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  1. Bloodnock, stop that! Yes, which way did it go?
  2. Not only that, but the photo shows it without fenders or ropes. If you lay the aft ropes on the bathing platform, it looks too easy to trip over them or kick them off to get wrapped around the prop. It definitely needs some push pit rails fitted imho, but nothing will change the fact that it’s fugly.
  3. I think it’s all to do with how seriously you take it and how much you’ve spent. Cheap rod and reel, don’t get too fussy about it and while away the time sitting in the aft well of Cockatoo, rod in one hand and beer in the other. I can think of worse things to do.
  4. And a coat of paint! To me, it's the most uninviting looking pub on the broads. I've been past it many times and never been tempted to moor there. The Ferry House at Surlingham on the other hand, draws you in and once there, you are rewarded with a warm welcome, good beer and great food and not only frequented by the passing boaters, the car park gets full too.
  5. The Beauchamp Arms, perhaps. When we went past a couple of weeks ago , the sign was missing and it looked even more uninviting than ever.
  6. Fairly certain Barnes Brinkcraft do, too.
  7. I haven’t hired one, but have seen pictures of the interiors. They look to have been built to a ‘private’ standard and no doubt would sell for good money if they came onto the market. They wouldn’t have cost a retail price to build, either and there is obviously income from the hires over the years they have been in the fleet. I think the losses would be small compared to the potential profit to be made from developing the site to residential properties.
  8. Just look around, Alan. Houses are being built next to motorways, dual carriageways and railways all over the country. We live about three quarters of a mile from the M1 and there is planning in place now to fill the farm land between our estate and the motorway with additional housing, the closest of which will be less than 50 yards from the southbound carriageway. The noise from 90 trains per day passing would be far less than the sound of motorway traffic passing 24/7. I can easily imagine desirable properties being built on the site with river frontage, possibly owners moorings, too. There would certainly be a great deal of value to any kind of residential accommodation. With improvements to the road and rail network, easy access to the A47/A11 and the trains, they would make a great base for commuters. Again, what I heard regarding Broom being bought by property developers is only hearsay, but it came from the owner of a Brundall based boatyard, so I can only imagine that there is some truth in it. Property developers aren’t going to invest in an area of land that size, without some sort of future plan. The hire business, should it continue, could easily relocate, should it continue, clearing the way for substantial redevelopment of what is a largely redundant site.
  9. Whether it’s true or not, I wouldn’t like to guarantee, but I have heard that Broom is now owned by property developers. Furthermore, I was told by one of their staff when we refuelled Moonlight Shadow at the end of our last break, that their boat building program finished at the beginning of April. There is a lot of land that is currently not earning money and if property developers do own the land, they will surely only be looking for one outcome. Again, without knowing who owns the land that the pub is built on, there must be a substantial value to it and should a large enough bundle of cash be waved to purchase the pub (should it be necessary), who knows what the outcome would be. All of this would be down to planning permission, obviously, but would the BA want such a large site empty and derelict, should the current owners pull out?
  10. Mouldy

    Heading South

    Rockland Broad and staithe, not forgetting The New Inn for great food. Bargate (Surlingham Broad), The Ferry House, Surlingham (another pub for great food). Norwich and the cathedral, are a must. Bramerton Common for lovely moorings. The Chet into Loddon, narrow and pretty. Oulton Broad is worth a look and Beccles too. The biggest difference South is the distance between places to visit and the rise and fall of the tides.
  11. Mouldy

    Swan Royale

    Could well be. It had been raining (now there’s a surprise) and a mini pond had developed in the middle of the canopy, probably where hirers in its former life had sat on it. Furthermore, the windows at the rear of the canopy wouldn’t close, leaving sizeable gaps for the weather to get in, necessitating additional work on the canopy and runners. I also went for a trial in it and it steered to the right, the pull becoming stronger as the revs increased, leading me to believe that the rudder may be bent. With money spent, it could be a nice boat and was certainly a better starting point than the ex Herbert Woods Alpha 35 I viewed elsewhere, but too much for me to take on.
  12. Mouldy

    Swan Royale

    It wasn't. We looked at her (now called Base Camp) and although it was tempting, there was too much that needed to be done to get her to the standard that we would require. The current owners are the same ones who bought it from Swancraft originally back in 2014. If 26k is the price it sold for and is correct, it will give the new owners some money in hand to get her back into shape, but there is about 2k worth of work to do to the canopy alone so the back canopy windows will close correctly. It was in better shape than an Alpha 35 that is currently under offer at another brokers though. We viewed that one too and couldn’t wait to get off.
  13. Brexit was certainly a factor in us changing our plans this year. Since 2007, we have been going to Southern France for two weeks at the end of June every year. We had already booked for this year, even before buying our share in Moonlight Shadow, however continued uncertainty regarding our original exit date in March and the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal at the end of June caused us to rethink our plans back in January, when we were able to minimise our losses. According to the media, leaving without a deal would mean that we would potentially need a green card for our car insurance, require an additional visitor permit and international driving licence, the EHIC cards would become invalid and the Pet Passport scheme would be under review. We had been advised by Eurocamp that we would need to have a rabies jab for our dog, in addition to the passport which was still current, who accompanies us on our holidays and that would need to be followed a month later by a blood test to prove the effectiveness of the injection at the cost of circa £150. We decided that it would make more sense to wait until we have left and the full implications are known before travelling to Europe again and make full use of our weeks on MS. That was, of course, until we bought our own boat a few weeks ago, which further complicates future holiday arrangements.
  14. Hi Simon If you look at the breakdown of costs, there are more budgeted on Moonlight Shadow. MS is valeted at the end of each week, taking the responsibility away from the owners and call outs and breakdown cover is also included. In my opinion, the Northern Broads provide a more popular starting point than Brundall, where Moonlight Shadow is based, which is why the shares sell more readily. To be honest, when we bought into MS, I would have preferred to have been based North and was looking at Evening Shadow, however the buy in cost was far less for us on Moonlight and we jumped at the opportunity. Having now experienced starting from Brundall, we have chosen it as the home mooring for our own, recently acquired boat and are happy with our decision.
  15. Hi Sue Interesting that there are no shares for sale on Evening Shadow. The boats are the same, so I can only attribute it to the mooring.
  16. Just for information, Grand Girl (another Aquafibre Pearl cruiser) is advertised on the Hoseasons website at between £900 & £1250 per week to hire, making Steve’s shares something of a bargain.
  17. Mouldy


    We always hired from Summercraft. The boats look as good at the end of the season as they do at the beginning and for us have been exceptionally reliable.
  18. Nice one Neil. I think now, with the purchase of Norfolk Lady, that my motorcycling days may sadly be over. I’ve hankered over another one for some time and have always found other things to spend the money on. Good luck with it - it looks pretty mean!
  19. Hi Steve We used someone called Ian Lumley of Lumley Marine. The survey was good, highlighted a few points that we hadn’t seen, too and wasn’t extortionately expensive. If you are buying through NYA, he is in their list. Good luck with it mate.
  20. Only 40? Wish I could remember being 40!!!!! Many happy returns, Robin. Have a great day!
  21. All clear now Steve??😁😁😁
  22. Clifton Bridge maybe.
  23. LMAO!!!!!!😂😂😂😂 We live on a relatively new estate on the outskirts of Northampton, where a twenty mph limit is in place, that is largely ignored by everyone regardless of their age. Surely consideration for others is lacking in all areas of our society and every age group. Are we saying that everyone who speeds on the Broads is young?
  24. Nice write up David. I always enjoy reading about other folks exploits and seeing their photos. I particularly like the drone shots . . . . .I’ve thought about buying one myself, but fear that it wouldn’t last too long before landing in the drink!! It seems a long wait for us now until September, when we’re back on Moonlight Shadow again.
  25. I think the term you're looking for is caramelised.
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