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  1. smellyloo


    I like being given the choice. Sometimes the cash in my pocket is destined for a car park so unless I tip via card their would be no tip.
  2. smellyloo

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    The Waveney Hotel Beccles has a nice riverside patio and a conservatory with river views if the weather doesnt play ball.
  3. smellyloo

    Acle Bridge Inn

    No .... that just makes you fussy. :)
  4. smellyloo

    Acle Bridge Inn

    I'm not a great lover of the "expert" armchair food critics that proliferate on social media as it is almost impossible to judge "what" standard they prefer, large portions, un-spiced, well done, under or overcookeed veg .... well you get the idea. My particular complaint is when someone regurgitates a complaint from the past in a current review thread ....... if I were a mod I would delete such posts as it could prove damaging to the current management.
  5. I would hope that a visitor centre would be designed to attract visitors, other than boaters, who new to the area might be encouraged to re visit and maybe book a broadland holiday. For this to be achieved the visitor centre would need to be adjacent to a highway and there are very few suitable sites that allow motorists easy access to a waterside. To be able to go inside a building, particularly in winter, with panoramic views of the river and relax in comfort, supping/eating whilst watching the world go by would be very appealing to me. Add to that other areas that can be used for a variety of other purposes and I suspect the visitor experience might last significantly longer than 10 minutes.
  6. I often drive from Norwich to Winterton via Acle and look forward to crossing the Acle Dam. I always get a buzz crossing over water and catching a glimpse of the boats, So for me this is an ideal place to build an eye catching, iconic visitor centre. I suspect it would draw the attention of many passing motorists who would then take a nosey. So for me this is a far better location than Whitlingham or Howe Hill which are really tucked away places, and hardly likely to attract passing trade. If, however, as some seem to suggest we go for the cheap option of a shed with bins & water hose then it will attract precicely nobody ..... except the passing boaters!
  7. Yep ...... and it's one of those iconic designs that is instantly recognisable worldwide. I bet stoneage man kept moaning about the cost & design of stonehenge ..... whilst tapping away on their stone tablets.
  8. smellyloo

    Guess The Beach!

  9. Nothing to do with God. Just my, ever so humble, opinion as a person who was born & bred in Broadland and still lives here and cares about the future ...... not just boat owners needs but evertbody who lives & visits the Broads.
  10. No, today people are much more sophosticated in their tastes and expectations. Sitting in a shed just will not attract visitors. A statement centre is just what the area needs in the 21st century.
  11. I really find it rather gauling that people who pay a river toll, to allow them to keep their boat on the Norfolk Broads, assume that they have the right to dictate what the BA spend their budgets on. If the BA existed solely to pamper to the needs of a minority of Broads users (ie boat owners) then the area would quickly decline as a tourist magnate.
  12. smellyloo

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Just had lunch there (The Rising Sun) and no complaints today or any other of the times i've visited. The car park gets pretty busy though and today, outside, the wasps were a bit of a pest but that's not unique to the Rising Sun. I've booked tables there also BUT you can't book an outside table only inside.
  13. smellyloo

    Into A Flap With A Flappy Thing

    As Poppy mentioned in a previous post the best way to understand the issues faced by the sailing fraternity is to embark on an introductory sail. Raising and lowering the sails whilst on the go needs careful choice of water and of course taking into account tide and wind particulatly if you have no engine to assist in maintainig position. I guess the decision was made to raise the sails there before you arrived on the scene and yes it is sad you were inconvenienced, had it been me I would have thanked you for holding station. Incidently, I thought your original question to be excellent. Real time explainations of events allow informative discussions to take place and it is always good to examine the colregs and try to conclude who may or may not have been to blame. I'm sure we all learned something from your experience.
  14. smellyloo

    Into A Flap With A Flappy Thing

    I would say that as you were behind the sail boat the onus is for you to overtake safely and not cause him to be obstructed. But, as in all things, things need to be judged on the conditions at the time. Whilst the yacht acted according to the rules I think he should have judged that the conditions might dictate some helpful signs from him would prove helpful. These are mostly welcomed by the motor boaters but there are occassions (very often from gin palaces) where these directions are not welcomed and ignored. But, you say the winds were light, so I doubt either of you were in danger of a nasty colission. Now this is just my opinion but i'm sure someone will highlight all the relevant rules that come into play and apportion blame.
  15. smellyloo

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    Yep, I don't nessasarily think FB will survive the test of time hense the reason it is essential to remain flexible and bend with the wind. The reason I think the Forum may die (all fora not particularly NBN) is that Forums come and go on a regular basis. People will move on and support whatever platform satisfies their needs. There are one or two diehards that will defend their cherished forum even when most have deserted it but these days people will go where the action is. It might be NBN forum for a bit longer, it might not. But it's the members here (most anyway) that I enjoy not the platform which is just a tool.

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