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  1. Impressive driving, super jealous
  2. Nope Pops, brunette with a fake hint of red
  3. Right guys, for one this is completely wasted on me as I don't have the foggiest what it means lol And two not being a full member YET (here's hoping) I don't know what others your are talking about, most jokes will just fly straight over my head
  4. Sounds great Alan fingers crossed I get accepted
  5. I'm led to believe that's not a good thing Poppy when they are being compared with kissing bird bums
  6. Oh it's all very official isn't it lol So who would propose me and who would second me????????? and who might object me lol oh dear this might shatter my dreams. Anyhow, as long as I don't have to kiss bums of any description all will be cool
  7. hazelgirl

    Berney Arms

    Very close to it, eeeeek I may need one or two more lol
  8. I watched this and thought it was ok, a little harsh with the editing making it really short at only 30 minutes so you didn't really see much. Interesting views about the area of St Bennets though I couldn't really work out the other buildings they thought they had found, at least time team give you a mock up animated pic on the site so you had an idea
  9. hazelgirl

    Berney Arms

    Edit edit edit, read your posts Lynsey before submitting grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. hazelgirl

    Berney Arms

    Very sad to hear about this place, we always made a point in stopping for a pint or 2, the meals used to be amazing, this was only 3 and a half years ago too. We used to make the trip across Breydon just to stop there, loved the atmosphere inside, the stories those old walls could tell, sends the imagination wild. I remember watching a BBC drama a while back called Jamaica Inn set in Cornwall I think about smugglers on the coast, the Berney reminds me of somewhere like that back in the day lol
  11. Are you asking if kissing Chicken bum is any more acceptable Iain? sorry to have to say this but no it's not lol
  12. Ooooooh not sure I'm up for kissing turkey bums you know, might have to stop posting lol
  13. I was going to give this a "like" status but I can't because I'm limited, I really like this story
  14. It's ok it's all that WOOD I'd worried about lol
  15. Erm .......................do the what........followed by the what now??????????? I am married
  16. Glad someone else thought it was funny Edited to make it clear that the 2nd vid was amusing
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