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  1. w-album

    Robert John Richardson

    I can only echo what everyone else has said! A great loss.
  2. w-album

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin is probably recovering from Lads week and hair dryers are the best way to defrost freezers!!
  3. w-album

    Hickling Campsite

    A few weeks ago I found a boat on Airb&b advertised as camping on water moored at Hickling
  4. Time for me to comment. My experience relates only to that from Thorpe to the Wroxham Road and for someone that is pretty used to some pretty nasty roundabouts in Hertfordshire and north London, I find the roundabout at the Wroxham Road horrible! Ways to improve would be to give those going left a dedicated detached lane continuing into its own lane rather than needing to filter in/give way when joining the distributor road / Wroxham Road. (does that make sense). They have done it at other junctions so why not here. Because the roundabout is so wide, many vehicles are able to come round at the same time and since they rarely indicate, you end up waiting far longer than is needed just to be safe. Alternatively, you take a risk............... Lets hope something is done and soon! Liz
  5. w-album


    Including in the background the original swing bridge?
  6. w-album

    Our Time In Switzerland

    Wishing you all well including Boris and Monty - L and WR
  7. w-album

    Real Boats!!

    My brother will be sad to hear this. Shruff has been lengthened and sailed with a bowsprit and was in recent years usually seen sailing with Green Wyverns. My brother owns Mayfly 1 which he tendered with loving care since the early 70s.
  8. w-album

    Real Boats!!

    I am absolutely close to being positive that Mark didn't buy Ladybird until the early 1970s. We moved there end 1970 and I remember him buying Ladybird when Herbert Woods sold her out of the hire fleet at about the same time that Smuggler was also sold and that would have then been 1971 at the earliest
  9. w-album

    Anyone For Hickling?

    Since it would appear that Albion ran aground this morning according to FB. I assume in an area she normally wouldn't. We must therefore assume water levels are LOW
  10. w-album

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Surely isn't this the issue of not installing the summer rails which were laying beside the track? Unless they have been taken away for scrap?
  11. w-album

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    I thought it might have more pictures so https://www.thamessailingclub.co.uk/TSCsailing/thames-a-raters-1
  12. w-album

    3 Rivers Race 2018

  13. w-album

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    Well done for getting as far as you did - I think you passed our guard ship when I had decided if no one else was going to take the opportunity of a couple of hours kip I would so apologies for not saying hello. I might say that it was mighty hard seeing boats pass Thurne, we could only see nav lights, not sails so there were some going back to Horning and some going to Potter - not easy in the fog!
  14. w-album

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    Our guardship was allowed to return to Horning at around 7.30 but Thurne b remained until it was confirmed that the last boats in the lower Bure couldn't make it home in time. We had acquired a white boat needing a lift home so we were allowed to go. Several boats with engines picked up non powered boats on the way home!
  15. w-album

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    The board we had on the boat had 93 boats listed but 13 DNS!

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