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    Space Station

    Still looking for the recipe to make blue string pudding
  2. As Timbo has already pointed out. HRH Prince Philip served during the fighting of WW2. Prince Andrew served in the Falklands. (Our government wanted him to be excused but he stood his ground, stating thiat he was a serving officer and would continue to do his duty serving Queen and country) He remained in the Falklands after the Queen stated her support for his decision. Prince Harry, as an officer in the Blues and Royals, served on the front line in Helmand province Afghanistan. The late King George VI visited troops serving overseas on a number of occasions during WW2, often at considerable personal risk, Honestly I can see no evidence whatsoever of any of the Royals serving in the armed forces having an easy ride. As for Captain Tom Moore, God bless you Captain Sir Thomas Moore, an officer and a Gentleman. An honour well deserved.
  3. So true Nearly all these press reports are unnecessary. Also they should round up and disperse that huge media circus hanging about outside SaintThomas’s hospital.
  4. it all works fine Carol and automatically appears as the secure https: site . Looking forward so seeing any new material when you have time to work on the site. We all need something to take out mind off the terrible situation at the moment and if we cannot be on the Broads we can at least enjoy looking at times past. Once again many thanks for all the work you have put in over the years to bring Broadland Memories to us.
  5. Hard as it is to have freedom so limited by the state I for one can understand the reasons behind the actions. I wonder how many people on here remember a tv drama back in the 1970's called "survivors", The series was based on a group of the few people still left after a virus had wiped out most of the worlds population. God willing this current situation will never reach that point. However, we can all help by following the advice given by our government which is based on scientific and medical advice. If remaining indoors and venturing out as little as possible can slow down the spread of this virus and potentially save many lives then it is our duty to follow the rules as instructed. The police are not going to have an easy job enforcing the rules but they know lives depend on them doing so and they really need to have the powers to carry out that duty. I feel for you Helen having lost your neighbour and friend but thank you for posting on here and issuing your plea for people to really take this serioiusly. Keep safe everybody
  6. Same here Not seen the sky so empty since the Icelandic volcano erupting. I’m about 30 miles from Heathrow
  7. Had a quick look in Steve but nobody about so, like you, gave up. Could not have stayed for long but could have done with a chat after trying trying to explain the new restrictions to Mother. Maybe better luck next time I log in.
  8. Same round here today After Boris made his pronouncements yesterday the shelves have been stripped bare. No home delivery slots available at all.
  9. They should be paying us to watch the BBC these days
  10. Have they considered one of the biggest carriers of germs. Namely cash and bank notes. handled every day by millions of people.
  11. There are risks and the best we can all do is to be sensible and cautious and follow any proper advice from qualified professionals. it is high time though that something was done about the deliberate scaremongering by the media. The tabloids are going way over the top this weekend and now the BBC are just as bad. I usually get shopping on Monday but last week our local Morrisons was worse than Christmas Eve. (Scaremongering by the media over the weekend no doubt ). Left things till Wednesday and Sainsbury’s was dead quiet. No bog rolls of course but not on my list anyway. I was able to get all our usual food items. This week I will wait again till midweek. There is only myself and my mother living here but she is nearly 90 so I don’t want her worrying about anything. Especially any food shortages . It is rather a good thing In some ways that she does not understand a lot of what is said on the TV news.
  12. A lot of this unnecessary panic buying has been caused by certain tabloid newspapers listing items they think people should stock up on. Not helped by the tv news showing pictures of empty shelves. Had no problem with normal weekly shop last week and don’t really envisage a problem next week.
  13. Remember the rolls with. “Government Property “. Printed on every sheet.
  14. Wish I could join in Steve but just not possible at the moment. Hope you have a successfull quiz tonight.
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