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  1. Hi Broads 01, Martham Ferry are an interesting little boatyard which as you say used to have a cruiser hire fleet. I believe they operated 5/6 boats at one stage including 4/5 Horizon 35's Triton and Tranquil Breeze and a Bounty 27 Elysian now at Barnes plus two houseboats. In the latter years they even operated a unique Alpha 38 called Ferryman which was a shortened version of the Alpha 42 Rapide/Concorde lowliner dual steer boats. I imagine they must have had fun trying to get that through Potter even in the 90's. More recently the King family (ex Ferry Boatyard Horning) bought and developed the yard building holidays homes and a new boat shed on the site which was falling down if I remember correctly. I don't know when they acquired the yard however It must be atleast 5-10 years ago and a varying day boat fleet has been offered for some time. Most of the current fleet is recently acquired, they did build a number of Ensign 21s and had a couple of ex Pacific day boats at one stage although boats move between the recently acquired Wayford Marina. In the past Jumbo was also offered for hire which was an earlier version of Appollo and some electric day cruisers from HW. Olivers sailing hoildays operate 2 yachts from the yard although I don't know whether Martham Ferry own these as they marketed separately, of course back in the 60-80's the Cresta sailing fleet (12+ yachts?) operated here but thats another story. Neil
  2. Okay so in addition to the three I mentioned we have Bridgecraft, Freedom and possibly NBD so at atleast 6 yards therefore I don't think you will have too much of a problem. Good luck Neil
  3. Hi, You need to approach the yards directly. The agents such as Hoseasons don't allow it however some yards do if booked direct. I know Richardson's and Herbert Woods don't and I thought NBD (Faircraft) didn't however I have just watched Russell the Admiral vlogs confirm they do , atleast in his case. So a call to any yard other than the two mentioned above is probably worth a try. As mentioned by others, Barnes, Pacific and Martham definitely do Neil
  4. Grendel, I believe the Silver Jubilee's, Juliette, one of the Judith's and Tumble home have recent Nannis. The remainder are good old fashioned Bmcs or similar.like you I hired Janet and I was told it had a London taxi engine! Neil
  5. Hi, I keep a spreadsheet monitoring the bookings of three hirefleets for the past 4/5 years and the biggest change I have noticed this year isn't so much fall in bookings (although they are), its that the school holiday periods are significantly lower. In the past the school holidays were some of the first periods to be booked and you could almost guarantee that the bulk of a fleet if not all would out. Bookings for August are only just starting to pick up. One fleet with 22 boats has only 9 boats out for late August vs double that for a week in September. On a positive note bookings for May are up on last year and September is looking promising. What is worrying for the yards will be the reduction in revenue from the high season (upto double off peak) and the discounting taking place. It would certainly appear that family groups are holding back this year on a scale I have never seen before, not sure whether its down to Brexit/the weather or high season rates (all of the above) as bookings outside of peak are still solid for the yards I have reviewed. Neil
  6. Hi the sheds on the left are Ernest Collins and became Barnes Sailloft property and the mooring in front, in the far centre you have Jack Powles. Presumably this photo was taken cc 1980 based on the boats and sheds remaining. Great to see these photos seems like yesterday. Before my time however I believe Powles used to be on left and Collins on the right back in the 50s/60s Neil
  7. Herbert Woods also provide a detailed map or atleast did when I used to hire with them Neil
  8. Thanks Chris, I remember a yacht a called Welcome being moored in front of us in Langley Dyke a few weeks back and thinking how beautiful she looked not appreciating that she had just been relaunched. Great to read the history and effort s that have gone into her. Neil
  9. I remember mooring like that as well, what I don't remember is how we got off, jumping off the bow and paddling perhaps, I don't remember getting wet perhaps we did back then or am I being really thick? Neil
  10. Indeed, great looking boats particularly as they are upto 42 years old. What was the first boat I saw after typing the above at Holywell another Sancerre on the Goba mooring! Neil
  11. Hi, Currently on the Fens, loads of Broads boats around including atleast 6 Bondons Sancerres seen so far including 4 at St Neots alone. Plenty of Sheerlines, a new Starlight 24 apparently bought from a boat show, masses of Broom/Ocean 30's . Horizon 35 and old Broads boats Inc what looked like a Brinks 35 footer Bourne 35 Sorry off topic but I have never seen so many Sancerres in one place. Neil
  12. Hi As David has stated above there are three Commander types according to the Richardson's website Commander, Commander A and P. I am also fairly certain the two new builds for 2019 are ready as I saw Commander 5 in the yard a week or so back outside the office. no.1 & 2 were built in 17, No. 3 in 18 and 4/5 in 19. I am not sure whether any more are planned as I believe a new sedan boat is due later in the year. Neil
  13. Hi, I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to boat bookings, interestingly the overall booking weeks are quite good compared to previous years however the weeks that are down are peak periods, school holidays etc. September is doing well yet in July/August some boats are aren't out at all! Therefore suggests its familys who aren't booking. Certain boats are out come what may (ex Swan boats). The yards wont be liking this as the big money is made in the school holidays, out of season bookings are never going to make up for in season rates. Neil
  14. I have hired three similar Alpha 35s Jade Emblem, Swan Romance and Braemore all needed about 6ft 10 at Potter according to the pilot and I failed to get under therefore I am afraid you will be very lucky to get through. Wroxham shouldn't be problem unless the tides are very high however. Similar but shorter Swan Reflection is a couple of inches lower and Brinks Encore, Broom Bolero, Silver Coral all need about 6ft 6 if you want to hire similar style of boats in the future with slightly better chances. Neil
  15. Sanderson's are one of the few remaining long established family run yards on the Broads and I wish them all the best for the future. I think it's possible to just about manage a very small independent yard on the Broads however you have to build a regular base of customers and a good reputation with regular investment, if they follow the Pacific cruisers model they should have a future. If they're not prepared to change a little then the market may not be there I sorry to say. Neil
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