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  1. Welcome if this is the the same 'Yare dawn' she's still around http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatHistory=19374&BoatId=3889
  2. Bit slow getting in but working fine
  3. May just go down and take the tarp off mine
  4. Putting them up in Hoveton today. Don't agree with them for reasons already given
  5. Despite being 'just up the road' I seldom visit Horning, and not the New Inn. Maybe I need to again, but two incidents some years ago put me off - getting turned out ( not drunk either ) at about 21:30 as they wanted to close, and getting turned away from the river as a group of RAF lads on an afternoon out in two day boats ( we'd have spent a fair bit I'm sure )
  6. Used the A11 again at the weekend. 70mph duel carriageway as you approach a roundabout and you get big yellow rumble strips on the road - so why can't they fit these on the NDR. So far this year I've seen 4 cars off on the airport roundabout and 1 on the Rackheath
  7. How many times a year do you do the work - could you hire a gene ?
  8. Not having trawled through the numerous pages on this thread ( just popped in and out as a lot is irrelevant ) but I noticed another of these signs has appeared on the Coltishall sign as you come over the bridge from Norwich. Apologies if already mentioned
  9. The airport roundabout has to be the worst - it's like a car park. Another one on there today ( Mondeo )
  10. OK - Military (ex) humour, so do not look if easily offended Go to this and watch from 4:55 to 5:15 ( Bluestone 42 )
  11. I decided for a change to go the 'old' way to work today. Who is the lonely soul at Coltishall common this morning ?
  12. Yep - that's why I bought an auto for the yacht. Normal procedure is mudweight up, hoist sails, then back up front to pull the mudweight in before sailing away. One day ( maybe ) the wind will change as I walk back and the boom collect me on the way across. On the other hand, when sailing the performance dinghy, with a fair chance of going swimming, I wear a buoyancy aid. Then there are times when I'm just motoring - and MY decision I tend not to wear one
  13. I bought two 95 AH for less than £100 on a well known auction site in May. Just checked the seller - they currently have 110AH for £65 delivered
  14. Above is clear - was being lifted as I came up to it around 06:45
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