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  1. If I’m below in the winter I have a portable diesel heater that sits outside with ducting into the cabin. Just needs 12v supply as it’s all self contained, and I can control it from below with the remote. totally removeable in seconds, it also serves in the workshop
  2. Took a day or two for the last one to show. I also have an opinion on this one, but will keep quiet out of respect.
  3. Dredge the bed, then scale this down to Broads dimensions
  4. Think you can just see my mast extreme right of that one :-)
  5. I can ( nearly ) see my house from there ( or boat ! )
  6. Yep The canbus on these hates LEDs too - had to do some wizardry with relays and resistors on my sidelights
  7. In my case because I'm a stubborn engineer Last weekend summed up in 2 pictures - the cost of this at a garage is now close to beyond economic repair
  8. Hoveton - behind village hall. Ten minute walk or so from the bridge towards Stalham
  9. Should you not have 'placed it in the shop window, in case the person who had lost it happened to be passing, and called in to collect it' ?
  10. They put them in the wrong place though. The boy racers come and go from North Walsham direction, turning off at Tescos, so only go through one camera anyway
  11. Exactly what I did when I broke down the other week whilst I fixed things
  12. With the recycling issue, a lot of the problem is there are so many different 'rules' around the country that visitors my not know 'ours'. I just had a week in Devon and we had at least 6 different bags / bins on the go
  13. If the Port of Norwich were still open, this would have been fixed in a matter of hours …..
  14. I have experienced entirely the opposite with boat users depositing bags of rubbish in MY wheelie bins.
  15. Getting that on my moggies would be painful, and the thought of trying to pick them up by the handle hilarious
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