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  1. It appears to me there are a limited number of things we actually know. Global warming IS a natural phenomenon, we know this as there is evidence of it happening before man's intervention. Man's intervention is PROBABLY aggravating the current climate shift as we produce carbon emissions which we THINK increase global warming. Emissions elsewhere in the world mean that whatever further steps we in the UK take are largely IRRELEVANT. Electric vehicles offer MINIMAL environmental benefit over the most efficient petrol and diesel alternatives. Speaking out against climate change is not permitted, be it here or on the BBC.
  2. After careful thought and due consideration I have prepared the following statement. "I would like to make a full and unreserved apology to the moderators, members and other interlocutors of this assesmbly, to Miss Thunberg and her family and to any third party who was in any way whatsoever offended by my previous observations on this subject. I am old, I have consumed more summers than I have remaining to me. I was raised in an age when society did not benefit from the safeguards and protections of political correctness which it enjoys today and as such I am no expert on that subject, as in deed I am not expert in any matter. Notwithstanding my self acknowledged deficiencies of age and ignorance I offer no defence for any animadversion or stricture contained within my recent interposition. I appreciate that in this day and age to suggest that a child should go to school is unacceptable and I deeply regret the upset this has so obviously caused. That was not the declared intention of my post. I accept the hierarchical precept that it is improper to make comments or statements regarding a person or group of people or to make criticism of them on any platform to which they do not themselves have access to make a response. The fact that this forum is open to anyone, unlike the stage of a United Nations Climate Change Conference would I believe be an unnecessary interjection at this time. To this end I should like the forum's appointed arbiters to also consider previous analogous misdemeanors herewith catalogued but not deemed worthy of objection at the time of posting, or missed by those monitors likely to raise such objection. i) That elsewhere on this forum I did bring into doubt the integrity of His Royal Highness Andrew Duke Of York in the matter of his relationship with Mr Epstein and alleged relationship with Miss Virginia Roberts. ii) That elsewhere on this forum I did bring into doubt without evidence the medical well being of the Former German Chancellor and Fuhrer of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, suggesting that he might be missing one or more appendage(s) usually found at one end of the vas deferens in adult males, and that this was done in a deliberate attempt to derogate or belittle the person in question without the opportunity of response. I plead guilty on all counts. I order to protect the integrity of this forum and those individuals who gather here I shall from this point forward restrict my postings to those matters on which I consider myself expert and in all other matters ensure that my thoughts and opinions maintain their own counsel."
  3. There are a few left, though none maybe of the calibre of Kirk Douglas. Olivia De Havilland is still alive, she like Douglas is 103 and I think Syndey Poitier is still with us, and still working. Very much the end of an era. There seem to be a lot of eras ending recently.
  4. I did hear this on the radio news this morning, was it 50 million pounds to turn one towns busses electric? There are nearly 1200 towns in Britain, that alone is 60 billion pounds, and takes no account of our 50 cities. Where is this money coming from. We can't afford to look after our elderly, to properly educate our children, to effectively police our streets, to heal our sick or properly equip our armed forces. It makes me quite angry to see our political lords and masters rushing headlong towards impossible pipe dreams when there are far more realistic things that could be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. PHEVs are a good start, but seem now to have been outlawed too. Moving more bulk freight back on to the railways is another, and this would also raise revenue and fund investment for ourailing rail network and relieve some congestion on our roads. Better handling of the solar panel debacle, using feedback to fund installations rather than pay unrealistic tariffs for those lucky enough to be able to install them. Instead of covering great swathes of farmland in solar panels these panels should be on house roofs. Then those fields could be used to grow bio fuels. Sadly climate change, above all, is an opportunity for greed. It is something to be manipulated for personal or commercial profit, and until that attitude changes all of the debate is pointless.
  5. These are all perfectly valid points. Somebody on TV the other day said that an EV battery, once the rare earth minerals had been mined in South America, shipped to India to be processed (a power hungry process in a country where power generation is extremely dirty), made into batteries then shipped to Japan or the USA to be put into cars has an equivalent Carbon Footprint of a modern 2.0l diesel engine covering 90,000 miles. I think the step to remove hybrids was a huge error, and a U turn in the making. A plug in hybrid, or as they are becoming better known, range extended electric vehicle which one can charge at home and use electric propulsion for those short, most heavily polluting journeys would at least make some sense and offer some viability. It would be a realistic target, unlike every thing being electric by 2035.
  6. You can already buy this type of charging system, certainly for the New Merc S Class where you drive over a pad in your garage and the car charges by induction. Induction chargers are also being trialed on some Scandanavian motorways though these only extend range, they cannot charge at the same rate that power is being used, yet. Electric cars don't work. I'm not talking about the occasional tree hugger running his Nissan Leaf, that's fine if he is prepared to live within it's limitations but as a mainstream power source for all vehicles they are simply not viable. Toyota / Lexus acknowledged in the last century that no country could ever be capable of running a fully electric vehicle network and it is focusing it's efforts on fuel cell vehicles. That's the company who virtually invented hybrid cars. Quite simply we will never be able to afford the charging infrastructure to recharge them, which would make HS2 look like petty cash. If we had the infrastructure we would never be able to generate sufficient electricity to power it. The world cannot produce sufficient lithium to produce enough batteries and if we tried the environmental damage would be colossal. Lithium mines are already responsible for massive deforestation in south america - to run our "green" electric cars. If we are to end our use of oil based vehicle fuels, then the hydrogen fuel cell is the only viable option. We already have the infrastructure to distribute it, we have much of the required electrical generating capacity to produce it using latent off peak capacity and the technology to build it into vehicles is already in place. And, unlike electricity it could power ALL vehicles, not just cars, but commercial vehicles too. The current political policy of promoting electric cars and outlawing petrol and diesel models is simply a cop out. It is the one area that Government can use to tackle climate change and be seen to at least be trying to meet it's emissions targets which it can farm out to third parties, it can make others responsible for implementing the change, and pass on the blame when it doesn't work.
  7. There haven't been many reviews posted recently, and those that have are not good, the place looking run down, understaffed and poor food choice and quality etc but one or two do say that the beer was very good which suggests someone is making an effort. Good beer doesn't happen by accident. The problem for the Beauchamp is there is only so much trade to go around, and to me way of thinking less now than there once was, and the Beau is competing with the Ferry House which is one of the best pubs on the river, if not the best, and the Woods End and Coldham Hall. If it's going to compete in that market it has to see significant Improvement and visual appeal
  8. Is that down to coverage or tariff? There are parts of the south where three is really poor, between St Olaves and Oulton is patchy at best, as is the Chet until you get to Loddon. Coverage along the Waveney is poor in places too, even with the external antenna on our Mifi. Elaine is on Giff Gaff and by comparison can get a good 4g everywhere. Check the networks coverage guides and you'll see what I mean http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Network/Coverage https://www.o2.co.uk/coveragechecker
  9. Not a video this time, but a BBC Radio Program, "Cigarette on the Waveney". I first heard this many years ago in the days of BBC Radio 7, which used to be a wonderful station for old spoken word programming and radio plays. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04hh8vb
  10. Thanks John. I did try! Almost all village clubs meet at the Cricket Club which has an excellent social club open every evening but alas it seems the impasse is absolute, for the moment at least. Sadly there is one member who was elected to the Parish Council at the last elections who is adamant that the community garden gets no support or funding from them unless we leave it open at all times "for the whole community to enjoy". We did try this over three weekends last year and had several plots vandalised, a number of fruit trees destroyed, the central arbor and seating area smashed, the poly tunnel slashed and obscene graffiti painted over the shed and many of the benches. Hence it now remains locked and will continue to be. At least we have now been able to demonstrate to the PC that we are not beholden to them in order to operate, and as I stressed to the chairman, Parish Councillors do come and go, especially unpopular ones.
  11. it might be worth getting a quote for a taxi if there is more than one person. Train and bus is more of an adventure though.
  12. It's about a 40min walk from the Yacht Sta either to the bus stop at the top of Marine Parade in Lowestoft, or to the Island on the 146 by the Crown. I don't think there is any closer stop for that bus. If you are thinking of getting a bus or train to Lowestoft to catch the bus to Loddon it is easier to get the train from Oulton Broad South to Beccles and catch up with the X22 there. The train is hourly even Sundays and takes ten minutes, the bus takes about 40 mins from Lowestoft to Beccles. Lovely train ride too.
  13. And cruising the cut, a narrowboat vlog I especially like.
  14. I'll kick off with the fenland video I posted recently, in case anyone missed it on the thread it was in.
  15. In light of a recent thread and the number of people who use YouTube I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can link and share anything they find interesting, be it on YouTube or similar sites. I am but a plebeian member and have no control on what you post, but might I suggest that boats hitting bridges or videos aimed at belittling or ridiculing other do not really belong here? If you vlog your Broads holidays, maybe you would like to link those here?
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