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  1. As a teenager on a paper-round, there was one particularily savage mutt. Used to roll the paper tight, sit it just in the letter box, and when he went for it whack the other end hard and send it through like a missile
  2. Look VERY like this one albeit different paint job https://www.nationalhistoricships.org.uk/register/2939/sunstar or http://www.classicyachtbrokerage.co.uk/product/new-listing-37ft-borwick-motor-yacht-1927-part-project-lying-warwickshire/
  3. Gliders ? One evening I was out flying models on an Oxfordshire RAF base. In the distance several real ones, looking for thermals over a power station. Next thing I know, one is landing on the grass. I quickly landed the model and went over to the glider. Chap is just getting out, and turns to me, stands up straight and says 'gud evenink' - it was just like the clip of the Polish pilot in the Battle of Britain film after he lands in the hay field. Having poiltely pointed out he's landed on a military airfield, and not having a pitchfork handy, I took him to the guardroom. By the tim
  4. Got one on mine still, and another for spares
  5. I love the fact I can be doing around 5 mph under sail and still get easily passed on the Broad
  6. Having heard of a recent prosecution for no insurance, I just looked up the rules over these increasingly popular devices and was quite surprised. Unless the scooter is from a hire company you must have insurance and can only use it on private land AND all users must hold a Q rating on a full or provisional licence I'll bet " not a lot of people know that "
  7. Chap in the yacht without the mast is a liveaboard. Was speaking to him a few weeks back, and he's been on that since COVID hit. Same size as mine - I couldn't imagine spending a year on a 23' yacht .....
  8. Welcome - you may pass me pottering about on Barton. Waves will be exchanged
  9. Ah the Ribble. Off the wall thought chain I've had for years - Rolls Royce named jet engines after rivers. And I'd love to hear Johnathan Ross try to say Rolls Royce Ribble
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112017496363?hash=item1a14c3592b:g:FvoAAOSw0HVWETG8 Maybe ? If you look under Sash Window Catches on e-bay there will be many more !
  11. Grendel - assume you've seen this page. You set me looking https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/rail-guns-on-the-elham-valley-railway-forgotten-sentinels-of-the-invasion-scare.617775/
  12. If I see a boat coming in, I'll ask if they need a hand. Not normally on public moorings to do so though
  13. Yep - got me yesterday evening :-( Coltishall / Smallburgh for me maybe
  14. Has a 'flyaway' with a cheap drone that ended up in a neighbours tree. 2 months later and it still hadn't come down, so we spent half an hour with air rifes removing it a bit at a time....
  15. You passed me up the Ant on Saturday morning
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