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  1. Could come to work by boat, but it'd be two days each way......
  2. ...and of course, with all the traffic going through Coltishall, they started digging the road up there for 2 days yesterday causing more logjams.... So, I have a choice of being delayed via Wroxham, Coltishall or Stalham, unless I choose to go via Cromer road / North walsham. Oh - hang on, they're digging that up too.........
  3. The problem with Wroxham bridge being light controlled is if you are coming from Stalham direction, then you get stopped at the Roys crossing, traffic fills the gap to the bridge lights from the back road and you don't move - I sat 2nd back from the crossing for 4 light changes yesterday without moving
  4. RumPunch

    Not A Clue

  5. I just paid mine, and idly worked out that for my yacht, as opposed to a rectangular tub, the L x B means I actually pay for 23.5% area I don't have.....
  6. I find EDP viewed through internet explorer is slow and glitches. Run it through Firefox and it's much better
  7. Not seen a new thread for this year ( mods ? ) Anyway, the river bridge in Wroxham will be down to one lane / light controlled from 17 march to 7 April. Going to mean some long delays in peak hours ! Fixing the wall and bridge support plate welding ( will that affect river traffic I wonder ? )
  8. RumPunch

    Baby Ducks

    Local pub when I was growing up had a guard force of a great dane and a goose - the goose was the more scary of the two by a long chalk ! Couple of Egyptian geese in Cox's had 4 chicks at the weekend - was down to two by last night.
  9. One of my favourite stories. I was sailing the dinghy one day, racing, on Hickling. I needed to put in a tack and there was a day boat crewed by an oriental group right where I wanted to go ( I was well over coming up to where the yachts moor, and they were well out the channel ) I hailed them several times, saying I was about to tack and to stand clear, finally stating " I'm a sailing boat, you should give way" The answer, forever remembered...... " me ruddy motorboat - you give way ! "
  10. Motor onto broad, solo sailing, fenders down. Drop mudweight, set the sails, lift the outboard, and bring fenders inboard before lifting the weight and sailing off. End of sailing reverse procedure, perhaps kicking one set off as I walk forward to deploy the mudweight. Motoring up river ? Well I'm not going to be stationary to bring them in, so they stay down
  11. There's a thread running on this on another forum ( for the Practical types - hint ) and the consensus there is it tends to fade and doesn't like abrasion.
  12. You do feel like you live in the human zoo in the summer, when the tourists get off their boats for a walk round
  13. Yep - this weekend going down the A12 in a temp speed restricted zone I had an HGV tailgating and flashing me when I was already at or marginally over the limit AND holding steady with traffic in the outside lane.
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