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  1. Have reserved this boat (paying deposit on payday) for a weekends solo cruising next March. Never done solo cruising before, can't wait.
  2. JimG


    This is ridiculous. If the markers aren't accurate then hirers could be missing out on entire sections of the broads. Example: earlier this year i hired a boat with 8ft 4in airdraft. If the adjusted height makers read 8ft 3in when the actual clearance was 8ft 6in, i wouldn't attempt it. Meaning i miss out on everything under the bridge. If the height marker was accurate i WOULD go under. Accurate and legible markers is the only way.
  3. Pinched it from someone I'm afraid. Thought it was clever.
  4. 'Eleven plus two' is an anagram of 'Twelve plus one'
  5. I leave the A47 at the Acle turn off. Will i be affected?
  6. Not surpising really, she has character. Real value for money too.
  7. Hi all, Just booked Broadland Orion for a week in August next year. Sleeps four, lovely little boat. Total cost £619. Bargain.
  8. Gramps, We did a similar thing recently, actually arrived about 90mins after low water and got through with an air draft of 8ft 4in. You should have lots of room.
  9. The asterisks appeared automatically. I take it that word is frowned upon. It was only sh*t
  10. Grammar - the difference between knowing your **** and knowing you're ****.
  11. JimG

    Brinkcraft camera

    God knows then!!! Hope you get it sorted.
  12. JimG

    Brinkcraft camera

    Click on 'control this camera'. When it's your turn (it tells you the rough waiting time at the bottom) the drop down menu will appear. However you have to be logged in. And you have to register in order to log in.
  13. Abroad (based on my last trip) 2 and a half hour drive to the airport find a parking space wait for bus to take you to airport terminal wait to check in bags (long, slow, queue) passport control (long, slow, queue which involved me getting half naked) board the plane (long, slow, queue) 4 hr flight (which left late) disembark plane (long, slow, queue) passport control (long, slow, queue but thankfully no half nakedness this time) wait for cases on carousel (yes, ours were last) bus to resort check in (long, slow, queue) The Broads 3 and a half hour drive (in comfort of own car) boat usually ready and crusing within the hour
  14. Admiral VI from Brooms. I was ten and it was amazing.
  15. Are these incidents becoming more and more frequent? Or is it just that we have forums, groups on social media etc etc. And with modern technology a photo can be taken on a phone and uploaded to the Internet in seconds? Just thinking out loud.
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