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  1. you mean your late grandfathers boat onboard which he met your grand mother, conceived your father before taking it out to sea to rescue the crew of an upturned fishing boat during which a narwhal punctured the hull leaving his first mate to sit in the hole and plug it with his buttocks whilst being nibbled by moray eels. You've got to get with the backstory!
  2. I have no great faith in any of our media, especially the BBC whose reputation for accurate and unbiased journalism is nothing to write home about. I find the Independent to be as reliable as anything, once I would have said the Telegraph but those days are long gone. Interestingly news of the Prime Ministers transfer to intensive care yesterday broke on TASS, the Russian news agency hours before officially reported in the UK and was dismissed as sensationalism or a deliberate attempt to destabilize the government (which of course it may well have been), but it was accurate. I think the evening corona virus update would be a much better instrument if it were journalist free, an address to the nation rather than a glorified press conference. But then i would not expect our Government to be spending it's time reporting what is happening in the wider world. Whilst they watch and converse with other nations to learn what they can thy have enough to deal with on our own shores, which is where the press takes over, you pays your money and takes your choice.
  3. So how do you get that information from official sources Fred? Are they in direct communication with you?
  4. Pardon? These are not gossip, but reports from reliable media sources such as the Guardian on cases confirmed by the authorities in the countries concerned. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/06/bronx-zoo-tiger-tests-positive-for-coronavirus https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/coronavirus-pet-dog-can-you-catch-it-transmission-a9376926.html
  5. Several big cats at the Bronx Zoo in New York have been showing signs of Corona Virus, and one animal, a Tiger was tested and found to be infected. There have also been reports of dogs in both Hong Kong and South Korea which have contracted Corona Virus
  6. Radioactive, Jimmy Page and The Firm?
  7. The Waterboys, The Whole Of The Moon
  8. no, it's When Dove's Cry by Prince, you can just make out the tears
  9. I think you've nailed it Grendel, we too will not be driving anywhere to get exercise but living in a village that's easy for us to say. It's no so easy for others.
  10. Sadly the one thing we all know about common sense is that it's anything but common nowadays, so people need, and should be able to expect clear advice and instruction. Whilst the corona virus outbreak has happened very quickly the legislation is not new, state of emergency legislation has existed for years, ready to be fine tuned and enacted when required. Remember that the virus bill requires us to abide by government instructions but it is useless if those instructions are not specific. The issue of what is and is not acceptable exercise has been rumbling on for more than a week now, surely it is something that should be a priority to resolve. Perhaps more time at the evening briefing could be spent clarifying this, rather than listen to jobbing journalists trying to score points against each other quizzing our ministers about things that did, didn't or might have happened in the past. Are you clear about what is permitted and what is not? I'm not, but thankfully living in a village it's not too difficult for us. We have the allotment a five minute walk away, we have green fields within two minutes. What if you don't? barbecues on the beach is clearly not exercise, these are the areas which our constabularies should be addressing, rather than visiting corner shops telling them to stop selling eater eggs. But what if you live in Brighton, can you walk on the beach for your exercise? What if you are a ten minute drive away, could you then? Twenty minutes? Clarity is vital.
  11. A lot of this is down to unclear instructions from Government which in terms of exercise say "stay local, use open spaces close to your home" etc, which some Police Forces have taken as meaning not to drive when it does not actually say that. One thing we really need in these times is clear instruction so every one knows what is and is not permitted.
  12. I thought the chairman had closed the National Park debate. Surely that applies to everyone, not just one particular side of the argument?
  13. I think it might, I hadn't seen the modified advert when I posted, we are not watching a lot of TV at the moment and those few bits we are tend to be series records where we skip the ads anyway.
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