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  1. And in Swallowtail season it's one of the best places to see them. Taking the opposite direction when you get through the wood is also good. In the graveyard at Potter is Herbert Wood's grave as well
  2. Sadly I don't think this tale is true as on the 24th August 1967 father was sent a bill which included: Making up and fitting mast with masthull and port and starboard navigation light wiring to suit. Also for information Delight 1 was lost in a fire in 1953. Delight II is Jacqueline and III to VI went to Ireland My records state: The log entry states ‘ship totally lost burnt out Saturday 23rd May. Advice recited by owners.’
  3. First picture is around 1966/1967 I had forgotten about that old mud weight. Quite often if out especially at Barton Regatta I borrowed one of my brother's mudweights off his sailing yacht!
  4. Okay the story of the masts! Originally WR had the single pennant holder which amazingly I found one day in a locker. Early on in father's ownership, he decided he wanted navigation lights and asked Herbert Woods (I assume) to make mark I which is the one that Grendel found. It had a wooden fitting on the cabin roof. These photos were taken before 1970. At some point in the 1970 I made WR a set of code flags and it was probably around then that father made a much taller mast with a small mast which sat on the rear cabin roof. I suspect these were fitted so that the flags would not get tangled up with the cabin roof? It was a pretty ugly contraption! I don't have a photo of her with the later mast. Plenty in the house at Horning though. When I took on custodianship, I think the second mast went in a skip but the original I retained but soon found out that it was falling apart. So some repairs took place - in addition I think when she had a new cabin roof the old mast fitting was removed. My brother quickly made up something from that white plastic. The problem was that it only need a slight breeze and it fell over - so I rarely used it. Usually when on guard ship to fly the guard ship flag and very occasionally when moving WR in the dark but then it would often just sit on the deck. When it was out on hire, the mast didn't even go on the boat at all. Since it wasn't an original fitting, I didn't always want it being used.
  5. You have to make sure the point of interest is off centre otherwise it's on a fold!
  6. I've got one with WR on it and brother has one with his sailing cruiser. Great aren't they!
  7. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Narrowboat_Kingfisher_moored_on_the_river_Stort_in_Roydon_(2).jpg I found this link which discusses the wooden superstructure but also read in a discussion forum dated 2007, the hull is also wood. Fascinating boat even if it wasn't built for the broads
  8. I went over the Stort this morning, couldn't stop but enough time to see it was uncovered and called Kingfisher with London added
  9. I just love seeing WR out and about and in good hands 🙂
  10. They nectar on pink flowers so were probably attracted to your red tee shirt
  11. I'm not sure if the yard would want to be named for having a boat with an infestation of wood eating beetles though!
  12. Going up to Coltishall on low revs won't help either
  13. Stick with Beardshaws - in a previous life I worked for them
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