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  1. Actually just as easy to do on a boat, I have done these and have them with a salad the next day, have always found that my boat oven will reach a good temperature similar to the one at home, as I follow slimming world I tend to use low-fat sausages I have made the Scotch eggs with chicken Italia sausages skins removed flattened out into a circle and then wrapped round a semi-hard-boiled egg dipped in beaten egg and then breadcrumbs get it right so the yoke isn't too hard and they are delicious as for breadcrumbs tend to buy them in the packet far easier on a boat
  2. Yes welcome from me to,I bet the sound of a seagull engine would take you back to the 1960s, like a piece of music it does have that effect
  3. The worst experience I had with a fisherman was at How Hill a few years back, the river was very busy and a lot of boats coming down the ant So had to keep well to the right, unfortunately just past the end of the mooring is there was a fisherman with his line out and I had no choice but to hug the bank which resulted in a face full of maggots and verbal abuse even though he had young children with him, the idiot didn't have the sense to see how busy the river was and personally I had nowhere else to go there was me going up river and three abreast coming down but that foul mouth bad tempered fishermen couldn't see it (rant over)
  4. Well just married very cosy, we married in 72 as well, but didn't go on the Broads until 78, our honeymoon was spent in a tent we couldn't afford to rent a boat, But now 44 years later and boat owners separate cabins are in order (Not so cosy) such is life LOL
  5. Welcome Simon, you post your questions I'm sure somebody on here will have the answers, happy boating
  6. Hi, what time are the moorings on the island reserved from on Friday, I was thinking of arriving about midday if that's okay.
  7. Yes, I too have enjoyed the Easter weekend and didn't manage to get hit once which is a bonus as usually, we manage to get some damage on the northern Broads in the silly season which basically has just begun, I have noticed since the re-profiling of banks although we have lost a lot of the wild Moorings, I think it would be quite easy to establish others but with reeds instead of grass I have my eye on a few sites, I will keep you posted, regards Ted
  8. I think you'll find it's like riding a bike you never forget, it's there in your subconscious waiting to be awoken Go for it
  9. I would agree with you there, myself having had two Hampton Safaris, The first one a MK 2 And now I have the much rarer MK 4 Of which only three were built the first one had an argument with a bridge and is now much altered, the second one still survives In good condition and resides on the southern Broads, mine is still In original gel coat but the hull itself is painted which has just been freshly done and the top Compounded and polished, I haven't got pictures of this since the work was done but include library pictures, so do I consider this a classic yes by its very rarity being the last boat that Hamptons actually built and fitted out themselves and where ever possible when doing work or repairs on the boat I have kept faithfully to Alex Hamptons original plan and not bodged or changed things unnecessarily.
  10. Like David H, our first hire boat was from Saunderson's, Be it 43 years ago and it only broke down once but we did do the whole of the Broads network in a week which was pushing it and it was one of their older boats so all in all not bad they even let me Store my rusty little Austin a40 Undercover, very nice people
  11. An excellent short film, interesting to see the reed cutting and the flooding near the locks pub, Really does show the usefulness of a drone, some may curse them but in the right hands it can deliver excellent results and this film proves it.
  12. We appear to have done a similar thing to you, but in reverse 2 boats the first a Hampton Safari MK 2 which we probably had about nine years and then we upgraded or should I say sidestepped to the much rarer Hampton Safari MK 4 which is a totally different layout and the helm position Is a lot higher meaning you can just see over the tips of the reeds, But this also means there are a couple of bridges we can no longer get under But the extra view of the world or should I say the Broads is worth the sacrifice. PS, as mother-in-law used to say Oh no not more bloody reads LOL
  13. As Finny says, That is the secret to owning your own boat unlike hiring which basically works out a lot more economical, but of course, you can't drop everything and hop on it when you feel like it because it has to be booked in advance, whereas If you can use it whenever you like and that is what you pay for and of course It does work out a lot more expensive but you have to take into account the convenience factor which personally we also have gone for, But the only way to get the value is to use it at every possible opportunity, and that is the only way You can justify the expense. When we bought our first boat we worked out that we were actually on it for three whole months in the first year not of course end to end but long weekends and weeks holidays, unfortunately, our circumstances changed when my mother-in-law came to stay with us It was all right In the beginning because she could come on the boat with us but now after seven years she is not really fit enough and we have to arrange respite for her so we can get away, but we still persevere and are now on our second boat which we are looking forward to enjoying this coming season, so you have had my two pennies worth, good luck with your new boat.
  14. Bear in mind a pressure washer is probably used fairly infrequently and then just chucked back in the garage without another thought, So probably better to go for the cheaper option with a similar specification, reminds me of what my mother used to say when asked how she was, she used to say I feel as though I have been ridden hard and put away wet, Not that I'm comparing my dear old mum to a pressure washer but you see what I mean
  15. Know what you mean beautiful spot but rarely available high season so grab it while you can :-)
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