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  1. Thanks Bern, Do let me know if there any issues with the Chat. All seemed to be ok after I installed it but I may have missed setting up something. I miss being able to join in these days but the only way I could take part is if we were to hold the quiz very late at night when I get a bit of time. Not really a practical idea that.
  2. Comment has been raised about the no password when using the chat. The chatroom is set up based on guest logins. It is not a Chatroom for the use of a select group of members but is open to all. In the time we have been using this setup for the quiz nights etc we have been lucky in the respect that there has not been any abuse. If there were I am able to block by ISP. The room is not integrated with the forum but is entirely independent. You dont actualy need to use your forum name but it does help a great deal especially in the quizes as it enables new people to rec
  3. Please note that the web address of the chatroom has now changed to: https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat Please change any bookmarks to ensure you are in the right place for the next quiz. I will explain the reasons behind the change when I have more time. Still hope that one day I will be able to join in again.
  4. Would all those members who use the chatroom please note that the web address has now changed. The chatroom can now be found at: https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat As before log in with your forum name but do not enter a password.
  5. Any change from the current format would not be a good idea as it is the general banter during the quiz as well as some of the daft answers when someone has not got a clue of the answer that make the evening entertaining. Turning it into a serious quiz with a rigid format I think would put people off. One thing that I did find frustrating when I was more able to take part both as a competitior and occasionaly as QM was the way the quiz was turning into a googling competition. I am sure this put people off sometimes. I used to try various ideas that prevented people simply copyin
  6. I would like to make a few comments regarding the quiz. Firstly it is not meant to be a serious competition but more a means of unwinding at the end of the week. For many reasons I have been unable to take part for a long time now and I very much miss the social aspect. However, seeing as I provide the chatroom that is used for the quiz I feel I am entitled to comment. In the past we have even had Music rounds and Picture rounds which all added interesting a bit of variation. QM's occasionally make mistakes but personally I don't throw teddies out of the pram but jus
  7. I would agree with those that say 1960's but still could be 1970's difficult to tell as the map is not fully detailed being a tourist map. However, Yarmouth Beach station is not there and nor is the old Breydon Railway Bridge. Also the bridge that used to carry the line to Yarmouth Beach used to cross the Bure in the middle of the Yacht Station and it does not show on the map. It was still there in 1973. In those days it was Yacht morrings above the bridge and power craft below. In addion the line to Vauxhall station terminates without crossing the river. In the early
  8. In this case it is an Intel, Not sure of the same applies with AMD Processors.
  9. No problem with improvements to security and previous forced updates have not caused problems. this one has Decided I try again this evening but it won’t even boot now.
  10. Microsoft are a nightmare. Usually I get some notification when they are trying to force another update on me and I keep defering it for as long as I can. This time there was no warning and I switched the Laptop on yesterday to find it doing a load of updates. They have now completely messed up my system. As soon as the thing booted I was having that damn edge browser thrust in my face. It should have been easy to get rid of it but nothing seemed to work. All my setting have been messed up and some of my programs no longer work correctly. Windows 10 has been
  11. Congratulations to you both
  12. Years ago boats all had gas water heaters. instant hot water and no need for running engines. Then health and safety came along. Plus of course theses days boats have no end of electrical items on board which of course drain the batteries. 240v inverters in particular
  13. The English built all those castles on the Welsh Marches to try and keep the Welsh out. It never worked though. Airbrushed out? More likely my poor attempt at trying to translate good Welsh into a foreign language.
  14. Have had other things on my mind but I will reply now, Yes this is the chorus from the Welsh National Anthem "Hen Vlad Fy Nhadau" I will have a go at translating but if I get it wrong then blame the dragons. Home Home, I love my home Where the pure land is surounded by the sea May our language continue. The first part of my post shoukd be fairly obvious "Draig goch am byth" Red dragon for ever"
  15. I said I would not post further but I must make something clear. No member of this forum has upset me in any way. We don’t always agree with each other but that is what a forum is all about. What has upset me is the groups of people hanging about the shopping centre harrasing anyone without a mask. I am sure this is a result of the stirring of the situation as a result of Faceache and similar sites. Shop staff in general have now got their act together. To reply to another recent post I am not anticipating a problem before it happens. The problem is already
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