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  1. RumPunch

    Vinyl Wrapping A Hull!

    There's a thread running on this on another forum ( for the Practical types - hint ) and the consensus there is it tends to fade and doesn't like abrasion.
  2. RumPunch

    Village Life

    You do feel like you live in the human zoo in the summer, when the tourists get off their boats for a walk round
  3. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/the-vagabond-italian-restaurant-in-norwich-closed-1-5843527
  4. RumPunch

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Yep - this weekend going down the A12 in a temp speed restricted zone I had an HGV tailgating and flashing me when I was already at or marginally over the limit AND holding steady with traffic in the outside lane.
  5. RumPunch

    T F I ( Horning Ferry ) Taken Over The Green Man.

    The blue external lighting is a bit loud though !
  6. Browsing the website Britain from Above, there are some fascinating old images. Looking at this image from 1932 https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW039221 there is a schooner moored opposite what is now the yacht station in Norwich Any ideas - Cadet vessel ? You may need to register to zoom / go full screen. Image not directly posted due to copyright fears
  7. RumPunch

    Mobile Wifi Dongle

    Thanks Grendel - Yarmouth had stock
  8. RumPunch

    The Poppy Appeal

    If any of you are moored in Barton Broad area this week there is a Poppy Trail around the parish with boards outside the homes of those who fell in WW1
  9. Why are the council not claiming from the insurance of those who have damaged the 'roadside furniture' - I had Suffolk do that to me back in the 80's when I had an accident
  10. RumPunch

    Feeling Ripped Off

    Yep - had an incorrect item of clothing delivered. I returned it in a jiffy bag for exchange, and they charged me twice what I paid in postage to send me the replacement back in the same, reused bag !
  11. RumPunch

    Ahoy There!

    Hello - where are you keeping her ?
  12. RumPunch

    Neatishead, Officially Full

    Where you gone ? Just popped down to say hi and the place is half empty
  13. RumPunch


    Mine has scrapes in the enamel - remember to tape sail toggles before washing your sails in the bath, unless you really want to upset your other half.

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