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  1. You could always go for the Fray Bentos Steak and kidney pudding because you can cook that in a saucepan of Simmering water, just a thought.
  2. Speaking of old Fords and Rust which really do go together, I have had to funny experiences with the said rust, one was my own car a Mark 1 Zephyr 6 While demonstrating to my passenger how a straight six pulled I accelerated and the bench seat we were sitting on fell backwards through the floor and we were both looking at the headlining well it's funny now anyway. The next one again a zephyr six but a mark 2 convertible this time a friends car who came round our house on a lovely sunny day to show off his new purchase the power roof being down as it was such a lovely day and it certainly looked a lovely motor John, so I said show us how the electric roof works so he flicked the switch and nothing happens that's odd he said so tried again and I noticed a silver rod protruding at the front of the back wheel arch yes rust the hydraulic ram had nothing to push on so just kept going, Apparently that wasn't the only rust, it had more holes than a colander.
  3. I agree with that, there is nothing more annoying and antisocial and by the way bloody right dangerous than being moored close to a boat running its engine for hours on end especially with the wind blowing fumes into your boat, So for that reason alone I guess the electricity posts in my book anyway is a good thing :-)
  4. My view from work this morning from the Nottage maritime institute at Wivenhoe Quay, Only half tide this morning but still a pleasant view, Probably a better one than offices and bathrooms
  5. No, I didn't miss it thought at the time what a stupid thing to say about an area he knew absolutely nothing about.
  6. Yes Cal, Thanks for posting that I feel really hungry now Haha I assume you're using your slow cooker Of an inverter which is okay while you're motoring, slow cookers are normally 4 or 8 hours depending how much of a hurry you're in, at home I use the pressure King which can cook a meal in just over half an hour, So I am considering using this on the boat as I wouldn't need to run the engine for so long to cook a meal, problem is I think I will need a larger inverter have to work that one out, Your right once winter gets here we think of all those lovely hot warming Meals (happy cooking)
  7. Well watched the programme on catch up this morning, started off as a bit of a disaster with engine failure before actually leaving Lowestoft, then they had the boat towed over 70 miles to Brightlingsea which is my home waters so seeing it actually sailing in the River Colne and Blackwater was quite a treat,Then they went and spoiled it all by boarding another boat and went fishing, I then got a bit bored and changed channels let's hope the next episode is a little more interesting other than the Sailing bit I have already mentioned.
  8. eddybear


    Welcome from me too, enjoy our lovely waterways.
  9. Thank God you've got good neighbours so important to look out for each other especially when we can spend so much time away from our boats and probably a good few miles as well, I see from the picture She's sitting quite low in the water hope you didn't get any damage.
  10. I really must make the effort, in all these years being moored at AcleI have never been in the bridge in, I know what you're saying shame on you, and I tend to agree being mostly on my own on the boat I tend to cook a good meal and down a bottle of wine and maybe watch the telly if there's anything on and then turn in not too late, only to be disturbed by those drunk mariners returning from the bridge in, so basically I might as well join them
  11. Thanks Kingfisher, let's hope it's just temporary looking at the text that comes up when clicking on the link it sort of implies that there is not the correct permission in place to load the site.
  12. http://norfolk.broads.org.uk I have often used this site when researching the history of various boats I have been interested in including my present boat, unfortunately, the site no longer seems to work which is a pity as it Contains so much information on so many boats which can be searched for by name/registration number etc Does anybody on the forum know what has happened to it is there any other way to contact the owner of the site?
  13. Well that's a true statement to be a sailor your boat needs Sails but a lot of us have now gone the motorboat route or stinkys as sailors like to call us, So yes I too am now a Boater
  14. Also received My flag today and I must say excellent quality, Pity it can't go on the boat yet as it is out of the water having work done, won't be back till beginning March.
  15. I for one would definitely be interested in T-shirts and fleeces, But quality not cheap sometimes the extra expense is worth it in the end, for instance washing a cheap T-shirt/Polo shirt will lose its shape after the first wash and look crap, Just a thought, We are a quality Forum and should have quality goods.
  16. Hi Thiswan, welcome to the forum and yes you're right there, the Norfolk Broads has an almost magnetic effect once you've tried it you've just got to keep coming back even though sometimes there are those gaps in between, we used to book the boat again If available for the following year when handing back, so guaranteeing next year's holiday, Then we bought our own boat which meant freedom of when to go, but ultimate poverty as a result LOL
  17. Congratulations Robin really pleased for you, I guess you're lucky that the examiner didn't fail you for mucking up the form, Oh well it's all over now happy driving regards Ted
  18. You can't go wrong with a Hampton Mk 2 Brilliant little boat.
  19. That is good to hear, ordered mine and paid for months ago but apparently they were changing the person doing the Forum shop And transferring the stock, so hopefully will be getting my Burgee Very Soon .
  20. Yes Christmas and kids, very important that we teach them the meaning of Christmas and don't over commercialise it, I can remember when I was a child (yes honestly I can) that the Christmas tree and decorations were put up Christmas Eve and not before, Christmas Eve we were allowed to stay up a bit later to see the carol singers which used to arrive on a Tractor and trailer which visited all of the neighbouring farms in the village, And when we awoke Christmas morning we would feel a weight on our feet those being our stockings which were full of presents O what memories, then after we had played with all the things we got came Christmas dinner what a feast, but we weren't allowed to sit round the tree and open our presents until we had listened to the Queen's speech, And then as children we would tear in to the presence quite literally, but mother being of the make and mend era would tell us not to tear the paper But she would carefully fold it and keep it for next year, but it doesn't matter what we do or have done or anybody else does at Christmas it is traditional and whatever you did that is your tradition sermon over.
  21. eddybear


    Hi Herman, welcome from me to, enjoy this is a great forum
  22. I guess I mean in posts, It just says ( my attachments ) I just wished to empty this folder or at least the duplicate ones.
  23. Brilliant news, especially as I find myself boatless for the next few months but still need my Broads fix So a big thank you to Barnes Brinkcraft.
  24. Okay, read this thread, and I tend to agree with what I have already read, that loving the Broads and moving house just be near the boat is a mistake, Most of us would have bought our boats to be away from home and all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, so as previously said to move your home close to your getaway (boat) would have a detrimental effect, Our journey time to our boat is approximately one and three-quarter hours Just enough distance to feel separated from the world at home, as we get older and retire and have more time maybe a larger boat we can spend more time on,but probably for us anyway the perfect answer would be for a waterfront property (yes I know they cost a bloody fortune) with its own mooring, I know dream on.
  25. I have quite a lot of attachments most of them were duplicated when trying to sell my last boat, how do I empty this folder so making room for later attachments yours sincerely Ted
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