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  1. Does that mean this blog is going to get even stranger
  2. Omg the d's are going from bad to worse hahaha
  3. Oooosh you're in for it lol
  4. Hahahaha that's too funny Who said romance was dead eh lol
  5. I give up hahahaha. How lucky are you two being afloat while it all looks so beautiful and lets not forget the fun of keeping each other warm
  6. L Y N S EY (no d) lol
  7. I still have PM messages from Iain, from back in April 2016. I joined a while before that though, but in the time I was away from here after 2016 we lost him and I was deeply saddened when I saw him not posting when I came back so searched the site and found out that he had passed. I also remember him from doing the quizzes on the other site before here a good few years ago now.
  8. Awww I do remember Iain very fondly
  9. Oh I couldn't agree with you more [emoji23] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. We don't have a dog but for the cat we score 6
  11. Bump bump half past 8 folks, get yourself to the quiz http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/
  12. Wow that's really expensive, I know it doesn't affect me but still
  13. Errrr no I hope there is nothing dodgy or I won't be so delightful Dave dear lol
  14. Keep the holiday tales coming Mr Fire, they are enjoyable indeed and we don't even know if we'll be afloat this year at all so if anyone has a tale to tell I shall be reading to get my fix
  15. Yeah I caught one of these a couple of weeks ago, it was the cured meats one, very interesting it was indeed and always enjoyed watching Tom on the TV anyway, nice chap
  16. We used to watch Strictly religiously at the weekend and I made sure I caught the "it takes two" show on a weekday but we have left the last 2 seasons for some reason, apart from the odd one or two placed in there for the sheer entertainment everyone is so good to start with and it got a bit boring for me. We don't really watch anything else, I did have full intention on catching that dancer program but I ended up missing it, I might do a catch up on iplayer as I have heard good things about it. We are big I'm a celeb fans and find it hilarious
  17. Well I made it to the end of the week to be told that due to building maintenance works we don't have to go in on Monday, what a result, don't have to take a holiday for it, still get pain, sweet as you like. I am currently losing the ability to breathe thanks to my wonderful sharing husband though, oh well, every cloud and all that
  18. It on the home section of the website
  19. This is excellent, jolly thanks for sharing
  20. Lucky you Mr lol Stuck in this office with you know who, went out for lunch and he'd turned our heater off while we were out How long are you guys afloat for, might need to follow your holiday tale to help my sanity this week and I've only been back since 8am hahahaha.
  21. Awwww looks like you are having a fun trip but how cold is it guys, stay warm and cosy
  22. We always find ourselves wondering what could survive being left out of the fridge to leave space for beer as most of the time the 3 of us on board all drink something different, which is tricky on small hire boat fridges, turns are taken to restock every couple of hours lol we also have an electric cool box that is 12v which is handy
  23. It's actually so nice to see what other pubs there are about, the little maps are such a big help. I'm going to make a list for future trips so we are not just sticking the riverside regulars
  24. I'm fairly ok on my feet but only being a shorty at 5'1" I also sometimes struggle with the step down into a front well or to the stern door, very much care is given when picking a hire boat for us with this in mind lol
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