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  1. Sorry spelling mistake now corrected
  2. Christopher Cockerel owned Ripplecraft at Somerleyton and it is highly likely your parents started from there It is still a boatyard but no longer hires craft Ray
  3. If funding is needed to keep the database going I am more than willing to contribute It is such a valuable resource and it would be a real loss if it is not continued Ray
  4. Peter You should be commended for your sensible and realistic approach to your situation Ray
  5. Carole Thank you for uploading What a lovely film Happy New year Ray
  6. Well said Vaughan I live in Hythe and this happens on average two or three times a year nothing new causes are usually bad weather or strikes in France On Monday night I drove the M20 from Ashford to Maidstone work re later Coast bound carriageway all closed not a lorry in sight the new roll out barrier designed to allow two way traffic on the motorway costing millions not being used police stopping all traffic at Junction 8 sending lorries to motorway and cars down the old A20 causing chaos why spend millions on a barrier and not use it also one of the photographs showing lorri
  7. Hi how Saw you pass through Reedham looking good Have a great break Ray
  8. This sort of sensational reporting does nothing for the Broads tourism industry, readers will form an opinion that all the broads are choke full of boats and think that's not for us. I visit Reedham on average once every ten days summer and winter and forty years have never seen anything like that photograph if you visited half an hour before or half an hour after all would have been calm Yes the tide does run fast through Reedham but with care and attention it is not a problem just think and act safely Ray i
  9. I am sure Vaughan will help he used to run this boatyard
  10. Just come back from my nightly walk along Dover New pier Lovely walk Disney Magic still there Ray
  11. Hi Griff Seems fine to me From what I have read you are not breaking any instructions Provided you are with no one from another household I am sure you will mighty pleased to see ' B.A' again
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