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  1. I agree crossing Breydon is not difficult provided you take due note of the tides and take care but it is difficult timewise to cross out and back in a short break given the main hire yards are all well upriver Ray
  2. I think a !ot of hirers take short breaks these days with the main yards based in Stalham,Wroxham and. Horning combined with tides over Breydon it makes North to South trips very difficult Ray
  3. I agree 're smaller yards being more accommodating but they are slowly closing No Summercraft next season one of the best gone Ray
  4. Freedom at Thorpe did some Limited hire over the winter months but not sure they still do I am sure Andy will confirm. To my knowledge there are no other southern river yards hiring over the winter months Ray
  5. I think the layout is ok but not a profiled metal roof Ray
  6. Boatingman


    I am old enough to remember Dick and Gwen Sabberton running the yard truly lovely people
  7. Boatingman


    It would appear to be true they are selling the boats and running as a private marina they are still going to let the holiday properties Ray
  8. Hi Simon It was a bit wet at the time not surprised you were not out for long You are in a good pub there staff are friendly and it has a welcome atmosphere Ray PS Like you I was heading for a closed Tea room
  9. Hi Simon Saw the boat at Reedham lunchtime but no sign of you assume you were keeping warm somewhere
  10. I was in Wroxham yesterday afternoon and it poured down for about an hour grey and overcast for the rest of the afternoon
  11. The amount of times Richardsons send guys to get there boats through It may be a cost effective option!! Ray
  12. Can I suggest we amend heading The moorings are available it is power that is not on. Ray
  13. I am not defending The Ferry in any way but I believe they are looking for staff it is a rural location and I know that both the Lord Nelson and Ship have had similar problems During the summer The Ship was not serving food on one occasion due to staff problems and I have seen a similar sign outside the Lord Nelson as well. I think they are The winter hours for the Ferry but it does seem strange to start those hours before October half term Ray
  14. Having visited at least three times over the summer the current set up of the cafe with a small section of foods and consumables for sale works well' it always seems busy. Why do we want another information centre BA closed Ranworth Potter Heigham and Beccles centre's because of low visitor numbers yet all these three places attract more visitors than Acle ever can Ray
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