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  1. Poor uncle Albert that's all I can say to be stuck with 2 aggressively tea total vegans on a Broads holiday Plus the wife who then went and bought him non-alcoholic beer, it's a wonder he didn't wrap the mud weight rope round his neck and Jump in
  2. And even more reassuring for those of us hobbling into our 70s LOL
  3. There you are do a few coasters for us members and have some earnings from your hobby, We are a fickle lot I've got some NBN Cardboard coasters but Wooden ones that would really be quality just hinting
  4. This is the way I do it but no Mrs Nog to help as most of the time single-handed
  5. Or just buy one and dry up
  6. I think I'll use that phrase in my business advertising it might work I've tried everything else (reassuringly expensive)
  7. Been there done that got a nice folding trolley for the boat, easier than walking uphill into town
  8. My thoughts exactly I've got the mark 4,and like DavidH I also Hired from Sanderson's in 1978 (Lady Ursula)
  9. When I sailed on the sea fenders were always stowed, but on the inland waterways with the amount of boat traffic and most of the time being single-handed not really practical, but of course they should never be touching the water that really does look slovenly.
  10. Same here, cleaning servicing and making everything shipshape again will be the order of the day, will probably have to do all that in a day and travel home afterwards as was the case before no overnight stays, but it least to be able to physically get on board would be enough for me for the time being, as for pubs not that worried would just like to be on the water even if it's only in the marina.
  11. eddybear


    Or to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Sorry just being silly I'm so bored sat here)
  12. Bloody hell can you imagine this happening today trainee mechanic sitting over engine (sorry petrol engine) with cigarette alight, blimey I wonder how the rest of his training went?
  13. The first thing I'd do is go up the road to my daughter's house and give her a big hug for birthday and Christmas we missed, and then turned to my three grandchildren more hugs and kisses, I think that will do me for the day, up early the next morning and straight to the boat not to take it out but to give it a bloody good clean run the engine up tests the heating and stay on board overnight that I do miss and cook myself a nice meal washed down with a bottle of wine no need for a pub.
  14. Excellent film, I now know how to pronounce St Olaves Just have to think of her with glasses on the buses
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