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  1. Hello and welcome. Get a burgee and give me a wave if we pass :-)
  2. I've often wondered if there is any mileage in having a 'members seen on the water' photo thread ? This stems from both a desire to have a shot of me sailing as well as seeing a number of fellow forumites out and about
  3. I thought the one in Wroxham was a double length cut and shut ? There was one on Barton Broad a few years ago - I went and tested / collected it and towed it down from North Yorkshire for its new owner. Wonder if its yours ?
  4. Exactly where it is that photo - so maybe he's planning on coming back North
  5. How may people here own one ? ( yes I do have a small one, as well as several 'real' R/C aircraft / helis together with competency certs for those / insurance )
  6. Tried it at the weekend. My about right feel on the river was 4.2 mph, so pretty close.
  7. Talking about speeding boats
  8. Without getting drawn into anything else, Pelican arrived on the staithe Barton Turf whilst I was there yesterday
  9. She is a sail training ship - Belem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belem_(ship)
  10. On my yacht us wanted something cheap and easy without having to worry about finding room for extra tanks and pipework.So I bought am all in one heater - sits in the cockpit and is ducted through a hole in the bottom washboard. Rig it when I need it. Has a remote so I can turn it on from inside and two automatic on/off timer settings
  11. RumPunch


    Is that a forum flag on the bow ?
  12. Even then - no all single sex crews
  13. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/meeting-to-discuss-abandoned-boats-at-stalham-staithe-1-6147224
  14. Sure it's not run off from irrigation ? They were certainly spraying that field a few days ago
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