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  1. No! Calor claim they are 78.000 bottles short. That's seventy eight thousand in case anyone thinks it's a typo! Last summer they sold every spare bottle they had to the staycationers and left themselves with a huge shortfall of bottles in the system.for refills. Ironically all the suppliers (garages, hardware stores, morrisons etc) have racks full of empty bottles but calor work on an exchange system so won't take empties unless they have full ones to replace them. In Lowestoft, currently, there are over 100 empty 4.5 butane bottles in suppliers racks (I know, I counted them a fortnight ago) but calor will not take them back into the system without full replacements. Some of those retailers are looking to dump their calor accounts because they have nothing to sell and haven't had for months and months. If I had continued to rely on calor I would not have been able to cook a meal on my boat for almost six months now! The situation is ludicrous and they just don't care. Hours on the phone to customer service and their attitude is 'tough' You couldn't write it....
  2. All you need is here https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/stay-safe-advice/solid-fuel-stoves/new-stove-new-chimney/
  3. Thank you both. Yes this is the class we are talking about. We were particularly interested in the original layout especially the forward well. There has been speculation as to whether the well was part of the original build or a conversion when the Baltimore's were sold to Earnest Collins in the 80's. It seems they are original and a bag of Quality Street is coming my way... Yay! Lovely boat.
  4. Does anyone have access to the catalogue entry for a Moores Baltimore from about 1970 ish? Thanks
  5. Perhaps it is just the UK then. Peachments are normally pretty helpful and seem to be the main distributor to many of the other Nanni dealers but I did get the feeling that when it's knackered it's replacement time.
  6. As we know, modern marine diesels are based on their automotive counterparts. These engines are built to tolerances that are unable to be replicated during outside refurbishment and so the units go back to the original manufacturer as service exchange items and are rebuilt accordingly by them. Because you can't rebuild the engine, outside of the original manufacturers factory, very few internal components are made available for rebuilds. Nanni, et al, offer no exchange units and we can't rebuild them so, ultimately, they are single use units. Gotta love BMC's.... I wouldn't fit anything else!
  7. Papaver? That'll keep your varnish brush entertained.
  8. And passed on details of Beccles I hope, or is she another one headed down the A12?
  9. That has started my day with a smile.
  10. Just write the number somewhere in permanent marker? I have two paddle boards and a canoe, all registered and tolled with the BA. I have memorised the paddle boards numbers and have been asked for them on occasion. Myself and young Tobster disagree on the BCU membership. Whilst I could run with a BCU card anywhere in the country, my BCU membership fee can also be spent anywhere in the country. I pay the BA tolls because I want the broads to be maintained. (Well I live in hope...)
  11. Victron 3 output here as well. Fitted a few now in either 20a or 30a guise and been really happy with them
  12. Some people's bad days are more spectacular than others
  13. Labour? At over £500 a square meter I would expect it to apply itself!
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