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  1. Is it one of Herbert Woods ‘Lights’? Shaft of Light or Spark of Light?
  2. I believe a lot of the industrial hand sanitisers are liquid. Certainly the ones I have used in hospital and the doctor’s surgery recently.
  3. That was going to be my guess too!
  4. Been round the block then..........!
  5. Certainly not social-distancing!
  6. Furlough - from Dutch. Guess the yanks borrowed it from them.
  7. Well done the AA. They are offering a free breakdown service to NHS workers if they suffer a breakdown travelling to or from work.
  8. I have never thought of him as racist. I suppose it is how you interpret his writings. I find him mostly amusing, a lot of what he says is written ‘tongue in cheek’.
  9. Excellent viewing Fred, thank you. Interesting to see a picture of P50 at Reedham, that boat was still on hire with Pacific Cruisers until very recently. I love looking back at these old shots to see if I can see one that we hired over the years. I bet others do that too!
  10. A columnist who calls a spade a spade and very often writes what I have been thinking! I reckon he will currently find quite a few articles to include in his ‘you couldn’t make it up’ section.
  11. I can’t put you right as I have no answers! Playing devil’s advocate again, the police have no idea what an individual (or indeed a couple) are actually doing when they are out in the car. Some of the actions of certain police forces across the country have been beyond belief and that surely has to be down to the interpretation of the rules by the forces’ bosses. There is no doubt that some foolhardy and selfish souls have caused this ‘police state’ as some are calling it and put the police in between a rock and a hard place. I hope that, after we have got over the peak of the problem, some of these rules will be relaxed quickly. After all, why should it matter if we take the dogs out twice a day as long as we keep clear of others? And you go and work on your boat alone. We agree then!
  12. Which again makes me wonder why they haven’t done that. Any ideas?
  13. Thinking ahead, once we are past this awful time, I wonder how things will get back to some semblance of normality. I suppose it’s likely that restrictions will be lifted piecemeal. Maybe that will mean allowing us out more than once a day but still with social distancing. I can’t see pubs and restaurants etc opening for still quite a while but how about some retail shops? Thinking forward like this makes me wonder how long it could be before boatyards and marinas are fully operational again. It could be a long haul but I hope there will be a way. I wonder why they didn’t persevere then. Not profitable enough perhaps?
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