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  1. Clearly Jenny Morgan and myself have read the prospectus as we are quoting from it but I shall say nothing more on the subject though, as clearly only certain views are acceptable. Who was it that once said "reality has no place here". I wish the locks and the community operation of it every success.
  2. The prospectus budgets for replacement of the existing generator which is considered "past end of life", plus interior fittings a I understand the previous occupants gutted it on departure - a total of £70,000. It sounds strange to replace the generator if the plan is to connect mains power. The share offer is hoped to raise £600,000 which at £50 per share sounds like 12,000 total shares and a maximum of 1,000 shares for any one person, around 8.25% of the total stock. Assuming the stock is fully subscribed I wonder who will make the major decisions?
  3. Went from Oulton Broad to Lowestoft last summer, sure it was the same train.
  4. Reading the details it is surprising to see that the original purchase was loan funded, and that the sale of sufficient shares is needed to maintain the project, otherwise the property will return to the open market by auction in March. It was my impression that the project had been secured by an under writer, this appears not to have been the case, or at least if it were, it was a very short term arrangement.
  5. That's the problem Nog, no it didn't. I'm informed it was closed because "it might have got political" when many other threads which "might have got political" still exist. What's more it carried information which might have been very relevant to people on this forum. It's the double standards that I can't accept. Sadly it seems some faces fit, others don't. Mine obviously no longer does, nor do the others who have pm'd me over the last few hours. C'est la vie.
  6. * I can't agree more floydraser,
  7. I can't agree more floydraser, which has been my point all along this is likely to be my dying breath here, so please stay safe, do the right thing, and let's all get through.
  8. I feel our moderators do a good job generally, and if that thread broke a TOS I'm happy to learn why, but as far as I can see it did not, and might offer useful advice for somebody thinking of visiting a nearby country park or similar to get their exercise this weekend, not to mention shopping.
  9. I use userbenchmark for checking processors, I find it very reliable in giving an accurate assessment of processors in real life applications. Otherwise working out what is what would be impossible. There are some very pedestrian early series i5 twin cores, easily out performed by later i3s. I thought about looking at Chromebooks as there seems to be a suggestion that they run faster than Win 10 based on similar equipment and is theoretically cheaper than Windows machines, but looking at the main retailers that doesn't seem to be the case. There is also a worry about the idea of storing
  10. Why has it been locked, which of the TOS did it break?
  11. The current Laday Boatboy needs a new laptop, or should I say laptop style device. Her old dell is reaching the end of it's life, it's had a new screen, mo-bo etc. To be honest I'm fed up of stripping it down, repairing it and rebuilding it (which anyone with a Dell laptop will know is not easy). So I look at suggestions for the best device on various comparison sites, should she have a windows laptop, or a chromebook? Is a laptop best or a hybrid style 2 in 1 device? It will not get a lot of heavy use, browsing, a few online apps, browser based games etc, messenger, face time and social
  12. I seem to be missing a thread, has it slipped down the back of the sofa?
  13. Mouldy hits the point on the head, something which has been my bugbear all along. We have police enforcing government advice, not UK Law, it's a very dangerous precedent.
  14. So that will now be the golfers after a rule change too
  15. not the case, angling is not a permitted exercise, the absence of water is irrelevant
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