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  1. Russ , I,m Chairman of the Thunder Syndicate, if you need any further info / questions just PM me. We currently have a half share (2 weeks) and very shortly a full 4 week share.
  2. A full share in Thunder costs £71 a month in running costs so £852 a year. Add the Management fee its a total of £1,296. Our owners also work on the boat. WM and any upgrades done during it and agreed at the AGM are of course also extra . Repairs / replacements etc during the season come out of the account to which the £71 goes to. Last season for eg we had a new cooker/hob added and also a battery charger amongst other things as the £71 maintains a healthy bank balance for these very things.
  3. .. and now go back to all our discussions and mails etc about trying to go self managed last year and how everyone was happy to take the savings but not many volunteering to get involved- who,d, be a Chariman :-)
  4. Yes fully agree and no offence taken, shares have gone for even lower in last years or two . I was using the e.g. of how even a low priced low liner would not necc equate to a cheaper individual costs for lower nbr of owners. Thunder was indeed refurbished some 10 years ago at Brooms and even as recently as 2015 shares were still going at close to 8k. In the last year we have invested in a new engine, rewired her, and in Feb will have new Teak effect carpeting thru out so a further investment but I doubt the current share price will go up to reflect this either.
  5. James, that 3.1K is before you allow for weekly turnarounds and servicing, we will pay around 2K on Thunder per annum for that (and that excludes things like the new battery charger, labour , heating wiring etc) so unless you are allowing for the Syndicate to be local owners doing this (and also cleaning) themselves then you would need to consider it as you would nt want to arrive and not be able to go. Also a basic average WM without upgrades etc has normally come in at between £400 and £500 per owner over 12.5 shares, so taking a mid point £450 x 12.5 = £5,625 would be £1,125 per owner instead if only 5. Then with a AF38 lowliner built in the 90,s if you could purchase for say 40K thats 8K per share to start before any upgrades that may be required. Lastly if a major upgrade is required and 1 owner defaults then you have a bigger issue. That's not to say its a bad idea, just that I would see the trade off as one of accepting that overall there is likely to be more cost due to fewer owners putting in but the return is that you have more freedom to do the upgrades (if like minded people) and also more weeks out if one has the free time other than at w/.ends due to work
  6. Mark

    Marina Quays

    Nor else where on line, hence the "if true " bit in my comment :-) Will be interesting to see how this one plays out after the footpath issue and the being mindful of the tidal aspect etc.
  7. Alpha 34 would be a good choice based on what you have said 2 appeared recently "Happy Jack" on Broadland Yacht Brokers and Enterprise on the NYA and both seemed to go under offer almost immediately
  8. Mark

    Marina Quays

    There is over on "the other side" a post stating that according to the BA planning website it has only been withdrawn with a re-submission proposed by the end of the year. If true then given the relatively short time lag it may be that they have attempted to address some of the concerns expressed first ?
  9. I.m not sure that Haines were very successful in their endeavour !
  10. Thunder is 6ft 10 with the nav lights... although it is of course arguable what she would be if it measured with an empty water tank and low fuel :-)
  11. Cheers , I,ll ask the Question direct
  12. Best options for a quote anyone ?
  13. The gradual loss of service quality , the increase in prices, plus lack of follow up to queries was one of the main reasons we moved Thunder North in March. I remember speaking to Malcolm this tine last year when fueling and pumping out and him telling us that they would be shutting the fuel jetty earlier and wanting to tell him that at our AGM the following month we would almost certainly be voting to move. Nothing since has caused us to regret that move.
  14. Ah but perhaps Anthropocene Climate change has helped delay this ? Maybe if we ever hit Global CO2 reductions the new ice age will hit extra hard (by ice age standards)
  15. There is also the "rebound" effect on the land as the Glacier melts. For eg Scotland is ever so slightly "rising" as its Highland glacier/snow cover melts relieving the weight of its downward pressure on the crust , and in turn the UK tilts with the East driven "downwards" into the sea and so getting a double whammy !
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