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  1. Can't comment about the meet quiz as sadly I was not there. I do have a comment to make though reading some of the posts on this thread. Friday night forum quizes were always a good evenings entertainment for me prior to the present circumstances which make it impossible for me to join in, However, the point I would like to make is this is all supposed to be a bit of fun. The Friday night quizes elsewhere started to run into a few problems a number of years ago. Mainly because some people took them too sreriously and made a great fuss over trivial errors or there were arguments about the scores. Thankfully things are back on track and a more relaxed attitude is there. I know from my own experiences that if the QM gives a point to someone else that should have been mine I usually just say nowt as it does not really matter. The real thing that matters in the Friday quizes is having fun together and a good amount of friendly banter. The only thing I would like to find a way of doing is stopping the quizes from becoming a googling competition. I have my ways when I set a quiz and I am sure a few others may have ideas on this one. I have only attended a couple of meet quizes and in general it was just a lot of fun. Mike is usually a great QM although its sometime since I took part in one of his quizes. I am not much good at trivia as I watch very little TV and any pop music much north of 1960 means very little to me ANyway all I meant to say is just relax join in and have fun
  2. Thanks Mike, Steve and Bern for confirming that the Chat is now working OK again. Sorry it took me a few days to sort out. As the only time I can work on things is really late at night. In the past I was able to setup a linux server and install a website on it with no problem at all. I think I must be getting old as my mind just went blank and I found I had totally forgotten how to go about things. Thankfully we got there in the end. The way things are still it is rarely possible for me to take part in the Chat or Quiz nights but I do want to ensure everything works as it should. Have a good quiz tomorrow Arthur
  3. Have got the Chat up and running again but I am not sure if I have all the configuration sorted out to get it the same as it was before. Should be OK for Fridays quiz but do let me know if there are any problems. http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat
  4. If anyone has tried to log on to the chatroom today you will have noticed there is a problem. I will try to get it up and running again as soon as I can, hopefully in time for Tuesday evening. Sorry for the problem but with things as they are at the moment the only time I can work on anything is late at night. Will keep you informed and let you all kow when it i fixed.
  5. Well done and maybe talk on the air one day. 73 G0GJR
  6. Cymru am byth Well done to Wales but sadly Scotland did not do so well against France
  7. Slip of the fingers I guess Grendel Evgemia Ransome was Trotskys Secretary. Tolstoy was the guy who wrote War and Peace. Anyway I agree with you the 1974 version of the film was far better. Why do they need to mess about adding things that are not in the books.
  8. Very sorry to hear this news Met Him a couple of times and shared a boat with him and Lisa a few years ago. Lovely man and will be greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers are with you Lisa.
  9. End of the dyke leading to Johnny Crowes Staite and Cromes broad. Above How Hill on the Ant
  10. Will try and make it Bern. As for the topics I may have a chance with "Wales" but as for "Eurovision", not a hope!
  11. Unfortunately the BBC's obsession with so called celebrities has resulted in many once good series becoming unwatchable. I did have a look although I gave up on Countryfile a long time ago. Last night as has already been said was a waste of time. A once good programme about country matters has now turned in to what can only be described as, "Blue Peter" with fields and cowpats.
  12. I've been looking at the login settings in the Chat Software. I cannot see anything in the code that would cause this but I have made a couple of changes to see if it has any effect. Another thing to check though. Do you have 'Accept Cookies' enabled in the 'Privacy and Security' settings of the browser on your android tablet.
  13. Thanks for that info. So it should be OK on a tablet. Possibly a log in issue then. Will wait to hear back from Delilah.
  14. The android tablet may be the issue. I know the software can be accessed from an iphone and presumably an ipad, but i do not have an android device to test, As a matter of interest. What happens when you try to log in. Is there an error message displayed or does the thing just do nothing? Do you get the log in page OK? If you do then try this. Do not enter any thing at all and just click the login button. If this gets you into the chat then we know it is something to do with the login. If it still does not work then this would indicate an incompatibility with android. The Chatroom software and the server it is hosted on are not connected with the forum software so I can assure you it is not connected with the recent forum update. In the meantime I am looking at ways to get the chat to work with android. Are there any other members with android tablets? If there are could someone try logging into the chatroom we use for the quiz and see if it works for them. http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat
  15. On Carols Broadland Memories Site There are one or two tales from my my boat hires back in the 1970's one of which was my only bad experience with a hire boat. I wrote those down back in 2009 but it is amusing to read them again. http://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/arthur1970s.html
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