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  1. Good advice, however annoying you find the Calls to retaliate can only strengthen their resolve and could possibly cause you grief which we definitely don't want as stated they have your number and possibly more information on you, so as said the best action is to put down the phone, block the number.
  2. I Ordered a club Burgee on August 14, a couple of days ago I left a message on the contact link on the shop site but have heard nothing, goods paid for by PayPal plus postage, I await a response, Ted
  3. I use Chrome cast Certainly cheap enough to buy, and reasonably easy to set up, search for Chrome cast on YouTube, regards Ted
  4. Likewise here as well so I say humbug and possibly even Mary Timbo
  5. Me too, really miss the regular recipes, maybe it is us not sending you ideas hope everything is okay anyway really looking forward to the next ones, regards Ted
  6. God this makes me MAD, hire companies and I won't mention them by name are hiring boats to stag and hen parties knowing full well that they will Be absolutely pisst by By 10:30 AM in the morning, So maybe these are the ones they should be looking at not us we don't start drinking until the sun has risen over the yardarm, and are quite responsible and tend not to ram other boats shouting words that would burn the wax from your ears cannot be repeated, Don't you know what a lovely day
  7. We went to Switzerland on a skiing holiday staying at my father-in-law's, we went into a restaurant in Zürich and as he had paid towards our airfare I thought it Only right to pay for the meal which I did and attempted to give a tip which he said no that will be taken as an insult, But I think in the UK it is an insult not to give a tip, this, of course, is in restaurants, As for pump outs horrible messy job definitely deserves a tip.
  8. What an interesting post, I have read most of it but not all of it as it was quite long but I did get the general gist, many years ago when I worked for my father on the farm we were encouraged to destroy wasp nest as the workers that is the people that work for us didn't wish to be stung, but after reading this and understanding what a wasp does, and it's very short lifespan I realised what bastards we were in shortening their lives, Which just goes to show you should understand nature and what makes it tick and this is my contribution to the thread, thank you regards Ted
  9. Sorry boat Now sold Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. Well here on the Sunshine Coast That probably makes me Essex man God help me, it is really really hot and yes I do Remember1976 as bygone as it may be, Will be up in Norfolk tomorrow to do work on the boat( inside) so quite looking forward to a thunderstorm, please
  11. Welcome from me too, I'm afraid I can't help you with memories of Wroxham In the 1960s as I hadn't discovered the Norfolk Broads then, but like yourself started off with rowing boats and dinghies and progressed to the more sedate motorboats we both have now, good luck enjoy, See you on the water.
  12. What a brilliant article so much information Always wondered when the good old diesel engine stepped in to the equation, the first boat we hired had a Morris Vedette Engine which I seem to remember was actually a side valve and had just been rebuilt but unfortunately lost compression on one cylinder, after the mechanic had flushed it with red X it was back on four cylinders but I do remember seeing a flat cylinder head plugs on top, and he mentioned It was Similar to that used in the Morris 8 car of the thirties. As for memories coming from the sound of marine engines, I think the sound that brings back childhood memories to me is that of the good old British Seagull (not the sort that pinches your chips LOL)
  13. For the life of me I have never seen 7'7" Under the bridge at high water, low-water maybe
  14. Hi kingfisher, first time we hired a boat on the Broads was from Saunderson marine and that was a traditional wooden cruiser Carville built, We were told the next time we came they would have their new boats which were Sanderling's, but we hired from a different yard and got a bathtub fibreglass many more luxuries like a shower, the first boat we hired which by the way was called Lady Ursula didn't have a shower and had a morris petrol marine engine version of the ones used in a Morris eight car, not the sort of thing you'd want now, anyway that's my two pennies worth, regards Ted
  15. I remember something in the 60s being one and three but it wasn't beer.
  16. Hampton safari MK2 Year built 1977 length 25'6" beam 9'6" since I have owned the boat approximately 6 years, it has had installed diesel heating, shore power, automatic battery charger, new compressor fridge, new hot water tank with immersion, electric shower pump new hand basin and tap, new sink and work surface in galley, all windows resealed, new rollers on sliding canopy, new headlining in front cabin and new lining to rear cabin, new stainless steel driveshaft new rudder and propeller new cutlass bearing and stainless steel stern tube etc, this is a well sorted boat and is complete with all documents showing work that has been done, if you are looking for a Hampton safari that doesn't have the usual problems this is your boat. Owing to the fact I have now purchased another boat I am letting this go for not a lot more than I paid for it considering i can show you bills in excess of £8,000 to put her in this condition, I am asking in the region of £16,500 but all reasonable offers considered, possible mooring if required, you can contact me on (01206) 304767. PS Has new safety certificate till 2022, and Broads toll paid for this year.
  17. Hi, I am the new owner of wild thyme (Hampton MK 4) I bought her three weeks ago, there was only three built, one had a mishap with a bridge and has since been somewhat altered in design, the one I bought and the one at Rowan Craft are identical boats, So yes for an Ex-hire boat Very rare, compared to the Mk 2 and Mk 3 Hamptons as different as Chalk and cheese, but as these were not only built but fitted out by Hamptons for their own Hire fleet the finish is extremely good. So I am a happy boater
  18. eddybear

    River Wensum

    7ft 10 If that's the case mine should be okay then, thanks
  19. I'm with you on that one Jenny Morgan, Long dykes Far better than Marinas We are at Acle ours has water and electric so while not exactly cheap it doesn't feel like a floating caravan park.
  20. eddybear

    River Wensum

    I wish I had of gone beyond the yacht station with my original boat which had an air draft of 6 foot 6, the new boat is 7 foot 6 So may be a problem, and I never realised there were Moorings up there I thought you just went up turn round and came back.
  21. Hi, Think I maybe forgot to visit the new members area when I joined this forum three years ago, So here goes my name is Ted I have been visiting the Norfolk Broads for the last 41 years, most of those hiring boats, six years ago we bought our own a Hampton Safari Mk 2, Which we are now in the process of selling as we have purchased another Hampton a Mk 4 Possibly the last one built by Hamptons, Anyway apparently I must be active on this forum Before posting my boat for sale which I will do shortly when I have gained the correct number of brownie points LOL, Regards Ted
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