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  1. I am pretty sure that Misty Willow was opposite us at Broadsedge in the 'new bit' a few years back.
  2. We have been with Euro Marine for some years. Friendly helpful people to talk to and competitive prices. We have never had to make a claim so cannot comment on that aspect. They do have a web site www.astonlark.com/euromarine Phone no is 01843 603345 Regards Bob
  3. For me this would not be a viable proposition for all the reasons previously mentioned. Personally if I was looking for a 27 for use on inland waterways I wouldn't even consider a twin engine version. For estuary use a twin may be better but they were not designed for rough water or anything more than force 5 and they would be very uncomfortable to be in at that. There are far more single engine boats around so the choice would be greater, running costs less and accessibility to the mechanicals far easier. If you want a boat for sea use buy a 30, believe me the extra length, width and stability makes a lot of difference.
  4. In the 80's I restored to Tiger Cubs, one with all the fairing and the other was the sport version. With the asking price of them now I wish I Still had them !
  5. Fergal's boat was F28 a Generation 4 when it was in hire with Beaver. The name was changed to Gay Lady when it moved to the Thames for hire with Bushnell's I think.
  6. The guy who restored / converted the boat in NeilB's link was Fergal Butler, a truly remarkable and skilful man. Sadly his son who had cerebral palsy passed away in march this year. Fergal's record of the boat conversion is in this link. https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2057583016 This was not his only foray into boating, he build a V8 powered Crackerbox called Olds Cool. I think there are some video clips on U Tube or Google Olds Cool Fergal Butler Regards Bob
  7. It was at Sutton Staithe last week.
  8. Regulo mentions an auxiliary fan that he fitted to improve airflow. Our fridge is free standing but in what can be considered as a box slightly bigger than the fridge therefore there is very little if any natural airflow. This is ok in the winter when the ambient temperature is relatively low and the compressor doesn't have to work too hard but not on hot summer days when the compressor is running for a lot longer. I was going to fit a computer fan to come on and off with the compressor by breaking into the thermostat wire but was advised against it but a friend who was the production manager of a well know fridge manufacturer. He never told me why this was not a good idea but he knew that the fridge was out of warranty so it wasn't that. In the event I made the thermostatically controlled auxiliary fan which is mounted behind the fridge so that it blows onto the compressor and evaporator with thermocouple strategically placed out of the air stream. The fan On and Off temperatures are set by the digital controller settings which you can set yourself to suit the installation. After a bit of fine tuning of the positions of the fan relative to the back of the fridge, thermocouple position and controller settings the fridge is a lot more efficient with the compressor running a lot less. Another benefit is that the reduction in the compressor run time means less amps being drawn per hour. Edit. Just noticed the photos which were portrait have attached in landscape for some reason.
  9. I'm sure that I read somewhere that back in the day the flooding at geldeston was deep enough to allow wherry's to bypass the lock and sail across the fields.
  10. I remember how rich I thought I was when I started work on 3 pound &15 shillings (3.75 new fangled pounds) per week !!!.
  11. What really annoys me is people who flick their cigarette butts into the river !!! Regards Bob
  12. We only use a small section from Postwick to either the Salhouse or Wroxham turn roundabout because it is jolly convenient but I hate the road with a passion. The roundabouts are far to low therefore do not show up until you are very close especially when bad weather limits visibility and the diameter is far too small. If you are in the outside lane it is virtually a 90 deg turn to stay in your lane, add this to the relatively narrow lanes it makes it very difficult for lorries to stay in their own lane without drifting over, this has happened to us on more than one occasion but since I drive like a granddad (cause I am) and do not look for openings to 'squeeze through' as seems to be the norm now so we have not actually been hit so far.
  13. We have a Flavel Vanessa cooker that also responded well to having the jets cleaned, it is now part of the yearly maintenance.
  14. I live near Goodwood where there is a spitfire flying school so we often get to hear the wonderful noise of the merlin engine. Slightly off topic but back in the day I knew John Dodds who had a meteor (downgraded merlin) engine in his car 'The Beast', that went pretty fast albeit being bloody noisy. There some videos about it on Youtube.
  15. What a trip down memory lane this thread has developed into. First ‘car’ at 16 Bond Mk C modified to coil ignition, unlike Santed’s car mine had a hinged lever inside connected by a cable to the engine kick start which you quickly pulled towards you at the same time as pushing down on the floor mounted decompressed pedal. I changed the points once which required taking the flywheel off and reset the timing by the well tried method of using a pencil through the sparking plug hole. All seemed good till I stared up engaged first gear and promptly reversed into the back of the garage because I had got my before and after TDC mixed up. After 10 lessons I passed my test in an Austin A40 Farina and bought a 2ltr Triumph Roadster complete with ‘dickey seat’. This was followed by a Wolsey 4/44, the test drive was great and both the body and interior was immaculate, it was only after using it regularly that I kept smelling hot oil and discovered lots of oil fumes coming out of the engine breather. To overcome the smell I attached a length of garden hose to the breather, wired it under the car and tucked it under the back bumper. This stopped the smell but started a succession of other motorists stopping me to tell me that the boot was on fire. I did 15000 miles in that car and sold it for more than I paid for it which I was pretty chuffed about. Then followed a succession of cars of all makes and types up to the present 2004 Rover 75 Connie SE that I mentioned in a previous post (Robin – mine has sepia coloured dials and illumination). Most unreliable car (apart from the Bond) Ford Escort Mk 2 estate that spluttered to a stop ever time it rained. Most fun car MG Midget Mk2. Most favourite car more tricky Bentley S2, Jag XK 140 or Rover 3ltr Coupe – it must be the Rover cause I still have it.
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