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  1. A late start to work today so had the girls out for a walk around Salhouse broad. I thought it would be fairly busy as it’s half term but lovely and peaceful. The calm before the storm in a few weeks. John
  2. Jbx5

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Should have read Alpha crafts old boats as they had been left in a terrible state for a few years before the yard got sold off. Alphas, Aquafibres in general are great boats so long as they have been well maintained. John
  3. Jbx5

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    With all the chrome bits and jazzy new radio is BA short for Bling Afloat now Charlie😂 John
  4. Jbx5

    Broom Fuel Station Closed For At Least A Week

    At Swancraft It was £1.20 per lt a couple of weeks ago 60/40 spilt £16 pump out. John
  5. Jbx5

    The Broads On National News!

    Aparantly the purple object lights up which would be great on top of BA for night navs it would also blend in with the other nobs on the boat 😂 John
  6. Jbx5

    Another Dumb Question

    I have a dehumidifier that drains into the sink, it’s on a timer for 1 hour 4 times in 24 hrs. Never a problem with damp through the boat. John
  7. Jbx5

    The Broads On National News!

    Not guilty your honour😂 screw loose springs to mind though. John
  8. We had a new Status VIsion Plus omni direction aerial fitted 3 years ago with a signal booster, always had a good picture without fail John
  9. Always used Tony Irwin from Banks boats at Wayford really good guy to deal with John
  10. Jbx5

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Hi Robin the cars are designed, built and tested on run flats, admitadly the first run flats a few years ago weren’t brilliant but these days there’s hardly any difference in them to standard tyres. I drive 25k a year on them and have done for the last 15 years. Too many myths on the internet putting people’s lives in danger. John
  11. Jbx5

    One Extreme To The Other

    We also went to Cromer for the fireworks, it was cold after a quite mild week. The sea was quite rough with the wind. The Marshall’s were in force to take the £5 parking fee on the green but never saw any when we tried to get off and out of town, it was a bit busy ! John
  12. Yes saw the signs last week go up , we don’t live too far away from here but not sure about another carvery. John
  13. Jbx5

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Hi Mark I think there great apart from the price ! They have got me out a pickle twice at night and got sorted the day after when the tyre shops are open. John
  14. Jbx5

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    All BMW’s should have run flat tyres fitted which allows you to still drive up to 50mph if you have a puncture so no need for a spare. John
  15. Jbx5

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Good choice of car Robin I’ve had 2 X5s A bit big again though for parking up especially in the multi story car parks.! Hope you’ve gone for run flats Robin as these now (they were very noisy when they first came out) are great if not bloody expensive now. BMW usually change the tyres on used cars if the trend is below 5mm as standard when buying from them. I have had a puncture a few times on these and been able to carry on my journey around Norfolk all be it at a recommended 50mph. I definatly wouldn’t put standard tyres on if you are driving around on dark nights even with a full size spare you wouldnt want to be changing them on our pitch black roads at night. whats with the ad blue I have the same 3lt engine in a 3 series bmw touring but don’t need to use it. I thought bmw had an extra bit in the exhaust so you didn’t need it (unless that’s later models?) John
  16. Jbx5

    Low Tide

    No going out today all the boats on the mud John
  17. Jbx5

    Low Tide

    That’s me not going out them as will be stuck on mud at Brundall looking at low water times John
  18. Jbx5

    Well Done Stacey And Kevin

    Oh no!!! Can’t stand the program with up there own arsenal judges 😀 Mrs B locked herself in the lounge to watch 😂 now Im a celebrity that’s another story 😀 John
  19. So sorry to hear that news Alan John
  20. Jbx5

    Britain By Boat.

    Yes watched it and found the presenters boring. Could have made an interesting good programme with the idea being good but poorly executed. John
  21. Jbx5

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Hi Robin it’s not you it’s the size of the car, I used a couple of big motors generally 4x 4s but realised after constant hospital visits with parents get something smaller. The 7 series is huge, the 5 series is too big for town/ multi story parking. Now have had quite a few 3 series tourings perfect easy to handle fuel efficient etc. (Other makes are available) 😀 John
  22. Not be long now before they reduce the speed on the road certainly near to the islands John
  23. Jbx5

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Well done Robin you will be spoilt for choose now on places to go enjoy. I will look out for you in the big 7 series ! John
  24. Jbx5

    A Few Insurance Claims

  25. Jbx5

    BA In Planning Dispute

    This is something I come across every week in my job regarding use of materials in conservation areas in east anglia. The use of upvc / aluminium gets frowned upon quite a lot but generally if you spend a bit of time and show the planners the benefits profiles etc they in the main are fairly flexible. Its when you do things with out consulting them they dig their heels in and quite rightly so. John

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