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  1. An Austin 1100 eh? That could come and live next to my Austin Allegro!
  2. We used that gorilla tape as a temporary repair for a few weeks while waiting for a new canopy to arrive. It did the job well but longer term I couldn't speculate on.
  3. Well I have just got back to the boat and there is no haggis and no chocolate so I reckon the little bugger has done a runner with my galaxy bar! If anyone spies a hairy, three legged haggis running through Beccles carrying a bar of Nestle's finest trip the cad up for me... With what's left it looks like bubble and squeak for Burns night. I shall raise a glass to old Pesky though
  4. Trakmark, made by Dunlop, has been out of production for years, however, recently, a large number of complete rolls came onto the market when army surplus sold off their stock. Seems it was used in tank insulation or something. All the rolls were in beige. It is genuine trakmark old stock and quite a few local boatyard s grabbed some stock.
  5. Search for 'Trakmark' There is some out there but only in beige!
  6. As long as they raise PJ's chippy first! The rest seems a fair sacrifice and seaside water parks are very on trend these days.
  7. When I had a similar problem I found that the engine on full lock and the trailer angled across the garage sort of corner to corner bought me enough to get the hitch in and the door shut. Not sure it's worth 12 inches but maybe with the hitch off as well...?
  8. I don't suppose it being written on every piece of hardware that the BA owns counts?
  9. I am quite sure there will be a well worded explanation in due course, there normally is, I am not sure that baiting the mods team will speed that process. Moderation on this forum is usually second to none and BA bashing the local sport. Allowing the forum time to consider it's position would be prudent. Asking ourselves individually whether we would have contributed in a different way had the affected threads been started in the members only section may be wise.
  10. Oooh.. I shall look forward to seeing that lot dredged! Bungay here we come
  11. Would it not be possible to ask for the letter from the source as in Barry Gardeners office rather than the recipient?
  12. I was surprised to see that the old Oulton Broad swimming pool site has needed Broads Authority approval to be filled in. For some reason I would have expected that to be an Oulton Broad Parish Council decision. Its those little things that make you suddenly aware of how far the BA actually reaches. Waterside I can understand but just how far away from 'The Broads' do they have such control ?
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