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  1. With rotten tomatoes and bad eggs provided!
  2. Boy, that’s going to be a long old run!! Enjoy the weekend all you party-goers, hope the weather cheers up for you.
  3. I think the wheels are well and truly off now!!
  4. You’ll certainly have plenty of daylight but St Benet’s is popular and will probably fill up during the afternoon. Having said that, there will be day boats visiting plus others who may return to their home moorings late in the day. It’s really one of those ‘unknowns’, you could be very lucky. There is also Fleet Dyke nearby with two lots of formal moorings and a few ‘wild’ moorings too but the same applies.
  5. Welcome from me too. It’s quite true, you do tend to throw a lot of money at a boat if you buy one but what else would you want to waste it on?
  6. It might be worth contacting the RNID, now referred to Action on Hearing Loss I believe. They may be able to suggest something. Maybe too the RNIB in view of her poor eyesight. Hope you manage to sort something out.
  7. My husband has a mug that quotes ‘I am the captain of this ship and I have my wife’s permission to say so’. I even let him drink from it!
  8. But then you live near your boat, many of us are nowhere near. That we are able to communicate in this way makes us feel closer to our boats and the Broads. Plus of course this is somewhat of a ‘hot topic’.
  9. I rather think my husband feels the same way about me and this forum - is there any space at your mother-in -laws for him too?
  10. That’s the unfortunate problem with football, the die-hard fans that are so blinkered. Why do these things bring out the worst in people? I have to agree with Paul, it really is those kind of friends you can do without. Friendly banter is one thing, vitriol is totally unnecessary and also very sad. I didn’t see the Spurs result until this morning but it’s fantastic that we (ENGLAND) have two teams in the CL final. Well done Spurs! Now it’s come on you Lionesses but I expect that will produce another plug for great bicycles or whatever. (I must admit that I haven’t quite got used to women playing football or boxing but, if they are now being included, any national team has my support.)
  11. I wish they were similarly enthusiastic about booking speeding boats! Why does it take two to do the ‘registration run’? One of them could be out patrolling the rivers, heaven knows there are so few of them anyway.
  12. I thought they made them up as they went along!
  13. You lucky man, actually being there! What a fantastic turn around, Barca just hadn’t got an answer last night had they?! ( I think the Canaries have withdrawn their offer for Messi this morning, it will save £20m anyway.) I thought at one point when being interviewed Klopp was going to burst into tears. Just brilliant. Hope you recover from the hangover quickly.
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