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  1. I was thinking more of moored boats..........
  2. If SOB is going to be used anywhere other than Breydon, she is going to have to travel pretty slowly as she does create a lot of wash.
  3. Now whose idea was it in the first place to going showing our hose?? Then you chicken out 🐔🐔!! All mouth and trousers (or in your case hose).
  4. I don’t wear any but I’d still like to see yours...............
  5. Does Jayfire wear hose then? Like Robin Hood - men in tights? Ooer, my imagination is working overtime again, pictures pleeeease. (Anyway, how do you know this grendel?) 🤭
  6. Latham’s newsagent had a couple of copies when I was in there about two weeks ago. A brilliant read.
  7. I do something very similar with safari, click on a symbol that gives me the option to ‘add to home screen’ and then an icon appears. Click on that each time and I’m straight in.
  8. I’m going back to the Beano and the Dandy, life was much more simple then.
  9. A very good expression I think, provides a timely reminder to wear a buoyancy aid!
  10. Presumably so they can park their motor home on a nice camp site or whatever and use the small car for zipping off down country lanes the motor home is too big for. It’s always seemed a rather good idea to me.
  11. I always enjoy just sitting at our mooring watching the world go by. You’re certainly not alone in behaving like a meerkat on hearing an engine Helen!! Enjoying the write-up and photos, I can’t remember ever going to Caister so we will have to take a look sometime. We usually go to Winterton for the dogs to have a run on the sands and in the dunes, Caister and Winterton sound and look quite similar.
  12. I have no doubt that at least one syndicate member will be along to explain it all to you and you will be able to ask any questions that crop up. Watch this space! 😁
  13. Sounds like the voice of experience there! Welcome to the forum SteveP, you have obviously been bitten by the bug - any thoughts of investing in your own boat?
  14. Happened to me this morning too. I got the error page but noticed I was logged in so fiddled around until I got back to the home page. Must be a gremlin in the works somewhere! 👿
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