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  1. People just take the p..s don't they lol
  2. Or stay out overnight on one of those free wild Moorings down the river, locking the gates that early hardly gives a good days cruising and time to get back to your mooring.
  3. While we as private buyers can afford to buy the big boys leftovers after they have finished with them, I wonder how many of us will be able to afford The latest batch of 45 footers when they no longer have a use for them, personally I wouldn't give you a thank you for them even if I had the money, which I haven't, extremely satisfied Hampton owner and proud of it
  4. There's one good thing about this, there will be no double mooring even with permission, stopping at Yarmouth should be fun.
  5. So no visiting Ranworth In the summer season then, as no room two moor same as every year, roll on winter
  6. Okay Polly, thanks for trying great idea but obviously not as good If only one-to-one, never mind as you say try again later regards Ted
  7. Hi Polly, yes brilliant idea have sent you my email, regards Ted
  8. I live 78 miles from the Broads and quite often will go there cruise for a while more up have lunch come back to the mooring and then home no problem, would be far better if I could sleep on board and take in a long weekend but there and back in a day is better than nothing.
  9. Believe me I miss them as well, One of the simple things I learnt was how to make a decent Yorkshire pudding mine never Seemed to rise which meant a very disappointing toad in the hole,over time I have made so many of the recipes and following instructions to date have never had a failure. But when we finally manage to get back on our boats I think everybody will be too busy cleaning sorting things out and getting the boats Seaworthy I mean Broads worthy to think about cooking, let's pray it Is soon.
  10. eddybear


    Very good excellent edit, that's a drink you owe me when the pubs are open again LOL
  11. eddybear


    Porn drop-in sounds good to me :-) but being serious we use Zoom For our committee meetings normally about 12 to 14 people on at a time, and normally the sessions last for about an hour, and depending on how you set the controls I prefer gallery view where you see everybody and the person speaking is highlighted, or you can choose to highlight just the speaker which means when somebody opens their mouth they fill the whole screen scary or what, anyway found the programme very good I realise there are others but for the time being I'm sticking with zoom
  12. I was insured with Edward William mainly because at the time insurance companies needed a full survey on a boat over 25 years old where Edward William didn't, But as from my renewal last year changed to navigate and general, about £60 more expensive but thank God I did.
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