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  1. That's the HR view, it has no calculable impact on the bottom line, however intelligent employers realise the morale and loyalty of experienced staff has a very real impact on your bottom line. To quote another Branson one liner (I'm not a fan either) ... "Look after your staff, and your staff will look after your customers" This of course breaks down when the company, or organisation in question has no accountability to it's customers. In such cases HR madness can run unchecked.
  2. So England win on boundary countback, who'd have believed it ......
  3. There have long been question marks over his ability, and temprement in close racing. He makes too many mistakes when under pressure and has a hot temper when things don't go his way. I was really surprised he didn't face further sanction for his petulence after the Canadian GP. Formula 1 is so protective of it's image and the post race process is so very carefully regulated, even down to the size of the water bottles permitted in the towelling room, the position of the trophies and champagne bottles on te podium etc. I thought they would throw the book at him, but he seemed to get away with it.
  4. Poor tiebreak in the third by Federer, several unforced errors. Talking of unforced errors, Jonny Bairstow! Not surprising that he hits so many inside edges when he angles his bat so much when driving defending on the back foot. Needs to move his feet better.
  5. Throughout the history of Fromula 1 you'll find cases of cars not quite obeying the rules, drivers manipulating teams to their own advantage. Schumacher given absolute priority in his years with Ferrari, (and Vettel the same at RB and now Ferrari) the dodgy traction control that wasn't traction control, the air induction "reinforcer" that wasn't actually a turbocharger. Vettels slightly (very) questionable Aero and diffusers at Red Bull (which were actually deemed illegal but no retrospective action taken) In years to come we'll no doubt hear suggestions that Mercedes current hybrid engines are doing something "clever". An F1 driver needs many different skills, not just driving the car fast and Lewis is as close to the complete package as I ever saw. He's won a lot of races this year but most by only a few seconds, which is down to managing engines and gearboxes. Had he not had such concerns today then after the good fortune which he had with the safety car he'd have dissappeared completely as demonstrated by the lap record on the final lap. If he had the luxury of yesteryear with a virtually new car every race he would have lapped the whole field today, so much better was he than everyone else, even his own team mate.
  6. And what a second set that was from Federer, I thought when Djok won the tiebreak in the 1st he might go on to win relatively easily then Fed comes out and blows him away I can't keep up.
  7. On the split screen the cricket is looking tense. I can't beleive that Lords has produced a slow, sticky, green pitch for the final, exactly the sort of pitch England struggle on. I would have bet my mortgage on a straw coloured fast pitch, ball coming on to the bat suiting Englands stroke players. I don't think England bowled too well early on, they dragged it back in the last few overs but 240 on this pitch will not be easy. Joe Root may well be key.
  8. Lewis showing his class right at the end. Bottas pits for fresh tyres to take fastest lap, Lewis says no need, even on 40 lap old hard tyres I can still go faster than you, takes it back on the final lap. Most wins ever at the British Grand Prix, another record falls to Hamilton. Whilst it's hard to compare drivers from different eras it's hard to argue against Hamilton being the best ever F1 driver. How many more titles he wins will be pretty much down to how long he wants to keep going. Have to say it's nice to see an F1 race "finish" at the chequered flag. We've had a couple of wierd ones.
  9. FIA or FIM I agree with your assessment. DORNA and their paymasters Repsol are killing, even have killed MotoGP
  10. Is it the FIA? They deal with Automobiles. In my day watching bikes, GP, SBK, Speedway it was the FIM.
  11. Sorry Speed, being serious wasn't it that fella from Northern Ireland? Given his performances in WSBK in recent years Jonny Rea doesn't get the credit and recognition he deserves. I used to be a great fan of WSBK in the Foggy era but find it boring nowadays. As for Moto GP I haven't watched a race since Barry Sheene last fell off.
  12. World what? Bikes, do you mean Tour De France?
  13. I don't think it is the turnover of staff that Peter was questioning, but the quality and "characteristics" of those who have gone, a point I tend to agree with.
  14. Well thank heavens the cricket has actually started, I was just about going mad with all the mindless cackle that TV channels dig out to "big up" these events. Not very impressed with England's start though. I thought when NZwon the toss and batted given the moisture that's around and the green tinge of the pitch that it might be a good toss to lose, as surely Eoin would have batted too, such is the trend in this tournament.
  15. And so now you know why they didn't get the job.
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