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  1. And surely there can't be a Norfolk Back Stop where the sea fish can mingle freely with the coarse fish
  2. Can't say I agree but it doesn't overly bother me either. Just wish it was consistent as I don't get why some fish are protected and others haven't.
  3. Hi Quo Vadis Yes it as Old Berkshire Boy has said £150 and 25kg. It cost quite a lot more and is as brand new. So I'm not taking offers on any of the above as its all very cheap. Cheers
  4. I bought a large 53L portable tank with wheels and a hose and just filled it up in the boot of the car. I never got any probs from petrol stations but I'm not sure it's allowed!
  5. Selling a few bits separately hopefully before they go on ebay (pictures enclosed):- Suzuki DF2.5 short shank. bought brand new last year and used for only half an hour! and have all the paperwork etc. £400 10ft GRP Dinghy, oars and launch trolley (has a few scratches and 1 new gouge I did getting her out! but all OK £100 25kg stainless steel mud weight bought last year (not for above ) £150 Collection in Brundall
  6. Seems ok for me maybe a small outage
  7. Cheers sorted now
  8. Good old uk power networks 😂👍
  9. Thanks it will be back in a week or so. It should have been back last week but my daughter isn't very techy and flicked the wrong switch 😃
  10. Its been a mad season and as an old school City fan I find myself watching in amazement sometimes at the football being played. I can now chill out after 2 pretty full on weekends! We passed a load of the coaches on Saturday on the way down...it was a nice gesture
  11. Sorry peeps it will be back but will be a few weeks... Its lost its WiFi connection 👎
  12. Nursing a hangover on the way back from Brighton... Happy days 🏆
  13. And they'll be back down 100 years ago 😂
  14. Looking at the latest findings from the survey there is likely to be some change(s) put forward to the current legislation. I'd prefer them to scrap it but that's from a selfish point of view or make it a uniform close season across all water bodies!
  15. Yep its a big old body of water to fluctuate wildly, it does get above 20c in Summwr though 👍
  16. I first thought Rush... and then was disappointed
  17. Nice one enjoy your holiday
  18. Shame about the cap!
  19. Simondo


    I've just got back from Brundall for the weekend and wanted to take the boat out yesterday but thought better of it like other members it was gusting pretty strong across the river!
  20. I didn't mention the broads when refering to the EA thats a narrow view point. The close season debate is national and so is the licence and so are the funds spent, although I do know they do a lot of wildlife river monitoring in and around the broads as I have dealt with them on this basis. It used to be that way Paul with regional fishing licences but now it is national with the EA
  21. Back to the close season issue I personally would love to see it go as it serves no real purpose on the Broads or rivers and considering it's been removed for all canals and lakes seems somewhat contradictory. If it should stay on the grounds of fish welfare then it should be mandated everywhere along with a boating ban (I'm a boater too!) as a boat can do more damage to a spawning ground then any angler can. A couple of other points to the less informed :- Anglers generate over £20million pounds a year in License fees alone, which is used by the EA for a number of good projects Fish tend not to eat when spawning (and mostly leading up to spawning) therefore an angler will not be catching spawning fish and most likely not near them.
  22. Sorry this place is not for rent... It's my little piece of heaven 👍
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