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  1. My Mum suffers with COPD, she has an inhaler to take morning and night with a 2nd one for as and when needed.

    She does still smoke and has become to believe she would be far worse with the stress of giving up now she's in her 70's, I know I know what you're going to say but no talking to her will convince her, I wouldn't say she was a heavy smoker but even a couple a day to too many.


  2. 23 minutes ago, Victoryv said:

    Now where was I, oh yes,

    fish paste sandwiches, fizzy pop, the bay city rollers, punctures, the Simpkin brothers, again (some things never leave you), saturday jobs, P.E.teachers, marzipan, Mrs Bubb(next door neighbour), Austin Allegro's, school ties, socks that never stayed up, deely bobbers, oversize tartan hats, multi coloured doc martins, BSA Bantams, anybody with the name Nicholas at school, itchy fracture pots, younger sisters, tank tops, Mums wet paperback pastry, laundrettes, fibreglass curtains, shag pile carpets, Sindydolls, Cyril Lord carpet adverts, "these are carpets you can afford" no we couldn't!, liquorice sticks (what's brown and sticky? a stick!) hand knitted jumpers, busses, the Simpkin brothers, Popeye bubble bath, Birds mild coffee( I ask you, what's the point?) Wimpey bars, Blue Nun, Brut, anybody good at sport (school), anybody no good at sport (school), lager and lime, beakers, paintings of dogs smoking and playing snooker, babycham, fishing, mirrored sunglasses, the Simpkin brothers, bicycle chain oil on your new 501s.

    Still, there was a lot to love.

    Fish paste :default_shocked1animated: surely that nastiness is against the law anyways :default_icon_razz:

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  3. 2 minutes ago, grendel said:

    I was lucky as I lived so close to my secondary school, i went home for dinners.

     we were also lucky in as much as we were on the direct high voltage feed from the main substation to the hospital, so we lost power a lot less frequently than most, and usually at convenient times for the hospital.

    Oh secondary school was a whole different ball game G, by then my Mum gave up making sandwiches because we lived in the pub and she just gave me money which I very wisely (or not) spent on as much chocolate and crisps as I could stretch it to, even though the canteens at the school were very good I have to say.

  4. 14 minutes ago, HEM said:

    I thought it was early in 1975.  I remember because I was trying to write my M.Sc thesis in "advanced Computer Science" at the time.  I'd been booted out of home because my parents were looking after my dying grandmother & I was staying at my other gradndmother's & aunt's on the North side of Manchgester (Chadderton).  This was of course well before the days of text processing  - luckily one of my aunts was secretary at a hospital & she typed up my whole thesis - as long as we had power to be able to see in the evenings.

    This was early 1975 as I started gainful employment in May that year.

    There had however been a Winter of power cuts whilst I was an undergraduate.  1972?

    Not far from me is Chadderton, only 4 or 5 miles up the now built M60 :1311_thumbsup_tone2:

  5. Another thing I miss about being a kid was when my Dad had me at a weekend he used to work overtime on a Saturday morning, I was trusted from around 9/10 years old to get myself up, get a bowl of cereal and watch my morning cartoons, he was usually home for around half 12. Or I used to get dressed, grab my bike, lock the door and go and call on for a friend and we went on bike rides through the woods.

    No mobile phones to tell Dad that I was going out, I never left a note I don't recall and there was never any panic I just came back when I wanted, he was either in or he was having a pint at the local boozer 100 yards away. Maybe it was then he decided to distract me by getting me my first Pony at 11 :default_wub: at least then he knew for sure I'd be at the farm :default_norty:

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  6. I know I used to have primary school dinners in the very beginning but I couldn't tell you if there were good, bad or indifferent, however as I got into mid to late primary around the 8 or 9 age mum decided to send me with a packed lunch :default_ohmy: omg that god awful teddy shaped ham (well meat of sorts) on a sandwich and the blomange type munch bunch yogurts, yakety yak, palmed off or binned they went. I was too scared to tell her I didn't like them so suffered for years and a penguin bar mostly lol. Never any fruit or healthy like, I know nowadays packed lunches are inspected to check all is acceptable :default_ohmy:

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  7. I miss going to my Dad's at the weekend and being a spoilt little princess, being able to watch Saturday morning kids TV blissfully ignorant to the troubles of the world. 

    I miss my Nana (Dad's Mum) she was such a beautiful warm family lady, all birthday parties before the family fell out were always at Nana & Grandads.

    Nana's stash of sweets and chocolate in the livingroom cabinet, me and my cousins all got sent home with a packet of tissues and some sweets in little party bags :default_wub: 

    Grandad's colouring draw in another sideboard, full off all art and craft delights. 


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  8. 18 minutes ago, Regulo said:

    Lynsey, you're confused! These moorings are nowhere near the actual marina, they're about 100 yards upstream (towards Norwich) from the entrance to Bargate Broad, usually referred to erroneously as Surlingham Broad. On land owned by the marina, I think?

    Nothing new there then Ray lol   :default_dunce:

  9. Hahaha been trying to work it out and I don't feel too bad now because on the map they are relatively hidden unless you know specifically where they are, have been South on many occasions but never taken too much notice of these moorings  :default_biggrin: 

  10. I am under no illusion that we have seen the worst this winter has yet to offer, one can :1356_pray_tone2: though. 

    Being stuck at the farm seeing to the horses on a dark dank Wednesday nights are no fun at all, add snow and ice in the mix and I'm ready to sell up lol

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