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  1. Here's what we are talking about..
  2. Was that really almost 5 years ago? You'll have to tell me about your interest in her, she's had quite a life! Richeldis (Lady Beverley to us) is in storage. Her restoration has not started yet because we need to finish some other projects first. She is an absolutely huge undertaking and is probably not really doable but once we have some materials allocated we will have a session. You'll all know when we start, there'll be an appeal, aka Royal Tudor's DIY sos, for help! How are your woodworking skills?
  3. Is this just the 4.5 butane or does it affect the 3.9 propane as well? Can't find any mention on Calor UK site We wondered whether they have introduced a new butane 4.5 and will convert the old ones to 3.9 propane to cover the continuing shortage?
  4. Go on then, I'll bite All marine plywood has to carry BS1088 on its edge and most builders merchants carry stock of this although the quality varies considerably. Real marine plywood also has 'lloyds approved' next to the BS1088 and is about 4 times the price. If it helps Ridgeons have a pretty decent quality 1088 marine ply in stock. Don't go to Wickes!
  5. Perhaps they could attach them on the same posts under all the 'no mooring' signs
  6. I have fitted a couple of the Webasto wet systems Vaughan talks about and love them. A combination of radiators, where there is room, and blown air heat exchangers where it's a bit tight will be a good combination. A loop to the calorifier is well worth it. To cope with air locks I find a couple of strategically placed abv's (automatic bleed valves) make a tremendous difference. Pressurise to 1bar like a domestic combi boiler and away you go.
  7. I believe that the domestic tank we are talking about here is known as an indirect tank. That means that it is filled from a header tank rather than directly off mains pressure. Because boat domestic water systems are pressurised, including hot water, these domestic tanks have a habit of gradually 'ballooning' if used on a boats system. That's why homes with an indirect hot water cylinder and header tank in the loft (usually) have a lower pressure at the hot tap than the cold tap which is connected directly to the pressurised mains. Having said that, you can use a domestic indirect
  8. You'll be perfectly safe unless he starts to sing
  9. Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show 2021 Just a few lines from me at the minute regarding next years little get together. Yes I know its a bit early to be thinking about such things but, for some reason, blame lockdown or something, I keep getting asked for next years dates! Of course, when I got the calendar out and worked everything out I could see why people were not sure. These days we attend Beccles on the second Saturday of the month and, when you look at 2021, this is the year we jump back so show day is on Saturday the 14th. That means the 2021 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show i
  10. I thought the 6 wheel Tyrrell did a couple of seasons and even had a win?
  11. Not sure if this will help but winterising is not really necessary until winter actually arrives. Winters are not as harsh these days meaning far less risk. In fact last winter we never 'winterised' the boats at all. I am not at all concerned until the beast from the east, the big freeze (or whatever they call the next one) actually gets here.
  12. JanetAnne

    My Dog

    Leave the radio on or the telly. Just like us your dog is used to the noises of another being around them.
  13. My wife taught our collie to shake my wallet open and then take the notes to her and swap them for dog biscuits! (Money had a certain smell until this new plastic rubbish). It got so expensive I ended up leaving my wallet in the car overnight. By the way Griff, stairgates. We have a couple that we just transfer to whichever doorway we need to exclude the dogs from.
  14. From British Marine Marina Guidance Marina Industry Position Statement – England (updated 5th November 2020) As directed by Government for the period 5th November to 2nd December 2020 marinas can remain open for business services including (but not limited to) boatyard, boat servicing and tenants. Chandleries and other non-essential retail can remain open for delivery to customers, click and collect and to supply the marine trade. On site catering should close unless providing takeaway services. No overnight stays are allowed on boats except for residential berth holders (w
  15. I was thinking more the long weekend on BA Ah well... Best I move the tent then! Joking aside I have the details and will sort it in the next couple of days.
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