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  1. vanessan


    I very much doubt if there is anything anyone could add to that, it is such a comprehensive answer from ‘someone who knows’.
  2. vanessan

    James Knight's Blog

    I think we have established that there is nobody prepared to bite that bullet though? DEFRA aren’t interested sufficiently (apparently) to intervene so nothing can seemingly be done. As long as there are people like James to chip away though, maybe something will give - eventually.
  3. vanessan

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Absolutely not! This forum is for sharing.
  4. vanessan

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Does the tiger bedding come with it??
  5. vanessan

    Locks Inn

    Gets a bit more iffy with 12ft beams though!
  6. vanessan

    Locks Inn

    It’s always a lovely and worthwhile cruise from Beccles to The Locks or Geldeston Dyke, whichever you choose. Moorings can be limited at The Locks as it is popular with canoeists who tend to congregate there. Sometimes they pull their canoes ashore but not always. As SK said, timing is crucial and you need to arrive as others leave in the morning - not the easiest thing to do! I would say steer clear of weekends as lots of ‘locals’ head there. If you find no room, you can always head back to Beccles and moor at the Lido moorings, two hours free so enough time to visit the town for a beer or two.
  7. vanessan

    John Packman's Broads Briefing January 2019

    Nothing to really comment on. Responses will no doubt be forthcoming once the programme is aired, probably producing a multi-page thread!
  8. vanessan

    Carousel Of Drone Images

    Excellent David - well done and thank you.
  9. vanessan

    Eastick Falcon 26

    I have a Blakes brochure dated 1982 which was the first year we hired. I was about to book Diamond Anchor but changed my mind at the last minute and went for something a bit bigger instead as a friend was joining us. The picture in the brochure is of Diamond Anchor K682 which, according to Craig’s data base is still on the Broads but no longer a blue colour. Of the others in the class, L246 and L863, there is nothing very recent so they may have disappeared now.
  10. vanessan

    Vinyl Wrapping A Hull!

    I wonder how many rolls of Fablon it would take for a 30ft boat?.................
  11. vanessan

    The Authority's Response To The Glover Report.

    It seems you may have summed it up rather nicely!
  12. vanessan

    Here's To Boating!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. You’ll find that quite a few forum members keep going all year round while some of us take a break over the colder months. March will see me back in harness (life jacket) and I’m looking forward to it, especially the longer days and hopefully milder weather. Enjoy your new toy - or ??
  13. vanessan

    The Authority's Response To The Glover Report.

    But improving the Broads for whom?
  14. vanessan

    The Authority's Response To The Glover Report.

    How could a navigation area that is being left to grow untended be classed as being maintained, improved or developed? I don’t think I understand what you are getting at.
  15. vanessan

    The Authority's Response To The Glover Report.

    The right to navigate would remain but access would probably reduce slowly (ie through lack of dredging, weed clearing or tree pruning) leading to canoe/dinghy access only and eventually nothing at all.

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