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  1. Are Spillers still going??
  2. My pet hate at the moment is hearing someone answer a question with ‘So’. Now, pet hates in speech could (should) start a whole new thread - although we’ve done that more than a few times over the years I do believe! So (), back to footie. I am waiting for Jayfire to put in his two pennyworth. Norwich have done his beloved Liverpool a big favour. Where are you Cap’n, let’s be havin’ you (as a certain person was known to shout.)
  3. Indeed there is but, if you listen to some of those well-known football pundits, it’s actually pronounced posiiviiy! There so often appears to be no such letter as ‘t’ in the football world now. (Lots of other places too no doubt.)
  4. Thought your plan was to cross Breydon yesterday or this morning?
  5. Where Eagles Dare. Full box set of John Jakes ‘North and South’. (That would keep us going for a month!)
  6. I wonder if anyone was brave enough to moor at the yacht station last night............!
  7. I think a few people would recommend a survey being done on anything you are really interested in. That could save you a lot of pennies and worry. I’m sure there will be a lot of other advice soon. Good luck with your search.
  8. Those were the days my friend 🎶🎵.........
  9. Are there any good things you could share too?
  10. Beauchamp Arms - has a small board outside saying ‘Open 12pm to L8. Free mooring’. There is no other info in sight, what it is serving, beer, tea, coffee, food. Anyone know what’s happening to the place? If anyone has any thoughts of stopping at the Postwick Viaduct (opposite Surlingham Ferry House) moorings, the area is in a real mess with dumped rubbish. Someone has obviously had a bbq right by the mooring and left the remains there. There is a sign saying ‘No rubbish’ which has black bin sacks, full carrier bags, cans and all sorts of packaging right by it! There is rubbish dumped in the dykes alongside the track. I guess some of the detritus may have been left by anglers but some of it may be from boats. It’s very sad that people treat facilities in this way, not a very nice place to stop these days.
  11. vanessan

    Dash Cam

    A little harsh I think, most hirers are courteous and considerate. There are good and bad on both sides.
  12. All of them best avoided.
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