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  1. Could be coincidence. We had a few issues the last time we were on Moonlight Shadow and burnt out several chargers and had a close call with the TV. I reported the issue through the defecting process and eventually, when a couple of other owners reported similar issues, the fault was traced to the inverter, which was of the modified sine wave variety. Due to the nature of modern electronics, they should only be used with a pure sine wave inverter, which gives a cleaner output. The inverter on Moonlight Shadow has since been replaced and we made sure that the new one we had fitted to Norfolk Lady was also of the correct specification.
  2. Oh, no!!! The secret of Langley Dyke is out. Who will believe what an awful mooring that it now?
  3. Me . . . . . . Jealous Too right!🤢
  4. No mill at the end of Short Dyke. I too have seen the post on Faceache and as I've only managed to visit the location twice in all of the years I've visited The Broads due to a certain obstacle that makes access difficult to most of us these days, I'd never have guessed!
  5. I would love to try the chippy on Blofield, but they close at 20:00. By the time I leave work and make the journey, there is only the Chinese still open! As much as I like black pudding and sausages, I like to keep the breakfast (relatively) healthy. Bacon grilled and scrambled eggs, tomatoes sauteed in a squirt of one cal. See - healthy!
  6. Helen, I dont want to blow my own trumpet, but I cooked it and it was 😁😁!
  7. Having worked in the logistics industry for the majority of my working life, long hours are nothing new. As an HGV driver, one can still work 15 hours a day, three days a week, with a potential maximum working week of 84 hours. Despite the Working Time Directive and EU driving regs, this is still legally permissible. I have been office based for the best part of 25 years, but am still contracted to a 50 hour week, with an hour for lunch daily. I just need to be spared for another 2 years, 9 months and 3 days, so I can retire!!!
  8. We went to Brundall on Friday 26th July for the weekend and eventually arrived after a lengthy journey (due to two diversions caused by roadworks) at about 22:30. We stopped at the Chinese takeaway (just as it started to rain), for some food before heading to the boat. Food eaten, we unpacked the car and watched the TV for a while to digest our meal, before going to bed. It rained all night and was still raining when we got up the following morning, so we got ready and wandered round to the Co-Op for a few supplies. Fortunately, the rain had eased and there were just a few spits and spots by then. We returned to Norfolk Lady and I set to work on the faded gel coat on the wheelhouse roof with some compound, wax and a polishing machine to see what sort of shine could be achieved. It was quite a lengthy process and although I have machine polished cars before, I was not used to compounding gel coat, so was taking my time to make sure I didn’t make things worse. We had some lunch and decided to go for a short cruise, so put the polisher away and set off along The Yare, heading for Langley Dyke. There were a couple of other craft there, but plenty of room for us to moor. The weather was grey and miserable, so we sat and relaxed for a while, grateful to be away from the noise and interruptions that make daily life so hectic. It wasn’t long before the rain started again. We had dinner, watched TV and had an early night. It must be the Norfolk air that makes me so tired! The rain was still falling on Sunday morning, so we took our time getting ready and had breakfast before it eased off. I wanted to do some more polishing, so we set off for our moorings and headed back to Brundall, where I managed to finish working on the wheelhouse roof before the rain started again. We needed to get home at a reasonable time, so packed up a few bits and pieces, loaded the car and went to The Yare for an early dinner, hoping for better weather for our next visit. The journey home was not the easiest, either, with a road closure and forced diversion extending our journey home. Friday 9th August So we arrived at Brundall at about 21:30 on Friday evening, stopped at the Chinese (again) for some food and drove round to the yard where we are moored. We ate before unloading the car as usual, watched TV for a while and went to bed. Saturday dawned to a windy start, just as forecast. We showered and got ready, before wandering down to the Co-Op for some food supplies (again) and returning to the boat. I had planned to spend some time compounding and waxing at least some more of the top of Norfolk Lady to restore some shine to the faded gel coat. The continuing windy weather put paid to any hope of escaping for a cruise, so I managed to complete most of the top before giving up for the day, satisfied with my efforts. We walked back to the Co-Op to buy some garlic bread and I felt compelled to stop at The Yare for a cheeky Ghost Ship on the way back. The wife prepared our meal, which we enjoyed with a couple of glasses of wine. I was somewhat tired, due to the exertions of the day (and probably the wine) so went to bed early where I fell quickly and soundly asleep. It was bright and sunny when we woke on Sunday, although still quite breezy, so we decided to have a short cruise up the river before having breakfast. We managed to get away from the moorings and chugged up the dyke, turning left onto The Yare. Short Dyke was my intended destination and it didn't take too long to get there. We moored up and my attention turned to cooking breakfast. Once eaten and with the washing up done, we took the opportunity to relax for a while before heading back to the yard. The weather had changed and the clouds had rolled in, but it wasnt raining. I still had a little more polishing to do, together with a couple of other bits and pieces, which were completed before we had a brief, but heavy shower of rain. Sadly, we packed the car, the weekend having passed far too quickly, but stopped at The Yare for a meal before leaving for home. The next visit is planned for August Bank Holiday weekend. Bring it on, but hopefully with some more clement weather for a change!!
  9. There are some good moorings on Short Dyke, leading to Rockland Broad, too and it’s only a short walk to the pub from there following the path round the Broad. If you like good ‘pub grub,’ The New Inn is well worth the effort, but you’ll need a torch for the walk back!
  10. You won’t need to take too much on MS, Helen, pretty much everything you need is already there, including the kitchen sink😁!
  11. Waterside Marine Sales have an Alpha 31 for sale at the moment called Jay. Whilst an aft cockpit cruiser, it does have a 12'3" beam, so my guess that it probably won't fit under that bridge, but I obviously stand to be corrected by those in the know.
  12. Noooooooooooo! Can the mods apply a C word filter until 1st December, please?
  13. The heater works off the batteries and shore power when connected, but given the short days and long nights, coupled with potentially chilly weather, the heating is likely to be on longer. If you connect to shore power, it will save the batteries and the heating shouldn't shut down if the batteries run down. If you pay for shore power at the yacht station, why burn diesel when you've paid for electricity? The alternative to a fan heater would be an oil filled radiator, of course, but we had a fan heater, so took it with us.
  14. Hi Helen. Our first proper trip on MS was in February this year. Broom usually turn off the tap at the mooring from November to March, but there is one available, either by the fuel pump, or the boat lift. There is a hose at The Ferry House, free to patrons and there are electric posts there too. We went to Beccles Yacht Station, Oulton Broad Yacht Station and Loddon. Electric hook up is included in the mooring fees at the yacht stations, so we took a small fan heater, didn’t use the heating on the boat and made full use of the hook up. The rivers were quiet and seeing The Broads in a different season and different light was really enjoyable
  15. Hi Steve. Try this: boats@broads.org.uk
  16. Congratulations both. I’m sure you’ll have many happy holidays on Moonlight Shadow. I hope we get to meet you at the AGM in October, if we don’t bump into you (metaphorically speaking) before. We intend to be on Norfolk Lady over the Bank Holiday weekend so will watch out for you then. Happy cruising!!!
  17. Not too far, was forced to visit whilst I was there the other week, but the bill on that occasion was not to painful. Thanks Jay. We’ll look forward to meeting up with you at some point. Being guided to a bar for a chat would be most agreeable. It is our intention to be there every other weekend, so an opportunity should present itself quite soon. I’m sure that you’ll achieve your dream one day, you’ll join the severely damaged wallet full owners club and enjoy it as much as we are. As for convincing you to buy a boat, I’m sure that would be easy and no high pressure sales techniques would be necessary😉.
  18. After a good nights sleep, I was awake early on Sunday morning. I’m usually up around 04:15 for work and it’s a hard habit to break, but I did manage to doze off and rolled out of bed around 06:00. The kettle went on and despite the forecast of a grey, cloudy day, I was greeted by the sight of the sun rising over the river to the stern of the boat. Camera in hand, I stepped onto the bank and took a few photos, before returning make a cuppa. The wife was stirring and she readied herself to take Harley (our Staffie) for a walk. It was too early to run the engine for hot water and with no shore power, the immersion was of little use, so I spent a few minutes sitting quietly, thinking about our journey to the position we found ourselves in now and how lucky we had been. I’m still not sure that I quite believe that Norfolk Lady is ours, although the bill for necessary work completed since the purchase was completed, has helped it to sink in! The wife returned with the dog and I cooked breakfast, grilled bacon, scrambled eggs and sautéed baby plum tomatoes. It went down a treat, too. By that time, it was well past 08:00, so I started the engine for hot water and when sufficiently heated, went for a shower. The wife followed as I finished and we were soon dressed and ready. There was no great rush to go anywhere and I had no real plans for the day, but the clouds had rolled in and the sky was grey and leaden. We waited for a while, but decided to set off for a steady cruise back to the yard and our moorings. We cast off sometime after 11:00 and chugged slowly back up The Chet, turning left onto The Yare at the junction. There was quite a bit of traffic on the rivers, both hired and private, together with a smattering of sailies, clearly making the most of the breezy conditions. I can’t remember when we arrived back at base, probably between 13:30 & 14:00. We had rolls for lunch and I set about starting to clean Norfolk Lady up. We’d been left some boat cleaning products to try by the proprietor of our home yard, including some shampoo, so armed with a newly acquired deck scrubbing brush and a bucket, I attacked the grubby decks and cabin roof and was amazed at how well they came up. I cannot say for sure how much difference the shampoo itself made, but I was well pleased with the results. Debbie (the wife), had packed up the bits and pieces we needed to take back home and loaded the car. We had a chat with one of the other owners at the yard, who have a boat similar to ours and chewed the fat with them for a while, before finally locking up Norfolk Lady at about 16:30 to visit Steve and Deb, who also recently completed the purchase of their boat, which is also moored in Brundall. Id booked a table at The Ferry House for dinner, so took our leave in time to drive to Surlingham, where we enjoyed another good meal at one of our favourite Broadland pubs, before making the journey home to Northampton. It was always a wrench at the end of a holiday leaving the area that both the wife and I have come to love over the years and now regard as our spiritual home but we’ll be back very soon for another weekend on our boat. It’s a feeling that I never believed I would enjoy, but now we are in this fortunate position, it’s one that I fully intend to make the most of.
  19. Although we moved our boat from Horning to our moorings at Brundall, when we spent a night on board due to the tide times through Yarmouth, we had been looking forward to this weekend with eager anticipation as itvwas to be our first proper weekend break. We set off from home shortly after 18:00 on Friday evening and arrived at our moorings about two and a half hours later, after a relatively easy journey. We'd collected a takeaway from the Chinese which was eaten before we unpacked the car and stowed our things on Norfolk Lady. Both of us had been up for work early that morning and it wasn't long before we went to bed, very tired, but very happy to be spending our first weekend on board. Saturday dawned and there was no rush to go anywhere. The immersion heater was on and once the water was heated, we showered and got ready before wandering down to the Co-Op for some essential supplies. Back at the yard, we topped up with water and set off on the start of our new adventure. It was quite overcast, but for once, it didn't seem to matter. We were on our boat! We headed for Reedham and I was quite surprised at how busy the river was. We found a gap near the Rangers hut to moor and eased into the space. The ranger came out to assist and we had a chat for a while as several large cruisers sped through. After lunch, we cast off again, with a mooring at Pyes Mill the intended destination. It was a pleasant cruise and we passed several craft heading the other way, so I was hopeful that there would be space for us. Sure enough, there was a space at the end furthest from Loddon basin, which suited us. Nice and quiet and grass for the dog to mooch around, too. We wandered in the village, over the bridge and through the field, coming out near The Kings Head, the outside of which seems to have been painted since our last visit. We needed a couple of bits from the Co-Op that I'd forgotten on my visit earlier, before returning to Norfolk Lady, past the church and through the lanes, back to our moorings. The wife did some sewing, I did a crossword or two and we idly whirled away the afternoon with a bottle of wine (each). As we sat in the aft cockpit, the sky cleared and left a glorious, sunny evening to enjoy. I cooked our meal, we watched tv for a while before retiring to bed. Owning our own boat was an ambition I'd held for almost 50 years. As time passed, the idea that it would be realised became more and more remote, however due to my wife's diligence, this has turned into reality. I cannot express how lucky I feel.
  20. Congratulations. We’ve owned Norfolk Lady for just over a month and my wallet is battered, bruised and feeling some pain already, but we knew there were some bits and pieces to sort out from the survey, so we’re not entirely surprised! Having hired for so long and being over the moon last year when the opportunity of buying into a syndicate boat presented itself, despite the cost, I can’t stop grinning now we have a boat of our own. I sincerely hope that you derive as much pleasure from your ‘Legacy’, as our Norfolk Lady is already bringing us.
  21. Not on here, anyway. You've only got to look at the news to see that motions have been passed at Westminster, not that it is newsworthy particularly, given what most politicians speak!!
  22. Due to the recent purchase of our own boat, we have decided to sell our full 8% share (4 weeks) in Moonlight Shadow. We have, however, bought a 4% share in the same boat from another forum member to enable us to still have family holidays on The Broads with our son and his family. We have yet to use any of our four week allocation for this current year, so the buyer will be able to gain the full benefit of the available weeks this syndicate year (May to April). As many of you are aware, we bought our share at a bargain price last summer and as a result, I am not looking for a profit, but just enough to recoup the costs and the transfer costs that will be dictated by BCBM. Please PM me for more details.
  23. I've heard from a reliable source, that they are now owned by a firm of property developers. I can't think of another reason that they would want the business, except for the land.
  24. Redevelopment into desirable and very expensive riverside dwellings, I would imagine.
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