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  1. vanessan

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Still two red flags flying but the bridge has just opened. No, as I type this one flag is being removed. It’s all systems go again folks!
  2. vanessan

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    There are two red flags currently (4.15pm) flying at Somerleyton Bridge.......................!
  3. vanessan

    Electric Boat

    I’m sure I am not the only one thinking that David has done the right thing, not because of the electrics but because of his mobility problems. Boats are not the easiest of things to get on and off and with a little dog could become a real difficulty. Think about mooring up on a windy day. Once legs become painful and walking is difficult, even a small step can seem like a mountain. We are also talking 14 months on so David has no idea what his situation might be then. He might lose even more money leaving it later to cancel. David, it is very sad that you are not able to follow your dream. Have you thought about a riverside cottage where you could still watch the world go by? If things were good at the time, you could hire a day boat. Whatever you do, I hope you do manage to enjoy the Broads at some point.
  4. vanessan

    Change Of Cruiser

    Sonnet does appear to have shore power and ‘limited’ 240v power from inverter. Strange to have a microwave/combi oven. Might be a good idea to try and talk things over with Barnes, no use asking Hoseasons anything they probably wouldn’t have a clue!
  5. vanessan

    Boat cookware

    Reading back on this thread about Loose’s, I was very disappointed to find out that it is closing. In fact it may already have done. I was in Norwich in May and found they were selling everything off with a 30% discount. I only found the shop a couple of years back and thought I was in heaven as I love good kitchen shops.
  6. vanessan

    Return To Boating 2019

    One thing you may be able to do to help getting on and off is to have some knotted rope dangling from the roof rails in appropriate places. Probably won’t look too pretty but will give you something to hang on to.
  7. vanessan

    Ranworth Breeze Summer 2018

    If Roy’s don’t have the Black Bomber, Massingham’s the butchers in Wroxham sometimes have it too.
  8. The dogs are really feeling it. I recently purchased two chillaxe cool mats for them, in theory they lie on them and the mats reduce their temperature. The problem is persuading them to lie on the darn things! I resorted earlier to wet towels for them, they certainly worked. There doesn’t seem to be much breeze around now so even with the boat doors, roof and windows open it is still pretty stifling.
  9. vanessan

    Glorious Norfolk Morning

    Only 2 boats at the Dutch Tea Gardens Oulton Dyke - where is everybody??
  10. vanessan

    Thank God The Wild Boars Are Out!

    It’s an incredible story, the only downside being the Thai Navy SEAL who sadly lost his life. All credit to those involved in the rescue.
  11. vanessan

    Waste Disposal Northern Rivers

    Reduced in what way please? Do I need to remove them from the list?
  12. vanessan

    Night Navigation.

    Probably depends on how much of the Pleasure Boat Inn’s hospitality you have enjoyed.
  13. vanessan

    Bread Is Not Harmful To Water Fowl!

    Couldn’t agree more with this Ray. I hope more wildfowl organisations will come out in support and the signs on the Broads about not feeding bread to swans etc will eventually be removed.
  14. vanessan

    Waste Facilities For Boaters.

    Pye’s Mill we certainly knew about, Loddon Staithe facilities also gone now? Any idea how long ago they went?
  15. vanessan

    Night Navigation.

    Facebook has a bit more info on this. One of the hire boats left Bramerton at 21.50 at speed. Was eventually tracked down and boat returned to hire yard and caution issued. Apparently the hirer went on to ‘threaten and attack’ the hire yard owner. I think we can do without these sort of hirers thank you.

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