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  1. You may be right but Brundall has some specific clauses in the local plan giving weight to employment in the boat building sector and marina etc. plus another preventing new builds. However there are specific firms set-up to try and get around these clauses...so you never know.
  2. It would be an interesting planning application if they did go for residential property as new builds are purportedly not allowed
  3. Hi Oceandawn you havent lost the messages they are in your message box known as Private Messages or PMs. I asked you for some specifics privately as I didn't want to assume you would like the info in the forum section. Yes a tad confusing but look under your messages (sent items) and you will find them. If not I'll post your last reply Cheers
  4. I've had a different experience to others as mine went the other way in that; initially I put it on Find A Fishing Boat then Ebay and then Appollo Duck all to no avail! I then thought sod it and stuck it with a broker who sold it within a couple of months for more than what I would have accepted from the others. I thought that Appollo Duck was very reasonable and easy to use with good feedback however in the end it didn't sell! Ebay was a bit of a joke with idiots (tryers as previously stated) asking for silly prices and stupid questions. So I did end up paying more to sell it but but the uplift in my sale price meant that whilst I did fair worse off the boat was gone! If I had to sell again I would use Apollo Duck and test the water! and go to a broker sooner if it didnt sell. I suppose another variable is the price bracket as some markets are better at different ranges? e.g. Ebay may be better at low(ish) price bracket.
  5. The smell of the curry mile in Manchester
  6. Simondo


    This is an interesting topic for me being a Brundall riverside resident. I think for the previously said reasons (lack of moorings, visitor shop, riverside access etc.) that it shouldn't be labelled 'capital of the south'. I remember the riverside shop and Penny she was always very pleasant. I think in the latter years of the shop the other part concentrated mainly on angling and I think it was maybe her son (Simon?) who ran it and later opened up Brundall Angling Centre on riverside estate, it’s a shame it went bump as it was great for me being an angler. For me Brundall is just fine as it is with its laid back feel and decent amenities. It doesn’t make the most of the passing boat traffic but in essence it doesn’t need to really as the industry and villagers seem to keep things going well. We regularly frequent the Bistro and Yare plus there’s now an Indian in the village along with a really good Indian (Tamarind) only 5mins away. Very often we use the rail link into Norwich (fab city) for a mooch (pub crawl really!) so all in all it’s a great place to park the car and not have to use it while we are here.
  7. Never at the moment!! just had a quick rekkie through all my comms today and I reckon its up close to 150...I'm beginning to loathe pixels
  8. Carp fishing and the match fraternity turning to commercials is the main reason as to why these sorts of ponds have sprung up all over the place in recent years. Farmers making better use of their land and the selling on for sometimes huge profits also fuels this. Carp fishing is the most popular branch of the pastime these days and the match fraternity turned to commercials because of access and fish stocking densities which also changed the way match fishing has evolved. In saying all that I believe the match fishing on the broadland rivers (especially the Yare) is making a resurgence
  9. Survey completed good luck with it, I'll monitor with interest
  10. I also use both of them especially XCweather has been on my favourites for donkeys! Has anyone tried the Windy app for mobiles its really good. There are some inland Broads places (Wroxham, Coldham hall sailing club and others) plus loads of coastal places. Its a great app Windy
  11. Sorry missed that it could be genuine but I'd guess the fish was already dead
  12. A couple of things look strange on that piccy... 1 The Bass seems a bit emaciated as if its been dead a while and at a strange angle to the surroundings 2 I didnt know Breydon had places with that level of bankside fauna did you take it BoundToPlease sorry for doubting but just looks a bit weird?
  13. No probs chaps... as said if anyone wants it for free then PM me I'll be around next weekend, it'd be a shame to dispose of it as its more or less brand new and worth about 40 squid! here is a link I found http://www.starbrite.com/item/premium-teak-care-kit?category_id=588
  14. There are 3 seperate bottles described as above if you Google starbrite teak kit it should find it. I've not got them with me as they are in brundall so all I know is as above
  15. No probs Griff I won't be in brundall until next Thursday so anytime next weekend let me know and I'll PM the details
  16. I'd posted this some time ago on another forum and it didnt go so just seeing if it fairs better on here as it seems to have a better footfall! Starbrite Teak Kit including Brightener, Cleaner and Oil all 3 hardly used. Free to anyone collection only Brundall
  17. I'm still a big kid in my fifties me and my daughter did pumpkins the other night...here's mine edit to say hello everyone...didnt know it was my first post! been a member a while...ooops
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