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  1. I haven’t tried it, but I understand that jewellers rouge is a fine cutting compound.
  2. If you’ve managed to get up the spiral stairs to the bell tower, that’s the worst bit! When you get the opportunity next, push yourself to get to the top. I’m no lover of heights, but it is worth it, especially on a clear day.
  3. I think we beat you to it on that one!! The wife was on at me for ages about putting some decking outside our french doors at the back of the house and even bought patio furniture to go on it before we’d built it. The wood was duly ordered and at the beginning of August last year, with the help of my brother-in-law and our son, the decking was built. The patio furniture was unpacked and we even bought a new barbecue. So far, I’ve has the opportunity to sit at our new table once and aside from testing the bbq after I’d built it up, it’s not been lit. We almost lost it a few weeks ago when Storm Ciara struck. The cover was ripped off the furniture and we haven’t seen it since, so it’s all back in my garage again, waiting for summer to arrive. Oh we’ll, it might see some use this year, until we can get back to the Broads.
  4. Old news. It’s already moored at Cantley!
  5. Hi. I’ve now sold my full share in Moonlight Shadow, but as YnsMon has already said, there are further shares available on the BCBM website. Thanks for asking all the same.
  6. Let’s be realistic here. Even if you stay at home, you’ll have to go out for food and other essentials. Wherever you go, there I’ll be a risk by touching something, somewhere. Obviously, be careful, look after your self the best way you can but there is no way we will be able to create our own sterile environment, however careful we are. It is my belief that one of the reasons this is spreading as quickly as it is, is the fact that we are so conscious of our hygiene now. How many young children are allowed to play in the mud and chew on lumps of coal like we used to. As a race, our resistance to diseases is lower as we become more reliant on drugs to fend off our ailments. My thoughts, obviously, but without customers and/or government support, I think the future of many Broadland businesses is grim and they may be lost forever.
  7. Staffies sometimes get terrible press, but between our son and his wife’s dog, Simba and our girl, we have two of the gentlest dogs I’ve ever known and as far as Simba is concerned, one of the silliest. Five and a half stone of stupidity, who loves nothing more than to carry a stick when he’s out. . . . . . .
  8. Our pooch, Harley (above) and our son’s bull mastiff/staffy cross, Simba (below).
  9. Mouldy

    Toll Renewal

    I wasn’t registered for email notification (but am now). Ours was delivered over a week ago by snail mail.
  10. We bought our first boat last year, saw a few, narrowed the choice to two and bought the one we thought would be best for our requirements. Getting it right has been costly, there are still a couple of things to do that need to be done and more money to be spent. Someone told me once that boat is not actually a word, but an acronym for Bring Out Another Thousand and I kind of regret not taking it seriously. We now have something close to what we anticipated buying last June, with the help of the proprietor of our marina, who has given us good advice and done a great deal of work on it. Some jobs were not essential, but helped to make it feel ‘ours’, whilst others were much needed. What has become obvious is that our survey was not the most thorough and several major issues became apparent whilst other work was in progress. This has proved to be a steep learning curve. Should we ever buy another boat, previous mistakes should guide us to having an easier purchasing experience next time. We are happy with our choice of craft, it is perfect for our needs, but being a two berth, it does make taking friends and family out for a cruise more difficult. I should retire in just over two years and we will wait until that has happened before making any decisions about changing (or that is the plan at the moment) for anything bigger or more family oriented. Advice . . . . . . . make sure your survey is carried out by a surveyor who has remembered to take his spectacles on the day and save some funds in reserve for unexpected expenses. More importantly, be ready to enjoy the peace that cruising the Broads affords. Despite the issues we’ve faced getting our boat sorted, we still look forward to every opportunity to get out on her with eager anticipation!
  11. Sad news indeed. I never met him, but his boat was pointed out to us last year when we were looking to buy ours at his home marina and I have spotted it out and about a couple of times since. As others have said, condolences to his family and friends.
  12. Mouldy

    New Inn Horning

    It's no secret that I like The Ferry House at Surlingham. Aside from the food and beer, which are very good, there is a charm and warmth in the building itself which during the winter months make it a real treat to go to as well as the draw of the garden in more clement weather. I also like the food and beer at The New Inn, Rockland, however to me at least, it feels cold and sterile and nowhere near as inviting and I do tend to not go there when I can't sit outside. I get that it is easier and cheaper to clean a wooden floor than carpet, but it is too easy to strip the character and warmth from a building by taking away all internal features that perhaps some people prefer. My opinion, obviously.
  13. Now under offer. Will make a nice boat when it’s been modernised.
  14. Different boats, I believe. Blue Horizon is an Aquafibre Lowliner and Swan Rapide is an Alphacraft moulding. I’ve never hired either, but did look over Grecian Girl at the end of a holiday on Grand Girl, with a view to hiring the following year. I was grateful to have had the opportunity to see it first, as we booked Grand Girl again as the result of our viewing. Aside from the upper helm being very small, there was insufficient space to be joined by the rest of the crew, condemning them to suffer the confines of the saloon. Furthermore, visibility from the lower helm was lamentable. There are far more practically laid out craft for hire and personally, I would go for a centre cockpit with a sliding canopy.
  15. Mouldy

    Road Works 2020

    Web address is www.traficengland.com . Google maps with the traffic overlay is also very good. Our satnav is a Tomtom with live traffic information is usually accurate and in the event of delays, offers alternative route information. All three will be much more up to date than the BBC, that usually reports traffic formation when you’re already in it.
  16. Back on Norfolk Lady again for the weekend. We’ve been coming up regularly over the past couple of months, but the weather has prevented much time actually out on the rivers. Thanks Ciara, Dennis, Jorge etc. It’s fine and sunny in Brundall now and for a change, the boat ain’t rockin’. Hoping to go for a cruise later today, but we will be looking for moorings overnight with electric. Aside from the heating, there are a couple of jobs I need to do on board that require electric for my tools. In the meantime, some photos of the dawn breaking over a cold, frosty, quiet and peaceful Brundall.
  17. We’d owned an iMac for about 8 years and it was becoming a bit slow. Having checked out the price of a new Mac and being shocked at the cost, we went for the cheaper option of buying a Windows 10 laptop and monitor instead, but after about a year of trying to master the new operating system, it was back to the Apple store to buy another Mac. We now have Windows 10 pc’s at work and I still struggle to fathom more than the basics. Not sure if it’s me and the fact that I’m too old, but I just don’t get it.
  18. Not wishing to be contentious, theses were on hire on the Southern rivers and were in the Alpha hire fleet for several years, so they must have been okay. With regard to the height, surely the new fleets on hire from Ferry, Richo’s and NBD are taller, so there is no real reason that it couldn’t be used on the Northern rivers. After all, aside from Grendel’s beloved Martham boats, not much other than day boats, ducks and swans safely negotiate Potter, which only prohibits cruising above Wroxham and Wayford. Even with a refit at say 20k, it remains a lot of boat when compared to what is on sale through the various agencies for the same money.
  19. The Aweigh app does this and its free. With gps activated, the tides can be shown at your current location, or elsewhere on the Broads. I was doubtful about it’s value, but having used it, am a convert.
  20. Also, download the Aweigh app for either Apple or Android. Great app with gps speedo, tide times, bridge heights and mooring details. Best bit is its free!!
  21. I forgot about Cockshoot, too. Stopped there and had a wander when we were up north in November.
  22. The old Alphas always seemed to chug along quite nicely. The ex Royalls Alpha 42cc currently at NYA only has a 38hp engine and they always seemed to go well too. Would it not depend on the gearing and prop? As Howard said, there’s a lot of boat for the money and with some money spent, could be brought up to a decent standard.
  23. Southern: Bramerton Common, Short Dyke (Rockland), Langley Dyke (agree with Neil, horrible place), Pyes Mill, North Cave and The Ferry House for the pub. Northern How Hill, Paddy’s Lane, Johnny Crowes Staithe, Thurne Dyke, Womack Dyke, Fleet Dyke (South Walsham), Stokesby (BA moorings).
  24. We’ve experienced the same issue with fuel on MS as far as cost is concerned. We had a short break last February and hardly used the the heating due to it not working and stayed on the southern rivers, than when we went north in April, covered more miles and used the heating more and paid less for fuel. I’m not entirely convinced that uniform standards are applied when refuelling at Brooms to be honest. Paul at Swancraft is very helpful. He has given us loads of good advise since we bought Norfolk Lady and his standards of workmanship are second to none.
  25. Mouldy

    Sad News

    I can only agree with the other posts on here in as much as his demise is a sad loss. I’ve never met Craig, but did communicate with him when we bought Norfolk Lady, to update the listing on the database. I would also like to think that it can be maintained in the future in his memory and add my condolences to those already expressed.
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