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  1. The airbus wings carrier around Hawarden?
  2. I bet you felt better for that Breydon 😂
  3. Had to prise the tray out of the freezer before topping up on vodka!
  4. Did one like this last year but did this one whilst returning from interstellar 19 on a secret galactic mission 😝
  5. Strange...so you didn't bother reading the Hickling Broad update
  6. I also think JM does good work in bringing to our attention these matters and have said that before. I have a differing opinion on this particular clause though and if that's what you are referring to in the quoted text above I don't see it.
  7. I fully understand what you are saying but you are being selective with your words in the proposed amended clause. You have to use maintenance alongside 'improvement and development' (inclusive). So to use your analogy if the Authority decide there is no reasonable need to dredge a particular area surely that CANNOT be argued with any amount of reasonableness to be an improvement or development. I’ve mentioned this a few times as have others am I misreading it?
  8. I thought the navigation area is set out in the BA Act 1988 and can only be changed by a formal process which the BA can propose?
  9. Given the proposed wording could the BA reasonably argue that this is maintaining, improving and developing the said navigation? So have we any current comeback on this? and would the new wording not be better for us?
  10. That's pretty much what I'm saying in that 'Maintenance, Improvement and Development' are inclusive so it's not just maintenance. Out of the 2 versions the current 1988 version and this proposed version I'd opt for this one
  11. I don't feel there is anything wrong with 2 (1) (c) and judge some of the comments above as taken in part and not the whole of the statement. The last part which has been highlighted and commented upon HAS to be taken in context with the whole statement which clearly states 'protecting the right of navigation through the maintenance, improvement and development' . The latter part 'as appears to the Authority to be reasonably required' is a legal way of watering this down so as not to be specific yet what its watering down is the maintenance, improvement and development NOT the degradation or failing of such rights. So lets say some part of the navigation is not maintained or improved or developed and in fact falls in to some sort of decay would BA really have any protection in this statement... the answer is no because they could not say they have maintained or improved or developed said part of the navigation and reasonableness wouldn't come into it. I obviously have a different viewpoint than some on here but its still my opinion of that statement... however I do agree it could be written in a clearer less ambiguous manner to either placate or incense the naysayers
  12. Noticed on Saturday that the Vagabond appears to be closed down, does anyone know if this is the case?
  13. Can't believe that its the same one I dropped from my roof That would be great if you're not using it, I'll send you a PM Cheers Simon
  14. Ooo that's a tough start fortunately the levels don't drop that low too often.... Welcome
  15. Yes I have no problem with it being shared. The only limit is 40 concurrent viewers so hopefully it won't max out
  16. Yes I have had one of those linked up with Cumulus and online but unfortunately during a service I dropped it off the roof and it disintegrated! However now you have reminded me I may well do that again. For others the reason the home screen has the data on it is that really that's all this site is/was meant to be as a bit of fun however if there are more suggestions (i.e. the weather station) I may well move it to a dedicated screen and incorporate more gubbins...all free of course
  17. Glad it all appears OK thanks
  18. Hi All As a new year's gift I just thought I'd share my Webcam online initally as a trial but if it goes OK I'll leave it there. The Webcam is in Brundall over looking the Yare towards Brooms and I though there is a lack of them on this river. It's not that clear at night but OK in daylight. I may in the future set a movement schedule up as it is PTZ. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share. BTW my website is and always will be free and advertising free even though there is a personal cost to me. Let me know your thoughts. http://catchpro.co.uk/Webcam Cheers Simon
  19. Simondo

    Low Tide

    A really low one today
  20. Very very sad indeed I'm so sorry for your loss, sincere condolances.
  21. I see what you are saying JM but your point is a subjective notion of what isn't written in the response and as such can't be qualified. Maybe in the future if what you are saying can be substantiated then you can say 'I told you so'
  22. What a fab house but not looking to downsize just yet
  23. I've just heard the news that renowned Norfolk angler and angling TV presenter John Wilson has passed away this morning. This is sad news to me as I grew up watching his videos and TV shows intently, in fact it was his love of the Broads that brought me down here first of all. My sincere condolences to John's family and friends.
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