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  1. An excellent short film, interesting to see the reed cutting and the flooding near the locks pub, Really does show the usefulness of a drone, some may curse them but in the right hands it can deliver excellent results and this film proves it.
  2. We appear to have done a similar thing to you, but in reverse 2 boats the first a Hampton Safari MK 2 which we probably had about nine years and then we upgraded or should I say sidestepped to the much rarer Hampton Safari MK 4 which is a totally different layout and the helm position Is a lot higher meaning you can just see over the tips of the reeds, But this also means there are a couple of bridges we can no longer get under But the extra view of the world or should I say the Broads is worth the sacrifice. PS, as mother-in-law used to say Oh no not more bloody reads LOL
  3. As Finny says, That is the secret to owning your own boat unlike hiring which basically works out a lot more economical, but of course, you can't drop everything and hop on it when you feel like it because it has to be booked in advance, whereas If you can use it whenever you like and that is what you pay for and of course It does work out a lot more expensive but you have to take into account the convenience factor which personally we also have gone for, But the only way to get the value is to use it at every possible opportunity, and that is the only way You can justify the expense. When we bought our first boat we worked out that we were actually on it for three whole months in the first year not of course end to end but long weekends and weeks holidays, unfortunately, our circumstances changed when my mother-in-law came to stay with us It was all right In the beginning because she could come on the boat with us but now after seven years she is not really fit enough and we have to arrange respite for her so we can get away, but we still persevere and are now on our second boat which we are looking forward to enjoying this coming season, so you have had my two pennies worth, good luck with your new boat.
  4. Bear in mind a pressure washer is probably used fairly infrequently and then just chucked back in the garage without another thought, So probably better to go for the cheaper option with a similar specification, reminds me of what my mother used to say when asked how she was, she used to say I feel as though I have been ridden hard and put away wet, Not that I'm comparing my dear old mum to a pressure washer but you see what I mean
  5. Know what you mean beautiful spot but rarely available high season so grab it while you can :-)
  6. Definitely not slimming world friendly I can feel the pounds going on just looking at it
  7. Welcome Sailor, You're going to have fun that's for sure, and a mooring at Ranworth, In the height of the season the rest of us could only dream of such a thing LOL
  8. Had a chat with Steve Saturday yes they're both doing just fine and by the sounds of it lighter by the minute LOL, would have spoken with him longer but he was busy getting water and transporting it back to the boat as the main taps were not on in case of freezing, and by God it was cold that day the wind could nearly cut you In two, Said we would spake again soon when I Get properly back on the water (Still things to do)
  9. Been there done that twice fantastic view but an exhausting climb, if I can't do it any more I know I'm Getting Old or there is no Space to moor the boat which is the more likely eventuality
  10. The first and last time we'd ever been under Potter-bridge that was the side we went from, and collected four of five strangers to put the boat far enough down in the water to get under the bridge, happy days
  11. We are in the process of having new gas central heating fitted and chucking out the old night store heaters which have been in the bungalow 28 years and now costing on direct debit £250 per month and they want to put the price up to just over £300. With the dual fuel allowance and the new heating system, I should be spending only about £100 per month, as for the boiler were going for a multipoint and fitted by a plumber friend who really knows his stuff, So hopefully I will have more money left to spend on that floaty thing in Norfolk
  12. What a great story, we hired Lady Ursula from Sanderson's in 1978, they said next time we came we could hire the more up-to-date Sanderling's, being of a similar size to their Lady class, of course, there Is a larger one called the sandpiper of which I know of one in excellent condition and still residing on the Norfolk Broads.
  13. Welcome Paul, sounds a lovely yacht hope the restoration/recommissioning goes well, and hope to see you on the water soon regards Ted
  14. Just remember when they closed it looked like no hope of them being available for mooring again, at least now we know that they will reopen probably not this season but hopefully next, so if coming from the north towards Beccles we will have to a hang a right and use the Bernie arms mooring instead, hey ho such is life.
  15. eddybear


    That's right Jeff not forgetting a good meal and a bottle of vino and yes a good phone signal very important as us self-employed need to keep receiving the work so we can afford these little or not so little luxuries LOL
  16. I agree that wild moorings and peace and quiet are definitely the best, but obviously, since they did all this re-profiling we have reeds rather than grass (so what ) you can still land with care, difficult part is when you're single-handed not so easy but with crew and a bit of forethought not too difficult, look at what the sailing boat do when wanting to hoist or drop sail they will come into the wind and the riverbank to drop or hoist sail, the fact that they made the bank into a step will help other than just running into reeds, anyway this season I'm going to give it a go, might need one of those petrol Whirly things is to clear the reeds a bit
  17. eddybear


    PS two last Post reading the write-up on these they were originally intended for and wired for cars to Stop rodents eating the wiring
  18. eddybear


    These 12 V gadgets can be bought on eBay 12V Car Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller, Spiders Rats Mice, I already use a 250 V one in the boat, which Seems to work for spiders, so am buying a 12 V one when not plugged into the Shore power.
  19. You're not even safe with that stay too long, or return to soon may be to collect a family member that wants to spend some time in the shop but not with you (yes the wife) and you could find yourself with hefty parking fine.
  20. Kill the towns kill the villages, that's what parking charges do eventually nobody will want to park and the shops and businesses that relied on custom from road users will suffer and close, probably including the swan as people Just don't want a problem when parking and will drive to the next pub that has their own Free car park.
  21. Excellent selection of videos explaining most things people new to Broads boating need to know, but number 8 Stern on mooring could have been better explained as we know most hire boats don't steer in reverse but need forward motion hard lock to kick the Stern round, just an observation
  22. First of all I'm not having a go at anybody we all had to start somewhere, and four people who hire a boat for the first time must be pretty daunting, I have just been watching a link to the Richardsons introduction to first time hirers and found it very comprehensive but I wonder if this is still done as their organisation has got so large can't believe they now have the time for such comprehensive instruction? https://youtu.be/bBcGdnkaaTY
  23. Excellent idea, just been on their website better than using old towels and making a filthy mess of everything, The oil I get in the drip tray isn't from leaks its every time the engines serviced and the filter is changed so will be leaving pads in the drip tray from now on, our last boat we had a minor flood which caused oil in the drip tray to get into the bilge what a mess don't want to go through that again.
  24. eddybear


    Welcome from me to Rich
  25. It may not be just the craft but circumstances like being single-handed which in my case I usually am but will always stow my warps coiled on hooks fore and aft which I can pick up in each hand while stepping ashore no drama (No crew), Oh and for the same reason I am a fenders down Man
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