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  1. I think I’ve gained a day somewhere! Sorry Ian.
  2. There is a fb post stating the Locks has been purchased pre-auction with a Community bid and investors are now sought. Details below if anyone wants to be involved. Please contact us via invest@savethelocks.com Or phone Graham on 01502 714661
  3. Turn downstream from the North Cove moorings, it’s a few hundred yards to the reserve. You can also do a round route, through the reserve then to North Cove itself and back down the road/track to the moorings. Nice walk.
  4. No wonder we seem to be fighting a losing battle! 😷
  5. Out of interest Poppy, have you ever challenged anyone? (Challenged is probably the wrong word, perhaps asked why the face covering is being worn incorrectly.)
  6. Funny you should say that, it’s something I have consistently noticed too. It also seems to me to be older gentlemen (?) who ignore the social distancing rule and push their way forward to wherever they are trying to get to. 😡
  7. Very interesting reading, a real ‘watch this space’!
  8. Have you managed to book one though? I see elsewhere someone managed to book online for next year only to receive a telephone call to say the boats were moving to NBD.
  9. Actually, despite the joking, it is a shame that the number of boats available for hire on the southern Broads is shrinking so much. With the expected loss of Freedom and now WRC, that’s a good number lost. I did understand that Sanderson’s we’re selling off too. Sad.
  10. I don’t care if it’s less or fewer, there won’t be so many! 😁
  11. Less boats down south then..............
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