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  1. Guess she'll float a bit lop sided then...
  2. I always arrive "late" at GY whichever way I am headed. South to north an hour after slack works for me. One thing I would add is to watch the chanel marker posts on Breydon or the lower Bure as you travel. Seeing the water flowing round the posts will tell you in which direction and how fast the tide is around you.
  3. Just don't leave your sausages aboard the boat in August for some poor soul to discover oozing out the fridge in November.
  4. Wherry Hotel in Oulton Broad do breakfasts. One of the best breakfasts on the broads is Auntie Pat's. Just check the age of the sausages first...
  5. Was there today. It's coming along but behind schedule - too much rum in the coffee methinks
  6. JanetAnne


    Don't forget Broad Farm at Filby
  7. JanetAnne


    Despite such a list of no-no's I have twice managed to 'swap' my privately rented (non marina) mooring on the Waveney short term for one 'up north'. It gives us a chance to have an extended cruise without doing that long slog across Breydon and up the Yare every time. Having your boat at a different start point for a month certainly enhances your season.
  8. And here's Breydon at is harshest, just in case anyone was getting confident enough to try a crossing..
  9. Nice to see Paul pick up best restoration for Countess of Light.
  10. My patches are bigger than your patches
  11. Think I may try some on the kids
  12. Here's my convertible. .. Well, what did you expect really?
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