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  1. I visited the cafe there yesterday it was very busy with most outside tables in use. the building looked fit for purpose was clean and had obviously been repainted not derelict and unuseable as an ear!her BA statement
  2. Totally agree with you Howard it could be a really good pub with some positive management Ray
  3. Try Pacific cruisers Loddon
  4. The pubs are all specifically named which is very rare so demolition and rebuild would need some very persuasive arguments but it is not impossible if the case was strong enough
  5. Under the Local Plan They would have to prove the pub was not viable and that they had marketed it for sale at a commercial value for a minimum of year and prove it also the community asset would be considered As the Local plan and it is the only one that I have seen that does names the pubs specifically it would be very difficult The local planning authority down here tore the viability statement appart for the application locally and that is nowhere near an asset he broads pubs are.
  6. Back home now so able to check The new Broads plan issued in May 2019 as a specific policy for dealing with Public Houses SSPUBS it can be found on page 209 of the document which is on the BA website It seeks to protect virtually all the broads pubs including The Yare being to turned into homes or other commercial use It states " Public houses will be protected in their Public house use as key parts of community visitor and boating facilities as well as for their individual contribution to such facilities" Indeed here in Kent an application to turn a pub into house as been refused this week on the basis of the loss of a community asset Ray
  7. The Broads Authority new local plan which came into effect in May specifically states they will resist all pub closures I cannot details I am away at the moment but will detail over the weekend
  8. Thank you Peter For your time in doing this Ray
  9. Open and busy on Saturday Ray
  10. Assume that Mrs Not and yourself are starting your travels again Have a great time Ray
  11. Have a great break, nice spot you are moored at will there be pictures Ray
  12. If it is temporary like the BA white shed at Thorpe!! They do not
  13. I have watched the film as Nigel stated it is an interesting watch
  14. As I Understand the planning application The Post Office was to remain open as part of the Tea Rooms
  15. Hi Jay Yes you are right closed season is 14th March to 16th June Ray
  16. Hello Sladonians welcome to the site hope you enjoy your adventures Ray
  17. Talking to Richard last year he said he that he was considering not opening until May I believe they have some family things that they wish to do
  18. I had the same yesterday morning But when I tried an hour later I was able to log on ok
  19. A hire fleet did run from there many years ago named after football teams if my memory is correct I believe Peter (Jenny Morgan) was involved or knows about it. Ray
  20. I have just received a New year email from Waveney river centre stating they are starting hiring out 2 to 6 berth cruisers from easter no details as yet It states details will be in next newsletter or on facebook Ray
  21. I agree with your thoughts Vaughan and Peter I would also offer my thoughts to those who have lost loved ones and been through adversity this year Christmas can be a difficult time for some Ray
  22. I can only echo what all I have said My very sincere condolences Ray
  23. Hi Ian Those were the days Susan Ellis was a character She was busy one night and summarily co-opted my two sisters as acting barmaids for the evening Ray
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