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  1. vanessan

    Meanwhile, Back At The Bins...

    Shouldn’t you recycle bottles and cans?
  2. vanessan

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Same here. When we share the driving when journeying up to Norfolk, whoever is passenger usually drops off to sleep anyway so I guess we must be pretty comfortable with each others driving.
  3. vanessan

    Thiswan Says Hi

    to the Broads addiction society from me too!
  4. vanessan

    Meanwhile, Back At The Bins...

    And then take your bottles and cans away afterwards!
  5. vanessan

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    Ring the Parish Clerk and agree a price!
  6. vanessan

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    A few years back I can remember a story about this issue. A hire boat had moored at Ranworth on a Friday night before finishing their holiday the following day. That Saturday afternoon the new hirers moored there only to be told to move on! They were categorically told that the boat had been there the previous evening and the guy would not accept that, as they were new hirers, it was a different scenario. I believe eventually a BA ranger put him straight but not before a bit of unpleasantness.
  7. vanessan

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    But think of all that incoming cash when they start ‘fining’ boats for overstaying!
  8. vanessan

    Anyone Got A Spare Couple Of Million?

    Be quick, earlier today it was £2.5million. It’s been reduced to £2.15million!
  9. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68538952.html Those new moorings at Bramerton (68 metres) with the electric posts belong to Hill House. Wish I had the cash!!!
  10. vanessan

    Marina Quays

    Me too Jay, but I would need to be about 30 years younger!!
  11. vanessan

    Marina Quays

    I don’t think that is ‘popular belief’. By its very nature, a cruiser that is continuously moving about needs to be in reasonably good nick surely? You seem to be under the impression that my comment was derogatory which it most certainly was not. Continuous cruisers generally move about because that’s how they want to live although there will no doubt be some whose finances may not allow them to pay for permanent moorings. Even if there are liveaboards who would appreciate permanent winter moorings, I doubt there would be sufficient to keep a marina ticking over so it needs more ideas.
  12. vanessan

    Broads Engage Workshop

    I think that is a little unfair marshman. There is a lot of truth in what you say, however, time and time again we hear that ‘there are issues that I cannot talk about’ or ‘there’s more to this than meets the eye’ or ‘don’t believe everything you read’. I don’t think for one minute that everyone believes everything they read but, unless both sides of the argument or whatever are heard, I don’t think a balanced view can be reached very easily. The ‘Protect the Broads’ group seem to feel very strongly and generally endeavour to put their case forward with vigour, as someone who cares about the Broads it interests me greatly to read what they have to say. I also read what others have to say but the continued use of phrases such as ‘conspiracy issues’ and ‘chipped shoulders’ doesn’t really help me understand what is going on. Like many others, I too am an interested bystander but as I am not local I have to rely on what I read for information.
  13. vanessan

    Broads Engage Workshop

    Thanks Jay - they are the ones. I just did not know if it would be ok to do that. However, as they are already in the public domain (on dear old fb) I guess it’s no problem.
  14. vanessan

    Broads Engage Workshop

    Re the workshop, I see on fb that Sue Hines letter to her group facilitator and a reply from Hadyn Thirtle have been made public. Can these be copied here for members interest? (They certainly interested me!)

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