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  1. The newspapers and BBC are giving a lot of hype to this - this morning. So please explain how the residents of Ware over 70 or vulnerable got a text last Tuesday including my daughter. Unfortunately by the time she got through to the doctors they had run out! At least one neighbour over 70 had her vaccine last week!
  2. LizG

    My Day

    River Lea was a bit full today and the Meads were doing what they are designed to do! Act as a flood plain! Also Old Pumping House on the New River
  3. In 1966 we had no radio on WR. So on the day after the World Cup we moored in the basin, went in the shop and I assume picked up a newspaper....... because that's where I found out England won
  4. LizG

    My Day

    Nor should anyone else?
  5. WR had her fair share in the past!
  6. You also see a steam engine coming up to one of the Swing bridges but I think it was Somerleyton rather than Haddiscoe...........unless the time line shifted?
  7. I see there was an adjustment to the listing to confirm the cost of hard standing per quarter and one of the photos there appears to be a loo roll or kitchen roll - that will put up the value!
  8. And WR hogging the screen shot!
  9. I think 1 is somewhere in Horning 2 possibly Oulton Broad 3 ? 4 South Walsham Broad?
  10. That's why I'm not near the top of the list. By the time no 14 comes, I may well qualify by age in the national scheme of things! None of us can afford to get infected as we could risk infecting our patients some of whom are very elderly. You could argue they shouldn't come in but some don't want to go blind either. We are only seeing emergencies, urgent care and those at risk of developing an eye condition at present. As well as those that haven't been seen at the hospital for their regular checks........ Hence why as of this week we will be taking lateral flow tests twice a week.
  11. Perhaps they should speak to their local doctors and see whether they could be accommodated in a similar system?
  12. An optometrist spends up to 40 minutes in the face of a patient x 6 each day. They could be a risk to the patient and vice-versa. Optometrists in hospitals have been given the vaccine. The doctors surgery had x number of vaccines to give to x number of patients. Then either someone didn't turn up or was ill so they had one spare. I consider it a very good use of a single dose that because of the life span of this particular vaccine couldn't be left for another day. Maybe we won't get the second vaccine, who knows
  13. Two Covid related tales. First grandson attends a pre-school nursery in Wales twice a week (Thursday and Friday) and hadn't because of Christmas been in for 2 weeks. My daughter was informed that on Wednesday a child was sent in whilst awaiting the results of a Covid test! The child tested positive so everyone in the Wednesday bubble e.g. children and staff now have to isolate. I trying to think of the best way to say what I feel but I can't find the words. Story two. I work in a busy independent opticians two days a week on reception. Non-hospital working optometrists have b
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