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  1. He who knows about these things thinks it’s a very bad idea too. Probably mostly those who would benefit financially will be in favour.
  2. Dogs welcome round the secret garden, it can be slow walking though due to lots of trees.......
  3. Look forward to hearing your review.
  4. Use old towels, when damp they don’t slide and give good grip. We use them for the dogs if it’s frosty/icy - which it has been the past few mornings!
  5. Have you tried it? It looked quite interesting last week when we went by. I’ve just realised looking at the website that it’s the guy who used to have the Thai street food trailer on the industrial estate in Hoveton. That’s a great new spot for him, I hope he does well.
  6. With a big ego no doubt like many small dogs. Scary for a burly policeman!
  7. I saw that yesterday, I really thought it was a private boat! Looks great.
  8. Could you give more of a detailed position Cheesey? Upper reaches whereabouts?
  9. Is that at Paddy’s Lane?
  10. Brooms have similar, Clean Sweep or Explorer. https://www.broomboats.com/holidays/the-explorer/ Marginally cheaper I think.
  11. I don’t need a second guess.........😉
  12. By the time you come back for your next trip those moorings will be back in use. I’m glad to hear repair is underway. Thank you for that info.
  13. The Burgh Castle moorings ceased to be BA 24 hour moorings a few years back, they were taken over by the marina I think and still offered as 24 hour moorings. No maintenance has taken place and the steel piling is a bit the worse for wear. However, I believe the BA are taking them back again and preparing to carry out some refurbishment so things are looking good again. Maybe not in the short term though. The Fisherman’s moorings only have room for 3/4 boats and that just leaves Berney Arms if Burgh Castle is a no-go. With the length of pub moorings now closed off, it could get quite busy!
  14. Only one thing for it then, you’ll have to return. Perhaps for a full week? 🙂 I do think you have made the right decision and the weather forecast for next week is looking good. (Your trip is next week isn’t it? 🤔). I see low water at Wroxham next week is during the mornings so you may well be able to get under the bridge for a trip to Coltishall, Gold Gem is low enough but it does depend on those tides settling down a bit. As already mentioned, Potter Heigham bridge is more than likely to be a no-no, a small dinghy is the answer these days it seems! Enjoy!!
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