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  1. Helen at Martham tells me that they have 2 boats currently stuck on the HW's side of the bridge, luckily for me not Juliette !
  2. I have a feeling that LG is well aware of the response he is going to get here.......
  3. Thanks very much. Again on the HW webcam a few minutes ago there was Tumblehome and I think one of the Judith's moored between the bridges . Personally I will be perfectly happy stuck your side. I'll give you a wave next week. Best wishes Charles
  4. Ex Pilot would you kindly tell me how the height under the bridge is looking today ? I am hiring Juliette 2 from Monday for a few days. I saw a Silver Jubilee moored t'other side of the bridge the other day on the HW webcam and it very much looked as if it would't get back through. As you will be aware, Juliette needs 5ft 11 ins. Many thanks Charles
  5. Thank you everyone, very helpful as always.
  6. Good morning all, I am Hiring Juliette 2, as per usual, at the beginning of October. Normally I do not require any connectivity to the outside world apart from an occasional phone signal. However this time I need to be keeping an eye on emails due to the imminent arrival of grandchild no. 4. I see that a lot of you use some sort of mobile device to send video footage, for instance. Please could advise a complete non techie where to begin ? i'll be taking with me an Iphone (on Vodafone) and a Macbook. Many thanks in advance and apologies for complete ignorance
  7. Hope you are feeling better Ian, what a horrid thing to have happened.
  8. What a fantastic read, thank you WasJono, Boycee and everyone else ! I must have missed this thread originally but delightful to come across it now. My first trip would have been circa 1968 on a boat called Joytime, I think from Herbert Woods. We travelled down in an ancient Morris Oxford, cross country from Cheshire via Macclesfield, Leek, Ashbourne, Derby, Nottingham, Grantham, Kings Lynn. My parents were heavy smokers at the time ! That combined with my 3 elder brothers and a dog called Shandy made for a wretched journey but I loved that holiday and have been hooked on the Br
  9. That is extraordinary Vaughan. My father, a Major in the Border Regiment, had this flag , along with 2 swords, surrendered to him in 1945 by 2 Japanese army officers . However I don't know the story behind it as he never spoke about his experience in Burma. I have just finished reading The Little Men about the Borders fighting at Imphal and afterwards along the Chindwin and Irrawaddy rivers and it sounds quite horrific. As boys my brothers and I used to fight with the swords and I'm afraid that over time they have been lost. Not so the flag. We have just observed the 2 minute silence
  10. What a beautiful boat ! It reminds me of an Ernest Collins design. Am I on the right track or completely wrong !? I imagine you are incredibly excited. I hope you have a magnificent reunion. Best wishes Charles
  11. I loved the Bacton of 50 years ago when my Grandmother lived there. I am sure I have bored people before but the most enormous beautiful edible crabs lined up in Colin Gooch's crab shack along with kippers, cockles etc etc. A smell that lives with you for ever ! Thanks for the photos Chris
  12. Grendel where is the Coleman's mustard for heaven's sake !!
  13. When you chaps mention Applegate's yard would the Applegate be a relative of Derek Applegate the ex warden of Horsey Mere ?
  14. How about hiring something for the day in Henley on Thames; https://www.hobbsofhenley.com/chauffeured-launches They appear to have a collection for self drive. Take your own delicious picnic or get them to provide one. I have done this before and it is fun cruising down the river and gazing in awe at some amazing houses. I think you can hire rowing skiffs too which are arguably more fun. I tried to find one of those beautiful Slipper launches for hire for you but haven't found one yet. Henley on T looks around 1 hour 20 mins from MK by the way. Have a glorious birthday.
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