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  1. Here it is alongside Merlin
  2. Things have moved on a bit. We know who has it. Police are involved but the actual canoe is not in their possession yet. It may still be being offered for sale so please be aware.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place for this but if anyone is offered a 14ft green Canadian canoe (Mackinshaw) we had one stolen over the bank holiday weekend. It was carrying it's broads registration number 22483 though I realise that is easily removed. It was taken from its mooring in Oulton Broad
  4. Colin at Storm Force. 07930 666911 Brilliant bloke, absolutely top class work. Colin has done probably a dozen canopies for me now plus tailored winter covers etc. We always go for sunbrella. It seems a very good compromise.
  5. Could the BA argue that they deem themselves to have a blanket authority from the hire yards in a similar way to how they can close Breydon to hire boats? Of course, the owner of the vessel is not the master.
  6. So do I Nice one Jay.
  7. Hi all, Can anyone identify the flag below? It has turned up whilst sorting through some old family items and it's the only one we have no information on. Of course the answer may be obvious or it could just be something made up, I have no idea either way but I hope one of you will. Cheers
  8. That wasn't part of a breakdown though. To me, breakdown cover is for engine problems, flat batteries etc. The sort of things you'd call the AA out for if it was your car in need. I just don't understand what the hull material has to do with 'breakdown' cover. You wouldn't call the AA if your car needed welding.
  9. Not sure that the hull material actually effects mechanical breakdown so I will be interested to hear the reasoning behind this one. In the meantime, insurance in general for wooden boats is getting harder and harder to obtain. I seem to spend more time talking about insurance than planking these days! Hopefully someone will see the niche, like they have in the classic car world, and things will then improve.
  10. Me three. Am interested from a learning point of view. I have a number of bmc powered boats so anything that helps with my maintenance is very welcome.
  11. "7ft at average high water" eh? I suspect the 7ft mark on the gauge these days has rotted off having been under water for so long!
  12. I am hoping for an easterly then
  13. Anyone remember Timbo's prop warmer?
  14. Just keep your jokes to yourself until after they have packed your parachute
  15. How's the camera coming on? Only a couple of months practice left
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