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  1. JanetAnne

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Was an oscar winning performance Lulu and probably quite hard to do in the heat of competition!
  2. JanetAnne

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Please do. There is quite a thirst on this forum for piccys of the broads and especially the boats from times past.
  3. JanetAnne

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Highlight 5 and 6 are still going strong. I was 13 in 1976 and owned half a 2 berth launch with my brother. We spent the whole summer on the Broads aboard that little boat. It had the two berths a hob and a sink. Aft cockpit with a Stuart Turner twin on dynastart. We used to see how far we could get on whatever petrol we could scrounge out of dad's car and then, when it ran out we would drift back on the tide to Oulton Broad and scrounge some more. If we ever got a full gallon we could be gone a week!
  4. JanetAnne

    Nav Lights Not Working

    Nav lights not working is not part of the bss. Condition and security of wiring and fuses are. If it's fitted it needs to have been fitted safely and within bss regulations however, it don't need to work!
  5. JanetAnne

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    There are pictures of Somerleyton bridge with these shorter rails laid alongside the normal rails ready for use. I bet Jenny Morgan has some?
  6. JanetAnne

    A Serious Question

    Now if it was rails we were talking about, though it seems we are possibly not, I would drill a cooling hole down the length of the two rails intended to remain to size and pump cooling water along the inside of said metal. If I was fortunate enough to have a local source of water like, for example, a river below and the water was not the wrong type of water then I could potentially keep my steel cool and to size.
  7. JanetAnne

    A Serious Question

    Is this a modern problem? I cant remember whether the bridges were out of action in the summer of 1976.... must have been too busy bathing with a friend!
  8. JanetAnne

    A Serious Question

    File the ends down on all four rails the relevant amount to compensate for the expansion when hot? When the rails are cool you will need to get all three passengers to jump as their carriage passes the gap. If that isn't enough get the driver to jump at the same time.
  9. JanetAnne

    Emily B

    Alan and Barry need all the encouragement they can get. That old boat needs to be afloat in 8 weeks! It has a very very important event to attend.
  10. JanetAnne

    Private Or Hire?

    Nope, it ain't me either
  11. JanetAnne

    Gardener In Lowestoft

    Perfect. I have your number Peter, will ring after the weekend. Cheers
  12. JanetAnne

    Gardener In Lowestoft

    Yes I know it's a strange request on a broads forum but I also know there are many on here with local knowledge and I live 160 miles away! I need to find a local gardener in Lowestoft who can look after my mums garden for her. Nothing too strenuous, just a lawn to cut, some borders to keep tidy and the occasional shrub to keep under control. It's not a big garden, probably 70ft x 35ft plus a little postage stamp size lawn out front. She is 86 now and it's become just too much for her. We reckon a day a fortnight but would be guided accordingly. So, does anyone know anyone?
  13. JanetAnne

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Rumour has it that a repeat performance will be heard aboard (which means afloat) Royal Tudor in the summer. Ticket sales have been erm..... well..... let's just say that we have some left!
  14. JanetAnne

    Emily B

    Is that still not in the water? Had a guided tour the other day, it's going to be quite a craft when completed. Perhaps you could keep this thread going Barry, she's a very interesting project.?
  15. JanetAnne

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    I thought short planks came in pairs... or so the saying goes

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