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  1. RumPunch


    Is that a forum flag on the bow ?
  2. Even then - no all single sex crews
  3. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/meeting-to-discuss-abandoned-boats-at-stalham-staithe-1-6147224
  4. Sure it's not run off from irrigation ? They were certainly spraying that field a few days ago
  5. Pet waste in wheelie bins needs to be double bagged - so if it's in a poo bag, then dropped in a big black bag it's compliant. Issue here is some charming individual who just deposits their poo bags in the wheelie bins as they walk round the village, and the bin collection then won't touch them - grrr !
  6. There are going to be delays this Sunday if you are heading Norwich / Wroxham due to a cycle event https://gbcyclingfestival.co.uk/Road_Closures_Norfolk.php
  7. What they should have done, and still could, is have a proper slip road on some of the junctions. Take the Wroxham road roundabout or the Rackheath one from Norwich direction. Every afternoon there are long tailbacks - up to 20 mins it's taken me. ( When they remodelled the junctions, it got worse ) If people going left at both these junctions could 'slip' onto the road ( as happens at the airport ) it would reduce congestion on the roundabout which would hopefully reduce incidents and have people joining at appropriate speed / not 'leaping out'
  8. Looks like those cameras caught some live action https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/two-cars-crash-on-ndr-roundabout-1-6105542 For those who don't have the pleasure of using this road daily, such is almost normal
  9. They put similar ones up on the NDR roundabouts before they re-jigged the markings etc. I think they are video cameras used to monitor traffic behaviour to assist planning changes
  10. Nah - Grey 5 series - would hide in the murk
  11. Surely a Wessex then Griff ? ( my other hobby )
  12. I thought that, or possibly Rollesby
  13. Must have been pretty breezy with the downwash though. Original in Norwich Air Museum - Whirlwind HAR-10 out of Coltishall at .... ?
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