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  1. It's HUGE..........................size is everything y'know
  2. Been through this whole thread looking at all your super stunning pics Jill, thank you for sharing, we are not afloat for a while and your pictures have made me smile and lifted my spirits
  3. Oh my days, what is being transported?????
  4. My colleague at work her maiden name was Rachael White, at school she was constantly asked if she was a secret lemonade drinker lol
  5. Awwwwww shall we keep people guessing a bit longer or just fess up lol Yes yes, Me and Mark will be bringing Janet 3 down to this event, all very exciting
  6. Ouch that's a big old crunch, hope all on board including the injured person are ok.
  7. We enjoyed finding some of the Dragons around Norwich too, I would add a picture but I don't know how too lol
  8. Glad you asked MM, I was wondering the same thing lol
  9. Pesky things were out in force last week also so yes, bug repellent is a must, we wore Eau De Go Away for most of the week but they still got to me
  10. We were afloat |Friday 19th to the Friday just gone, the only two proper decent days we have were our last two days, the rest were cold and windy with the odd shower but hey, there is no point in it being nice while I'm stuck in my office now is there. I really couldn't give a hoot what the weather is like while we are afloat as long as the wind is not dangerous. We had heavy rain along the final stretches into Norwich (cleared once we got to moor up) but it was a change, no wind so it came down vertical and made that part of the cruise quite interesting (call me crazy I know lol)
  11. Eh it's good with cheese on, far better with IMO lol
  12. Big thanks Alan, Alan, Maurice and David. I will make sure to have a nosy at them cams this weekend
  13. We don't have anything booked at the moment but are hoping for a long weekend in March, so it's going to be a long slog through the winter
  14. I guys, me and my husband have been holidaying on the broads for the last seven years. We live a fair old distance away so need a friendly place to get a broads fix in between visits to where we class to be heaven on earth.
  15. Thanks for the welcomes and yes I will introduce myself in the new members bit
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