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  1. Ha ha ha yes it is, but my username 2poofsandmum is ok lol
  2. Is the word gay banned on here, that is a little bit over the top
  3. For me my First spring lamb of the year so lovely, quickly followed by Mmmmm how long beore i can cook it and eat it scumptious
  4. as i said you kinky bugger lol though think of my poor old mum get the books 2 pages in main person in the book is the same name as her son and heir must be said she stopped reading at page 4 lol
  5. i will supply all needed bondgage and S&M equipment after all i am by name Christian Gray !!! and for thoughs that know the name all i can say is you dirty kinky buggers lol
  6. Her Maj is all well and good, but remember i am the one true queen around here lol x
  7. which are we the lords or the commons? or dare i not ask lol
  8. for what it worth i would always ask before mooring alongside anyone else it just common courtesy, as a chap that hires only for now, I guess I would feel more happy mooring alongside another hire craft, rightly or wrongly my view is that there is less fear that if something does go wrong and there a little bang or scratch it not so much an issue, (not saying I would deliberately try to bump a hire boat) but they are not as immaculately kept as a lot of private boats who I would hate to damage even if it just very very very minor.
  9. opps see it now dont i feel like a T*t i am blaming the cold!!!
  10. I to took a look, my god most of them are right miserable so and so's They complain about hire companies not giving enough info, tips etc, along comes a big broads hire company trying to do something about it, producing a really nice brochure that you want to look at, not just lots of damp pages in a binder that you do not want to read and bang it all wrong to much info I tell you most of them should only be allowed to enjoy the broads from the bottom of the river bed!!
  11. Pray tell how does one find out there what if any warning points they have ???
  12. im a big fan of the old Campanology lol
  13. wow that an advert i like, really does work well done all.
  14. In times long ago, at this time of year meat was in plentiful supply as they slaughtered all there animals as they could not feed them over the winter month’s lol So just keeping that tradition up with the turkeys
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