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  1. The best drink of today has to be the Twinings Strawberry Glow tea that I have just brewed getting into work
  2. Oh for sure you beat me hands down [emoji482] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. Erm where are all the cider connoisseurs at then???? , the best beer has to be my very first when I am finally home on a Friday, sat ready to watch my programs or do very badly in the NBN quiz, peace out
  4. See!!!!!!!!! you guys are cute Well it's the end of my day at 16.30pm praise the lord, then off to the stables to see to the horses, have a good evening all, oh and it's my last day on the antibiotics whoop whoop
  5. How in gods name does poor Gracie put up with you hahahaha
  6. Behave you, that is so not what I put at all, never mine the little innocent angel emoji
  7. I wish he went out of the office, he sits there all day every day and there is no way on this earth he'd be left to put it up on his own, I doubt it will go up this year, me and my colleague, who also sits in here have had one or two run ins with him this year lol
  8. Awwww don't it brings back the nightmares of last year, he suggested about putting the tree up, I thought, just leave me to it please but oh no, he had to get all tangled up in the lights with me ewwwwe, he's such a funny awkward little man, I actually dreaded coming in today in case he said "shall we get the tree put up Lynsey" the only good thing about it being up is you're right Gren it does block his view from me
  9. Not me that's for sure, I don't brew for him let alone clean up his mess
  10. He makes his own or I would be very tempted, he tries to be posh with his ground coffee one cup thing cafetiere thing lol
  11. How lovely, I'm back in my usual spot and folks omg the cough has got worse, he's taken to banging on his chest so he can breathe, sooooo glad I'm not a first aider anymore here in case he keels over
  12. Yeah we have had a read and I am on one of the two types of antibiotics that are a major no no, being for a wisdom tooth I'm on Metronidazole so it's just not worth the risk, it's only till Tuesday, I can cope with that, I think lol.
  13. Oh you are going to be in so much trouble Mr lol I would run and hide if I was you
  14. Hahahaha I so wish, I may sneak one without my hubby knowing he'd go mad if he knew, glad he's not a member over here yet lol You two are like the cutest couple ever
  15. I did well last week, I'll put a reminder in my phone so I don't forget to log in. I've got 3 I'm a celeb's to catch up on when I get home so that will keep me occupied and still refurbing some ST calipers.
  16. That's not fair lol I hope Gracie enjoys hers
  17. Well folks it's Friday and boo hoo I am unable to partake in my fav Friday night pass time, a sherbet or 4 antibiotics till Monday night, thanks tooth grrrr. So not only am I stuck in this awkward stale atmosphere office till 1pm I then can not drown my sorrows tonight humph, on a good note, the blue sky outside are lovely
  18. So sorry Mr Fire lol I'm sure nobody was offended Noooo he is though, I don't drink in the week, much hahaha
  19. No hunks here, I wish there was hahahaha the view would be greatly improved. I know I know, it's all good while you are drinking but not being subjected to someone else morning after the night before symptoms lol
  20. Well folks, my joyful view of the empty chair is no more, it's back and coughing more than ever, oozing evidence of too much beer and fags, big red face and shaking a little. I now must get back in to compliance mode before I am escorted off the premises with my P45
  21. It's a hard job isn't it Gracie but someones got to do it and we are those ladies
  22. Wow that sounds fascinating, working in the city in different locations how fab. Me however I have the exact same view as I did yesterday and will have for at least another 30 years yet someone get me a beer that's super depressing lol
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