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  1. Given the proposed wording could the BA reasonably argue that this is maintaining, improving and developing the said navigation? So have we any current comeback on this? and would the new wording not be better for us?
  2. That's pretty much what I'm saying in that 'Maintenance, Improvement and Development' are inclusive so it's not just maintenance. Out of the 2 versions the current 1988 version and this proposed version I'd opt for this one
  3. I don't feel there is anything wrong with 2 (1) (c) and judge some of the comments above as taken in part and not the whole of the statement. The last part which has been highlighted and commented upon HAS to be taken in context with the whole statement which clearly states 'protecting the right of navigation through the maintenance, improvement and development' . The latter part 'as appears to the Authority to be reasonably required' is a legal way of watering this down so as not to be specific yet what its watering down is the maintenance, improvement and development NOT the degradation or failing of such rights. So lets say some part of the navigation is not maintained or improved or developed and in fact falls in to some sort of decay would BA really have any protection in this statement... the answer is no because they could not say they have maintained or improved or developed said part of the navigation and reasonableness wouldn't come into it. I obviously have a different viewpoint than some on here but its still my opinion of that statement... however I do agree it could be written in a clearer less ambiguous manner to either placate or incense the naysayers
  4. Noticed on Saturday that the Vagabond appears to be closed down, does anyone know if this is the case?
  5. Can't believe that its the same one I dropped from my roof That would be great if you're not using it, I'll send you a PM Cheers Simon
  6. Ooo that's a tough start fortunately the levels don't drop that low too often.... Welcome
  7. Yes I have no problem with it being shared. The only limit is 40 concurrent viewers so hopefully it won't max out
  8. Yes I have had one of those linked up with Cumulus and online but unfortunately during a service I dropped it off the roof and it disintegrated! However now you have reminded me I may well do that again. For others the reason the home screen has the data on it is that really that's all this site is/was meant to be as a bit of fun however if there are more suggestions (i.e. the weather station) I may well move it to a dedicated screen and incorporate more gubbins...all free of course
  9. Glad it all appears OK thanks
  10. Hi All As a new year's gift I just thought I'd share my Webcam online initally as a trial but if it goes OK I'll leave it there. The Webcam is in Brundall over looking the Yare towards Brooms and I though there is a lack of them on this river. It's not that clear at night but OK in daylight. I may in the future set a movement schedule up as it is PTZ. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share. BTW my website is and always will be free and advertising free even though there is a personal cost to me. Let me know your thoughts. http://catchpro.co.uk/Webcam Cheers Simon
  11. Simondo

    Low Tide

    A really low one today
  12. Very very sad indeed I'm so sorry for your loss, sincere condolances.
  13. I see what you are saying JM but your point is a subjective notion of what isn't written in the response and as such can't be qualified. Maybe in the future if what you are saying can be substantiated then you can say 'I told you so'
  14. What a fab house but not looking to downsize just yet
  15. I've just heard the news that renowned Norfolk angler and angling TV presenter John Wilson has passed away this morning. This is sad news to me as I grew up watching his videos and TV shows intently, in fact it was his love of the Broads that brought me down here first of all. My sincere condolences to John's family and friends.
  16. Its not as simple as cost & looks dnks34 (I do agree with your viewpoint though) but it is simple to inform planning (and its the rules!) of the material to be used and as said earlier may have been possible to have had the cladding agreed at the time. My personal viewpoint is why run the risk? just get everything approved or not beforehand then you know where you are.
  17. You may well be right about the appearance Vaughan and the lack of joined up thinking re the planning, but you can't go applying your own materials of choice without first having them approved. Incidentally for my own planning I was refused PVC windows and had to fit wooden ones! Somebody else had this same constraint and ignored it...that went the same way as this has done for Mr Lodge!
  18. No sympathy here as has been said regarding the planning. It will have been stated that all materials used will have to be submitted and approved. This must not have happened otherwise he wouldn't be in this pickle.
  19. I believe the original law is in this day and age is outdated. This law came about when match catches were thrown up the bank and coarse fish were taken regularly and as contrast to some beliefs didn't take into consideration bank-side flora and fauna. We find ourselves in a disparate situation where canals and lakes can be fished and rivers can't, some clubs impose self regulating close season rules and other clubs as and when the Carp (not other species!) are spawning. Add to this the fact that some species (Perch and Pike plus others) spawn outside the current close season, makes a real mockery of it all. My personal preference would be a complete lifting of the law (being selfish and an angler) but if it were to be upheld then I would also want to see it benefit the fish and not the angler (or angling industry), meaning specific rules for certain species and no preference of water body type. Also ask yourself this question specifically for the Broads:- Do you think boats do more damage to spawning areas than anglers? I know this has been mentioned before but for context fish always spawn in shallower weeded areas to lay their eggs, and in the main the Broads are fished away from these areas. If a boat was move through these waters when mooring or whatever how many eggs would be swept away...just a thought!
  20. Larger boat forces sale of this 4m x 2m Tetra dock floating pontoon. The dock can be driven or or pulled/winched on. This dock is a year old and cost £1800 fitted + other installation parts. I'm willing to let it go for less than half price @ £750. The dock comes with the attachments (if required) that I used to fix it to my quay heading. either PM or call 07803206117 Cheers Simon
  21. I got one of these last year without the password bit...I knew it was baloney as they mentioend a webcam which I havent got on my PC. so just ignored it however if I get another with my password I'll go through my emails and change the passwords. some of my email addresses are over 20 years old so have been around a bit!! Thanks for the heads up
  22. I'll look out for you passing riverside estate if you do?
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