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  1. Must be a scam but at least we know who the perpetrator is!
  2. Hits the nail firmly on the head from a hirers point of view I reckon. A responsible hirer anyway. Well said SwanR.
  3. For all the reasons above, decidedly a no-no! Apart from the fact that we’re on it for much of the time between March and November, the poor boat needs a good rest over the winter.
  4. Definitely a few photos in that last lot Cap’n to put forward for the 2020 calendar. Is the sixth one down the one who tried to chat you up last night? Maybe you should have tried a bonio!
  5. I can’t even work out what is supposed to be in the dish! Garlic bread made with black bread could catch on though.........
  6. Now I understand why you’re getting those soulful looks! I’m afraid I’m boring, I like plain salted crisps to go with a half. Or a glass of wine. No ones going to get too tiddley boozing with you are they?!
  7. I have no idea but the little fella looks like he wants you to buy him a pint! (And a bag of beef flavour crisps too probably.)
  8. They are great Jean, the sky looks really blue and the pictures are good and clear. Fingers crossed for more sun during the rest of the week for you.
  9. Looking forward to your holiday tale SwanR. I wonder if Jayfire is looking for you!
  10. Lovely to see you back again Cap’n Jay. Super pictures as always, you are travelling a long way for a ‘short break’ as you put it! Looking forward to the next installment. Also waiting for SwanR to post - how great it is that holiday time is here.
  11. from me too. I wish you many happy sailing hours.
  12. I remember reading a little while ago of a lady who suffered with the ‘wobbles’ after only a few days on board a hire boat. Sadly she has never quite recovered as her equilibrium appears to have been permanently affected. I don’t think it is a common thing fortunately, there would be too many of us weaving our way along. You would at least be able to spot fellow boaters though! (Or fellow imbibers maybe? )
  13. Not only the Broads though, pubs have disappeared from all over the country.
  14. Seems a right mixed bag for you DJB but glad the downsides haven’t put you off. Welcome to the forum, I’m sure others will be grateful for your write-up although no doubt want to know which boat you were on. Some useful pointers for early season boating. Do let us know how you get on in September.
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