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  1. Where are you out from? I’ll look out, too.
  2. Enjoy it Helen. We’re up on Norfolk Lady for two weeks and plan on heading north for the first week, so if you’re not the wrong side of ‘that’ bridge, we may bump into you.
  3. Mouldy

    River Yare

    Agreed Get that, but it’s been done to death ( perhaps not the best terminology) on other threads. We all know the dangers for our health individually, both physically and mentally and the economy as we slide into the inevitable recession. The Broads are open for us to enjoy - celebrate that for now and keep the virus on the threads that already exist.
  4. Mouldy

    River Yare

    Oooooooooooh! Another thread diverting away from the original post and heading for COVID-19 and controversy!
  5. The photos can be deceiving, but the Dawncraft DC30 looks okay and will have more space that the Hampton
  6. But the advantage of a fixed roof is that it will be warmer in the winter than canvas if you intend to use it all year. The trade off is obviously that it cannot pass under all of the bridges, which is where a centre cockpit with a sliding canopy gives the best of both worlds. However, they can be draughty and there could be extra costs for repairs to the roof or winch, should issues arise. We looked at an Alpha 32 before settling for our sedan cruiser and found that it needed attention to the canopy runners to allow the windows to the rear to close properly and some strengthening where it had become deformed by years of hirers sitting on the canopy during its time in a hire fleet. Estimated costs for repairs to the roof were well into four figures. As has been previously stated, the ‘perfect’ boat probably doesn’t exist. Every style has compromises and the decision as to which of your requirements you can live without has to be your decision. We opted for a Broom 29 Sedan, which due to its airdraft does prevent us from visiting parts of the Broads, but it is usable through the year, gives a great view from the helm and is cosy even in winter so to us, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
  7. Norfolk Boat Sales have an ex hire Sheerline 24 for about your budget: https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/sheerline-24-brink-of-peace-2-608.asp Similar to the Opal, but smaller, otherwise perhaps look for a Bounty 28, if you can find one. I still like the Broom 30, of which there are a few on the market at the moment: https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/broom-30-8/ A little over budget, but it’s been on the market for a few months and a deal may be considered.
  8. It’s been at Cantley since before the lockdown in March. The photo of it passing through Bramerton must be a few months old.
  9. If you thought it was bad then. . . . . .
  10. Pretty certain that although you are permitted to cruise South Walsham Inner Broad, you’re not allowed to mudweight on it. No doubt someone will be on to correct me if that is not the case, though.
  11. Itv was when we went past the weekend before last. Another eyesore!
  12. I wouldn’t bother even considering it. What used to be moorings upstream are now overgrown and the quay heading is in very poor state of repair. Moorings at Rockland, Short Dyke or Langley Dyke would be infinitely preferable. Failing that, phone The Ferry House at Surlingham and book a mooring there.
  13. Personally, I can’t remember ever stopping there, certainly not In the last 33 years since the wife and I have been holidaying on the Broads together. The moorings directly outside seem to used for a couple of liveaboards and the ones upstream are in extremely poor condition. I don’t know what it is about the place, but to me, it seems very uninviting. It must surely have potential in the right hands and given a facelift, especially as it appears to have road access, too.
  14. Have been pas5 The Beauchamp Arms several times over the past few weeks and the ground floor windows are boarded up, the beer garden (terrace) out front had a fine crop of weeds growing up from between the slabs and some Heras fencing has been erected out front. Any ideas?
  15. Nooooooooo!! It would remind me too much of what gets passed by MPs in Parliament on a daily basis, even though they talk a load of the same!!
  16. They’ve been gone for over a month. Now the roadworks on the A14 have been completed, the journey to and from Norfolk is much less stressful, although the traffic has been lighter anyway due to the pandemic.
  17. We hired Gardenia Girl as well and found the same. I know that Thunder has windows cut into the sliding canopies on both sides, which are presumably to facilitate some sideways vision when they are closed. That said, the Diamond 35 is a nice boat and if I were able to afford a decent one to buy, could well be interested.
  18. I think I’d rather read poo than excrement!!
  19. Tried mooring at Horning last November and there wasn’t even room for Norfolk Lady. I honestly can’t remember the last time we moored there.
  20. Well put. Couldn’t agree more.
  21. Ian, you’re correct in that there is no cure for Covid-19 and there may well never be. Remember that there is still no cure for the common cold. But it need not be serious. Both the wife and I believe that we’ve had the virus. We couldn’t get tested, but the symptoms we both had were coughs, temperatures, headaches, fatigue and in my case, a loss of my sense of taste. I’m 64, so not at risk, but getting on a bit. More folk have survived than died from this and I do not wish to make light of the numbers, but I am sure that many of the recorded deaths at the moment are being attributed to Covid, because the medical staff do not have time to thoroughly investigate each case individually. Things may never return to how they were, there may never be an effective vaccine. We could alll shield from this for a year and die of something else the next day. Some sensibility needs to be applied here and a measured relaxation of the lockdown is allegedly happening. At the end of the day, the choice of how you approach this is yours and I fully understand that you have underlying health issues. When the cold weather returns in the winter, the whole situation may start again. Who knows? What I do know is that I will take the necessary precautions and get on with my life while I’m still here.
  22. Beam on, to be fair. I’d just nipped below to answer a call of nature and the wife was at the helm. We were approaching the right hand bend near Langley Dyke, heading from Cantley towards Brundall when the ski boat came from the opposite direction, passing quite close to us, so even if she had realised that steering into the wake would be best, there wasn’t really time. It did sound good, though. Inboard V8 I think.
  23. We recently had the poo pipes changed on Norfolk Lady. I understand from talking to Paul at the yard, that bagging the ends of the old pipes is advisable to save the potential for muck spreading as you pull them through the bilges. Good luck!!!
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