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  1. Look in to our links Neil, seem like the company is regesterd to no.45 on Google? but on the home page it says 43? I dont know?
  2. Hi Neil Street view was from 2011, do you have any other company, then Google that supplies street view in UK?
  3. Sorry no good in reading english adresses, but in this adress is the number 43 the house number? DEPT 189 43 OWSTON ROAD CARCROFT DONCASTER SOUTH YORKSHIRE DN6 8DA, UK
  4. Hi First tanks for all quick answers , I'm refurbishing a Quayline245, have no engine or stern drive at the moment. Looking to fit it with D3-200, OR a 5,7-300 engine..not really decided yet.. Searched the internet, and got a hit in England, so thought ill follow it up.
  5. Hi JawsOrca How did you know i was looking at a VP :), the company is deeling with Yanmar,Vetus as vell..
  6. Hi! I am wondering if anyone have heard of this company? BOATBURN MARINE SUPPLY DEPT 189 43 OWSTON ROAD CARCROFT DONCASTER SOUTH YORKSHIRE DN6 8DA, UK Im thinking about buying a inboard motor from them, and looking for references. Tanks!
  7. Hi I'm wondering if someone knows if there's som kind of scrap yards for damaged boats in England? Som webpages? Maybe? Looking for a windshield to a falcon spc 23 or similar? Just to find a windshield in Europe seems hard? Tanks!
  8. now can i finally figure out how she looks! Made a sketch..
  9. Tanks for all the answers. I think it's the top windshield has the same setup as falcons, my problem is to know. Or take a chance and order a set of frames, test it and then add glass. That's why I'm trying to get some drawings of the windshield. With some dimensions on it.
  10. No not yet, got a v8 diesel, that I'm fitting into it. Those cables I think i can figure out, but all the lighting in the cabin, all the pumps installed etc. nice to get some info so I don't need to redo all those cables.
  11. Tanks diesel falcon for all the tips, I will look into these options. Why I asked for the wiring diagram, is that all cables are marked under the pulpit... Worth a shot to see if anybody had a diagram:)
  12. Hi! Just bought a winter project and are looking for some information, does anyone out there have a manual/wiring diagram for the falcon boats? And had anybody replaced the top windshield? and are sitting on manufacturing drawings for the aluminium frame-work, would that be super! Tanks!
  13. Many Tanks JawsOrca & Falcon I'll try this @virgin.net worht a shot... Have already contacted sheerline in the matter (Thoth mabye other builders in the area had some info) Tanks again for all the help... Have got another answer for YBW.com, nice chap who had seen it a couple of years ago..at the show and the yard after rolling of a trailer on to the road...but still no picture...Seems like I have to fin some one who has taken a private picutre of if... So probably is it a prototype who has find its way all the way to Sweden..
  14. Hi tanks/tack for all nice graetings, psychicssurveyor your were right on (or google) so to speak
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