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  1. Oh this is all very technical hahaha have done some screen shotting and fingers crossed we can do some investigative work tonight. I think it's only been about 12 months since we had one of "that companies" super dooper expensive clean flushes on the system, always had issues with the heating and hot water system in that house, not been the boiler before though. Currently our emersion heater isn't working but we have the bits to fix that ourselves. Oh and I'm being told that bottle, pipe and taps set up is for a closed system and ours is open, if that means anything to you lol means nothing to me but just spied an email come through from hubby.
  2. Ok that's fine, will go on the gauge hunt tonight, it's definitely isn't a combi though, or at least I don't think it is, we wouldn't have a water take if it was a combi would we?
  3. No idea hahaha but the gas hob works so I guess we did Our water pressure is extremely low where we live to the point that if someone flushes their loo while you are in the shower you have to brace for a scalding or a freezing lol, are Combination boilers very sensitive to that, will it take me 3 hours to run a bath?????
  4. We have since had confirmation that no money will be taken until an engineer has been so that's fair enough I guess, will have a look for a gauge tonight but there isn't one that's completely visible, this is a conventional boiler btw with a water tank.
  5. Thanks for the tip, I will pass on to him who will never be obeyed so he can check it out tonight, I get what you are saying about the "middle aged independent guy" but we really struggle in our area to find honest reliable trades people, it's not just plumbers, it's any trade. It is terribly annoying when you take a day off work and wait in for nobody to turn up, my mum has had 3 different plumbers over the past few years and none of been reliable where time keeping and getting hold of them was concerned.
  6. Well it looks like we maybe in for an expensive one too, our trusty old boiler decided to not fire up yesterday so we are currently without heat or hot water, we do still have the shower so that's good. Fingers crossed any repairs (if possible) will be covered by the home care scheme and the £60 excess we have just paid before an engineer will be sent I find a bit odd, if you're covered you're covered aren't you? hmmmm maybe I am not understanding the policy correctly, either way I suspect the old gal has had it and we need to brace ourselves lol
  7. We have a Karcher K4 that gets used most weekends for both cars, had just over 12 months and can't fault it so far, proper boys toy Mark loves it so I sit back and let him crack on
  8. Yeah we love to slowly meander down there whenever we are on the South side
  9. I will certainly try, I used to do holiday blogs years ago but kind of stopped, we will be afloat from Friday (yes friday) the 13th of September for a week.
  10. We have San Marino from Richardsons and hopefully going to meet up with a lot of old friends that week, dragging the mother along too which is always a pleasure hahaha. A whole 3 weeks eh how will you cope lol Oh now that's just plain nasty
  11. And don't think that I am not noticing what you are doing here Mr Fire lol do you know people are doing this in the quiz now on a Friday hahahaha started something haven't you
  12. Hahahaha I know I didn't realise I wasn't at the end of the tale, too early, too busy, but but but......................amazing news is, we've finally booked a boat for a week in September whoop whoop.
  13. Is it on the main river side/local town or one of your hike for miles find that non of us know about lol, I do feel like I know it though like you LL.
  14. Awwww it looks like you are having some decent weather, is it windy?
  15. Always welcome at the quiz bar of no hope lol, some weeks I do dash back to my chair to win the odd point but when the jelly legs kick in it's a bit tricky hahaha
  16. I don't know whether to thank you or take offence Mr Peter lol
  17. Oh I fear it's going to be another wobbly night at the bar for me unless I get some help from my not so better half that's why I don't let him take part very often, I need his help with points for me hahaha.
  18. We have it so beautiful this morning with just a bit of hazy could, needs to stay like this till at least 1pm for my 4 mile walk home my trusty (or not) old banger is in for her MOT today
  19. Yeah I have to say it sure is beautiful out there today, spring is definitely trying to wake up
  20. You are so lucky, I'm still staring at the same 4 walls and grumpy faces, only one saving grace today is that it's a Friday
  21. I surely intend on being there, if I'm not I've forgotten and just watching the TV so someone with my number drop me a text lol
  22. It looks a bit grainy to me but it's perfectly viewable, I'd rather have it like that than not
  23. I always forget about this lol
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