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  1. Mark

    Marina Quays

    Nor else where on line, hence the "if true " bit in my comment :-) Will be interesting to see how this one plays out after the footpath issue and the being mindful of the tidal aspect etc.
  2. Alpha 34 would be a good choice based on what you have said 2 appeared recently "Happy Jack" on Broadland Yacht Brokers and Enterprise on the NYA and both seemed to go under offer almost immediately
  3. Mark

    Marina Quays

    There is over on "the other side" a post stating that according to the BA planning website it has only been withdrawn with a re-submission proposed by the end of the year. If true then given the relatively short time lag it may be that they have attempted to address some of the concerns expressed first ?
  4. I.m not sure that Haines were very successful in their endeavour !
  5. Mark

    Brinks Serenade

    Thunder is 6ft 10 with the nav lights... although it is of course arguable what she would be if it measured with an empty water tank and low fuel :-)
  6. Mark

    Contessa From Richardsons

    Cheers , I,ll ask the Question direct
  7. Mark

    Contessa From Richardsons

    Best options for a quote anyone ?
  8. Mark

    Brundall From The Air

    The gradual loss of service quality , the increase in prices, plus lack of follow up to queries was one of the main reasons we moved Thunder North in March. I remember speaking to Malcolm this tine last year when fueling and pumping out and him telling us that they would be shutting the fuel jetty earlier and wanting to tell him that at our AGM the following month we would almost certainly be voting to move. Nothing since has caused us to regret that move.
  9. Mark

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Ah but perhaps Anthropocene Climate change has helped delay this ? Maybe if we ever hit Global CO2 reductions the new ice age will hit extra hard (by ice age standards)
  10. Mark

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    There is also the "rebound" effect on the land as the Glacier melts. For eg Scotland is ever so slightly "rising" as its Highland glacier/snow cover melts relieving the weight of its downward pressure on the crust , and in turn the UK tilts with the East driven "downwards" into the sea and so getting a double whammy !
  11. Mark

    A Summer's Tale

    Matt, the good news is that the warm weather is with until October so those of us with an 8% share get a decent Autumn week too :-) Great pix and looking forward to early Sept
  12. Mark

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Shaun, I,m Chairman of Thunder so feel free to PM me with any queries or can have a chat if you wish. Thunders turnaround day is Saturday so you would normally be able to have a look then and could be set up in the morning with the owner coming off, or alternatively BCBM have a guy who can show you around at that time if the owner needs to get away. Currently there is one share for sale.
  13. Mark

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Shaun, Matt has beatem me to it on the other items , but ref cleaning, this is inc in the fixed annual costing. Thunder had been at Brundall since the syndicate started, so this is the first time she has moved. Unless owners are not happy with Ricos or the site it is not likely that we would wish to move back, and this is for the same reasons (all in all) that we left. The "home base" is however an item on the AGM each year so technically we could be at a different base each year but in practise the Syndicate boats do not move very often, and it only comes up if owners have an issue. If you do have any other questions just let me know.
  14. Mark

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Hi Shaun, London Lad/Andy has answered much of what you were asking about but just as an aside we on Thunder are currently having our engine replaced at Richardsons having voted to move base from Brundall to Horning this season. As far as the expense is concerned, anything that is suggested/needed gets discussed at the AGM , voted on and provisons made. In this case we first discussed the engine issue it at the 2016 AGM and voted to set up a reserve fund so that members increased their monthly contributions for a period of time to cover the majority of the costs that we will now incur this month. We currently have a share for sale as you may have seen from the BCBM site and if you do need any info pls just PM me. The engine is currently being fitted over these two weeks which is also our WM so any share purchase from anyone now would be after completion. Valet cleaning on board is done each week at turnaround time by a cleaner employed by BCBM
  15. Mark

    Broads Toll

    Hi Allan, yes indeed and my first sentance may not have been clear. Because BCBM are not the registered owner is the reason why they dont pay the Tolls directly ( as another poster was suggesting) I should have perhaps said "..and because BCBM are not the registered owner the Toll demand is actually instead addressed to whoever is from the Syndicate :-)

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