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  1. Has anyone tried to get a 4.5 bottle lately. Tried Londis in Coltishal and Roys garden centre but neither places had any. Londis not had any since March.
  2. Fishing been very poor lately,both in Wroxham and back of Wroxham broad. Water is so clear at the moment. Thought the rain would have livened things up . Places where i have always caught fish are not producing this season. A lot of anglers on Coltishal common last week so perhaps worth a try if you can get under bridge.
  3. There is a caravan axle for sale on Norwich FB market place if that is the way you decide to go. Good luck.
  4. Sea Masters are like Freemans you never loose money on re sale of these boats.Very popular boats.Still hold their price..
  5. Worth trying the 2 moorings down Griffin lane. One is owned by Brian and Barbara whom i have used before i moved to Northern rivers. or you could try Griffin Marine next door. A lovely spot as you are straight out on to the Yare. Must add i do miss the Southern rivers.
  6. I don't think you will upset any experienced owners as most of don't go out in August. Enjoy your visit.
  7. I noticed this morning that the former Wroxham Tackle shop is reopening as a Pet Food /Tackle shop. No date for opening but will be a bit better for locals as you can park in front of the shop.Also good for holidaymakers moored that side of the bridge.
  8. Angling Direct are reopening sometime in the Old Roys childrens clothes shop.
  9. What sad news.loved chatting to him in his shop in Norwich. Also enjoyed his Go Fishing series. Was a real master on the upper Wensum. RIP.
  10. Water crystal clear at the moment. had first blank for a long while this week on Wroxham Broad. Someone fished the main river and also blanked. Back of Salhouse Broad on main river worth a hit though. Have always caught well here but not been there for 3 weeks. Looks like fish are moving into boatyards.
  11. Hope all goes well Wednesday Robin. I shall be on the river not the road so one less to get in your way. don't forget to turn your phone off.
  12. That's interesting Robin,cannot go wrong at that price. No different to the old aircooled sea bee. this one is 4t so no fuel mixing. Had a sea bee as a standby on a 18ft Shetland once and it pushed along ok when needed.
  13. Give Peter a ring at Sabena. I am sure he will be able to help you.
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