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  1. Would wearing this in the supermarket be frowned upon ?
  2. Should get an extension into next season or reduced rates for this if not yet paid.....
  3. Working from home can have its difficulties
  4. There is one doing the rounds - Cromer Academy was closed last Monday for a deep clean after a noro virus type illness ran through there the previous week
  5. Fuming. My mother in law is 84, has a string of health issues, and lives in Essex commuter belt. The local stores have been stripped bare by the 4x4 driving hoo rays, and when we tried to book her an online delivery we get an earliest slot of mid April as they've taken all those too. So we are faced with a 5 hour round journey to get her supplies in or she literally starves Wife works in an essential public service, I teach Cadets which is still running, and daughter still at school, so bringing her up isn't an option either....
  6. RumPunch

    Road Works 2020

    And outside Sprowston Manor - so if coming from Norwich to Stalham that could be three sets of lights !
  7. When we went to The Racecourse on Sunday they seem to have been selling well - stock in the fridge was lower than surrounding yellow fizz ( as I enjoyed a Wherry )
  8. It's just a real shame it's not later in the year and the boat re-launched 'Sorry boss' - need to self isolate for a week …..
  9. RumPunch

    2020 Tolls

    2.9% on a 23' yacht, 0.15% on a 14' sailing dinghy
  10. Welcome if this is the the same 'Yare dawn' she's still around http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatHistory=19374&BoatId=3889
  11. Bit slow getting in but working fine
  12. May just go down and take the tarp off mine
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