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  1. 8 minutes ago, garryn said:

    Yes just follow the path  and it will come out at Barton Turf. You can walk to Neatishead from there about 20 minute walk.

    Excellent, that's very good to know, possible first night mooring for us in September as we will be meeting friends that moor at Broadsedge on the Saturday.

  2. It's looking good, we are camping in Beccles in August so may pay this a visit, we did have a cruise down that way a couple of years ago but it was morning and we didn't stop.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, SwanR said:

    We love mooring at Paddy’s Lane which we found by accident some years ago now. Very peaceful. It was our last night’s mooring in March. 


    Is there a footpath away from these moorings to have a walk to anywhere or are they completely isolated???? 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

    We've always used the run between stokesby and GY as a good time for showers as there's plenty of hot water and it will be hot again by the time we arrive on the other side.

    Smogs, this is exactly what we do :1311_thumbsup_tone2:

  5. We have been hiring for about 10 years now and from our second time we crossed Breydon, oooh we do love a good crossing, we have done it in glorious sunshine and we have done it in very tricky conditions, if you get close and realise the tides are wrong just pull in at GY or Berney till it's right whether it be an hour on or try again the next day. 

    I know a fair few boat owners on the North that don't make the trip South just because they did it soooo many times in their hire days and they have seen every inch of the Broads many many times they just stay local and chill. They don't have the same drive to see as much as possible in that one trip because they will be back for most of the summer.

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  6. Well the old girl is fixed guys and gals, a little shocked if I'm honest, no parts replaced either just given a good service and clean, which it should have had back end of last year, by the same company I may add. 

    Think we best get saving though just in case, I just don't trust these guys that come, how do we know the last service tech didn't purposely do something (or not do something) in the hope it breaks and we have to buy a new one, every single time we get the old "oh this is an old unit and parts are hard to get" yes well that doesn't stop your company from covering it though does it grrrrrr. 

    It's an Ideal Classic FF340 if that's of any interest to anyone lol

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  7. We are just going to have to wait and see, my hubby really doesn't want a combi but I think when they came out some 18 - 20 years ago they were a bit iffy with the hot water pressure, I had one in my old house and while yes you have hot water all the time and you are only heating what you need just think prior experience has put, well both of us off tbf, they may have come on loads now technology wise and they way they work.

    If we got rid of the water tank, that's in a cupboard in the bathroom we could then install a shower cubical there instead, ok ok I best stop getting to far ahead of myself, who knows, could just be a simple fix on our old lady yet :default_icon_bowdown:

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  8. Oh this is all very technical hahaha have done some screen shotting and fingers crossed we can do some investigative work tonight. 

    I think it's only been about 12 months since we had one of "that companies" super dooper expensive clean flushes on the system, always had issues with the heating and hot water system in that house, not been the boiler before though. Currently our emersion heater isn't working but we have the bits to fix that ourselves.

    Oh and I'm being told that bottle, pipe and taps set up is for a closed system and ours is open, if that means anything to you lol means nothing to me but just spied an email come through from hubby.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Pumpmedic said:

    Combi boilers can be sensitive to that and as much as possible should be matched to the water pressure & flow (One size does not suit all). Re the bath, again it is about how much water flows through the boiler and time taken to heat it, that said there are different types of set ups and combi boilers so without being eyes on I can`t comment, going to suggest the gauge hunt again as you mentioned combi again.

    Ok that's fine, will go on the gauge hunt tonight, it's definitely isn't a combi though, or at least I don't think it is, we wouldn't have a water take if it was a combi would we?  

  10. 17 minutes ago, Pumpmedic said:

    Ah, forget the pressure gauge then. Did you pay the last gas bill? :default_biggrin:

    No idea hahaha but the gas hob works so I guess we did  :default_norty: 

    Our water pressure is extremely low where we live to the point that if someone flushes their loo while you are in the shower you have to brace for a scalding or a freezing lol, are Combination boilers very sensitive to that, will it take me 3 hours to run a bath?????

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  11. 8 minutes ago, Pumpmedic said:

    Fully understand what you say, best you can do is talk to family (maybe not in this case lol), neighbours, work colleagues, people at the gym, bus stop etc. Probably best if I don`t go into details but I will not use web sites that claim to have have checked your trader or offer local only buildersmy.

    We have since had confirmation that no money will be taken until an engineer has been so that's fair enough I guess, will have a look for a gauge tonight but there isn't one that's completely visible, this is a conventional boiler btw with a water tank.

  12. 5 minutes ago, Pumpmedic said:

    Firstly look for a pressure gauge and if that is reading below 1bar all may not be lost, secondly the company you mention have a poor reputation so should you be told that parts are no longer available then I suggest you try a middle aged independent guy.

    Don`t get me started on having to pay before they will attend.

    Good luck.

    Thanks for the tip, I will pass on to him who will never be obeyed so he can check it out tonight, I get what you are saying about the "middle aged independent guy" but we really struggle in our area to find honest reliable trades people, it's not just plumbers, it's any trade.

    It is terribly annoying when you take a day off work and wait in for nobody to turn up, my mum has had 3 different plumbers over the past few years and none of been reliable where time keeping and getting hold of them was concerned. 

  13. Well it looks like we maybe in for an expensive one too, our trusty old boiler decided to not fire up yesterday so we are currently without heat or hot water, we do still have the shower so that's good.

    Fingers crossed any repairs (if possible) will be covered by the home care scheme and the £60 excess we have just paid before an engineer will be sent I find a bit odd, if you're covered you're covered aren't you? hmmmm maybe I am not understanding the policy correctly, either way I suspect the old gal has had it and we need to brace ourselves lol 

  14. 8 minutes ago, NorfolkNog said:

    Nice one :default_beerchug: reports forthcoming hopefully :default_biggrin: 

    I will certainly try, I used to do holiday blogs years ago but kind of stopped, we will be afloat from Friday (yes friday) the 13th of September for a week.

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  15. 11 minutes ago, Jayfire said:

    Ooh wonderful. Which boat are you on? After this week I've unfortunately got to wait 3 weeks until I'm back again :default_sad:

    We have San Marino from Richardsons and hopefully going to meet up with a lot of old friends that week, dragging the mother along too which is always a pleasure hahaha.

    A whole 3 weeks eh how will you cope lol


    11 minutes ago, Jayfire said:

    I lead others follow Lyindsaey, what can I say :default_smiley-angelic002:

    One thing I'm sure they dont say in the quiz very often is "well done Liyynndseay, you are correct" :default_rofl:

    Oh now that's just plain nasty :default_2gunsfiring_v1: :default_drinks:

  16. 1 hour ago, Jayfire said:

    Do keep up Lyindzsey Mr Nog got it hours ago :default_biggrin:


    And don't think that I am not noticing what you are doing here Mr Fire lol do you know people are doing this in the quiz now on a Friday hahahaha started something haven't you :default_tongue:

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  17. Hahahaha I know I didn't realise I wasn't at the end of the tale, too early, too busy, but but but......................amazing news is, we've finally booked a boat for a week in September whoop whoop.

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  18. 13 hours ago, Jayfire said:

    Can ya tell where I am yet??? :default_biggrin:


    Is it on the main river side/local town or one of your hike for miles find that non of us know about lol, I do feel like I know it though like you LL.

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