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  1. I believe the batteries have been renewed after..... well, best we don't mention it and Timbo doesn't seem too badly affected.
  2. Welcome to the madhouse! Have they told you about the initiation ceremony yet?
  3. Now you have got your hand in on the models you're perfectly placed to become custodian to something a bit bigger...
  4. Or something a little bigger maybe? http://www.classicsales.co.uk/ceuta.htm
  5. I have still got an Allegro Just acquired this to restore and keep it company...
  6. You weren't too fussed about the varnish this year then?
  7. Yes she is Romany, a Robinson boat, and has just changed hands to a good friend and fellow Beccles attendee. She is about to be moved from Martham (may already have been) to her new owners facility so her future is looking more certain. Sadly she has lost a lot of her original fittings so the search is on!
  8. I wrote that reply sitting on Chloe Jane actually in Brooke Marine!
  9. A wooden boat rally? I could quite fancy going to one of those. Any chance of more details?
  10. It's the rudder tube again. Don't forget RT hasn't been out since last August...
  11. Bet he'll be telling the same jokes as #1 though
  12. Spot on mate. Beautifully done.
  13. "a wooden leg or a parrot" Anyway, when you own a wooden boat all the good wood is spoken for long before limbs appear on the list
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