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  1. We passed you, just South of Brundall. Have a good trip!
  2. Even if the tank size was standard, the use by individuals differs. Does the boat use river or fresh water for toilet flush? Does the boat have a water level gauge? If you all have lots of showers and use gallons washing up the plates then frequent re-fills will be necessary. If there are only four of you on a boat designed for (up to) ten, then the water should not be a problem, allowing you to fill less frequently; so I would think that you could go for several days without a refill, but if you moor up near a water supply then it makes sense to top up the tanks. I suggest that you try to re-fill after one day, then you can see how much you have used (how long it takes to fill) and you will be able to estimate how often you really need to fill the tanks. Have a chat with the boatyard staff. They will be able to tell you how big the tank is and suggest how often you should fill it.
  3. Haines suggest that the air draft is 8' 3". I'm guessing that includes the mast! See: https://www.hainesmarine.co.uk/the-range/32-sedan/#specification
  4. RS2021, There are several "tabs" there "Details, Comments .... etc." and further information is available under several of them, but particularly "Documents". from which "View associated documents" takes you to a long list of pdfs here: https://planning.broads-authority.gov.uk/PublicAccessDocs/planningdocs.aspx?appType=Development Control&appNumber=BA/2021/0209/FUL
  5. This appears to be just up stream of the pump out quay. See the following link. https://planning.broads-authority.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=externalDocuments&keyVal=QU5TUYTBIN800
  6. Paul, There are the Microsoft Surface-Pro-X which does have LTE and GPS or the Surface Pro 7+ (might not have GPS but you can get GPS bluetooth devices). I don't know much about them though and have not used either.
  7. Helen, If you right-click on the top bar in explorer (where it says "Name", "Date", "Type" etc.) then you can choose to add "Date taken". This date/time should not change if you copy or move the files. This assumes that your camera writes the "Date taken" in the first place, but I know that the cameras you have mentioned do so! By clicking on this column heading you may then sort ascending or descending as required. You can see above that I made an edit to file 2517, which is saved as "IMG_2517 (2)" but the "Date taken" is unchanged.
  8. No, the bump was a week or more earlier, and although Sweet Kingfisher was moving quickly enough to flash past without me noticing the name (actually, I was a bit slow) it was not moving as fast as the birds.
  9. I left home early on Monday morning (7th), aiming to arrive at Brundall at 7:00. It was light at around 5:00 and the bright blue sky was encouraging, but as I got close to Norwich it became overcast and quite foggy. My friends, Pauline and Mervyn, were already drinking tea and thinking about breakfast when I arrived at their shared-ownership boat, so that started my relaxing “unwind” into this trip. With breakfast completed and after a walk to the Co-op the fog had had time to lift again when we set off. The grey sky persisted, and it began to drizzle almost immediately. This became the theme for the following days too; engine on caused grey sky, engine off meant sunshine, but we had ways to cope with the rain. Further down the river Yare I spotted a forum name but not until they were well past! And, even though we were not hurrying, it seemed like we were soon on the Chet. We stopped at Pyes Mill and walked around Lodden and the local area. Tuesday started brightly. But clouded over again as we re negotiated the Chet and turned right for Beccles. With hot water and showers completed the grey overcast continued as we turned up the River Waveney. As soon as we moored at Beccles the sun began to shine, and we enjoyed a walk around the town, collecting supplies as we did so. The sunshine brightened the evening too. … I think it was the sunshine! It continued to be clear and bright on Wednesday morning in Beccles. With clouds rolling in again as we set off. The barges on the Yare were struggling with the wind and tide, making little progress and occupying a lot of the river. Rockland was our destination. Where, the next morning was bright again, and Mervyn was able to enjoy some fishing before a later start. Some of the locals were fishing too: We meandered past Brundall via Bargate broad and slowly on to Whitlingham where a U-turn began a return to the home mooring. During that final journey I saw a kingfisher at rest. We had spotted several over the few days but they move quickly! Once moored in Brundall, cars were packed and the boat cleaned. Several times during this visit we had remarked at the clarity of the water at various locations. The boatyard was no exception and whilst tidying up we noticed some large fish next to the boat. I would guess that they were between 18 inches and 2 feet long. Someone in the boatyard suggested that they were Mullet The journey home was slowed by school traffic in Brundall and several tractors on the A140, but I was not in a hurry to get home. Many thanks to Pauline and Mervyn for their hospitality and the copious supplies of food and drink throughout the four days.
  10. Thank you for getting the forum back to near normality. There is still a problem clicking the "Like" or "Thanks" buttons it says: "Sorry there was a problem reacting to this content".
  11. Geezercdg, It depends what you mean by "newbies"! Is that new to the broads or new to boats? I agree with the Surlingham Ferry recommendation. You could cruise past, towards Norwich, and return there. If you go towards Reedham then remember that the tide can run quite fast there and the rise and fall is significant (allow sufficient slack when mooring)! Loddon is another possibility which would give you a choice of pubs and fast food outlets.
  12. Two alternatives: Leave the screws loose (read into that whatever you like!). Use a 5 ton press to "persuade" it. I hope the "... bag of the rarest substance on earth!" is not also provided by Dylan.
  13. Assuming that the graphics card can cope with it then "project" (or Win+P) allows the TV to be an extended display; so that both documents (applications) can have "their own screen". I use this when displaying powerpoint presentations, where the TV shows the presentation, and the PC has the presenter's notes and "next" etc..
  14. Being a "tech" I'm sure you have thought of this, but most televisions have wireless networking now. I have a relatively small (these days!) HD resolution screen TV. In Windows 10, all that you need to do is settings/system/display/connect to a wireless display (shortcut Win+K), then choose the TV from the list. and set it up as an extended display in the usual way. You might be able to find a TV that you could use as a monitor at the supermarket whilst on the food run.
  15. DavidH, I should have mentioned: The "Link inboxes" feature does allow all messages to be merged into one stream, but I want to maintain distinct e-mail environments so that I respond to each appropriately.
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