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  1. Its not as simple as cost & looks dnks34 (I do agree with your viewpoint though) but it is simple to inform planning (and its the rules!) of the material to be used and as said earlier may have been possible to have had the cladding agreed at the time. My personal viewpoint is why run the risk? just get everything approved or not beforehand then you know where you are.
  2. You may well be right about the appearance Vaughan and the lack of joined up thinking re the planning, but you can't go applying your own materials of choice without first having them approved. Incidentally for my own planning I was refused PVC windows and had to fit wooden ones! Somebody else had this same constraint and ignored it...that went the same way as this has done for Mr Lodge!
  3. No sympathy here as has been said regarding the planning. It will have been stated that all materials used will have to be submitted and approved. This must not have happened otherwise he wouldn't be in this pickle.
  4. I believe the original law is in this day and age is outdated. This law came about when match catches were thrown up the bank and coarse fish were taken regularly and as contrast to some beliefs didn't take into consideration bank-side flora and fauna. We find ourselves in a disparate situation where canals and lakes can be fished and rivers can't, some clubs impose self regulating close season rules and other clubs as and when the Carp (not other species!) are spawning. Add to this the fact that some species (Perch and Pike plus others) spawn outside the current close season, makes a real mockery of it all. My personal preference would be a complete lifting of the law (being selfish and an angler) but if it were to be upheld then I would also want to see it benefit the fish and not the angler (or angling industry), meaning specific rules for certain species and no preference of water body type. Also ask yourself this question specifically for the Broads:- Do you think boats do more damage to spawning areas than anglers? I know this has been mentioned before but for context fish always spawn in shallower weeded areas to lay their eggs, and in the main the Broads are fished away from these areas. If a boat was move through these waters when mooring or whatever how many eggs would be swept away...just a thought!
  5. Larger boat forces sale of this 4m x 2m Tetra dock floating pontoon. The dock can be driven or or pulled/winched on. This dock is a year old and cost £1800 fitted + other installation parts. I'm willing to let it go for less than half price @ £750. The dock comes with the attachments (if required) that I used to fix it to my quay heading. either PM or call 07803206117 Cheers Simon
  6. I got one of these last year without the password bit...I knew it was baloney as they mentioend a webcam which I havent got on my PC. so just ignored it however if I get another with my password I'll go through my emails and change the passwords. some of my email addresses are over 20 years old so have been around a bit!! Thanks for the heads up
  7. I'll look out for you passing riverside estate if you do?
  8. This under my bungalow in Brundall http://catchpro.co.uk/
  9. Just general advice on getting the boat straighter when mooring alongside... and yes I think it may have been the younger chap!
  10. I was out in my boat for the first overnighter at the weekend and ended up mooring at Reedham. Having secured my ropes the BA operative stationed there came along and asked if everything was OK which I replied yes. He then asked me if I was OK with my ropes in which I also replied yes, so he wandered off to the next boat to help them tie up. I wondered if I'd have asked him was anything wrong with my mooring lines whether he would have said yes, so I went over and had a word. He came back and educated me with a better way of tying up and not only that but a bit of further free advice. Firstly, I didn't know the BA put personnel permanently on these types of moorings and secondly what a nice pleasant chappie he was enjoying his work. So, a big thumbs-up from me and although I know some of you will say that’s what we pay our tolls for, I say value for money.
  11. I agree the UK seems to have a more hostile booze culture that likes these mindless acts of vandalism or violance!
  12. Tom Fuller do all our pickups from Brundall as they are based locally
  13. Bottled becks is my choice as well, the first one after not drinking for a few days goes in about 39secs ?
  14. Simondo

    At Last

    And the only other decent one
  15. Simondo

    At Last

    Well done that was the first boat I stayed on in 1989 that started my love affair with the Broads...I'll stick a photo up later
  16. Yeh I've found at least 3 biting critters around. Mozzies are the worst for me as I have some sort of reaction when I get done, they end up like boiled eggs. There's also some blackish delta winged jobbers about 5mm that give a good account of themselves and there’s the minute buggers that are all over the place at the moment, certainly in Cheshire and Norfolk that give a little nick that hours or a day later start itching like billyOh! I’ve been mullered recently but I must say the Cheshire mozzies are the SAS of the fly world and the size of Crane flies
  17. On the Yare you can catch well at Brundall gardens and Bramerton
  18. Anyone been out and wetted a line? Me...had a 60lb Bream Roach and Perch start along with acouple of pike at about 5lb and 7lb. It could have been a lot more but angler and tackle misfunction contributed well!!
  19. Simondo


    Plenty of enthusiasts about and the crossing staff were very good with quick opening and closing and on the plus side our train to Norwich was the best we have had ?
  20. Yes I use PW Angling the bait is spot on and very friendly service
  21. Double Doh! Cheers chaps food for thought
  22. Doh...should have asked I was in there on Saturday!
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