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  1. smellyloo

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    I'm confused, Why only 2 people. The layout indicates two separate double cabins with convertible dinette.
  2. smellyloo

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    The more frequent these debates are regurgitated (which seems to be almost as frequent as Brexit debates on the tele) the more people get bored with the subject and want to move on to something more interesting.
  3. smellyloo

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    It is the flatness of the landscape with large skies & horizons, the wetlands & marshes & wonderful coastlines that make Broadland and the area I know and love special. Sadly we have no mountains (unless you count Kett's hill) from which to look down on the landscape but you can always climb Ranworth church tower or a windmill to enjoy such views. I suspect the ethos of the NP is to embrace a variety of landscapes. Although there are fewer riverside areas for non-boaters to enjoy than I would like there are still many accessible places available.
  4. smellyloo

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    How do they count the number of visitors? Do they include visitors to Norwich? Are locals that visit a Broadland pub included? I'm sure there's a tried and tested method but I can't imagine how it's done.
  5. smellyloo

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Reading this thread there seems to be an overwhelming view that the Broads is rubbish and of very little interest to anybody other than boaters. REALLY!!!! The area is charming, welcoming to boaters, anglers, cyclists, canoists, bird watchers, ramblers, people who like to sit by the water watching the world go by etc. etc. .... I could go on but I find the constant moaning about almost everything very depressing.
  6. smellyloo

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Pink & green in Opera .... ok in MS edge which I rarely use.
  7. smellyloo

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    pink & green for me too.
  8. smellyloo

    Lads Week

    In danger!!
  9. smellyloo

    Lake Lothing Memory

    I admit I find beauty in derelict/decaying woodies. As they decay they become increasingly atmospheric. Decaying GRP on the other hand become eyesaws.
  10. smellyloo

    Doctor Who

    So people are quite content that the Doctor is an alien, has two hearts, travels in time and has re-incarnated more times than his fictional character is meant to be able to. But to regenerate as a woman is apparently in-appropriate? I was more annoyed that the doctor has suddenly become a Northerner .... everyone knows she/he was a Londoner.
  11. smellyloo

    Counterfeit Money

    But to be honest the're not very good forgeries when you know what to look out for.
  12. smellyloo

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I believe the examiner needs to be confident that you are a safe driver. If he feels you are not then there will be many things he could choose to fail you on. A driving test isn't about ticking boxes you have to drive confidently and demonstrate to the examiner that you are a safe and competent driver. If the examiner is not confident in your driving ability then he is doing you a favour by failing you as you will gain more experience in the run up to your next test. Whilst I enjoy your "blogging" you do open yourself up to critism and maybe your examiner had read your blog prior to your test? Best put this test out of your mind and concentrate on passing the next.
  13. smellyloo


    According to those who know she's thankfully fine. Hense the light hearted banter which i'm sure she would approve of.
  14. smellyloo


    I would clap but it seems that this is now rather frowned on in some quarters ...... Quote "A student union has ditched clapping, whooping and cheering in favour of "jazz hands". Reps at the University of Manchester voted to replace noisy appreciation with the British Sign Language (BSL) equivalent - a wave of both hands. Union officer Sara Khan said traditional clapping can cause issues for students with autism, sensory issues or deafness. But the move was criticised by some who accused students of being "pampered"." Holds head in hands and sighs ..... when/where will it end?
  15. I grew up in Beccles. As a young lad the only access I had for fishing was Puddingmore, Beccles quay, the river wall. None of these places had restrictions for fishing and I rarely encountered any aggrevation between boaters & fisherman. There were little restriction on speeding so occasionally a wave would break over the bank from speeding boats ..... the worst offender was the "Regal Lady". From angling as a kid I eventually bought a small boat & then learned to sail. In those days the Quay was much narrower, there was no by-pass and the local dump made use of the marshes. Everybody seemed to rub along quite happily together and enjoy the environment. Now it's very different. Angling banned on the quay, restrictions everywhere ..... maybe this contributes to the them and us feeling that is prevalent today ...... too many petty rules!!

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