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  1. Depending on the bolt hole you could have it drilled out and sleeved and then braize the sleeve in to stop the crack travelling. If it's aluminium a similar repair is possible using an aluminium weld instead of braize. You need a good local engineering company
  2. These bags were full of exactly what you would expect from boats, food packaging, cans bottles etc (some were opened at the time). It was almost like someone emptying the bins from a campsite or similar because there was no junk mail or letters.
  3. Yes it had markings etc but until proven guilty I dare not post pictures or the reg number... It had a caged in rear and the driver was in high viz. However if legit he was coining in the overtime working at that time of night!
  4. We are all too aware of the bin crisis currently occuring around the broads however there are still bins to be found on some moorings provided specifically for boaters use. Last week while at Wroxham about 19.30 in the evening we witnessed a council type truck pull up beside the bin enclosure and the driver deposit a large number of black bags into the bins pretty much filling the lot. I made a note of the reg number and intended to fire an email off to the authorities saying bins were hard enough to find when afloat without their staff filling them etc etc. Anyway, a few evenings later and we are moored for the night at Neatishead when around the same time, the same truck arrives and fills both their bins completely. Recognising both the truck and the driver it was out with the camera and we caught it all on film so to speak. Turns out one of the parish councils was desperate to catch whoever had been abusing their facility but they had assumed it was boaters and were looking to possibly remove the bins completely. And that is the reason for this thread. The bins at yacht stations, staithes and moorings tend to be marked 'for boat users only' and are being abused by other people. In some cases those bins could be lost if it continues. Should you see anyone abusing the facilities in such a way, any information you can offer to the parish councils etc would be useful and may just keep these sites open for us boaters. Most sites have the bin providers details on them. Cheers
  5. Says the man currently sunning himself on the Bure heading for Breydon
  6. Still out is me! Can't believe there has been only one sighting, it's not like I ain't easy to see... Stracey Arms tonight and back across tomorrow for a few days south ending on Oulton Broad BH Monday. Beccles next Tuesday to collect Royal Tudor and then off to the salt side with RT alongside. It's all go at the top
  7. He's right. I am moored six foot away from him and I can't see him
  8. I ain't little.... it's the ice cream!
  9. Phew! When I saw "thread rot" I thought the forum had caught a virus!
  10. I meant this version rather than this actual boat but if the cap fits... lol
  11. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=3991&BoatHistory=32294 I am pretty sure it's this one
  12. That's not a Hampton Safari.... it's one of many similar craft built on a Classic 27 hull. There is a thread about them on here somewhere but, sadly, I don't have the skills to delve back and link it. I think yours may well be a more distinctive Summercraft build
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