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  1. Interestingly, since they did the work on the airport roundabout I've yet to see a car off there - and it was almost daily. Article in the EDP on one driver who got it wrong on another NDR roundabout recently http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/driver-calling-for-better-lighting-on-ndr-after-crashing-on-roundabout-1-5643471 some sympathy, but I was always taught to only drive as fast as you can see to stop - be that rain, fog or darkness....
  2. RumPunch

    What I Saw Today... Safety Related.

    As I drove over Acle bridge with my daughter last week I commented that we'd already have a few fall in, and if we had a hot school holiday period it'd only be a matter of time before the first fatality. Seems some people want to go out of their way to make it a reality
  3. Interesting - they are putting cones out this morning on the Petans car-park roundabout ( behind the airport ) taking it down to one inside lane each way. Roundabout improvement work ?
  4. Was grit-blasting yesterday and the car looked like it had been on the Paris-Dakar. Thought I'd stop at a jetwash on the way into work today, to find them both closed - out of water / restricted I wonder ? ( the one on the Coltishall road as you leave Norwich )
  5. I too drive it several times a day. One thing I have noticed is the roundabouts with the greatest number of 'runovers' ( as above ) have a potentially straight approach path to the impact. The roundabout at Rackheath / Sole and Heel has distinct curves on the approach, and no sign of anyone having gone straight on. As to the inability of people to stay in lane - if they do, and indicate it works - just, but I must have to take avoiding action at least a couple of times a week to prevent an accident
  6. RumPunch

    Chicken In A Can

    I'll just leave this here ( and yes I did once buy a can whilst in Canada )
  7. RumPunch

    More Change For Norwich Riverside

    I rarely go to Norwich proper these days as I'm so fed up with what they have done with the parking / traffic management
  8. RumPunch

    More Change For Norwich Riverside

    Anyone know the history of the restaurant boat ?
  9. RumPunch

    Boat Being Untied.

    Hmmm - maybe I need a sign saying beer. It could serve as both an instruction and a reminder to pull the one In that's normally submerged off the back on a bit of string. Wouldn't be the first time I've set off and thought 'what's that bobbing along six feet astern ?
  10. Garmin have at last got an update out with the NDR on it !
  11. Another one off on the 'Petans' roundabout behind the airport again as I came in this morning...
  12. Using the NDR at least twice daily, one thing becoming obvious is that a large number of people using it seem to think they automatically have right of way - they are entering roundabouts though and usual rules apply. Frankly fed up with people not stopping as I go to take 3rd exists and have them cut me up. The recent accident on the EDP - IMHO a car going straight over T bones a car already on the roundabout and indicating correctly.
  13. RumPunch

    I Want A Sign

    But if you don't get them alongside she'll never bear
  14. RumPunch

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    The roadworks are on the roundabout outside the brickmakers pub, overnight from 19:00 all this week. You can go round the ring road on traffic lights, but not turn up Wroxham road or down towards the City.
  15. RumPunch

    Ropes Come Loose

    The loose boat was highlighted - maybe not by more traditional means, but in the modern social media environment was the way it was done so wrong ? Yes I have secured loose boats in the past, even boarded and pumped out one that was in danger of sinking due to rain water, but if I were solo motoring, especially in a wind, I may not have opportunity to stop and assist AND I may not know the name of the yard to call them - so social media would get the message across. Yes - OK so I could call Broads Control too.......

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