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  1. JanetAnne

    Classic Boat Magazine

    Single issues are available by post from Chelsea Magazines (Classic Boat's online distributor) but the postage makes them expensive. W H Smith and Martins the Newsagents are stockists and both can get you a copy in should they have run out.
  2. JanetAnne

    Classic Boat Magazine

  3. JanetAnne

    First Fire Of The Winter.

    We are prepared for the cold snap as well...
  4. JanetAnne

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Off playing boat are we?
  5. JanetAnne

    Why Is It?

    If you do add a heat exchanger, be it car based or purpose built, and find the engines sealed system water pump is struggling to push water the extra distance, you can buy little in-line 12v pumps that will boost the circulation tremendously for very little cash.
  6. JanetAnne

    The View From Work This Morning

    I see you went by limo again
  7. JanetAnne


    Twas nowt but a playful nip... And welcome from me too
  8. JanetAnne

    Steering Question

    Phew! Googled 'kegworth key' and nothing so was watching with interest.
  9. JanetAnne

    Advice, Please

    I'd go for a fairly fine disc on the angle grinder - it keeps the sparks to a minimum Foam rollers are a good idea though. The 'gloss' rollers are excellent for getting product on evenly and then just 'laying off' with a brush. This is rolled and laid off - about the third coat here so the shine is just starting to appear
  10. JanetAnne

    Advice, Please

    I find a scotch cloth between coats gives an excellent key without removing half the last coat. Like I said, can of worms!
  11. JanetAnne

    The View From Work This Morning

    Laxative in his coffee?
  12. JanetAnne

    Advice, Please

    Now you have opened a can of worms Put 30 regular varnish users together and you'll get 30 different answers to that one.
  13. JanetAnne

    Advice, Please

    The experts reckon we lose the equivalent of two coats of varnish a year to UV rays even with UV protected varnish so you'll need to be looking to put at least two coats on a year just to keep up. Always be prepared to remove deck fittings, hand rails etc to maintain varnish levels underneath them where moisture can hold on. You also get to re seal them properly - prevention is better than cure. Investigate leaks and black areas as soon as possible, I have seen missing chines and bulkheads with the bottom rotted away because of a leaking handrail that was deemed unimportant and left. Wet sheds are a bit idealistic though a boat badly stored in a wet shed can deteriorate faster than a boat stored well in the open. Ventilation is key. Let your boat breathe both inside and out and give it a chance to dry out when it gets wet. You always leave the fridge door cracked open when you leave a boat, think about windows, cupboards and drawers. Cracking boat Ray. There will be a lot of pleasure to be had varnishing that little lot.
  14. JanetAnne

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Nigel! Are we talking about the same engines that developed into the watermota and are still powering thousands of Normans Birchwoods et al? And we all know that large tolerances mean that parts don't rub together and therefore can't wear out Shall I bring you something bench seat and column change to Beccles so you can renew what I suspect was a secret love affair with such a fine engine?
  15. JanetAnne

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    I hope you have treated Aurora to a little something?

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