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  1. Absolutely nothing ... nada ,,,, numquam

  2. Ummmm ... Premier league footy

  3. The song .... Raindrops keep falling on my head

  4. met a man feeding a crow .... I guess he's a crow magnet

  5. Hey .... Bonus ..... I woke up today

  6. Feeling a bit windy today

  7. Today is a good day to sleep .... ZZzzzzz

  8. dit dit dit dah dah dah

  9. If I have a dog and run my engibe when berthed .... am I evil?

  10. The number three .... just to name one

  11. How do you know what you don't know?

  12. If I were an eagle i'd eat mainly cats!

  13. Got my bathers on ..... Yippee Winterton

  14. Today I'm wondering where dust comes from!

  15. Today i'm contempating ..... rubbish

  16. What to do next

  17. Today the Braods is a National Patk

  18. Today I am mainly feeling the love!!


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