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  1. I saw a list fairly recently of the order of play for the vaccine if/when it appears. Those in the frontline will get it first I believe, including care home workers and that has to be the way forward. Does age really come into it? The letter says you have ‘been identified’ as etc etc, that surely can’t be everyone above a certain age?
  2. I had one of those a couple of days ago but I really don’t know why! Although I have my problems, I do not have (as far as I know anyway) any diabetes, heart or lung problems. A call to my surgery didn’t help establish why either. Oh well, a positive of that may be that JM and I may be at the front of the queue for the vaccine when it arrives. 🥴
  3. One of the modern sales tactics that annoys me too. Particularly when the ‘25 other people are looking........’ is usually right on top of the picture of the product I want to look at!
  4. No wonder you have so much pain Ian, shingles is ghastly. I only know because a neighbour of mine suffered very badly from it. Hope the meds kick in soon and give you some relief.
  5. I would not call back. If it’s legit they will leave a message.
  6. Can you elaborate OBB? A friend of mine had a note left on her car saying that the writer had hit her and asking her to phone a number. She didn’t as no damage had been done at all but it was all very strange.
  7. If this is the structure I think it is, it wasn’t moored against quay heading. It was moored a little way out from the riverbank and trees with planks allowing access. It never looked particularly secure to me being quite a large structure and, with the strong winds lately, I’m not surprised it came to grief.
  8. I introduced it to my cousin in Australia and she has been using it for years now too. I have only seen it in .5 and 1 litre bottles here but in Australia she buys it in 5 litre drums and decants it, sharing it with her two daughters.
  9. For high heat cooking I have been using Rice Bran Oil for many years. Mild in flavour it is excellent for stir frying and is extremely low in cholesterol (apparently).
  10. It’s because the rules for this lockdown are different in many ways to the previous lockdown rules. Many more businesses remain open this time.
  11. Same as Lockdown mk 1, typical!
  12. Not the Broads but what’s not to like when we can walk here every day - Last night This morning
  13. Hoseasons have had a bad year, mainly because of their poor attitude towards their customers. I know if I was hiring now, I would definitely go direct to a boatyard. Plenty of recommendations on here.
  14. As indicated by something I heard on the radio yesterday. A couple walking along the prom in Weston Super Mare decided to sit on a bench for a few minutes. Two policemen approached them and told them they were not allowed to sit there, they had to keep moving! I think ‘experts’ are having trouble too. On Radio Kent yesterday, one was asked if fishing was allowed. He said ‘it wasn’t last lockdown so I would imagine it’s not this time either’. (I believe it is allowed this time?) Another was asked if it would be ok to drive from the south east of England to the north west to pick up a new
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