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  1. LizG

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    What a worry. No words can say more
  2. Having bragged about the miles I had walked you caught up big time this week. Weather, cold weather don't agree with me in April. Plan two walks this week though!
  3. Sunny days are okay as you can follow the direction of the sun even under trees. Cloudy days are worse as you can completely loose your bearings. Invest in a new phone as Mr Google can help you even with data usage off!!!
  4. Peter - Are your woods Blean Woods if so the butterflies are pretty famous!
  5. My walking is concentrated on 2 days out of 7 topped up with 2 days walking to walk! Daughter 2 who was the one with leukemia is walking every day now after work as well as building up her running. It can be done although it had to be done slowly!
  6. Keep up the exercise! Last summer and during lockdown 1, I started walking my local footpaths recording butterflies and I was quite impressed that I probably walked nearly 600 miles up to October!!! Early winter wasn't so easy but kindly my daughter 2 gave me a Garmin watch and the results so far are: January 89 miles February 80 miles March with one day left: 138 miles!!!! What am I doing, well now I am recording butterflies but also taking photos of churches, landscapes and yes letter boxes!!!!!
  7. I assume once the line closed (early 1960s) it was easier to bypass it - the height under the bridge is pretty limited! I found a link years ago to the 'swing bridge' in Herbert Woods yard by the sheds but can't find it now!
  8. Now maybe but not before the bypass was built Also the footbridges into and in Woods yard at Potter
  9. Geldeston old railway bridge. Never been under just around it. Otherwise I've been under all bridges even beyond Lake Lothing in a dinghy with outboard. Saying that never been under Haven Bridge just over!
  10. It was being sailed at Barton in ?2019
  11. This under the tarpaulin isn't a Broads boat but looks intriguing? Could it be wood? Seen yesterday on the River Stort navigation by the road bridge in Roydon
  12. Walked along the River Lea today between Rye House and Stanstead Abbotts. One presumed ex Broads cruiser moored by the bridge at Rye House, couldn't see any old numbering. At the Stanstead Marina, positively heaving with ex Broads cruisers. One was call Bahama Major 1 F44-8 I think it read Another probable Caribbean called Caribbean Adventure, also on the bank at least one other plus another Broads cruiser. All fairly distant - there was a very smart cruiser - not Broads but rather nice! The yard was very busy and full!
  13. We watched it two weeks ago and I was intrigued by the Piggotts as my father always mentioned someone called Piggott as a school colleague and involved with excavations at Butser Hill in Hampshire. On checking google, yes the husband was at the same school and born in the same year and involved with Butser. My father never mentioned knowing he was involved with Sutton Hoo!
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