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  1. She had shore power but no running hot water or heating!!!
  2. River Stort Sawbridgeworth???? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. w-album


    We've used Zoom for a family quiz at Easter, work colleague chats every Monday afternoon, and a committee meeting on Wednesday although taking minutes was harder! But failed this morning to join in with a sailing related chat - not sure what went wrong but hey ho there will be another one. So all in all a good format - we did find though that you need to place the laptop near to where the Wifi thing me gig is though - to get the strongest signal. Liz
  4. w-album

    Sad Loss

    She is a Golden Light
  5. Also a nice bit of footage of one of the larger Woods boats. Was it me (my computer) or was there no sound?
  6. I know this is an old thread but the parish boundaries usually follow the river's old course and shown on the OS maps 1:25000 quite clearly (the row of full stops) https://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=636153&y=322007&z=115&sv=636153,322007&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=744&ax=636153&ay=322007&lm=0 Also as I might have mentioned before this is a really good website resource for maps https://maps.nls.uk/index.html You can tell its raining!
  7. That is certainly the situation our local Hertfordshire supermarkets - we actually do need some. We have been using our bread maker as our local bakers have closed for the duration and simply can't get any new supplies and now coming close to running out of yeast. I believe there is masses of flour in commercial/catering size packs but not in general public size quantities. I excelled myself yesterday by finding a bag of French Bread flour hiding in the bottom of the larder. Well past its best before date which in the case of strong flour is relevant but it provided a loaf to last a few days (as long as we don't eat too much at a time - home made bread is dangerous stuff!!!)
  8. With apple crumble I often use cinnamon and ginger with rhubarb crumble but the type of apple is also important. Cooking apple such as Bramley is IMHO the best - we have a massive tree that only has apples every so many years and when it does it really does, so I peel them and put them in the freezer in chunks and it keeps us in apple sauce and apple crumble for years. The tree was pruned professionally this year and he was able to leave lots of horizontal branches and it is covered in blossom!!!
  9. Some amazing tales - nothing exciting ever happened to me but it was usually just me and parents. Older brothers rarely joined us in the Water Rail days although my avatar is looking out of a Brooms Admiral porthole! I think it was III and varnished.
  10. I am fully aware that the guidance regarding driving to exercise came from an official source - I just think it is wrong and open to abuse and badly thought out as with a lot of things at the moment. Decorating at home is one of the best things someone in complete lockdown could do but hey ho ..........
  11. I consider the clarification that you can drive to exercise as long as the walk is longer is open to abuse! I am very lucky that I am surrounded by a very comprehensive network of footpaths through the fields and I can happily go out for several hours and although some parts are quite busy - the further I go the quieter it gets. The other day my walk got extended and my husband says I was out for 4 hours - I think it was closer to 3 but I am not going to argue. So with the new clarification I could get in my car, drive for an hour to one of my favourite places, walk for 2-3 hours as exercise (and record the butterflies in my case) and drive 1 hour home. However, I shan't but others will abuse this.................. In my case I have no need nor do a lot other people! On Easter Monday before this clarification, my daughter who lives on Barry Island was taking her 2 year old son out for her daily exercise and was stopped by the police who wanted to know if she lived locally. As it was she lived just around the corner but the next people they asked couldn't answer that - they had driven there to exercise. Liz
  12. It is truly amazing. I just hope that those in charge of administrating it on his behalf ensure it goes to the right places! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. I actually met Barnes Wallis and got his autograph! It was in the late 1960s and he came to our school to talk about developing the bomb and then we watched the film. He lived relatively local to my school in Surrey. I never met Stirling Moss but my cousin is/was a spitting image of him
  14. I was once privileged to be given permission by the then owner to moor through the bridge at Dilham - just quirky getting through the hole! I think anywhere above Potter has to be high on the list because it is usually calm, no rushing tide so you keep having to check the moorings and the vistas are superb!
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