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  1. vanessan


    I sometimes find that the page I am using is still downloading adverts and/or pictures when I want to click on a link or something. That makes it very easy to click in the wrong place. Most annoying!
  2. vanessan

    Marina Quays

    Now which concern does that remind me of I wonder?!
  3. vanessan


    Wyndham quoted Garryn in his ‘yeah’ reply.
  4. vanessan

    Rhond Anchors

    I thought I had started a serious topic - I might have known...............
  5. vanessan

    Surlingham Staithe: The Attempt

    There’s a very good description of how to scull in ‘Swallows and Amazons’ if you can find it.
  6. vanessan

    Rhond Anchors

    How about the spear bit too? That makes sense to me. Maybe the Anglo Saxons used something similar to a rhond anchor to tether their coracles (sounds painful!!).
  7. vanessan

    Rhond Anchors

    It seems as if there is no definitive answer as to where or when the rhond anchor originated. We’ll just have to put it down to being one of those Norfolk Broads peculiarities which is jolly useful - when used correctly!
  8. vanessan

    Rhond Anchors

    I had read the onion bargee blogspot but no ‘new’ information in that. Indeed it confirms exactly what Vaughan said in the earlier thread. Rhond anchors have been around for donkeys years but I find it interesting that the Broads is the only waterway they are used on and no one appears to have any idea as to how they came about in the first place. I wonder if they have ever been patented..............
  9. vanessan

    Rhond Anchors

    The talk about rhond anchors on another thread recently got me wondering about the history of them and how they were originally designed to be used. The only meaningful thing that came up when I googled rhond anchors was a thread on here from last year! There doesn’t appear to be a dictionary entry anywhere and I assume the word ‘rhond’ originated in Norfolk and became part of the ‘local speak’. I always thought rhonds related to reeds and therefore the anchor was designed to allow a boat to moor in reeds but I have no idea where that thought came from. In 2017, Vaughan said that his understanding of rhond was ‘earth bank’ and that would certainly tie in with how rhond anchors are used today. Does anyone have any idea of the true history of the rhond anchor which I believe is only used on the Norfolk Broads? (I may be wrong in that, no doubt someone will know.)
  10. That really was an awful event for you to witness, I found my heart thumping just reading it! It was a good thing you were there to witness it anyway, at least you were able to provide support and back-up to the day-boat crew. I wonder if anything happened with regard to the bathtub hirers, it sounds like they should have been removed from the rivers immediately. Did you by any chance advise the day boat crew to inform the Broads Authority? Love that last picture, peace and tranquility takes over from insanity in the end.
  11. vanessan

    Diesel Stench

    If they sell them there will be somebody who will buy them, you can be sure of that!
  12. vanessan

    My Accident!

    My goodness, that bank has a lot to answer for! I do hope you are able to get to the wedding at the end of the week. I reckon somehow you’ll find a way though.
  13. vanessan

    My Accident!

    Get the ankle well again soon. No boating until it’s better!
  14. vanessan

    Brinks Serenade - The Review

    I think what the poster means is that Barnes take their own boats through so they are reliant on them.
  15. vanessan

    Richardsons Commander

    https://www.meandmypets.com/dog/accessories/lifting-harnesses.html We have one of these handy for our smallish dogs in case of need. I don’t know how big a dog they would support but a phone call to the company would find out. If the side door on the boat is narrow, you may find something like this would be less bulky than a life jacket to get the dog through. A life jacket otherwise is, of course, a must.

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