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  1. Hi, Can I just say that some yards have offered skippered charter in the last few years. Herbert Woods had spark of light for day cruises and Brooms had skipper hire I think it was cc £150 a day both lasted about one season. An interesting Idea however if Brooms can't make it work at the premium end of the market then it is unlikely that the demands is there I am afraid. Neil
  2. Just to add some more confusion here, I believe there were several Lady Beryl's. George showed my Dad round one in the late 40's or early 50s when it was moored at Herbert Woods I believe it may have been built by Woods. I don't think it was a Windboats design, I am sure he said it was a large sedan , revolutionary at the time. Unfortunately I don't have any photos and my Dad is no longer around to question. Neil
  3. I wouldn't take too much notice of reviews, they are very subjective and usually the critical one's come from people who have never been on a boat before. The water was wet, it was cold in March, it leaked (usually condensation). The batteries went flat, yes it doesn't have Mains electricity Therefore don't expect to run all the electrics and leave the lights on 24/7. Okay some are honest and if loads of reviews state the boat is a dog I would be wary but most I take with a pinch of salt. A couple of Silver line boats have completely different reviews and scores yet they are identical boats b
  4. Just noticed on the Ferry FB page that the new boat for 2021 will be a soft top version of Garnet Emblem, as suggested I suspect a much better option than the current roof arrangements on Garnet 1 and 2 Neil
  5. I would say it must be financially viable as 2 to 4 berth. You only have to look at Brooms fleet to see which is more popular. Brooms have 12 2 berths and 1 4-6 berth. It wouldn't surprise me if Brooms insisted that Woods built a 4 berth as part the sales deal so as not to hit Brooms bookings. Either way good to that it is finally being built especially in the current uncertain circumstances Neil
  6. I read some time ago either on Ferry's social media or website that the next boat to join the fleet would a be small sedan. Probably delayed due to covid but nonetheless not unexpected and likely to be similar to Pegasus Neil
  7. Hi Tim, I was thinking of hiring Dawn this year as well until heard she was sold and booked Princess as well. I had a look at Diamond which appeared to be a nice boat however the 360 degree vision and comfortable seating position on Dawn was preferable IMHO. I see Richardson's have a similar boat to Princess called Contessa which is listed as 8ft 4 therefore believe you wont have any issues with Ludham although maybe worth trying around low water for safety's sake. I will be staying South so wont have too many low bridges, Beccles is out of it unfortunately, St Olaves maybe a little close
  8. Hi, When I spoke to Fiona at Pacific last year, I nearly hired Spirit however I stuck with Princess as the new boat is a Friday start, in the short term it takes the place of Dawn however in the future it should replace Princess and will become a Saturday start. My understanding is it was a private boat formerly Thyme off or something similar? As suggested the photos appear to be Crown Blue Line/ Le boat pics, perhaps it originated in France? I hired a Tamaris on the Thames a couple of times which came from France although was originally built in Somerleyton in 1993, whether or not it's o
  9. Hi, Just an update on Pacific Cruisers. They have added another cruiser to their fleet, it is an Aquafibre 32 Sapphire dual steer named Pacific Spirit. I understand she will eventually replace Princess although she is still on hire for 2020 at least ( I am booked on Princess for May and Sunshine in June). Confusingly Dawn has been sold however a like for like replacement is yet to be found. She doesn't appear on their website yet, although pricing and details can be found on the Waterways site using library photos. As usual pricing is competitive coming in around £100 and £250 less than t
  10. Hi, According to the Horning boat database she was originally Skipper 6, H683 from 1975. Not sure if that helps Neil
  11. I have to agree a great entertainment show, the BBC comes in for bashing from all sides and I think this is one of the best programmes on Tv. The whole show is filmed on a Saturday night, for some reason the results are split into Sunday and they make out it is filmed on the Sunday. Neil
  12. Vaughan, Interesting you should mention Wroxham to Brundall one way cruise. I believe Connoisseur in the late 80s may have tried that for one season or at least it appeared in the brochure but then my memory maybe playing tricks, the yard was going to up near Norfolk yacht agency. Herbert Woods and Hearts did try with 2/3 classes as suggested by Broads1, Delight and Knave of Hearts plus Tropical Heart and Ray of Light. Neil
  13. 67% + of hire boats have shore power? That is indeed a very large number. If you look at the overall hire fleet of 750 or so boats. Richardson have 290 boats of which say 90 have shore power being the platinum and some of the classic boats. Herbert Woods have 121 boats, cc 30 have shore power (Elite and and standard boats) so thats 290 straight away without it or 39%. Interesting to hear where that figure comes from. Certainly atleast 2/3 have invertors/ 240v I am sure. My calcs could be wrong though!
  14. No problem, It is very rare to get bow and stern thrusters particularly on a small boat and they certainly come in handy for mooring. Adventuring Light 1/2 (new 2017) at Herbert Woods needs about 6ft 5, Brinks Encore (2 new 2017 1 in 2020), Royal Velvet 3 and Silver Coral (new 2017) plus Bolero 1 and 2 at Brooms all have bow thrusters and need 6ft6 just in case you are interested. Neil
  15. Hi Johnash, I believe Rose Emblem has an airdraft of around 6ft7 however due to its width and the shape of the bridge it needs about 6ft10. I hired Jade Emblem in June 2013 a similar Alpha 35 mould and we couldn't get through however a boat moored next to us Gala Girl (an Aquafibre Opal 28) did get through. If you like Ferry Boats then White Emblem (the same as Gala Girl) or Turquoise Emblem need about 6ft6 for Potter although you will have compromise on space and comfort and it still wont guarantee passage I am afraid. Neil
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