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  1. My yacht tank is a fibreglass shaped to fit unit under the V berth. You can remove the top which is sikaflexed down - so a few years ago I did. Whilst the water looked and seemed fine, there was a awful lot of back spores on the inside of the tank, and it does get used a fair bit too.
  2. … and as I later clarified, this is more out of concern of possible damage to their property
  3. Ah well - next time I personally see people having 'high spirits' I'll ignore it. I've seen many dangerous, life threatening, and downright illegal activities, but hey ho. So if it's your boat getting rammed by a tipsy hirer, your private quay heading being burned away by a disposable barbi, someone you know being towed over the back of a hire boat over the prop on a rope - I'll walk away.
  4. OK - as I started it, what would I consider fair ? As I said, I'd ring the yard and probably include a picture / video. Main reason is I think they should be aware so firstly, they can check for damage to their property and secondly, if considered appropriate, they can withhold any deposit or escalate further with the appropriate authorities. Maybe a few withheld deposits would help offset some of the lockdown losses
  5. Take your pick ;-) The master of a vessel shall navigate the vessel (a) with care and caution; and (b) at a speed and in a manner which: (i) avoids injury and the likelihood of injury to the occupants of other vessels; (ii) avoids damage and the likelihood of damage to other vessels, property, moorings or structures on the banks comprised in the navigation area; (iii) avoids giving reasonable grounds for annoyance to other persons using the navigation area;
  6. I'd have been straight on the phone to the yard https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/broads-authority-warning-over-group-rocking-boat-1-6722804
  7. Yes, it should get extended
  8. I assume that's for new extensions not ones already granted
  9. I got stung by that this year - went to add my just turned 17 year old daughter, and they won't quote till I've been with them a year
  10. Well for a start St Johns advise no mouth to mouth now - just compressions, so things are certainly different as they were standard for drowning. Personally, I'd probably take the risk
  11. Crikey - that's my annual berth, insurance, BSC and toll, then my dinghy berth, club membership, tax and insurance and still a bit left over ! ( Canoe licence ? ) Makes you realise how lucky those who can afford ( just ! ) their own boats are
  12. Depending on what's re-opened, and how much extra you want to spend, obviously the bright lights of Great Yarmouth or Norwich may appeal. Then there are other water activities such as paddle boarding at Hickling, or various activities at Whitlingham. Don't forget your own kayak should get a short term visitor toll to be legally useable
  13. Is this a case of the welded lines either side being under compression against the bridge section preventing opening, or that they'd expand into the gap preventing closure again ?
  14. There goes my quiet life
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