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  1. Yes welcome to the forum Green Jack, and as Griff said welcome onboard think we might have to delay the onboard bit a little longer you'd be lucky to get to Norfolk let alone anywhere near the good old Norfolk Broads
  2. I have a job in two weeks time in an empty house unfortunately just heard that all property conveyancing has stopped, which probably means the job is off, so the words shagged and ass come to mind,Can't even go on the bloody boat sod it
  3. Grendel know how you feel,I have been waiting for two years now to get my electricity company to fit electric and gas smart meters, the booking was for tomorrow, early this afternoon they cancelled the appointment telling me it would be eventually re-booked,and then another email informing me that I can't visit the boat owing to the fact the marina is closed,as luck would have it I went to the boat yesterday and sort of did a mini layup knowing that I possibly wouldn't be using it for at least a couple of months owing to this bastard Virus, anyway such is life
  4. Yes the Rolls-Royce of electric outboards, you need to speak to Marine tech South Walsham as they stock them.
  5. Very disappointing news but as said quite understandable, but hey a lot of us will still be out on the water be it self isolating in our boats, just not meeting up for a bit of a jolly, a big thank you to the organisers who have Organised everything only to have to cancel the event refunding monies Etc.
  6. Safe to do Boating on the Norfolk Broads, but staying away from the official national parks
  7. When you take over your boat you are normally asked Have you hired a boat before, if not you will get the full treatment (Hopefully) Of how to control the boat at this point if the answer is no this is our first time , it would be good to give a map to help you in exploring the Broads on your weeks holiday, rather than good luck enjoy your holiday I hope you find your way back to us, yes I'm being sarcastic.
  8. In days of old when knights were bold and Izal weren't invented they wiped there ass on blades of grass and walked away contented
  9. I agree if my phone was just for private calls friends and family I could do just that, unfortunately it's a business line and there is no way you can control calls you get, yes BT offer a service whereby the caller states their name or company and then waits for you to receive a recorded message and if you want to speak to them you then pick up the phone, don't think that would work with a business I think people would just slammed the phone down and phone somebody else.
  10. Eddie bear/Ted/wild thyme/1/ Friday y/ Saturday y
  11. I note from the Picture at the beginning of this thread the makeshift canopies for an aft, most of these single level cruisers the drainage from the fore and aft sections are below the waterline hence they drain in to the bilge, so if no automatic pump or flat batteries, and considering the atrocious weather we have had recently this could be the reason it sank, just a thought
  12. They tried that in the Goon show except it wasn't the day it was the time written on a piece of paper, So what is the time ? I'll tell you it's written on this piece of paper, of course the time will never change LOL
  13. I've just spent Saturday night on board, never run the heating at night just a medium tog sleeping bag and a Quality blanket, put the heating on in the evening and its a 5 kW warm air heater so hot had to to open the hatch about 6 inches to balance it off, as these heaters don't like being turned down too much, in the morning frosty outside windscreen on car frozen but nice and cosy in the boat, now back home enjoying my newly installed central heating system, happy Winter boating to You all.
  14. Yes I will be on board over the Christmas break, probably won't go back to work until the second week in January as it is normally quiet so get in a bit of boating instead
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