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  1. Fantastic news, perfect size for solo cruising !
  2. What a superb read, thank you Timbo
  3. Thanks Victoryv I know Ross very well.
  4. Morning Grendel, I am taking Judith 5 over from you tomorrow, solo too. Thanks for all the photos. I have been on her many times before but always lovely to get a reminder. i won't be going far, probably: Horsey, Deep Dyke (stay a night at each), motor round Hickling and West Somerton. maybe through the bridge and moor at Irstead if I can get in ( I love the peace of that church). Grendel ,who was collecting the mooring fee at Horsey ? I suspect not Derek Applegate who was sadly not in good health last time I was there. Best wishes Charles
  5. What a magnificent write-up and series of photos Sir ! Thank you for giving me a lot of pleasure in reading it ....... Best wishes Charles
  6. Many of these where I live in Hampshire. Beautiful birds but not beloved of the local gamekeepers !
  7. Poppy that is extraordinary but I am not surprised. A few days after my father had died I had a call from the coroner's office asking to speak to him ( they had my phone number as the contact/ Executor): " Hello, this is the coroner's office, please could I speak to Mr A, we'd like to discuss his post mortem with him". It was a trainee who apologised profusely at being so thick. Had to laugh really as my father would have done !!
  8. Thanks Grendel, I have solo hired Juliette for years and totally agree about having both ropes ready in the cockpit. The only solo stern on mooring that I have done has been at Womack which is much less exposed than this pontoon mooring at Horsey. This maybe a v stupid idea but is there any upside in throwing the mudweight in when I am close to the pontoon and slowly reversing towards it to try and steady the bow ? I have a feeling not ! Best wishes Charles
  9. Looks like a gentle to moderate breeze for the week. If anyone has a cunning plan for me to solo moor stern on onto this quite exposed pontoon I would be grateful to hear it !! Best wishes Charles
  10. Thank you Chris very helpful. I am on Juliette on my own from this Saturday for a week and definitely will be trying to moor here for a couple of nights. Gawd knows how I am going to manage it though !! I will keep you posted. Hopefully Ross will be there to give me a hand...... Best wishes Charles
  11. From the Martham Development Facebook page. It says to moor stern on at the end of the pontoons. I'm there the week after next so will let you know how I get on !
  12. I seem to remember, some years ago, seeing a chain at the entrance to Meadow dyke from the Heigham Sound direction.
  13. Horsey Mere Horsey Mere is a particularly sensitive part of the Upper Thurne, supporting some of the largest populations of wild migratory water birds. Between the start of November and the end of February boat access on the mere is limited to navigation between the end of Meadow Dyke and the Staithe. Anglers can also use a small area in the southern part of the mere as long as they get a permit first. More information is on the Thurne Fisheries website. Natural England sees any boating or fishing outside these areas as likely to disturb waterfowl and therefore an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. In the past much of the disturbance caused by boaters has been due to lack of awareness of the rules so we have put up a sign at the entrance to Candle Dyke asking boat users not to access the mere during the sensitive period. The designated areas for fishing are under continual review. However, at this moment in time it is Natural England’s view that any fishing outside of the permitted area could cause disturbance to the waterfowl. Well the above is from the Broads Authority website but also refers to Natural England . Thank you again John for the pontoon photo, I will give it a try when up there. Best wishes Charles
  14. Thank you John. I spoke to a lady at the staithe store and she said that some temporary pontoon moorings will be available for hire boats too, stern on, but I am not sure how many boats there will be room for. I am going to try it the week after next and will report back too.
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