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  1. Boot camp with no access to technology
  2. Sounds obvious but make sure you have room to perform a full 360 swing around the mudweight without risking hitting anything or anyone else - wind is a fickle mistress
  3. Define illegal mod .... technically my headlights are illegal as I fitted Xenons a few years ago, together with self levelling shocks and headlight washers. All as per regs at the time and the same AS BUILT on some variants of the same car. Last year they changed the law ( as a response to Chavs mainly ) - so unless MY car had them as standard they can't be fitted. Instead I have to drive with inferior, less safe, illumination
  4. There used be a pub in Essex, where a chain went into a water tank/butt, and a sign saying 'do not disturb the water otter' When pulled up came a kettle...
  5. Having been cut up once too often at the weekend on the NDR ( it was also the V sign out the window when I leant on the horn ) I now have a dash cam. The next one who does it will have their details forwarded to the Police
  6. You're moored pretty much opposite me there -)
  7. Gritter's just gone through the village ( Barton Turf ) Happy Easter !
  8. Whilst this one was clearly ignorant, I was surprised yesterday when chatting to a holiday party that their engine auto started when the lady put the kettle on....
  9. That explains why, although the road through from there to Wroxham road is in place, the signage is still 'whitewashed' out
  10. EDP is reporting that Wroxham bridge will be fully open by the weekend BUT.... within the year will need a FULL closure for more work to be completed
  11. I'll admit to being intimidated by it, but never really having had long enough to justify going South it is just fear of the unknown. Plus on a boat that only does about 5 kts max under power, with a metre of sticky down bits for the mud to grab and 8m of sticky up bit to drop there are perhaps more areas of concern than a motor boat.
  12. Is it listed ? It used to be just Potter old bridge and the one over the Bure between Coltishall and Buxton ( near the tip )
  13. Could come to work by boat, but it'd be two days each way......
  14. ...and of course, with all the traffic going through Coltishall, they started digging the road up there for 2 days yesterday causing more logjams.... So, I have a choice of being delayed via Wroxham, Coltishall or Stalham, unless I choose to go via Cromer road / North walsham. Oh - hang on, they're digging that up too.........
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