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  1. LizG

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    Thanks, for the advice.
  2. LizG

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    Well I've only had 5 months to do this (having gone back to work finally) but the final straw was a new drip last Sunday very close to the white boat floor boards which I am still working on!! Climbing off the step ladder onto the roof was the bit that required a bit of courage but after awhile I got more confident! Gutter still to be fixed but don't want Cuprinol going into the water butt. Haven't decided on whether to replace weather boards as all the leaf litter collected in the edges and rotted the wood, the shed was still very sound Very satisfying even if won't win any pr
  3. The good ship Water Rail which can occasionally be borrowed was built in 1933 by Herbert Woods! I think the oldest cruisers but not available for hire are the Jack Powles Star/Foams and several of Herbert Woods' - nearly all built in the 1920/1930s.
  4. My understanding is that despite experienced hirers she suffered a lot of damage so they just did skippered trips....
  5. We have surge breakers but still turn everything off during thunder storms.
  6. LizG


    Take the car for a trip along the coast via Sea Palling, Horsey Mill, West Somerton and towards Yarmouth? If your back allows visit some of the South Rivers destinations?
  7. That won't be the only time this will happen! My daughter's treatment has been A1 but the admin and follow ups by phone or at a local level have not! In London/Home counties. Wishing you well though!
  8. So pleased that at last you have half an answer and hopefully once removed - the full answer will be known. Take care, keep you head down literally and get the op down without any delay and I assume you now have to self-isolate? Are Guys doing the Covid swab? If not make sure its all sorted for the correct day in question. Getting a Covid swab sorted prior to my daughter going back the last time was an absolute nightmare, not helped by the blood test be messed up so they couldn't admit her on the original day planned and she had to go through all the Covid test again two days later (can
  9. Grace hit it on the head about the bars and drinking! The more people drink the less careful they will be, the more they start talking and shouting, the more likely-hood of infection! I am not so sure that restaurants are quite so bad as long as everyone leaves when they have finished eating and don't carry on drinking? I'm going back to work tomorrow in the opticians!!!! We assumed my daughter would be almost back having chemo so I would be OK but she isn't just yet. She told the doctor yesterday and he was totally un-phased about it. He said most people that appreciate the risks are
  10. Absolutely - lethal! Like skating on an ice rink with smooth shoes!
  11. Totally agree with NN and Jean give Yarmouth a miss - go by car before you go home or drive through on the way there! Judging by the recent rainfall I would definitely take wellies as the grass on some moorings will be long and there is nothing worse than wet shoes and feet! Make sure they have some grip though or yachty type ones!
  12. According to the EDP a picnic style boat got stuck under the bridge yesterday. Link to EDP - not the article https://www.edp24.co.uk/home
  13. LizG


    So not put off completely
  14. LizG


    I hate to say this but I really think you made the right decision. A trip down to Stokesby, without stopping is worthwhile as it is a really pretty village. Avoid going beyond Horning towards Wroxham tomorrow as there is sailing (racing) on the river and that might really freak you out! It's Horning Sailing Club's equivalent to an End of Season Regatta. Do keep the revs up to charge your batteries though as I note you aren't do massively long trips each day! Did you get a Pump Out, if not try Southgates just before the New Inn in Horning if you get that far tomorrow - hopefully they w
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