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  1. Moderators have obviously uncorked the Harveys Bristol a bit early
  2. These definitely sound like something we should keep with the emergency rations, I would say better than no food at all but reading some of the write-ups I've seen They sound pretty good, so apparently Morrisons do them so next time I'm in there I'll have a look and see what the shelf life is like, and their boil in the bag what could be simpler.
  3. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all looking forward to the May forum Get-together Because after the festivities we need something to look forward to, all the best Ted
  4. Thank you, Griff, at least I'm not the only one who thinks these high and low water readings are ass about-face, At low water the channel down through Yarmouth seems a lot narrower than it did back in the 70s, so I would definitely agree with more dredging and I do see the logic in what Griff is saying, now where's that tin hat thingy
  5. eddybear

    Low Tide

    Bloody typical Isn't my boat being ex-hire has got a note on the dashboard saying 7 foot six under all bridges except Wroxham that being eight-foot, I say bloody typical because the boat is now out of the water to be worked on never mind maybe next time it'll be in the water and I can do the Coltishall run here's hoping
  6. I have to admit when I'm on my own on the boat, I always have ready meals I find the Co-op cook meals which are in their own freezer in most of the stores are very good just requiring frozen or tinned veg and instant mash (I can cook properly but on the boat I come to relax) I like to eat late afternoon / early evening so it is open a bottle of wine let it breathe five seconds if It's lucky, turn on Oven to warm up for 15 minutes put in ready meal for given time empty veg into Saucepan and put required amount of instant mash into measuring jug pour another glass of wine, 15 minutes before the end of cooking time put on greens boil kettle ready to add to instant mash at end of cooking time, let's face it there is enough to do here without going the whole hog and peeling potatoes preparing raw meat etc etc, anyway that's how I do it.
  7. The thing is with the diesel heaters sometimes the installation done professionally can cost as much as the heater itsSelf, but of course if you already have a heater which has given up the ghost the Chinese/Russian heaters wouldn't take much to fit, and certainly when my heater packs up sorry can't spell the name of it I will look at one of these alternative ones and yes they're so cheap you can buy a spare as well :-)
  8. Yes thank you Barnes Brinkcraft really missed it, looking forward to you updating the views we can See
  9. Welcome from me too sounds a nice boat you will certainly enjoy being on the water at Christmas did it myself a few times
  10. Oh so politically correct, personally I like Manned or not as the case may be in the winter.
  11. I totally agree with this advice my boat being as you say Tupperware, but even these boats suffer from neglect more so in the winter season, chips in the gel coat water getting in freezing expanding and causing damage, In the height of the summer ultraviolet damage to internal furnishings etc by forgetting to draw curtains before leaving boat Until next visit, be vigilant protect your investment :-)
  12. Speaking from experience I would say Go and buy the complete pump unit, not the kit, I had the kit installed by a so-called competent mechanic never did work properly after that, then went to Norfolk Marine and bought the pump unit I think about £68 Hasn't missed a beat since, You can fit it yourself and about 15 minutes, regards Ted
  13. I suppose we should feel sorry for people that have lost their homes, how would we feel If our boat sunk, but we just use our boats for pleasure, not as a permanent home, But I suppose water Gypsies which is what they Our have rights and feelings to, just saying
  14. Here's the link https://allthingsransome.net/
  15. Hi, sorry can't help you with identification but what a fantastic site, obviously did register so I could use the zoom and so good to be able to look at the Broads and other places from long ago, thanks Ted
  16. You could always go for the Fray Bentos Steak and kidney pudding because you can cook that in a saucepan of Simmering water, just a thought.
  17. Speaking of old Fords and Rust which really do go together, I have had to funny experiences with the said rust, one was my own car a Mark 1 Zephyr 6 While demonstrating to my passenger how a straight six pulled I accelerated and the bench seat we were sitting on fell backwards through the floor and we were both looking at the headlining well it's funny now anyway. The next one again a zephyr six but a mark 2 convertible this time a friends car who came round our house on a lovely sunny day to show off his new purchase the power roof being down as it was such a lovely day and it certainly looked a lovely motor John, so I said show us how the electric roof works so he flicked the switch and nothing happens that's odd he said so tried again and I noticed a silver rod protruding at the front of the back wheel arch yes rust the hydraulic ram had nothing to push on so just kept going, Apparently that wasn't the only rust, it had more holes than a colander.
  18. I agree with that, there is nothing more annoying and antisocial and by the way bloody right dangerous than being moored close to a boat running its engine for hours on end especially with the wind blowing fumes into your boat, So for that reason alone I guess the electricity posts in my book anyway is a good thing :-)
  19. My view from work this morning from the Nottage maritime institute at Wivenhoe Quay, Only half tide this morning but still a pleasant view, Probably a better one than offices and bathrooms
  20. No, I didn't miss it thought at the time what a stupid thing to say about an area he knew absolutely nothing about.
  21. Yes Cal, Thanks for posting that I feel really hungry now Haha I assume you're using your slow cooker Of an inverter which is okay while you're motoring, slow cookers are normally 4 or 8 hours depending how much of a hurry you're in, at home I use the pressure King which can cook a meal in just over half an hour, So I am considering using this on the boat as I wouldn't need to run the engine for so long to cook a meal, problem is I think I will need a larger inverter have to work that one out, Your right once winter gets here we think of all those lovely hot warming Meals (happy cooking)
  22. Well watched the programme on catch up this morning, started off as a bit of a disaster with engine failure before actually leaving Lowestoft, then they had the boat towed over 70 miles to Brightlingsea which is my home waters so seeing it actually sailing in the River Colne and Blackwater was quite a treat,Then they went and spoiled it all by boarding another boat and went fishing, I then got a bit bored and changed channels let's hope the next episode is a little more interesting other than the Sailing bit I have already mentioned.
  23. eddybear


    Welcome from me too, enjoy our lovely waterways.
  24. Thank God you've got good neighbours so important to look out for each other especially when we can spend so much time away from our boats and probably a good few miles as well, I see from the picture She's sitting quite low in the water hope you didn't get any damage.
  25. I really must make the effort, in all these years being moored at AcleI have never been in the bridge in, I know what you're saying shame on you, and I tend to agree being mostly on my own on the boat I tend to cook a good meal and down a bottle of wine and maybe watch the telly if there's anything on and then turn in not too late, only to be disturbed by those drunk mariners returning from the bridge in, so basically I might as well join them
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