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  1. If it ain't largely over by then he is unlikely to have an MP to write to!
  2. Can I fire a couple of questions? In the pictures of the saloons you can clearly see the winder handles protruding from the boxes. There must have been some water ingress into those areas from the window channels. How was that stopped or dealt with? The 'formica'd' galley shows what looks like fixings around the edges of the Formica panels. Was that additional fixings or were they not glued at that time? Formica of the sixties and seventies was much thicker and harder wearing than its current equivalent. I wonder whether the original version was even thicker than the sixties option and so the fixings were necessary to just hold it down!
  3. Absolutely lovely. The lines, the design, the fit out, the engines.. the nostalgia. A real treat for us wooden boat anoraks. Thank you Vaughan.
  4. I think Peter has printed this one with your wallet in its pocket
  5. Old boats, just like old cars and the old houses we live in, evolve over time. I love my boats to be original... ish. Lots of original mahogany and varnish surrounding a modern fridge, shore power, epoxy'd decks, battery banks and clever charging systems. I'd like to shake the hand of the person who took out Chloe Janes original air cooled lister and put a BMC in its place. I could also strangle the idiot who cut vents into the bulkheads to address a condensation issue he caused by keeping the windows sealed shut!! At the end of the day 'refitting' is just part of the life of a boat and its surely better to have a more modern updated version of an old broads cruiser than no old broads cruiser at all, just like the new kitchen you fitted in your house because the old one was worn out. There is also a certain pleasure in finding original fittings to help restore things back to a previous era.
  6. Blue Kestrel Built by Leo Robinson and taken when in Jimmy Toplis Topcraft cruisers fleet I could tell you a tale about her but it's all very embarrassing
  7. If you think it's a good idea to let her loose with a keyboard again? Shutting her up is the hard bit!
  8. No wooden boat restoration is ever economically viable even if you did all the work yourself and someone gave you the materials! Chloe Jane took me and Ali 3500 hours between us and Janet Anne is at just over 2000 with probably another 500+ to go. That equates to 40 hours a week for a year plus travelling costs and you aint bought a screw yet... If they bail out of Heartbeat give them my number... just dont tell the missus
  9. Someone was restoring Six of Hearts a couple of years ago but I don't know whether it's finished. I'd love to think there are more out there
  10. It's amazing just how much the shape of a boat is changed to the eye by the different colour schemes. The boat to right is clearly three foot longer!
  11. The people making the Smiths instruments are really helpful and it's a lovely product albeit a tad expensive. Because they manufacture they are able to match your existing faces or create gauges to your own design. Getting the gauges apart is always a problem as marine ones especially are bonded to stop condensation. Charlie.... If your bezels are separate to the units you could have some replacements turned up and chromed?
  12. I brushed it on, it dried on its own and I washed it down probably three days later then sanded and varnished as normal. It took probably 80% of the black out.
  13. And a missing Star class behind her. B723 ended up as Whispering Star but we could not work out which one she was when in Powles fleet. We know where five Star class are which is a pretty good survival rate. Vaughan, please keep those pictures coming, absolutely fascinating.
  14. I'm going to convert mine to run on hot air. That'll beat the fuel shortage
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