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  1. Paul

    Anyone Got A Spare Couple Of Million?

    That was the Peach House Most large homes of that era would have had a hot house for growing exotic fruit. No nipping down to Sainsbugs for a bag of bananas
  2. Paul

    Rip John Wilson

    Given the diatribe we had on another thread earlier I was waiting for comments regarding his tax exile in Thailand ..... Not a fisherman, catching fish always seemed to get in the way of reading a good book on the river bank for me. Still I enjoyed watching his programmes. The likes of Matt Hayes could learn a lot from his delivery style. RIP Mr Wilson.
  3. Paul

    The View From Work This Morning

    My view from "work" yesterday morning. Slow drive around the estate with the roof down, still some autumn colour to the trees glowing a bright gold in the sunshine. Stopped at the Garden Centre for lunch and to feed Bartticus Segunda. Then home to remove the mud splashes from the motor and a quick polish. Sadly not quite so nice a day today. Jetting the drains! I'll spare you the pictures.
  4. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I have to agree with that. We recently flattened and burnt an old shed at my Aunts which had stood since Noah ran aground. Years of drying our and biannual applications of oil based creosote left it highly flammable. We put a match to it and within just a few seconds her garden reminiscent of a scene from Backdraft. Of course the counter argument is that modern creosote is no longer oil based.
  5. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Soon to be available from the Broads Authority, £6.95 for a pack of six with proceeds to the CEO's Golden Handshake. I expect huge demand.
  6. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    more like this maybe .....
  7. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I've always had great respect for the National Pike but as ECIPA says he has to be careful in choosing his targets. The Authority supplies sufficient legitimate ammunition for his ascerbic discourse but this latest harangue suggests that he might simply be resolved to attacking them regardless of the subject or it's validity. Once you do that your comment and opinion becomes worthless.
  8. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    And let's not forget something not highlighted so far in this thread. The Authority has already been quite adaptable in this planning case, permitting a development that it would not normally in order that the applicant can raise revenue to restore the Ice House (and then line his own pockets for years afterwards, a better pension than Index Linked these days!). The least the applicant could do was stick to the permission as granted. I think I'm going to have to back off this thread soon. I might start being tagged a BA supporter. Rumour has it I'm even close to Marshy's Christmas card list.
  9. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I couldn't agree more. What's next? So I buy my house by the river, and obtain planning permission to build a single story garage to store my nice new soft top out of the weather. 8m by 4.5m should suffice. It will be timber framed with larch clapboard cladding and thatched roof in keeping with the house. So I build my garage, but I make it a metre and a half bigger all around for a bit of extra space, and decide to build a granny flat in the roof space for when the kids come to visit. What's the problem. I built it out of the meterials stated, it looks like a garage and I keep my car in it. Would that be acceptable?
  10. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I too share the concerns regarding "retrospective" planning applications voiced by many others on this forum. They exist to correct genuine oversights where no significant effect on the original decision is made. All too often they are used to by unsrupulous developers to obtain what they intended from the outset but knew would not be approved. IMHO all such breaches should be required to be made correct to the original grant and only then should a retrospective application be permitted. It would stop such "oversights" instantly.
  11. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Personally I think that's back to front. I think it is the applicant that has put the Authority into a no win situation and I doubt that it was accidental. Anyone who has spent more than three and a half seconds reading this forum will know that I am no supporter of "the Blessed Authority", but on this occasion it appears to me that they have been backed into a corner quite deliberately. Just to clarify. Cement bonded boards are not environmentally freindly. They take great amounts of power to produce, they are not maintenance free and they are very difficult to dispose of when there not infinite life comes to an end. Add to that they they look as much like real timber as a B&Q "Oak Effect" kitchen and I think the BA are right to stick to their guns.
  12. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    no! 75m is 82 yards
  13. Paul

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Surely the issue is what the original planning consent specified. If it required real wood cladding then that is what should have been used. If it didn't then the applicant should appeal against the notice. The EDP report suggests "the authority expected real wood to be used". Did it specify that? If not then hard luck.
  14. Paul

    Mobile Wifi Dongle

    Does it have connection for an external attenna? They can make a huge difference to connection speed in low signal areas.
  15. Paul

    Well Done Lewis

    Not a pay driver quite, but you would have to put Jenson Button into that category. Much as I like him and am very pleased for him that he finally hung up his boots with a world title to his name he won courtesy of being in the right place at the right time. He had some ability certainly, especially in wet or drying conditions but he was never in the class of Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Raikonnen etc. Ross Brawn stole a lead on the rest of the field with car upgrades making his one and only season as team owner very much of a cake walk. A clearly superior car can make an average driver a world champion. Sadly, the best driver in the world has no chance in a poor car. On the subject of winning in multiple teams, the only three drivers to have won five or more titles all did so in different teams. Schumacher with Benetton and Ferrari, Hamilton with McLaren and Mercedes and Fangio with no less than four teams (who can name them without having to google it I wonder?). I'll put you out of your misery ... Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes and Ferrari. Schumacher's five titles for Ferrari came in a clearly superior car, but don't discount them because of that. The car was only so good because of his ability to work with the mechanics to make it so. When he moved to Ferrari they had not won a title for nearly twenty years, going back to the days of Jody Scheckter in the 70's. His two titles for Benetton came in a car which was not in the class of the Williams and McLarens of the day. The Ford engine in his '94 title winning car (Ford's last title winning engine) was way behind the competition. It is impossible to compare drivers of different eras. The sport changes so rapidly and the demands on drivers likewise. Firstly you have to manouver yourself into a competitive car. Take Alonso as an antithesis of that. He was (is) a superb driver but burnt a lot of bridges which on more than one occasion cost him drives at top teams. Everyone raised an eyebrow when Hamilton moved from McLaren to Mercedes, but it turned out he knew what he was doing. A modern driver has more to think about than jumping into a car and driving fast. He has to be able to work with the mechanics to maximise the car. In that respect, in my opinion at least, Schumacher was peerless on that front. Once you've got yourself in a competitive car and made sure it's the very best it can be you then need to produce in qualifying which is so important in the modern era when overtaking on track is so difficult. Nobody can match Hamilton in that respect. When the chips are down time after time he aces the perfect lap just when he needs it. Vettel on the other hand has made at least five errors in final qualifying this year which have cost him grid places. And when you have your car at, or near the front of the grid you need to manage the race. Sadly, Grands Prix are no longer about pressing the loud pedal and going as fast as you can. Fuel restrictions, engine management and mickey mouse tyres are just a few of the things that team and driver have to manage during a race. For much of a modern race drivers will not be flat out but driving to "vector times", time set by the team to ensure that everything lasts as long as it needs to in order to produce the best race time. Again nobody comes close to Hamilton's ability to do that. He can produce lap after lap after lap within a few thousandths of a second of his target times. It might sound unimportant but that ability means he avoids having to turn down his engine mode late in races to eek out his fuel, or give him the ability to boost it a little when he needs to overtake. It means his engines last the required number of races without gird penalties for extra components. This season for me has answered a lot of questions. It is highly unlikely that you will ever see Hamilton and Vettel race alongside each other in the same team. The Alonso / Hamilton experiment at McLaren (2007) proved the folly of two "alpha males" in the same team. It doesn't work. They fought each other all season and because of that both missed out on the title by 1 point to Raikonnen whose team mate (Massa) was ordered to defer to him in later races. So 2018 May well be the best comparison between the two. Statistically, the Ferrari has been the faster car in at least 11 of the 19 races to date, but with three races to go it is Hamilton in a Mercedes who is already holding the drivers title, and barring a miracle Mercedes will add the constructers title in Mexico this weekend. Why? Because when the chips were down Hamilton took everything he could from every race. Mercedes even learned to play the team game, much to the dislike of both drivers. Vettel on the other hand has made mistake after mistake after mistake costing him serious points. Is Hamilton one of the greatest. Easily. Is he the greatest ever, it is impossible to compare. Is he the greatest of the post Schumacher era? Easily. Head, shoulders and any other body part you care to mention above anyone else on the grid today.

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