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  1. Captain

    Royal Velvet 2 And 3

    Hi Simon, I have hired Royal Velvet 3 on two occasions, once when it was under previous ownership as Yare Twilight 2. She is an Aquafibre Opal 28 I have several holidays on this type of boat (Broom Bolero in two weeks). The actual airdraft is about 6ft 2 although the yards will list them as 6ft 9ish. I have been under Potter on both occasions and they state she needs about 6ft 6. With regard to Royal Velvet 2 she is an Alpha 29 which I believe are around 6ft 4 and need 6ft 8 or 6ft 9 under Potter (the yards list them as anything from 6ft 9 to 7ft 3!). I went under Potter in Evening Light (Alpha 31) at 6ft 9. Basically no. RV 3 is more likely to get you under Potter. Neil
  2. Captain

    The Watershed Pub Wroxham

    Hi I visited the Shed for the first time in May. It took me a little while to find until I found the most direct route is through the Faircraft boatyard which as mentioned isn't strictly a right of way therefore its not signposted. However I was pleasantly surprised, it was a quiet evening with few customers although the staff and locals were friendly, the background music to my taste. The beer although limited in choice was fine, they had a happy hour when my round was due (always good news), a dart board and a pool table which came in handy as I was with friends. More of a 70/80's clubhouse bar than a pub which kinda brought back memories of my original Broads holidays at Broadside Chalet Park Stalham. A refreshing contrast to the Gastropubs which are effectively restaurants and chain pubs both where you rarely get to play darts or pool anymore as they as food sales are more profitable. I would go back. Neil
  3. Hi This is a Ferry design based around the 2009 Golden Emblem 36ft 6 mould however with the newer Zircon Emblem window design brought in by Haines in 2016. To be honest I don't think it looks that bad, no worse than then the average bathtub and if you take a look the inside of Silent/Whisper Emblem you will see the likely fit out. Height wise I believe they are around 8st 2 so no worse than than your high bridge layouts and will go under Ludham unlike some of the other boats mentioned. My understanding is the engine is under the rear berth with hydraulics to lift the berth up and the headroom is good pretty much everywhere which is is why it looks a bit like a Transit and exactly why it will book well (in part). How do I know this, well Silent/Whisper and Zircon Emblem are the some of if not the most popular boats in the Ferry fleet. Would I consider hiring it yes I would if I was with my Mum who is looking for comfort as she gets older, I was on Janet earlier in the year therefore I am happy to cruise on any age/type of boat which suits me at the time. Neil
  4. Captain

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    Hi, As far as I aware the first Bourne 35's (also known as something different?) were launched around 1964. 6 for Herbert Woods (Glistening Stream later to join the wooden Glistening Light class ) and 4 for Moores (2 Glenmores and 2 Baltimores), with another Glenmore and 4 more Baltimores following. Ernest Collins also had 4 in 1965 as the Golden Emblems. I believe the mould/designs came from Rip Martin, I wasn't born until 1971 so I am relying on features in boat magazines and word of mouth. As an aside the first hire boat I went on was Glenmore 2 (R430) in 1974 the last year before they joined Blakes and went out of Moores family ownerships a very nice boat indeed. Neil
  5. Captain


    Hi, I have to agree with Robin on this one. I believe Herbert Woods under the new ownership since 2009 have done a lot to turn the yard round. New websites, glossy brochures, new quayheadings, rebuilt the Fairmile shed and reception, and upgrade the toilet/shower block they were also one of the first yards to introduce auto inflate life jackets, smoke alarms. Carbon monoxide detectors. Can I also say the staff are generally excellent too. They also introduced goody bags and priority boarding for their Elite boats and all of these things were done ahead of the main competitor Richardson's who has followed with similar ideas. The one thing that Richardson's did a lot better was invest in the boats themselves whilst Woods have built 11 new cruisers and are in the process of building 10 new day cruisers the classic fleet seems to have had limited investment over the years. On the specific subject of the Connorsieur they have upgraded 8 of them Silver Light, Emerald Light and one other class.They have added Led lighting, new electrics shore power, new flooring Bow thrusters and new repositioned heating , its a shame they haven't done the rest but then I suppose there is only so much money to go around. Neil
  6. Captain

    Thames Hire Henley Area

    Sorry meant to say Hobbs of Henley not Salter bros as Neil b correctly states Neil
  7. Captain

    Thames Hire Henley Area

    Hi, if you are looking for full size boats then the choice is limited these days. Cotswold boat hire has about 4/5 boats at Lechlade. Anglo Welsh have say 15 or so narrow boats at Eynsham near Oxford. Benson waterfront have sold their boats however still operate Let Boat from Benson and Chertsey about 30 in total. Caversham Boat Services have about 22 cruisers and narrow boats plus day boats from Reading. Kris Cruisers have 15 or so cruisers and a fleet of day boats. Salter bros have day boats in Henley. I love the Thames however prices are 20-50Percent higher than the Broads Neil
  8. Captain

    Barnes And Wroxham Bridge

    Hi, Slightly surprised considering they hire to all parties including Stags and Hens that they would allow that given that most yards insist. Perhaps they have had few issues although with 90 boats and with say half or so able to get under strange. Martham boats let you take the boats through as well although most their boats are 6ft or less so should be less of an issue. Neil
  9. Captain


    I was on Janet from Martham between 5th and 12th May, heard cuckoo's at Martham, Acle near the bridge, kingfishers were few and far between however I saw a couple on the Ant and the safest bet is strangely the banks near Richardson's which proved successful. Saw a moorhen at Cockshoot Dyke. Coots are increasingly rare although I expect several are now in flood alleviation channels. Loads of herons and swan's which along with cormorant s appear to be doing well Neil
  10. Captain

    Petite Magnum

    I vaguely remember that some went to France? At least two clearly stated on the Broads. Neil
  11. Captain

    Petite Magnum

    Hi, These were originally Ferry Cavaliers, 6 were built between 1977 and 1980. Neil
  12. Captain

    Farewell Brooms

    Hi, I am regular hirer with Brooms and a hire boat anorak, just to confirm the fleet size was 20 at the end of 2017, as far as I aware they are adding atleast one boat for 2018 called the Chairman's Boat which appears to be an even more luxurious Explorer class boat. Not sure where the EDP get the figure of 24 from although they could be buying or building more which would seem odd in the current circumstances. The class numbers are as follows: 2 Boleros built 2014/5 2 Cadets built 2012/3 4 Skipper built 2015/6/7 1 Commodore built 2014 9 Captains built 2013-2017 Explorer 2 built not sure cc 2016 I think-Strangely these were built for hire on the Thames however I believe they couldn't reach an agreement with the marina at Windsor so they ended up staying on the Broads. I have a promo leaflet somewhere confirming this. I don't know how they all fit however the Explorers are moored in a different dyke and I have seen some out of the water plus they have 2/3 start days. Plus the Chairman Boat which I believe was indeed originally built for the Chairman. Neil
  13. Captain

    Building New Cruisers

    Hi, it was mentioned earlier in this topic about the airdraft of Broom Bolero. I have hired this boat twice and have it booked again this October and can confirm it has an airdraft of 6ft 2 as stated in the manual. I expect Brinks Encore and Silver Coral will have similar figures (along with most Aquafibre 28 Opals/Heritage 286) however most yards will rarely admit the actual airdraft for various reasons. I suspect these include protecting the superstructure from scrapes and even crushing, remember also that the airdraft is not the height needed for all bridges, for example at Potter this type of boat needs 6ft6 due to the bridge arch and width of the boat. Neil
  14. Captain

    The Norfolk Broads In 1991

    I am not sure what happened to Fencraft however Challenger wasn't at the 1991 boat show, it was Rapide from Alpha craft of the same design, I remember going to see it, very striking and modern at the time although plush inside Alphas own boats in the 80's and 90's were in some ways basic with gas catalytic heaters I remember some of the 2 berths even had manual bilge pumps using a hand pump. Rapide had an electric bilge pump but still retained the gas heaters, seemed out of place in a boat show boat particularly when my first hire boat Glenmore built in 1965 had warm air. Neil
  15. Captain

    Evening Light 2

    I hired Evening Light 1 back in 2011 and believe they were built in 2001 so not a particularly old boat as boats go. Herbert Woods were top class and we managed to get under Potter, the boat was well kept and had no faults however in some respects we found her poorly designed. I think this is exaggerated because I have a bad back so I have to agree about the cutlery being near the floor, the pots were under the cooker ( although several boats do this) the mattress were thin, the settee was a faff to make up and the fridge a little small all be it the same size as Bolero at Brooms. Not a bad boat just not as good as Swan Reflection which I hired in 2012 and 2014 which didn't have any of the issue s mentioned. Neil

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