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  1. Could morning Socrates, could I ask what is the air draft of your beautiful boat ?
  2. Yes, I meant to do that Regulo but I don’t possess the necessary skills, thank you !!!
  3. It looks to be half way between How Hill and Irstead on the right hand side of the river travelling towards Irstead.
  4. I have been mulling over that Alan but timing not quite right for me at the moment.
  5. Where would you estimate airdraft guys, 7ft ?
  6. Thanks for that Chris. I spent many happy summers in Bacton in the 60s/70s with my grandmother who lived in " Danecote" next to Gooch's garage. It used to be a sleepy little village but the Gas Terminal changed all that. There used to be the most glorious crab shack where Colin Gooch sold the most fantastic crabs, kippers and other seafood. All gone now sadly. I must visit again.
  7. Hello Tim, fantastic write up ! I'm very jealous sitting in front of my 6 screens at work in London. With the Martham boats it is a case of DIY. I don't think that any of them have an air draft of much over 6ft so they should go through easily.
  8. Fantastic news, perfect size for solo cruising !
  9. What a superb read, thank you Timbo
  10. Thanks Victoryv I know Ross very well.
  11. Morning Grendel, I am taking Judith 5 over from you tomorrow, solo too. Thanks for all the photos. I have been on her many times before but always lovely to get a reminder. i won't be going far, probably: Horsey, Deep Dyke (stay a night at each), motor round Hickling and West Somerton. maybe through the bridge and moor at Irstead if I can get in ( I love the peace of that church). Grendel ,who was collecting the mooring fee at Horsey ? I suspect not Derek Applegate who was sadly not in good health last time I was there. Best wishes Charles
  12. What a magnificent write-up and series of photos Sir ! Thank you for giving me a lot of pleasure in reading it ....... Best wishes Charles
  13. Many of these where I live in Hampshire. Beautiful birds but not beloved of the local gamekeepers !
  14. Poppy that is extraordinary but I am not surprised. A few days after my father had died I had a call from the coroner's office asking to speak to him ( they had my phone number as the contact/ Executor): " Hello, this is the coroner's office, please could I speak to Mr A, we'd like to discuss his post mortem with him". It was a trainee who apologised profusely at being so thick. Had to laugh really as my father would have done !!
  15. Thanks Grendel, I have solo hired Juliette for years and totally agree about having both ropes ready in the cockpit. The only solo stern on mooring that I have done has been at Womack which is much less exposed than this pontoon mooring at Horsey. This maybe a v stupid idea but is there any upside in throwing the mudweight in when I am close to the pontoon and slowly reversing towards it to try and steady the bow ? I have a feeling not ! Best wishes Charles
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