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  1. I remember seeing that day boat when they had finished rebuilding her, and if memory serves me right the asking price was something like £6000 which seemed very reasonable for a lovely piece of history and yes it was named Beryl
  2. I've been there along with 2 others I'd say the maximum was five boats, and you have to account for the fact that it curves so a little bit adjusting of mooring lines But if not Occupied by you know! who going shopping shouldn't be too bad
  3. Remember the old BT ad if it can be said phone instead
  4. That's exactly what I did at the weekend and they were delicious, but then I made the mistake of going over the road and up the escalator and spending another £89 on a pair of trousers ,but hey the crab was great
  5. I agree really annoying, not only do you have to watch rubbish, repeats, political crap, and of course there adverts,but pay a bloody licence, sodding insult
  6. eddybear


    I see the Barnesbrinkcraft WebCam is up and running again
  7. Well I have read through this complete post, and must agree yes as youngsters we all had this sense of adventure and tomfoolery but I'm afraid what these idiots were doing to the boat which was not there's but hired was basically disrespectful to the yards property, I still say that to have stopped the security deposit held against damage by the yards was a mistake, it certainly was a deterrent when we first hired back in the 70s we were short enough as it was without the loss of that deposit, so we were careful we didn't break a cup a saucer damage to boat in any way and spent the last day ma
  8. The perfect wine cooler, but best drunk before you forget where you'd put it
  9. Hi and welcome, they are saying July 4 is when hiring will begin fingers crossed so hope it's good for you, Welcome to the club :-)
  10. It's that bloke sod again, a law unto himself LOL
  11. When the weather is fine then you know it's a sign For messing about on the river. If you take my advice there's nothing so nice As messing about on the river. There are long boats and short boats and all kinds of craft, And cruisers and keel boats and some with no draught. So take off your coat and hop in a boat Go messing about on the river. There are boats made from kits that reach you in bits For messing about on the river. Or you might want to skull in a glass-fibred hull. Just messing about on the river. There are tillers and rudders and anchors and cleats, And
  12. People just take the p..s don't they lol
  13. Or stay out overnight on one of those free wild Moorings down the river, locking the gates that early hardly gives a good days cruising and time to get back to your mooring.
  14. While we as private buyers can afford to buy the big boys leftovers after they have finished with them, I wonder how many of us will be able to afford The latest batch of 45 footers when they no longer have a use for them, personally I wouldn't give you a thank you for them even if I had the money, which I haven't, extremely satisfied Hampton owner and proud of it
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