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  1. Hello only just catching up wit this but The Wind Energy Museum at Repps were also a finalist.
  2. As one who took part in the Flotilla it was a great day. We transported Vikings as due to other circumstances well publicised most of the beer went via road. Countess of Light did take some barrels and led the procession looking beautiful whilst we had another role also well publicised. It was a fab day and all credit to the organisers!
  3. It’s a great exhibition and is focusing on the line from Great Yarmouth Beach station which goes through Stalham. I know the museum would have liked to cover many other lines as well. There is a bit on Samuel Peto.
  4. Agree the hull is right but the windows in particular on the top aren’t right. Either way she looks a lovely boat
  5. Ray that’s great. What’s more their annual ticket means you can go back again for free. Seen another example of the old Malsters type bar in the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk and also in a bar in Harwich. It’s a great concept ?
  6. Good morning all. The Museum is indeed getting a new electric trip boat with a transparent roof. Bearing in mind how good most boat windscreen wipers are they haven’t gone for one on the roof - a bit of elbow grease will resolve that one?. They are also getting a new steam engine for Falcon and the current engine will go on display. The wheelchair will be used with the accessible electric trip boat. Thanks for flagging this Springsong, and Timbo I am sure Uncle Albert would have approved. Its all good news for the Broads and for a fabulous indepenent museum. Have a lovely sunny day all.
  7. Morning - if you walk along the river past the playhouse to the next bridge - quite a busy road. Then carry onto the next Bridge on Coslany street and then cross the river you are into a very interesting bit of Norwich. You will pass the old Bullards Anchor Brewery. Cross the road and find a parth which takes you through to St Benedicts. Lost of restaurants and unique shops. Go right until you get to the Ten Bells pub. Go up Ten Bell lane - a cobbled street and keep heading up Cow hill. You will then past a glorious church with the highest church tower in Norwich (excluding the cathedrals) turn right at the top onto St Giles - another lovely road - over the flyover and the plantation garden is on the left just past the RC Cathedral. It's a decent walk from the yacht station but you will see some great parts of Norwich - enjoy!
  8. Poggymale

    Wifi And 4g

    Loads better in both Stalham and Brundall now. Apparently the middle of Barton has good reception as well! Hoping the Bure black spots now much better! I have a Three wifi dongle which works well in most places.
  9. Great, very spacious and a nice cockpit to boot! Just glides through the water!
  10. When I worked there she was the only one of that type. They were lovely but to this day my fave is still the Navigator! Stunning!
  11. Hello - Jenny Wren was a hire boat in the 1970s and 1980s - I used to clean her on a Saturday and whacked my head on a regular basis going down into the cabin. She is a lovely boat.
  12. It was filmed on the first Saturday in July and the day before - both days were very hot and Pamela was in the Museum of the Broads Oulton Boat Shed which was like an oven! Well spotted re her husband in the archive film. Jenny Wren is owned by Brooms and has defo been afloat for many years - it can found in their yard. I had some lengthy conversations with the researcher re some ideas some of which were shown and others for practical reasons weren't and replaced by other things.
  13. The Comodore at Oulton Broad gets close to what you are looking for or the Waters Edge at Bramerton? As for coffee or tea you could sit at The Nelson in Norwich, the coffee shop at Oulton Broad outside or East Hills at Brundall where you can sit in the balcony and watch all the boatyard activities! The same goes to the teashop at Ranworth. The good thing with the Broads s that there is such a great combination of places which is great. Its incredible what drinks and cullinary delights can we whipped up on the boat. We have an afternoon tea set complete with cake stand on ours for special occasions!
  14. Morning all and a belated happy new year. I went last year and my husband and our friends went this year (don't go running with a bad back several days before it stops you attending). We all had free tickets which was great. It is a nice day our in my opinion - just after Christmas and a nice prequel to the year's boating. Having a chat with the stall holders and picking up a few ideas is always a favourite of ours. A few freebies were also on offer. I really wanted to see the Massey Shaw Thames fire boat but had to be satisfied with a few photos. Pop along and have a look at the boat - it's outside. A few purchases were made to make life on our boat a bit better and a good day was had by all - we always go in a Friday. Have a great time if you decide to go!
  15. Will be very interested to hear how you get on. Have had varied experience both personally and within our boat club of both quality of job and people who ring you back. Keep us posted.
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