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  1. Burgh Castle is lovely. The moorings themselves are not particularly good but manageable. There is a nice walk to the castle which is extremely well kept and worth a visit. The views across to Berney Arms are great.
  2. vanessan

    River Yare

    One of my favourite spots, excellent walks for the dogs.
  3. vanessan

    River Yare

    In that case, walk to the bird hide from the staithe then carry on past Short Dyke moorings right up to the junction with the Yare. You can follow the footpath all the way to the Beauchamp Arms (which unfortunately is closed). That will certainly wear them out! If you can get a mooring at Whitlingham, walks around the lakes there are good too. Have a wonderful holiday, I’m sure you will find plenty to keep the little ones happy.
  4. vanessan

    River Yare

    The bird hide is still there. If you moor in Rockland Short Dyke it is a quicker walk to it than mooring at Rockland Staithe. The moorings are also much nicer IMO.
  5. vanessan

    River Yare

    To be fair, it was from the OP!
  6. My better half has that complaint too! 😉
  7. As a hirer, I always considered myself a holiday maker. Now as a boat owner spending 15-20 weeks afloat each year (not 2020 though!) I can’t bring myself to admit I’m on holiday for that length of time. So I must be a visitor?
  8. That’s going to make things interesting at GYYS, single mooring only with boat bookings going through the roof! I wonder how many hirers will contact the YS for guidance.
  9. Richardson’s have put out a series of YouTube videos explaining how things will work when hirers arrive at the boatyard plus lots of tips on boat handling, mooring etc. I would have thought other boatyards would advise hirers of their current procedures too, are they not doing so?
  10. Bearing in mind you are starting from WRC, the chances are you will be passing them at some point during your week. That’s if you are going to Beccles as well as heading for the Yare. Pop in on your way by for a pump out.
  11. I reckon this is probably what happened. I doubt any boatyard is going to risk the business by deliberately hiring to a number of young people totally against all the guidelines. Maybe another reason the yard in question should have been made aware?
  12. Telephone this time. Two calls concerning the Government funded insulation installed (which is news to me of course!). Problems have occurred and the loft needs to be surveyed. This is clearly an attempt to gain access to the property, maybe to identify work that needs doing urgently (yeah right!) or worse, for criminal purposes. Once challenged, the phone call is terminated pronto. It would be all too easy for an elderly person living alone to be caught out here, particularly if they had by chance had government funded insulation installed. These people are just b******s. Please excuse my french!
  13. If only, the Woods End pub closed years ago! It’s now the Waters Edge at Bramerton and I have heard they don’t like hire boats moored outside. How true that is I have no idea. Probably best to try and check on any venue to be visited bearing in mind some won’t be open or limited in access.
  14. vanessan

    Road Works 2020

    June? Or July?........
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