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  1. Not as heavy as I thought-must be getting weak in my old age. Either that or my scales need replacing!Have tried to upload photos but can't. Anywsy it weighs 17kg
  2. Surplus to requirements- heavy lead mudweight in the region of 30kg I think. Will weigh and add photo later. Collection only from North Essex. An offer approaching scrap value will secure it.
  3. Hi. Does it have a compass sensor? I know not a necessity onthe Broads,but I'm a salty and it would be a handy addition!
  4. The dolly sprint at least looked even if it didn't work very often. Well,at least until the rust took hold!
  5. Be grateful it wasn't a marina,allegro or princess!
  6. Could have been a good car if it had been built properly! The bad old days of British leyland
  7. Hi all. The new project boat has a Perkins 108 diesel coupled to a triumph dolomite marinised gearbox. As a newbie to inboard engines, does anyone have any knowledge of these gearboxes? Is it a common installation,are they reliable and what is actually done to Marinise them?
  8. Thanks Paul, I think that may be the way to go
  9. Welcome ALL comments. Not the sort to get the hump if I don't hear what I want to hear. Rough figure for ultrasound survey on a boat this size? Thanks
  10. From what I've read elsewhere there seems to be 2 very differing sets of opinions(as with most things in life). Some love steel boats,some think they are the work of the devil. I'm very open minded and haven't really formed an opinion yet. I know the boat in question was built and equipped for round the world cruising and the price was very attractive. Time will tell I suppose
  11. Too late! Deal done and I'm smitten. I just know there are gonna be some ' oh s•+t what have I done?' moments but hey, you only live once. Just had major scare and I thought do it now or never do it!
  12. Another new project boat,it really must be the last! Just can't help myself. This time around its a biggie. 11 metre steel yacht,fin keel,draft of just under 2 metres(too big for the broads?) and 3 metre beam. Quite a lot of work to do,some/most of the deck plating and cockpit need replacing. A few minor jobs to do on the 1.8 Perkins diesel and a lot general tidying up/refitting/painting etc. overall weight is about 5.5 tonnes inc 3 of lead ballast. Any advice from other steel boat owners regarding paint systems would be much appreciated. As would any advice on steel boats in general. Thanks
  13. On our very first weeks boat hire 3 or 4 years ago we crossed breydon water with absolutely no bother. There was a couple of boats aground at that time too. If you read the literature supplied from the yard(richardsons in our case) and plan properly it should be easy enough. Perhaps the yards should start fitting depth Sounders and LOUD alarms?
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