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  1. I believe Barnes acquired the boat when they bought the Moore's fleet who I believe used it for transferring people, things and staff from the Peninsula cottages and boatyards. Kris cruisers on the Thames have had a couple as day boats and possibly WRC may have one to transfer people over to the nature reserve Neil
  2. I agree although I was under the impression that Moore's sold the hire fleet to the Trafford family in 1974 or thereabouts. It has to said that the ownership and history of the yards in 60s- 80s would fill a book the size of war and peace. I am not even sure who owned Moore's Powles and Collins in the 70s and 80s although they all ended up together at some point, Trafford's, Henley s Pennant, Mowat etc etc. Anyway I am going off thread so mustn't go down that route. Neil
  3. Vaughan, Sorry I don't mean to contradict you. I should have said they were independent in 1974 and to the best of my knowledge had been previously, doesn't mean that that they weren't in Blake's at some previous point Neil
  4. Hi My first boating holiday was on Glenmore 2 in 1974 R430. Moore's were independent upto and including that year. Believe they were sold shortly after and joined Blake's in 1975 Neil
  5. Hi Paul, I hired no 1 back in 2011 and luckily I did manage to get under Potter however it was very low at the time which is rare these days. Boats like dual steer lowliner 38s and Alpha 42s centre cockpits were getting under which I imagine is unlikely to happen nowadays. If I remember correctly she needs 6ft 8 according to the pilot at Potter if that helps at all. Either way she won't have any problems getting under Wayford and Wroxham should be possible with the pilot which I believe Woods include in the price. Have a good time. Neil
  6. Hi Mm, I am not sure which ex Richardson A/F 42 you are acquiring however if it's one the ex Thames design s I believe Richardson list them as 7ft 3inch see San Bernadette which is a Barnes version of the same style. The earlier mk 1 s are I believe a little lower 6ft 10 ish for Superior Gems etc. Boatyard s tend to build in a few Inches when stating airdraft however I suspect she could need 7ft for Wroxham if I she is a Crusader/Corsica. Now bearing in mind Connoisseurs needed between 6ft 6 and 6ft 8 and they were having issues in the later years of Wroxham operation I would say you coul
  7. Unfortunately I am pretty sure they don't allow single helms which is a shame. I imagine it's fairly easy to handle and 3 of the 5 built come with bow thrusters which would make life easier for single helms if they were allowed. Still an elderly couple or first timers shouldn't have any troubles with them particularly with the low aft step and sheerline/freeboard. My only concern is with the slightly narrow decks and being narrow beam they are a little cosy inside, still as has been mentioned they are a very comfortable modern alternative to the Hampton 25. A classic Mini of a boat which perso
  8. Always been tempted by this design. It's good to see a small relatively affordable boat being built in times when virtually all other new craft are flybridge, 45 ft or fitted out like an apartment and priced accordingly. One day I may hire one as it has one of the lowest air drafts of any recent hire boat and the ability to go under Wroxham and possibly Potter is a rare opportunity these days. So far I have never quite got to booking it as it is slightly compromised when it comes to space and comfort, so far I have stuck with the Opal 28 and Heritage 286 craft which are just that bit wider and
  9. Yes there were 3 Fair Ambassador s. One I believe went end of 2019 replaced by Fair Consort, looks like another is going end of 2020 via Nbs, leaving 1 on hire for 2021 of these popular oldish timers dating from 1990-2 the oldest boat in the Faircraft fleet. I believe their popularity and relative affordability has kept them on fleet longer than many newer boats. The lack of new small low height affordable boats has probably helped to. Neil
  10. I agree Barnes have sold all their Diamond 35's which is a shame however they have introduced 8 Serenade s which are effectively larger Diamonds between 2017 and 2019 although they are of course. more expensive. As to New boats they appear to be working on 46 footer presumably Alpha based and Waterways Holiday s lists Tempo 4 and 5 for 2021. Herbert Woods have Gleaming Light 2. Not sure what is happening with the 3 moulds at Richardson s ( 2 Monaco s and the Wayfarer sedan) as they appear to have been mothballed even though 2 must have been close to finishing. Fair craft usually h
  11. I forgot to say all hire boat manuals have a map of all the yards you can moor at and where you can moor subject to availability and turn around days. Neil
  12. The free moorings at Wrc are on the far side inside the marina towards the shower block. None of the facilities are included as you are clearly not paying. I did see a number of hireboats Inc Wrc fleet on the Pontoon opposite which has electric etc. Not sure what the cost is however I think it maybe cc £15 Inc showers/ electric? Unfortunately next year with Wrc ceasing hire the free moorings will likely cease and I guess it will revert to a pay mooring with facilities. As stated previously Broads hire boat federation members can moor at each other s yards. The only yards I am not so sure about
  13. Hi, Can I just say that some yards have offered skippered charter in the last few years. Herbert Woods had spark of light for day cruises and Brooms had skipper hire I think it was cc £150 a day both lasted about one season. An interesting Idea however if Brooms can't make it work at the premium end of the market then it is unlikely that the demands is there I am afraid. Neil
  14. Just to add some more confusion here, I believe there were several Lady Beryl's. George showed my Dad round one in the late 40's or early 50s when it was moored at Herbert Woods I believe it may have been built by Woods. I don't think it was a Windboats design, I am sure he said it was a large sedan , revolutionary at the time. Unfortunately I don't have any photos and my Dad is no longer around to question. Neil
  15. I wouldn't take too much notice of reviews, they are very subjective and usually the critical one's come from people who have never been on a boat before. The water was wet, it was cold in March, it leaked (usually condensation). The batteries went flat, yes it doesn't have Mains electricity Therefore don't expect to run all the electrics and leave the lights on 24/7. Okay some are honest and if loads of reviews state the boat is a dog I would be wary but most I take with a pinch of salt. A couple of Silver line boats have completely different reviews and scores yet they are identical boats b
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