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  1. Had google maps previously referred to the area as a BNP then?
  2. Your caravan might need a propeller and a rudder!
  3. Does happen though, not often admittedly but does happen.
  4. Yeah, but how many of us have private aircraft?? 🤣
  5. Please take a look at those FAQs I posted yesterday, the statement is there - ‘The Broads is a National Park’. Surely that statement wouldn’t be there if the CEO, Chairman and members didn’t believe it was true!
  6. Might be appropriate to put this link in here, https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/frequently-asked-questions . There are some interesting answers to the FAQs - one actually says ‘The Broads is a National Park’ ............
  7. Not to mention an impossibility!!!
  8. With respect marshman, this was the OP. Much more meat has been put on the bones by the research and dialogue of 2/3 members and I’m sure many of us appreciate that. If anyone is going to ask the EDP to investigate BA’s use of ‘National Park’ they now have a good starting point and can refer to various letters etc. The fact that there are two similar threads running is unfortunate but initially they were fundamentally different topics IMO. If members find them boring and/or tedious, there is no need to read them.
  9. Found out a bit more about the original scam mentioned re Amazon Prime. Apparently in some cases callers are asked to reconnect to the phone call via their computer (?) and download software called Team Viewer. This then shares the desktop. They are then asked to log in to their bank account to check if they have received a refund from Amazon. No prizes for guessing what transpires! I think it is useful if we are able to establish how these scams actually work from beginning to end. However, they are becoming more sophisticated every day so we are probably nearly at the point where it will be best to boycott all phone calls where the caller is not known. ☹️
  10. vanessan

    Road Works 2020

    12 years to come to the conclusion that pedestrians don’t like a ‘shared’ space. Not bad going! Pedestrians, after all, are always going to come off worst in the event of a mishap. I have never heard of any accidents in that area but I feel sure there must have been one or two near misses over the years. I have only once driven there and I was terrified of a pedestrian walking out in front of me without looking, eyes glued to a mobile phone of course! So I guess the concept has its merits but still leaves people, both in vehicles and on foot, uncomfortable in its use.
  11. No mention was made of NBN members being involved. I feel sure most members abide by the rules anyway. As this thread was originally about Stalham Staithe, better get back on track, so easy to get sidetracked! Do you ever get up to Stalham Staithe D46?
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