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  1. On 18/05/2019 at 19:28, Chelsea14Ian said:

    Man city what a team,hard for me to say that as a Chelsea fan,but city winning all three domestic cups.Watford played quite well first half.City players had a  nice touch today,they provided free coaches to city fans,travelling to  the match.Yes these players have lots of money, still nice of them to do so.

    Its been a mad season and as an old school City fan I find myself watching in amazement sometimes at the football being played. I can now chill out after 2 pretty full on weekends!  We passed a load of the coaches on Saturday on the way down...it was a nice gesture :91_thumbsup:

  2. 7 hours ago, Jayfire said:

    I understand what you mean but I couldn't put it full screen as I needed to fit the beers in the pic too

    Just gave your webcam a wave too mate :default_icon_wave:

    Nice one enjoy your holiday :default_stinky::408_beers:

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  3. I've just got back from Brundall for the weekend and wanted to take the boat out yesterday but thought better of it like other members it was gusting pretty strong across the river!

  4. 1 hour ago, vanessan said:

    Could you please enlighten me as to what ‘good projects’ have been undertaken by the EA specifically for the Broads? That is a genuine question as I really have no idea. A good project for the EA would be the refurbishment of the Burgh Castle moorings but it doesn’t look as if that’s going to happen now. 

    I didn't mention the broads when refering to the EA thats a narrow view point. The close season debate is national and so is the licence and so are the funds spent, although I do know they do a lot of wildlife river monitoring in and around the broads as I have dealt with them on this basis.


    43 minutes ago, Paul said:

    Excellent idea. I have long held the opinion that anglers should have to buy a fishing permit to fish the broads, in the same way they do the canals.

    It used to be that way Paul with regional fishing licences but now it is national with the EA

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  5. Back to the close season issue I personally would love to see it go as it serves no real purpose on the Broads or rivers and considering it's been removed for all canals and lakes seems somewhat contradictory. If it should stay on the grounds of fish welfare then it should be mandated everywhere along with a boating ban (I'm a boater too!) as a boat can do more damage to a spawning ground then any angler can.

    A couple of other points to the less informed :default_icon_e_surprised::-

    • Anglers generate over £20million pounds a year in License fees alone, which is used by the EA for a number of good projects
    • Fish tend not to eat when spawning (and mostly leading up to spawning) therefore an angler will not be catching spawning fish and most likely not near them.
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  6. Hi Hylander

    Yes you do have to get a licence to save (just over a tenner from memory), however at least you know now that you can recover them. Maybe try some other free software first as mentioned above and if you have no luck at least you can use a licenced version of Diskdigger to recover them.

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  7. Thanks for the messages and posts. I've now reset it. I think it resets itself to the lowest position after a communication outage. I'll sort it properly when I can get full access to a pc.

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