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  1. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    I think I'd be checking pipework before fitting valves etc. It is also very possible that we are thermal syphoning the cold water tank bearing in mind the proximity of the final runs.
  2. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    Sounds like a crossed connection at the calorifier
  3. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    Auntie Pat's cafe currently moored Stracey Arms. Tomorrow's menu is bacon and black pudding rolls but we all shove off at 8.00 so she is opening early!
  4. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    I thought Dylan was supposed to be staying on the boat not stain on the boat.
  5. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    The plastic dust is mostly caused by the polyester mite chewing the glass strands that hold the resin together. That's why the gribble worms moved away to the salt water.
  6. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    Erm.... he never actually found the floorboard. Doug made a replacement!
  7. JanetAnne

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Not the best week to get trapped upstream mate..
  8. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    If that dog is applying stain with one front paw somebody give him a varnish brush for the other right quick!
  9. JanetAnne

    Old Broads Boats

    Westering home (2) by the way, is laid derelict outside Richo's wet shed.
  10. JanetAnne

    Old Broads Boats

    I reckon Herbert Woods woodies have the highest survival rate of all the fleets. Their construction is somewhat over engineered when compared to other builders. A close second would be Powles with Martham not too far away. The big Richardson's boats are now few and far between and almost none of Leo Robinson's fleet survive. This is based on the details we hold on the wooden boat show database so is hardly scientific. Of course, the next eBay listing can soon change my theory!
  11. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    I hope you have underwater cameras? It would be a shame to not have pictures of all the boats attending...
  12. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    Hope he's got a spare Beagle...
  13. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    And you will find no finer example of dedication to a cause
  14. JanetAnne

    Ant Warning!!!

    It doesnt leak, its deliberately filtering the Ant in a quest to help alleviate the blue green algae problem and soon it will filter the Yare and then the Waveney...
  15. JanetAnne

    Sos Lost Dog

    The power of the internet... have just spoken to the people who found Dylan! Seems his medical abilities far outweigh his sense of direction!

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