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  1. eddybear

    Banks. Don't You Just Love 'em ?

    When my father died we were hounded by Reader's Digest, even before his death we had written to them and told them to stop sending him their so-called free gifts which she didn't want, and then insisting he had to pay postage to send them back if he didn't want them which he differently didn't. Just after his death we got a telephone call from Reader's Digest saying that none of their correspondence had been answered and they were taking legal action, we explained That he had died, to which they replied yes we are very sorry but how are we going to get our money, my brother then told them where they could stick their Reader's Digest along with the Enormous Cyclopedia collection they sent which he also didn't order and didn't want, never heard from them again thank God
  2. eddybear

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    One thing for sure Robin, You're doing a lot better than me when I first went on the road, growing up on a farm i was used to racing about in old bangers driving around the headlands of the orchards flat out most of the time not a thought for the danger, had excellent control of the car, when I first ventured onto the road with L plates and father beside me I got a bit of a shock in trying to keep the car between the curb and the white line down the middle-of-the-road as I was used to racing round fields. I did actually pass my test when I was 17 but it took me four attempts, After the third, I took 12 proper lessons, I feel sure You will do well and hopefully pass first time (No pressure then) Regards Ted
  3. eddybear

    Need A Bit Of A Favour

    BT phonebook online personal numbers, should be the easiest way to find somebody, hope this helps, regards Ted
  4. eddybear

    Fancy A Bash Up The River?

    Hi Davidh, Just watched all of the Broads video not bad but quite long-winded, what I was thinking of something a lot shorter and more relevant to the boat's people were hiring by the actual yards themselves, particularly on this video the instruction on reverse mooring didn't even cover it, I'm sure you know what I mean these boats do to not Steer in reverse, you need to use ford motion to kick the Stern the way you want it to go, I have seen boats going 5 to 10 yards out then trying to reverse back, when you have to reverse into a mooring the length of your own boat in a narrow creek you can't do things like that, I think I saw on the Richardsons website one of the staff reversing a boat properly and then leave it in gear ticking over to hold it to the quayside while he moored up. Anyway, I'm off happy boating.
  5. eddybear

    Fancy A Bash Up The River?

    Sorry to butt in at the last moment, and by the length of this thread let's hope it's approaching that, if we look on You tube there are plenty of examples of boat handling, if the said Boat hire yards could make videos of how to handle a Broads boat namely how to reverse more, how to Moorside on, reasons for speed limits and sticking to them, and maybe anything else to do with the safe and efficient running of the particular craft the people are hiring, and as most of us are on the Internet and have an email address this could be emailed to them with their booking as a link to YouTube regards Ted
  6. Good advice, however annoying you find the Calls to retaliate can only strengthen their resolve and could possibly cause you grief which we definitely don't want as stated they have your number and possibly more information on you, so as said the best action is to put down the phone, block the number.
  7. eddybear

    Is Forum Shop Still Operating?

    I Ordered a club Burgee on August 14, a couple of days ago I left a message on the contact link on the shop site but have heard nothing, goods paid for by PayPal plus postage, I await a response, Ted
  8. eddybear

    Casting Software

    I use Chrome cast Certainly cheap enough to buy, and reasonably easy to set up, search for Chrome cast on YouTube, regards Ted
  9. eddybear

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Likewise here as well so I say humbug and possibly even Mary Timbo
  10. Me too, really miss the regular recipes, maybe it is us not sending you ideas hope everything is okay anyway really looking forward to the next ones, regards Ted
  11. eddybear

    Please Don't Shoot The Messenger!

    God this makes me MAD, hire companies and I won't mention them by name are hiring boats to stag and hen parties knowing full well that they will Be absolutely pisst by By 10:30 AM in the morning, So maybe these are the ones they should be looking at not us we don't start drinking until the sun has risen over the yardarm, and are quite responsible and tend not to ram other boats shouting words that would burn the wax from your ears cannot be repeated, Don't you know what a lovely day
  12. eddybear


    We went to Switzerland on a skiing holiday staying at my father-in-law's, we went into a restaurant in Zürich and as he had paid towards our airfare I thought it Only right to pay for the meal which I did and attempted to give a tip which he said no that will be taken as an insult, But I think in the UK it is an insult not to give a tip, this, of course, is in restaurants, As for pump outs horrible messy job definitely deserves a tip.
  13. eddybear

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    What an interesting post, I have read most of it but not all of it as it was quite long but I did get the general gist, many years ago when I worked for my father on the farm we were encouraged to destroy wasp nest as the workers that is the people that work for us didn't wish to be stung, but after reading this and understanding what a wasp does, and it's very short lifespan I realised what bastards we were in shortening their lives, Which just goes to show you should understand nature and what makes it tick and this is my contribution to the thread, thank you regards Ted
  14. Sorry boat Now sold Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  15. Well here on the Sunshine Coast That probably makes me Essex man God help me, it is really really hot and yes I do Remember1976 as bygone as it may be, Will be up in Norfolk tomorrow to do work on the boat( inside) so quite looking forward to a thunderstorm, please

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