to what we have heard in this thread is your presumption that the clearance has only diminished over the last ten years. I think we have seen that it has been happening much longer than that. Before anyone accuses me of being deliberately contrary however, there is one thing we agree on. Your final statement. But should we toll payers just sit back and let that happen? In my opinion no, but then I am no longer a toll payer, so what is it to do with me?
  5. Paul

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    between 5.4 and 7 inches, in the 45 years from 1970 - 2015, but the specifics are not important. The fact remains that the level of the North Sea is rising, and the EEA predict that the increase will continue and accelerate. They don't publish precise levels, but place each area of sea or ocean into categories, 0-1mm pa, 1-2mm pa and so on up to the highest category of 4mm+. For the first half of the 21st century they move the western part of the North Sea, that off the Norfolk coast into the highest 4mm+ category. Projecting that forward for the 35 years from 2015 - 2050 that's another 140mm of rise, another 5.5 inches plus. If that proves correct then by the time my lad is my age it is unlikely anything bigger than a rowing dinghy will be passing under the bridge. I do agree with Griff's comments re dredging in the Lower Bure, which I believe are making the situation worse but I also believe that no amount of dredging will restore the clearance we saw in the 1970s. I strongly believe that the only way that access will be maintained in the years to come would be through bypassing the old road bridge, which could be done, relatively easily and I produced a design to do so many years ago, at that time as a work of folly. You would not need a lock, the design of the bypass channel is important in how hydrodynamic flow is managed especially the shape of the openings into the main river. You would require some kind of stop gate as used on the canals which could be used in time of major flood tides to prevent the bypass allowing additional flood water upriver but that could be done easily enough. The Causeway would be severed closing the old bridge as a through route for traffic but it would continue to provide vehicular access to Phoenix Fleet, The Chip Shop and Amusements and properties on the sheds on the Martham Bank above the bridge. Would it ever be done? No, not in the current climate BUT! Wait a few years, wait until the holier than thou "right sort of boat" brigade, and the "I'm alright Jack, my boat goes through" clan start struggling and we might just see attitudes change. When the only boats competing on the 3RR are laser dinghies then maybe public opinion will change and pressure bought to bear. The big danger is of course that by the time that happens the ever decreasing passage under the bridge will be used as an excuse for the powers that be to close navigation on the Upper Thurne completely, succumbing to the pressure of the conservation groups. To squeeze in a few more metaphors, the horse will have bolted whilst the ostrich still has it's head in the sand and ar*e in the air.
  6. Paul

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Have we? Why have we? Almost certainly it is a major contributing factor. The European Environment Agency report sea level increase in the North Sea averaged between 3 and 4 mm per annum between 1970 and 2015. That is a sea level rise between 5.4 and 7 inches. This is down to permanent ice melt and thermal expansion. This is bound to impact inland tidal water.
  7. Paul

    BA And Their Tide Tables

    The shorebase website, http://www.norfolk-broads.org/index.htm shows the comparative height for the low tide at Gorleston, plus the moon and tide phase, sunrise and sunset times plus low water times and the offsets for the main locations on the broads. And I've never known them get the high and low tides confused! There is also a set of interactive maps with aerial photography, links to main boatyards and marines etc. give it a look, it's my favourite broads website, after this one of course.
  8. Paul

    BA And Their Tide Tables

    second that,you can print off tables for any date range you select. Very handy.
  9. Paul

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    If I had lots of pennies I think there would be a number of target acquisitions ahead of the Watershed, and none of them would be licensed!
  10. Paul

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    there is a website: https://the-watershed-wroxham-ltd.business.site/ which suggests current opening hours of 5 - 11pm daily, but how up to date that is and if it changes out of season I do not know. There is a phone number so you can always check first to avoid disappointment.
  11. Paul

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    One thing I would suggest for anyone crossing Faircraft's yard to access the Shed is to please be respectful to the yard, and to the boats moored some of which might be occupied. Especially when leaving please keep the noise down and refrain from any anti social language or behaviour. It's my opinion that Faircraft tolerate access to the shed through their yard rather than welcome it. Let's not give them any reason to regret, or change that stance. I think there have been some pretty accurate comments on the state of Wroxham's watering holes on this thread. None are perfect, each has it's good and bad points. I guess you pays your money and takes your choice.
  12. Paul

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    ps: there is a footpath between Norwich Road and Staitheway Road without needing to walk all the way to the Avenue
  13. Paul

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    It really isn't hard to find. If you check Google Maps it is clearly and accurately marked. Getting to it isn't difficult as it stands on the Peninsula, which is the spit of land on the opposite side of Broads Tours / Faircraft's marina to the main road. In fact you can see the building from the main road, though the signage is on the opposite side. You cannot access it from Grange Walk which is the track which runs up the side of Faircraft which leads up to Windboats as there is a gate which is usually closed but you can get to it through Faircraft. Walk between the big boat sheds and the wooden fence, around the edge of the basin and the Watershed is on your right, just before you get to Peninsula Cottages. This is not a right of way but I have never been stopped. The correct way to approach is along Staitheway Road, which runs off the Avenue so quite a long walk from the bridge, this will bring you to the opposite side of the gate by Windboats and the Peninsula is on the right. Personally I prefer it to the Kings Head of which I have never been a great fan. It's pleasant enough for a pint by the river on a sunny afternoon but like most Green King pubs it's average. The watershed is far from average, and certainly not to everyone's taste. I understand Elvis is appearing on Saturday, he really isn't dead, he's playing Wroxham (which perhaps amounts to much the same thing!)
  14. Paul

    Marina Quays

    perhaps they avail themselves of the services available .........
  15. Paul

    Save Southwold Harbour

    Re Beccles, not personally convinced that it has gone downhill I remember Beccles with the coloured lights on during summer evenings, with showers that worked, and that you'd want to use. I dread my little boy needing to use the facilities at Beccles now, during recent visits they have been somewhere between poor and disgusting. Oulton hasn't suffered so much, admitted. The best thing about Oulton YS is the staff who are all first rate, but the last twice we have visited the baths have not been available. Problem with the hot water.

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