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  1. John Many thanks for a really enjoyable, nostalgic post. Like you, we fell in love with the Broads during a first holiday full of incidents that became happy memories. We look forward to more of your tales. Incidentally I live a few miles from you, in Hartford. If you show your models, I would love a chance for a viewing and a chat. All the best. Aubrey Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. Thanks all for your comments. I'll wait for things to settle down. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. Only discovered the Android app today. Enjoying using it, thank you. I can see pictures posted with comments but I can see no avatars and only a text description of emoticons. Do I need to set something? [emoji4] I can see this one I've selected. Aubrey Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Thanks for the introduction and link, Alan. Looks fascinating. I've just downloaded the app, so need to get looking. I'll try to train Barney the Bassett cross to sniff out something other than wildlife.
  5. Wish I could get my joints to look as neat, Tim. Let me know when you start giving classes. As Iain says, it will be good to see the unit finally moored to the wall. Well done so far.
  6. A bit of USA trivia. The second president John Adams and the third president Thomas Jefferson both died on the same day, 4th July 1826, exactly 50 years after the Declaration of Independence. The president (the 6th) at the time was John Quincy Adams, son of John mentioned above.
  7. You missed a 1 from the end of 41111, Paul. It needs 5 1's to make it divisible by 9.
  8. Sorry Polly. Just realised I could have replied directly with my latest post. And I tell my son about reading instruction before tackling a project.
  9. Polly it was the highlight of the 3 rivers evening to have Brilliant pull alongside our decking to lower your mast. Wendy and I had been hoping to see you go past, so stopping was a big bonus. I think Barney the dog in his enthusiasm must have delayed you a bit. Many thanks to you and your crew for your patience with your new fans.
  10. Wow! What a welcome from so many of you. In the North/South debate, I think we must be closer to Gracie's crazy northerners. Location-wise we live in Northwich, Cheshire, which after all is well north of Watford. Crazy-wise, I have among souvenirs from my teaching days many cheeky Christmas and birthday cards addressed to "my mad maths teacher" or some similar person. They knew that the sentiments sent with affection would be received in the same spirit. Many thanks again for the welcome, and I hope we get a chance to meet on future trips (next in September)
  11. As I enjoy a Caribbean-looking (if not quite feeling) afternoon at Potter Heigham, I'd like to say, on behalf of Wendy and me, an introductory "Hello" to all on this Forum. The Broads have been our favourite holiday every year since '79, and with retirement from teaching came the opportunity for two or three trips per year away from school holidays. We're (unusually) ashore at "Broadlands Cottage" this week, so enjoying the fun and games near "the bridge". Looking forward to the contact with other members. Aubrey
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