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  1. We made this mistake too, food coma was suffered once back on board, you think, right it's like tapas so order say 3 dishes each with a side one of garlic flat bread, oh no no no, a portion of the dirty chips is enough of a dish to feed one person lol 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Seagypsy said:

    I've got 2 but very seldom get a wave, don't think people look at hire boats

    I was actually amazed at how many people did wave to us last week and go to wave first lol it's normally me like a mad woman forcing reluctant people respond hahaha quite a few private owners did wave first also. I always forget to look for burgees doh Lynsey :default_dunce:

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  3. 15 hours ago, Seagypsy said:

    Will probably be booking San Remo for next Sept. flags will be on pulpit rail. Have booked Conway Bridge from Acle for May.

    What day do you pick up? San Remo was on Swan Quay with San Marino this year.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Lulu said:

    Amazing week and also sat back at my desk wishing it was last week again. :(

    I'm so depressed I can't say, I do wish we'd been able to come and chat at some point we just passed like ships hahaha, I also then couldn't face the quiz on Friday after the 8 hour drive home.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Seagypsy said:

    Saw San Marino last weekend can't remember where had Ibiza1, 2 NBN pennants flying on front cabin finished at Richos on Tues.

    We did see Ibiza 1 a few times, I kept forgetting to look for pennants lol doh Lynsey :default_dunce:

    Both San Marino's were out last week we were on #2

  6. I think once you were moving and another moored up but can't for the life of me remember where, the whole week is now sadly a blur now I'm sat back at my desk. Wasn't it a fab week for weather though mostly, yeah yeah a bit chilly in the mornings but when you are used to frost on the outside of a tent we can handle a chilly morning on a boat lol 

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  7. On 17/09/2019 at 07:16, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    Hi Hazel, which boat are you on,?, had we known, we would have slowed down and said hello. 

    Hiya, we had San Marino 2 from Richos, stayed North so probably saw loads more than I realised, Ray I think we say you two a couple of times, what a beauty of a boat, we did comment every time we saw it.

  8. We have seen a few too, passed Lightning, waved at Sam and Graham on Luna, waved at Peters Joy and Nyx all yesterday, will be on the look out again today

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  9. 8 hours ago, YnysMon said:

    I use this site (see link below). It gives you a chart for the week showing the tides at various places around the Broads. Slack at Yarmouth is roughly an hour after low water. This site shows low water at Yarmouth being at 04:49 and slack at 05:49, a bit later than the app above...probably because gives low water on the Bure near the Yacht Station rather than the Yare.



    We always use this one too, all the info you need right there and can get a full week in one chart for most areas needed :1311_thumbsup_tone2:

  10. 10 hours ago, chameleon said:

    anyone thinking of using the A17 during sutton bridge closures, forget it, they were testing the 5 way traffic lights today queues back to kings lynn and farm cafe,

    A1 to pterborough then A47 looks viable

    Will this still be on next Friday through to the one after when we come down??? 

  11. I love fish pie but it really does have to be my own, Speedy you lost me with the eggs and prawns :facepalm:eggs have no business being with fish in my eyes, ewww gip.  Now prawns eeesh no I can't do any kind of shellfish, it's not for me sorry lol call me boring but eww no, I canny do it captain

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