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  1. eddybear


    Or to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Sorry just being silly I'm so bored sat here)
  2. Bloody hell can you imagine this happening today trainee mechanic sitting over engine (sorry petrol engine) with cigarette alight, blimey I wonder how the rest of his training went?
  3. The first thing I'd do is go up the road to my daughter's house and give her a big hug for birthday and Christmas we missed, and then turned to my three grandchildren more hugs and kisses, I think that will do me for the day, up early the next morning and straight to the boat not to take it out but to give it a bloody good clean run the engine up tests the heating and stay on board overnight that I do miss and cook myself a nice meal washed down with a bottle of wine no need for a pub.
  4. Excellent film, I now know how to pronounce St Olaves Just have to think of her with glasses on the buses
  5. I thought the BA already had Broads National Park fantasy
  6. Brilliant documentary I remember having to keep out of the way of the coasters on the Southern Broads, it used to be the same as the ones going up river to Colchester think they stopped back in the early 80s.
  7. A Happy New Year to all forum members from Brightlingsea in Essex I only live a few hundred yards from the water, unfortunately my boats in Norfolk Oh bugger
  8. When is a national park not a national park when it suits the Broads authority I guess
  9. Yes definitely, they leave their mooring motor for 1 hour maybe 2 by mid-morning people are leaving the popular Moorings and you dive in tie-up ready for lunch, but if you leave after lunch will you find another mooring will you heck,and let's hope where you've stopped has electric because if it hasn't you're probably find your batteries are well depleted come the evening and you will have to do start your engines and annoy everybody, sound familiar
  10. Well I watched it from beginning to end, it wasn't what I was expecting not one mention of anything with an engine, only Sailing boats and paddle boards, oh when the lady was being interviewed about her paddle board business a motor boat went past quite noisily I think they turn the volume up purposely, obviously us Little people (power boaters) not appreciated or wanted.
  11. I remember seeing that day boat when they had finished rebuilding her, and if memory serves me right the asking price was something like £6000 which seemed very reasonable for a lovely piece of history and yes it was named Beryl
  12. I've been there along with 2 others I'd say the maximum was five boats, and you have to account for the fact that it curves so a little bit adjusting of mooring lines But if not Occupied by you know! who going shopping shouldn't be too bad
  13. Remember the old BT ad if it can be said phone instead
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