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  1. That's because you like being in trouble
  2. I have the same issue with Mark, i'm 5'1" and he's 5'10"
  3. Dukes Head - Somerleyton don't people look at you funny taking random pics of the inside of pubs lol
  4. What do you class as a "Premium" larger then?
  5. We adopt this technique to Jean, depends on the boat, we can both do and will if needed but most of the time I'm at the helm anyway while hubby is passing the drinks lol
  6. I've never drunk larger and I'm very shocked Mike is tbf lol and you're not wrong there, known a few of em long enough hahaha.
  7. Gracie I've attempted to take heeled sandals, ankle boots the lot with me and still end up in walking boots or boat shoes lol I've discovered heeled trainers this summer going to car shows and such, they really are the future
  8. Erm not all the young ones
  9. Hahaha good for you It's not even that, he just goes, well trained you see lol Yeah we have been on the South side loads, just find it so much windier and open but there are some lovely little places and we always enjoy crossing Breydon, such fun.
  10. Awwww that's the pits that Mike, I'd be on the short stuff for sure instead of that lol
  11. Do you literally drink anything????? Yay I knew one, don't recognise many on the south side and very rarely from a bar shot as I never have to go hahahaha
  12. That's not even it I bet you've asked for Stella in an Aspall glass Are you at the Surlingham Ferry btw????
  13. You kind of have a point so I'll let that one go Not jealous in the slightest but a nice crisp pint of Aspal would go down a treat at lunch time yum yum Omg that reminds me of a time we hired a Barnes Breakaway boat just for the weekend and because of the rain and lack of windscreen wipers we had to cruise along with Mark's head up out of the canopy, next thing I know, whoosh, gust of wind and off went his first mates cap into the water, luckily friends we're following behind us and scooped it up Thank you ever so much but I'm a cider lover rather than larger, beer or ale. I am at work however looking forward to no boss from Friday till the 2nd of Jan Enjoy your break away guys and if you can't be good be careful.
  14. What lovely weather for you today, far nicer than grim grey gloomy Manchester where it is raining currently, funny how nobody minds it raining afloat, we sure don't anyway. I remember on our Honeymoon we had the then Swan Ranger and even when it rained we still sat upstairs and cruised along with a brolly up
  15. Hey guys if Mark pulls his finger out at home he'll join us, I've sent him the link
  16. Got my laptop and ready to rock n roll be kind lol
  17. Oh I think I've seen this in the supermarket, may pick up a bottle now tonight and give it a go, is it much difference to your standard Coka Cola???
  18. I have made all sorts on board before now from full roast dinners to pies, from home made lasagna to just a tin of stewed steak with mash and mushy peas. Most hire boats (including the old ones) have excellent galley facilities so when you are used to camping and cooking a full steak dinner on a 2 burner gas stove, anything is achievable on a boat
  19. Awww it's always nice to find out when people have lived or do live close by
  20. That looks like heaven on a plate well done you
  21. Ok then, now what is Fentimens Curiosity Cola????? hahahaha
  22. Hmmmm can't say I agree lol but what's JB????? feeling really quite thick this morning hahaha
  23. What on earth is Denton and Curiosity Cola??????
  24. I'm not sure about tonight folks as I've been staying at my mum's this week, if I remember to pop home for my laptop I'll be there
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