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  1. It wasn't 'too bad' in Hertfordshire but I drove to a committee meeting about 40 minutes away in the evening and the puddles and pot holes were dreadful going. Coming back it was even worse with torrential rain, wild wind and an idiot over taking me on a B road, on a bend when most of the road was covered in surface water! I got home safely but they didn't deserve to! I wasn't driving on my own thankfully!
  2. Our neighbourhood watch group has just sent out an email relating to the Amazon scam and I was just about to copy and paste the email, when I see the points mentioned have already been covered................ "However, it did say...................If you receive these type of calls please report the instances to www.actionfraud.police.uk" The emails also mentioned the TV License Scam which I assume has also been covered............but just in case......... "We would like to make residents aware of the continuing TV Licence scam. It would appear that an email is sent to customers stating that the payment for their TV Licence could not be taken and to click on a link. Once clicking on the link the customer would be contacted by phone and the person on the other end of the phone was somone pretending to be from the customer's bank stating that their bank account needed freezing and they would have to transfer their money into a new account. The customer was told to use a specific browser where they would be asked to put in their bank account details and the scammers would then use this information to extract money from their account. Should anyone receive any communication regarding their payments for their TV Licence we would suggest that you contact TV Licencing direct via their official website or contact your bank direct" Hope this helps Liz
  3. w-album

    Bob Morse

    I think it was featured on one of the Michael Portillo Railway programmes, if not that series another of the ones visiting specialist areas? I saw it but hadn't appreciated it was that close to the river.
  4. In years gone by it was one of my father's favourite moorings when we came down south until..............the day WR broke down and mother and I had to walk into Chedgrave to find a phone box and phone Herbert Woods to come out to fix her. Needless to say the engineer went to Langley Dyke first by mistake! There was a wild mooring half way down the dyke but otherwise no other boats!
  5. Sad times for many https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/boat-for-sale-1953-classic-wooden-broads-cruiser/1360664132?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android&fbclid=IwAR0NiOVR_41m4bcEOFEB0ZU4GtlZIjQ7miOowbQH5oQD5x3hIO81Vr8-N7A
  6. I never met the 'pesky mod' but his legacy lives on. When those that wish to be ......difficult and cause friction on this forum the pesky mod would have been there and is so seriously missed. He just sorted it - end of story Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. Ah bless. What an age. Heartbreaking! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. Griff - did not Macie have pups a few year's back? Have any had their own pups or expecting any so you keep a bit of Macie? I think it is fair to say that you and your family are having a c**p year and 2019 will go down as a year to remember, with happy past memories but none from this year itself! I find it hard to believe that I started this thread and so many people have used it to tell us about happy events but also express their own personal sadness. I don't think it should have been in a separate thread as that will just get lost in the mists of time whereas this thread says with us. Tc Lx
  9. I don't want to distract from BAs sad news but thank you for your nice words. It isn't quite her new home but a temporary home so I understand. Saying good bye to special animals is heart breaking but also saying good bye to special boats that that have been part of your life is also very emotional - the serious difference is that they still live on........... Have a drink on us all tonight Griff in memory of Macie - she has been part of the forum as well. It has brought tears to my eyes thinking of your families' sadness tonight!
  10. Oh Griff I am so so sad for you. Bless poor sweet Macie. I dreamt last night one of our cats died. It was horrid and I remember the day I took one of beautiful cats to the vets not realising then it was the last time. It was heart breaking. Raise a glass tomorrow for our beloved best friends. Liz Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  11. Another problem is that people shopping on Amazon sometimes, especially in a hurry opt for the prime delivery because they want it quickly and then forget to unsubscribe. I nearly had this situation back in the summer when I was in a hurry to order something but hadn't realised that the card I opted to use was no longer valid, so the sale went through (I still hadn't realised I had opted for prime) but then the sale got rejected. As I was away when the rejection came through, I got my husband to re-order the item for me using standard delivery time and charges. A few weeks later I got a notification saying my prime had been cancelled or something to that effect - I'm thinking I never used it but then it dawned on me that it was related to this failed purchase. A few people I know unwittingly opted for Prime (as I did), or forget to unsubscribe so when someone calls out of the blue - they are using people's vulnerability to make mistakes like this. On this one, I wonder whether I could have been duped? The only thing I would say is that one we have caller recognition on our landline and only answer calls from our home exchange, Horning or Norwich and I rarely answer a call on my mobile from an unknown number unless I am expecting a call.......... Liz
  12. I would be terrified handling a boat that size - 27' 5" was fine but............ maybe a day out with your good self would be nice!
  13. That's a lovely gesture - thank you. It was 'quite' a sad moment to put it lightly!
  14. On a very dreary and damp Saturday morning I said good bye to a very important part of my life - almost 50 years of it to be precise! Water Rail has found an extremely good new home and maybe the new custodian will make their presence known at some point in the future. Liz
  15. Delighted to see you back and thank you informing the forum of the sad news
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