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  1. 18 minutes ago, Regulo said:

    Lynsey, you're confused! These moorings are nowhere near the actual marina, they're about 100 yards upstream (towards Norwich) from the entrance to Bargate Broad, usually referred to erroneously as Surlingham Broad. On land owned by the marina, I think?

    Nothing new there then Ray lol   :default_dunce:

  2. Hahaha been trying to work it out and I don't feel too bad now because on the map they are relatively hidden unless you know specifically where they are, have been South on many occasions but never taken too much notice of these moorings  :default_biggrin: 

  3. I am under no illusion that we have seen the worst this winter has yet to offer, one can :1356_pray_tone2: though. 

    Being stuck at the farm seeing to the horses on a dark dank Wednesday nights are no fun at all, add snow and ice in the mix and I'm ready to sell up lol

  4. Thank you so much to everyone that came tonight it was a giggle, the results are as follows and everyone got a point who made it -

    Lulu Sam - 1

    Polly Pauline - 3

    Speedy & Bern - 4

    Tiger - 7

    Ted - 8

    MrsO Niko - 9

    MrO Steveo & Nige - 13

    Runaway winner on 22 is our very own Chameleon Mike :default_icon_clap::default_icon_clap:


  5. Right guys and gals here are your rounds for tonight -

    1. ANIMAL FACTS :default_party0042:

    2. COMIC BOOK TRIVIA :741_notebook_with_decorative_cover:

    3. YULE SING A LONG :default_xmas2:


    4. BRAIN BUSTERS :default_rofl:

    5. HISTORY BUFFS :default_icon_e_ugeek:

    6. GENERAL FUN :594c04f570582_default_happyparty:


  6. 3 hours ago, Timbo said:

    There are several books that I'm waiting in fevered anticipation to be published or in fact written. These include:

    An Idiots Guide to the History and Hostelries of the Norfolk Broads by M Mynah
    Off the Wall and the follow up Ponderer on the Palisade  by A Wussername
    Great Heart the History of Hearts Cruises by Vaughan
    Let Them Eat Cake by D Brundall Navy A guide to the baked goods of the Norfolk Broads.
    Ow much? A history of Yorkshiremen in Norfolk by B Ambition.
    Morning Mardle A collection of short stories set in the Norfolk Broads by A Wussername and V. Ashby
    Course it'll fit! The memoirs of Ex-Pilot.

    There are a few others...

    Well don't they all sound a very fun and interesting read, yep, my name is down for pre order too lol

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