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  1. On a sidenote, and somewhat ironic, I picked up some home test LFT kits before our daughter returns to school next week.
  2. I spend around £200 in a normal month on petrol - that's been about £50, but i've burnt £300 of oil since December, plus increased electricity of around £40 / month. As you say, grendel, not a lot in it. BUT I suspect many firms will use this as an excuse for no pay rises
  3. My heating bill with school out and 3 of us at home has sky-rocketted
  4. Yep - had a shop manger locally recently say that they are getting a lot of older people coming in with no mask " well I've had the jab now"
  5. The queue outside Hoveton hall had a decidedly younger look to it this morning
  6. Yes, I see. Its the open air bit that was a bit of a curved ball. Just need another decent bit of decent weather then
  7. Fair enough - my boat is in the village and last week I went sailing legally and in full compliance. Now it appears I can’t again 🙄
  8. For me it seems a tightening of restrictions. Previously sailing was allowable exercise, which I had clarrified by the BA, with no statement as to open air or not. OK, I helm outside but the boat does have a cabin so is now suddenly out of bounds again..... for now.
  9. I still have my military injection record card - lists everything I've been jabbed with, when, and batch details. Wonder if the NHS would be willing to add a line - handy to keep it all in the same place.
  10. I went sailing today. For the first time ever I sailed straight out of Cox's and onto Barton. Normally I'll motor out, then mudweight up and rig the sails / get the fenders in before sailing away. So today I was a sloppy sailor with them dangling I'm afraid. I cant leave the helm to get them in under sail. Sailing is allowed as exercise so I tried to comply as much as possible by not motoring like 'normal'
  11. The summer jobs are all getting posted
  12. Last night I was chatting to an elderly chap ( said he was 75 ) outside the chippy whilst waiting for my order. He will not have the jab, does not get the flu jab, and believes the whole thing is a government backed con, driven in part by backhanders from Europe........ He will not be alone in his views As long as there are people of a like mind, I don't think we will be able to fully quash the disease
  13. so far I've resisted going sailing. If the weather holds I may go out this weekend, before the rush
  14. Being in my mid 50's, I'm messed up with the metric system. As me how far to Norwich you'll get it in miles, or a rough measurement will be in feet and inches. As soon as I start any engineering task I'll immediately mentally switch to mm though.... Still remember toddling off to the sweet shop, on my own ( only just 5 when we went decimal ) with my three penny bit pocket money.
  15. Grend Grendel - isn't it obvious what's happening ? The PM has tried to put the economy as a priority ( as much as possible ) throughout COVID. They clearly want you back in Norfolk spending money as soon as possible
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