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  1. Someone's been locked down too long
  2. Ali says can she have a link to the moulds? Or what she actually said was "I need those in my life"
  3. Your wallet is about to file for divorce It is absolutely beautiful plywood though
  4. Thurne church? That has a two part roof like the one in your picture
  5. I suspect doing away with the damage waiver would bring a sudden and newfound competence for the minority group we are referring to. I would be gutted to see the hire industry shrink much further and thoroughly enjoy meeting and chatting to hirer's when out and about just as much as I do owners.
  6. Jimmys caribbeans certainly didn't start off as flybridges though, with the reedbeds on the southern rivers, I suspect they may have been converted to improve views over and beyond the riverbank.
  7. I'm a little bit gutted really.... I have been very fortunate to be around Robins place, over the last few years whilst Kingfisher has been transformed but this time, the final stretch, the lock down means I am not getting to see it in the flesh. On the good side Robin isn't being constantly stopped by my barrage of questions nor is he having to clean up the decks where I have inadvertently drooled! On the bad side though, he is there running amok with big chunks of mahogany and nobody to keep him in check. Anyway, my silly question, Is that sikaflex the cabin front is bedded
  8. I know one competition that's still running... Here's Nipper, our 2020 winner As our current champion, Nipper will be leading the 2021 wooden broads cruiser convoy from Oulton Broad to Beccles on Friday 13th August.
  9. It might not be the vaccine Carole is booked in for
  10. Must have been borderline though...
  11. I too will be a shareholder. Got a birthday coming up and so instead of the usual 'you never know what you want so here's more socks' I have suggested the locks. I shall hang my share certificate on the wall next to my Lairdship certificate and my cycling proficiency test certificate!
  12. Oops, two pieces and neither of them the right way round Can someone smart do the honours please...
  13. And here it is finished... Just the fenders to add
  14. Well done sir! We just couldn't put a name to the one on the left.
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