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  1. I've got one you can have Toby. It's off my Aston rather than from Newson's but it is a period piece!
  2. That has got to be the most sensible way to do it. What they need now is for the Broads Authority to take half tolls for boats being 'buddied up' It's far better for the BA, the yards, local businesses etc to all go for half of something rather than all of nothing.
  3. These seem to be getting more common on private boats especially as they can be 'activated' from the water as well.
  4. The aluminium ladder works brilliantly but yes storing it on board can be an issue. When I have all the grandkids aboard along with canoes, paddleboards etc grabbing a wild mooring and burying a ladder in the mud from the transom works superbly and saves grandads back from all that hauling bodys aboard. 12ft of aluminium along the cabin roof soon loses its appeal though so it goes home with the canoes.
  5. I think that means one more than the rest?
  6. Just remembered... Timage do the hinges at a decent price but their boarding ladder hooks and brackets are nowhere near the design of Davey version. They are not a bad price however.
  7. Not quite standard because the size as well as the actual angle of the treads can differ according to the hull they are laying against but yes there are many interpretations of a very similar design hence the hinge availability. They are also mostly hand made as well.
  8. They do turn up at boat jumbles but are fairly sought after. If you fancy making your own, Davey &Co offer all the relevant fittings and hinges but make sure you are sitting down when you get to the price list. Excellent quality stuff though
  9. I think he may be aiming for a 6th August finish.......?
  10. My kids and subsequently grandkids have all done man overboard training and tested their lifejackets in the process. It gives confidence in the bouyancy aids as well as making a fun afternoon aboard. Ironically the missus didn't get involved and she is the only one to ever fall in!
  11. Ah. ... not the person I was thinking of then! 😀
  12. Ropes by the way and this is only my preference. 4 mooring ropes plus two more for use as spring lines, doubles or whatever else. That gives you a fixed rope both ends both port and starboard plus the flexability of the other two. The mooring ropes need to be a foot shorter than the distance from your front cleat to the propellor. That way, if one of the front lines escapes overboard (and you'll never see it from the helm) it can't get itself wrapped round the prop. You'll also need a mudweight rope.... tied to the boat! Yep, there are many mudweights down there still because the other end of the rope was not attached! Lol
  13. You have a ladder to help wayward crew back on board but a life ring/belt to chuck at them when they involuntarily leave the ship is a good idea.
  14. Put it in a friendly neighbours car?
  15. They say owners get like their dogs...
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