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  1. In a moment of uncharacteristic weakness I promised the lady wife a bit of a trim. She has reminded me of that little fact so the time has come to deliver on my promise. Can anyone suggest a hairdresser in or around Lowestoft / Oulton / Beccles / Loddon etc where I might be able to get a bit lopped from her flowing locks? Preferably something that will not cause me to sell a vital body organ.
  2. Paul

    Glorious Norfolk Morning

    Beautiful afternoon in Oulton Broad. Perfect day to be in the park
  3. Paul

    Nancy Blackett

  4. Paul

    Norfolk Broads July 2013

    Lovely photos, thank you Cal. How long did the passage from Hull to Lowestoft take?
  5. Paul

    Comfy Helm Seat

    It's just a thought but if you google you can get all sorts of support cushions designed for car seats, they may be more effective than a standard cushion. I do know where you are coming from though, there is nothing as bad as an uncomfortable helm seat.
  6. Paul

    Comfy Helm Seat

    whats uncomfortable about them,could they be "modified". Failing that what about a seat pad?
  7. Paul

    Bread Is Not Harmful To Water Fowl!

    I've always held this view. Back in the 70's we fed bread to ducks like nobodies business. We used to go to Jones' and buy up the stale loaves for five pence and it all went to the ducks. If it were as harmful as some "experts" have been trying to make us believe then Nic Park in Oulton would have looked like the anatine equivalent of the somme. I know something for certain, there were a lot more coots and mallards in those days than there are today.
  8. Paul

    The Last Post

    Are the rights to Hamilton's still owned by a certain Loddonite?
  9. Paul

    The Last Post

    This is one of my main bugbears, especially on the Northern Rivers (running engines on moorings being the other). Once upon a time you moored next to the boat next to you (if that doesn't sound like double dutch). The next boat in did the same to you, usually using the same post you were moored to. Enough space to allow the boats to move and not touch. That way, if one of the boats alongside you moved you didn't have to keep moving backwards and forwards, you were still next to the boat the other side and the boat that had moved on left a gap of whatever size for someone else to moor into. Occasionally we would look and think that as other boats had moved and perhaps different sized ones had come in then moving up a bit may free up a space for someone, so we did. It takes two minutes and doesn't need doing very often. It is not the drama some people seem to think it might be. Would I move a boat back then? Not normally, it was rarely necessary as people moored with greater consideration so there was not the need. Occasionally we might ask someone on board if they minded moving up a post or two to make a gap. Such is not limited to last minute hullabaloos either. I think that's just a convenient excuse. You could quite easily arrive at a popular mooring at any time and find a gap not quite big enough. When asked, almost without exception people were happy to "budge up a bit". They would help by taking you ropes and hold on to them until your crew were ashore. You'd have a chat. On many occasions such led to sharing a tinnie or two or a bottle of wine Nowadays? Sadly the consideration for others is sadly lacking. It effects the Broads as it does all other walks of life. It is more common now to see a boat moor in the middle of any available space than close to another boat, boating is not social as it once was. So one boat moors in the middle of a big gap thinking "I'm not doing any harm". The next one does the same and so on and so on until you end up with a mooring "full" of boats with fifteen foot gaps between them. The attitude is not unique to the broads, it is indicative of society as a whole. Would I move a boat now? Absolutely not, I would think twice about asking one to move up a bit either. Sadly you cannot always rely on a polite response. As for the OP, Last Post? We love them too. Would always be my first choice on any mooring.
  10. Paul

    Loddon Pubs

    The White Horse in Chedgrave will be showing the football but if the prices in the Swan are subject for ridicule then the Horse will leave you breathless. I'm not sure that the Swan will be showing the football anyway (though would doubt any pub could afford not to) Agree the Kings Head is the place to go, you will be most welcome just to enjoy the game with a beverage or two.
  11. Paul

    My New Game

    As this will probably not be allowed apres le new constitution I thought I'd just get this plug in for my new 8 bit computer game. I'm struggling with the last few bits of code but coming soon ......
  12. Paul

    Carbon Dioxide = Beer Shortage

    My Dentist books emergency appointments for August 24th. It would be funny if I wasn't being serious.
  13. Paul

    Carbon Dioxide = Beer Shortage

    I was going to stress that proper beer requires no CO2, only girlie paints rely on added gas. Sadly, I too like Griff am off the alcohol due to a dental problem which has been going on for three weeks now. For most of that time I have been reduced to rolling up in a ball on the sofa rocking backwards and forwards like a demented bear. It's been a pretty miserable time. Another trip to the dentist today and the guilty wisdom tooth still cannot be removed as the swelling around it refuses to go away. So another week like this, and they will try again next Tuesday.
  14. Paul

    Oh Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm not sure it was "Uncle Tony". Suggestion was it was my namesake, an ex Everton footballer, though I did once see it, on a Bentley Continental Mulliner driving around Leicester, which is quite local to the Wilkinson family of course
  15. Paul

    Oh Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always dreamed of owning the plate W1 LKO which became available with other W prefix plates in 2000. I made an inquiry with DVLA and registered my interest in advance and was notified that the number would go to auction, something I was expecting, with a guide price of £3000 - £5000. It was a tremendous extravagance but as the auction was being held in Birmingham. about 45 minutes from where I lived I thought why the hell not. It must be an omen. I toddled off to the auction, registered, got my number and waited with baited breath for my lot to come up. I was not new to auctions, but had never been to a DVLA auction before. I was quite encouraged to see that other numbers W4 LLY was one I remember, going for close to or sometimes less than their estimate. The lot prior to mine closed with no bidders and so it began. Lot 108, the registration number W1 LKO, suitable for any vehicle registered on or after 1st March this year (2000) or may be held on retention. I can open the bidding on commission at seventy thousand pounds. I left

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