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  1. Many thanks - that's really helpful, the days of needing 8ft 6 are nearly over lol
  2. And what's the chance of 'Mr No Fixed Abode' paying up.....zero I suspect total waste of time!
  3. Hi were is that estimated low water air clearance from?
  4. Lol worth buying for the funny replies ..... no increase in airdraft thanks to the hydraulic arch! Which way is left again too much port!
  5. Looking good.....Nav Equip now installed
  6. 26 sleeps and counting!!!
  7. Welcome - I think your boat for the second week Concerto is a better choice than your first week so much so, if you can change it I would consider it. Much nicer layout practical and easy to drive and live is a Concerto, full size shower in the rear is a godsend Sure you'll have a fab time and that caravan will be up for sale soon ;-)
  8. Lol my name is Lee and her home berth will be in York.
  9. Certainly do and when she's not in Norfolk she will be at her home berth in York so the East Coast and Humber will be her stomping ground![emoji12]
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments deep pockets surely boating is a cheep hobby no? 28th March D Day
  11. Thanks Grace we look forward to meeting many of you
  12. Only seven weeks now before we take delivery of our first boat, a new Broom 395 - Revilo, after 20 plus years of holidaying on the Broads....We are just a little bit excited! Broom seem to be doing a great job on the upgrades.
  13. Any thought on what a 4KW Panda Generator would cost to install on a boat with a 240v ring main for shore power already in place?
  14. Hi Liberty -so Reedham and Somerleyton etc can be reached on channel 12? Do they operate during certain hours?
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