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  1. A tunnel under the Forth would have to be started at least a couple of miles away from either shore line, in order to get deep enough under the river bed and the cost would be twice as much as a bridge, that's if like Iain said, it might not be geologically feasible.
  2. Glad to hear that Abigail was not as bad as was predicted Iain. The winds were not too bad here in the Midlands.
  3. Here is another now restored pleasure ship, the MV Balmoral, which is based at Bristol. Quite a long video but interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGfbf7W_DRA
  4. Whilst looking on Youtube for some cruise ship information, I came across a few videos of the restored Waverley Paddle Steamer and thought this one would interest some of you, especially Iain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhzSGJ-i43s
  5. Ah well, we can now all, Roll Out The Barrel and drink a toast to this magnificent aircraft that has given us all so much pleasure for the past twenty five years since its last action in the Falklands.
  6. I agree with you Grace. young people are not all bad, like you say, you turn out like the way your parents brought you up, with respect. I am happy to say, I played my part, by bringing my own two sons up, the way I was brought up and it continues with my four grandchildren. My eldest grandaughter is getting married to a nice lad in December, who she has known since shcooldays. They are both in their mid twenties now and have been saving up for a deposit for a house (with a little help from us and her boyfriends parents) they will have a good start in life. So it's good to see that if you have been brought up by good parents, the trend will carry on in your future generations.
  7. One of the best places to see these air shows is The Southport Air Show, held every August. Cars can park on the beach, so lots and lots of room for everyone to park, and a nice place to spend a holiday. I would say that wouldn't I, because I used to live in Southport. Watched this years show, with the last visit of the Vulcan.
  8. Hi and welcome Kris. Good luck with the improvements. Hope to visit next time we are on the broads.
  9. Happy Anniversary Charlie, have a nice 41st honeymoon.
  10. Yes John, Lewis used his skill by sheer determination to get back in pole before the end of the race. Did you notice the face on Rosberg, on the Podium, he wasn't very pleased that Lewis had won and tried to blame it on that pass during the first lap when Lewis took the lead. I don't think Lewis and Rosberg are the best of friends anyway. Rosberg doesn't like having Hamilton driving for Mercedes, as it is a German team after all. Reminds me a bit when Damon Hill & Shumaker were both racing, there was no love lost between those two. It all boils down to, that the German's just don't like being beaten by the British.
  11. It was a good race and really competitive with position changing for most of the race. Lewis was lucky that Niko Rosberg made that last mistake on the 54th lap enabling Lewis to take the lead again and the fact that Seb Vettel didn't manage to pass Rosberg, otherwise Lewis would have had to wait till Mexico.
  12. I have had many hobbies over the years from building radio controlled model ships, small scale live steam garden railway, all now sold for various reasons. I don't have the space for a lot of models these days, having downsized a few years ago, so I have resorted to collecting 1/16 model cars both ready built and some which are kits that need constructing. So far I have about a dozen ready built models and quite a few to construct, over the winter months. One model that I am building is one of the monthly parts by DeAgostini, that you see advertised on TV every once in a while. This happens to be a 1/4 scale model of a Honda CB70 Motorbike. It is quite a size being a quarter size of the real thing (as you can see from the photos) and will weigh 32 Kilogrammes when completed (that's the weight of 32 bags of sugar). The kit is delivered each month, consisting of four separate parts, over a period of 24 months. It isn't cheap, costing £32 per month paid by direct debit. That's £8 per week, not bad really, when you consider that I spent three times that amount on fags, when I used to smoke many years ago now. It works out at just over £900 (Ouch!) for the complete kit. Paid for monthly, you don't miss it, but its better than going up in smoke!. The kit is of all metal construction, except for parts such as the tyres, seat, cables and other small items. The whole kit bolts and screws together, using the small tool set that comes with the kit. All the metal parts are beautifully stove enamelled in the right colours, or chrome plated. It comes with a built in mini computer, which enables many working parts, such as lights, horn and even authentic engine sound, when the ignition is turned on. The model will stand on a base when completed, that contains the speakers and circuit boards for it to operate. There are no actual engine moving parts, but it has operating brakes and even the all metal mini chain rotates over the sprockets, allowing the rear wheel to turn at varying speed with a twist of the throttle. So far I have completed the front end assembly, which contains the handlebar and front lights, front forks and front disc brake and wheel assembly. If anyone is interested, (let me know) and I will post up a separate thread on each stage of the build as and when each set of parts arrive and have been assembled..
  13. You were almost right Iain, a sort of kit, but definitely not Airfix. If I remember right, the wings, bolt on to the fuselage, very much the same as the one in Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent) that stands permanently inside a glass building outside the Museum, as a tribute to Mitchell who was born in Stoke and was the designer the Spitfire. It is obviously a non flying version. like the one in Hanley and will have no engine installed, just dummy exhausts and propeller. There are several of these Spitfires about, that are moved around the country, just for display purposes.
  14. So sad Iain to read that your holiday had to be terminated after only a few days. We have only just got back from our holiday in Llandudno, so had a lot of catching up to do on the forum, so that is why we have only just read your blog. Wendy and I hope you do manage to get down to the Broads again next year, as like everyone else, you love this place for your holidays. Hope you are feeling much better than you were, so just take it easy and get as fit as you can again. It's something we all have to put up with as we get older (aches and pains) but you just have to battle on and there are times when some things become just too much of an effort.
  15. Nice write up and photos John. Pity the pub wasn't open.
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