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  1. Maybe they didn't like it for some of the reasons you mentioned?
  2. Didn't really like spargel when I ate it although I like asparagus!!! This is seriously off topic but......he's back at Wild Kenhill for autumn watch shortly ( which is in Norfolk)
  3. LizG

    Lost Pub

    The problem with the Ferry in Horning is that it is at the end of a short lane, nothing really behind it apart from boatyards now and no old cottages just holiday chalets? The next question is it another pub such as say the Waveney at Burgh St Peter?
  4. LizG

    Lost Pub

    Stuck with Vaughan's third photo - just wondered whether it was inside the Black Horse? Going back to the New Inn its a real struggle to find a 1970s photo of the exterior. If not probably the Buck!! Here is a Francis Frith photo from the 1960s which really does show a very different pub. No out buildings what so ever and covered in Ivy. https://www.francisfrith.com/horning/horning-the-new-inn-c1965_h116117 I also found this photo which I think should be credited to Craig Slawson which shows the grass and the big willow tree but still with the extensions - looks possibly 1980s or 90s? Liz
  5. LizG

    Lost Pub

    The Black Horse wasn't by the river - I still think it has to be either the New Inn or the Anchor. New Inn was pretty basic in the 1970s just two simple bars but with a big garden. Anchor then was plusher, did had a resturarant but also had plenty of moorings. Finding a photo of the New Inn in the 1970s seems quite hard!
  6. LizG

    Lost Pub

    Staithe & Willow was Cissy Lant's house that many years ago. The other pub described could have been the Black Horse although not Horning?
  7. LizG

    Lost Pub

    A lot of pubs may still exist but they have been altered/extended since your visit. The New Inn in Horning might be your pub with old houses behind and what could be considered a narrow lane behind it, alternatively even the Anchor (now gone at Coltishall) but that was quite a unique design Edited to say the New Inn used to have grass and a big tree
  8. I agree with Vaughan! Also I agree that some of the faults/repairs could not be anticipated but empty gas bottles is a serious lapse. I assume the turnaround engineer should have a check list to tick off! Perhaps its so fundamental that 'the lads' didn't also check it before taking over the boat?
  9. We have one of their pubs in Ware. Wide range of beers but the food is standard pub food. Not locally sourced or any thing like that! We consider it a nicer version of that other well known chain!
  10. WRs was or is still an aluminium stick with notches and a handle that stops it falling into the tank. Only snag with the aluminium is that it is almost impossible to read in sunlight!
  11. As per the New Inn FB page this evening_ _----_-------------------------------------- Good evening We have some exciting news ๐Ÿฅณ... We will be under new management from Wednesday 20th October! Unfortunately this means we will be shut for a period of time but are hoping to reopen at the beginning of November, so please keep an eye out online for updates ๐Ÿ˜Š If you have a reservation or mooring with us after this time you would have been contacted by our team For any queries please call us on 01692 631101 Thanks to all our lovely customers that have joined us and we can't wait to welcome you back again in November Thank you for all your support ๐Ÿงก The New Inn Team
  12. Is this a stupid question but don't hire boats have dip sticks these days. Check what's in before and after use?
  13. You might struggle with 26 foot as WR is 27' 7"
  14. We ate there last Thursday because of problems at the Swan (with trepidation in view of the reviews). Food and the service we had was okay - no complaints at the end The problems were they had NO beer on tap! The menu is very reduced and not as per the FB menu. My brother chose the Chili con carne, it had run out ... The service charge was explained to us and we had it confirmed that it was not added to the bar. Liz
  15. There's a shortage of cat vaccines!!!! We tried to book two of our cats in for their annual MOT which includes the customary jab (we had had a text reminder from the vets) only to be told they couldn't do it for a few months because of the vaccine shortage. As we found out during Lockdown 1 cats can wait up to 3 months before it becomes essential. They are prioritising first time vaccinations! Our local Petrol Station has run out again of all fuels!
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