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  1. Thanks Q for proving that my memory is failing. The redicoulas price that petrol had got to was 5 shillings a gallon, but draft bear was only around 2 bob (10 p) a pint and a lot of that got drunk back in the day !.
  2. Wow what a trip down memory lane. I started work in 64 as a trainee electronics engineer on 3 pounds 15 shillings (£3.75) week. When I started driving I remember a public outcry because petrol had just gone up to half a crown a gallon (4 gallons for £1). I went to college with people doing an apprenticeship with a well known company and their rate was 2 pounds 10shillings (£2.50) per week.
  3. Back in the 70's I had a Bentley S2 which I used in a part time wedding car business.one day due to a very early morning return from a distant job I decided to take it to my day job and parking in my normal parking spot which happened to be in front of the MD's office window. I heard on the factory grapevine that the MD had be trying to find out who the car belonged to and during the morning I was called to his office where I was politely asked not to bring it to work again ……… unless I was prepared to take him his clients for their pub lunches ! He had a Ford 1600E Cortina firms car.
  4. I have just been scanning some old photos. This was my MG in the 70's, for those who know me, yes I had a lot more hair then. As a group of friends were really big on Rovers (and pubs), mine is the '90' on the RH.
  5. I haven't had any problems with the site.
  6. We have a phone that can block calls that you define and also 'anonymous' calls which works well enough. In the main if we get a call from a number not in our directory we do not answer it and it goes to answerphone allowing 'genuine' callers to leave a message. Unfortunately some genuine calls also come up as anonymous which are blocked and our doctors falls into this category. Having waited for a call from them and not receiving it I went down to the surgery and was told that they get this a lot but if you tell them they can enter a 'prefix number' that will bypass the anonymous block and add a comment on you notes for future reference. Thankfully we have not needed to put this to the test but if it is true I wonder how many other folk are in a similar situation without realising it.
  7. Hi. I may be wrong (I often am according to my wife). I thought that the Scammell Scarab diesel version was a Perkin’s lump but the later Scammell Townsman (GRP cab) had the Layland OM160 borrowed from the Layland 20 & 90 Commercials and had heaters / demisters as standard. If this is the case your engine will have the heater pipe points for sure. There a number of both types restored at various heritage railways etc so it could be worth your while looking in that direction or maybe trying the ‘Scammell Register ‘ (www.Scammell Register.co.uk) . Regards Bob
  8. Like PLC I have a Rover 75 which is my second one, the first being written off by a white van man. Mine has a full size spare which was an optional extra when new, the standard being a compressor and bottle of gunk. The previous car had a ‘space saver’ spare wheel but it had to be fitted to the back so a front tyre puncture meant that you had to fit the spare to a rear and then replace the flat front tyre with the one taken off the back. This was a right faff about, not so bad if you were doing it on the drive at home but on a country lane in the wet and dark is an entirely different matter.
  9. I'm no expert but I have been told that there are issues with the highwayman hitch relating to the thickness of the rope compared with the diameter of the post used also they are not reliable on large square posts.
  10. Peter & Alan at Sabena Maine Wroxham could be worth a call 01603 782552.
  11. One of the first jobs I did on our boat when we bought it was to upgrade the wiring, Change the batteries and fit a Sterling digital charger. The previous owner had written the date on the batteries and they were only 18 months old but failed due to constant undercharging and probably over discharging.
  12. Yes you do need adequate ventilation around a fridge and the space and gaps requirement around a fridge is part of the spec. That said there are many electric compressor fridges on old boats that have been fitted as replacements for old gas fridges using the same aperture (as ours was) that are close to or fall a bit short in the ventilated area. As installed (before we bought the boat) our fridge has always worked OK in 'normal temperatures but on very hot summers days has really struggled virtually running all the time as it just could not get rid of the heat fast enough. Our fan just supplements the naturally occurring air movement and believe me it has made a big difference to the efficiency of the fridge.
  13. There has been some interest in my fridge cooling fan. The final design evolved from several unsatisfactory attempts mostly concerning the amount of air gap behind the fan restricting the flow and the positioning of the fan with relation to the back of the fridge. I did make a few notes in my book at the time so I have typed them up as a rough spec for anyone that may be interested. The fan and digital controller are available on e-bay very cheaply. It would be OK to not have the thermostat and run a fan all the time as they take very little power but at night when the temperature has dropped it is not really needed and as we sometimes use the seat in the saloon as guest bed the, whirring of even a quirt fan can be obtrusive in the still of the night. The controller has a thermocouple and I found that it was best to position this out of the air flow, in fact it is now positioned beside the fan as in the photo. Setting the on and off temperatures did require some experimentation and would obviously vary dependent on particular installations. The 12v feed from the fan is taken via a small line fuse from the supply line to the fridge so that it runs either off the battery or the 12 power supply when on shore power. I am considering adding a second fan next year to give more air flow over a bigger area. Fridge Fan Materials & Construction 80mm 12volt Computer Fan x 1 20mm x 25mm wood batten as required Digital Thermostat x 1 Plastic Spacers 35mm x 4 Terminal Block x 1 P Clips x 2 Screws as required Constraints that I worked with: The assembly cannot extend more than 80mm from the wall to give a reasonable air flow gap to the evaporator on the back of the fridge of approx 100mm. To achieve full airflow the back of the fan must be unobstructed, experimentation suggests 55mm min so 20mm wood thickness + 35mm spacers used Fan must run only when the air temperature behind the fridge rises above an acceptable level. (to be determined) Fan must continue to run until the temperature drops to an acceptable level (to be determined. I hope this all makes some sort of sense, PM me if you want any other info.
  14. We have gone down a slightly different route. Our compressor type fridge is 12volt and draws around 3 amps (a bit more at start up) which is supplied by two 110aH domestic batteries. We have a 100w solar panel and MPPT controller that charges the batteries all the time when there is sunlight. Given that the fridge does not run all the time the solar panel will keep up with the consumption of the fridge. I did not want to fit a built in charger to run on shore power since it is only the fridge that draws any large degree of power so I made a panel that has a 10amp rated double pole break before make change over relay and a 240v to 12vDC power supply fed through a double pole fused isolator. As soon as the shore power is plugged in (assuming that the isolator is switched on) the power supply will start up, power the relay and switch the fridge over to the power supply output. Disconnection the shore power or switching of the isolator resumes the battery feed to the fridge. Because our fridge is in an enclose space with little space around it there was little if any air flow to allow the evaporator to lose the heat generated when the compressor was running, in hot weather it was running most of the time which is neither good for the fridge or current consumption. To combat this I made a thermostatic controlled computer fan positioned behind the fridge to blow onto the compressor and evaporator when the temperature in the cavity reaches a certain temperature and continues to run until the temperature reduces again. This made a tremendous difference to the operation of the fridge reducing the duty cycle and therefore current draw even on the hot days that we have see this year.
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