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  1. Thank you - need to start publicising her sale more effectively this week!
  2. She is the shape of Potter bridge!!!!! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. Thanks everyone for taking so much interest! Seriously appreciated Liz and WR
  4. Thanks for the suggestions - I will take this also forward if no private buyer is interested.
  5. Maybe another boatyard will provide another guard ship!!!!?????
  6. Oh yes, I will keep the white boat and little dinghy and for the amount of hours I actually get on the water - I could quite easily just hire a boat! A fraction of the cost considering how little time I get to go out on WR - that is half the issue - I don't use her partly because I have so many other commitments!
  7. I can only say it has been a horrible decision but based on reality! She will come with the majority of her fittings which will include crockery (just a few personal things will be removed). There will always be work to be done and unfortunately, the cockpit covers either need replacing or a good repair! Thank you to those that have said how lovely she is......................she is! She has been part of my life for over 50 years!
  8. Water Rail (previously Delight VII) is for sale It with deep sadness, I have had to make the painful decision to sell Water Rail. Built by Herbert Woods in 1933 she is 27’ 5” long and will sleep 2 very comfortably, 3 cosily and 4 people with a pinch! She has been regularly maintained since I took on the custodianship in 2009 having been bought by my father in 1965 when she was taken out of the hire fleet. A lot of modifications have been undertaken over the last 10 years so she is an enjoyable boat to use either for day trips or overnight. (Please note if you are a tall person this boat was not designed for you!) A new Nanni Diesel engine was fitted in 1985 but she only has cold water and no heating but a very functional fridge, cooker, invertors for charging minor electrics and shore power. Although fully maintained, she does continually need more maintenance although I am assured that the hull is currently sound. If anyone is seriously interested in buying her please send a private message and I can answer any further questions and give an indication of the price that I will accept.
  9. She can get under Wroxham. The day they did it was a bit of a squeeze whereas WR was easy. Lives opposite at Horning. Lovely boat and deserves a good home Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. I found them there about 10 years ago in the Norfolk County Archive? I had a bit of difficulty trying to explain what I was looking for. I looked at two large bound books containing pre-war registrations but some had been updated to reflect change in ownership and in the case of Delight I lost in a fire. Herbert Woods and Powles boats certainly had numbers but I have never found any form of numbering on my brother's sailing yacht which was built by Ernest Collins. The books were fascinating - but I didn't have enough time to look at all the entries.... Liz
  11. I think it is further down probably from the opposite bank which doesn't look that developed then? The tree line is probably that marked on the map as Waveney Forest rather than Fritton Decoy which I originally thought.........
  12. Where is Vaughan? My original post suggested St Olaves ..... Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. Thanks to The Q for manning the rescue boat- I joined him on Tuesday afternoon for a long shift where we ended up getting absolutely and utterly drenched and yesterday morning where I remained fairly dry. In one direction you are looking to ensure sailing boats are not in trouble and at the same time looking the other way for oncoming hire boats to give the advice to keep to the bank, etc. etc. In truth most appeared to appreciate the warning and took our advice but of course there are always others that knew better! Liz ps I should add there were others manning rescue boats but Q was up the top of the river everyday for every race except the beginning of the Cruiser race!
  14. If not St Olaves I think south rivers - also look at the bow of the first image and the tidal flow?
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