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  1. I have watched the film as Nigel stated it is an interesting watch
  2. As I Understand the planning application The Post Office was to remain open as part of the Tea Rooms
  3. Hi Jay Yes you are right closed season is 14th March to 16th June Ray
  4. Hello Sladonians welcome to the site hope you enjoy your adventures Ray
  5. Talking to Richard last year he said he that he was considering not opening until May I believe they have some family things that they wish to do
  6. I had the same yesterday morning But when I tried an hour later I was able to log on ok
  7. A hire fleet did run from there many years ago named after football teams if my memory is correct I believe Peter (Jenny Morgan) was involved or knows about it. Ray
  8. I have just received a New year email from Waveney river centre stating they are starting hiring out 2 to 6 berth cruisers from easter no details as yet It states details will be in next newsletter or on facebook Ray
  9. I agree with your thoughts Vaughan and Peter I would also offer my thoughts to those who have lost loved ones and been through adversity this year Christmas can be a difficult time for some Ray
  10. I can only echo what all I have said My very sincere condolences Ray
  11. Hi Ian Those were the days Susan Ellis was a character She was busy one night and summarily co-opted my two sisters as acting barmaids for the evening Ray
  12. Hi Regulo You are correct certainly that was the case when I hired them Ray
  13. These are superb craft I took Santa Margherita out on her maiden voyage hired her for two weeks fit out was superb She started out as a private build for a german chap but he cancelled the order after Harvey Eastwood had started the build That was how she ended up in there hire fleet Ray
  14. I spoke to her ten days ago and she stated she wanted a break from the forum Ray
  15. A sad day for his family and the broads family in general Ray
  16. Hi Yes the do I know of at least 3 in my town who fallen for it all elderly I am afraid Ray
  17. It is a pity in life that there is always that small minority that spoil it for the majority. That is why we need rules in life to protect the majority from the minority Great read feels like we are there with you Ray
  18. I can think of six maximum That includes Hobbs who hire a couple high class craft Ray
  19. Here we go again Private v Hire I have hired boats for 50 years and been on the broads most of those years I do not want to own a boat because through family and work commitments I would only use it 2/3 weeks a year and for personnel reasons I do not like the idea of syndicate boats I have a RYA skippers certificate In all of those years I have seen very few instances of bad behaviour or bad helmanship and more on the canals than the broads The way you lot carry on people reading this thread would think the broads are no better than dodgem cars at a fairground In general most people have a nice quiet holiday on the broads one incident happens and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts shouting and becoming abusive thats me finished with this forum Ray
  20. I am with Jayfire I think it is Berney Mill also Ray
  21. Up until about ten years or so ago, Hirers always took boats through Wroxham on there own I have taken boats through numerous times, thankfully with no damage Would I do it today, probably only if it was my own boat Ray
  22. I do work in the Building Industry, My company are Design and Build Contractors with in house design teams Those designs shortlisted in my opinion are very poor, I made a statement that primary school children could design better and they have in competitions we have run through schools in the past BA should be commended for purchasing the site for the public to use but I hope they put a building on there that blends in with the environment and not overpowers it as those designs do Ray
  23. In my view children at my local primary school could do better I do not consider that any of them suit the location or the environment Also as Vaughan states, I think all three are outside planning guidelines Ray
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