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  1. A small standard bed was 2'6" wide in those days.
  2. I remember my grandparents had two very similar looking back rests in the 50's. When my grandparents moved house we inherited them. My mother later told me that she that they had been salvaged from a damaged local first aid post during the war (grandfather was an ARP). The ones that they had seemed wider and the shaped wooden cross piece fitted the bed frame to stop it sliding through or moving sideways. That said I was young at the time so the memory is a bit vague.
  3. I very nearly became a victim of Co poisoning from the Ascot in the bathroom of my first house. I was saved by the timely visit by a friend. It is something that I will never forget.
  4. Those coasters were mighty scary the first time I met one. I remember being amazed at how the water flowed out of the dykes when they they came along. Someone once told me that they brushed the bottom when they were full up.
  5. 9lts an hour, is that really true ? My old 1800cc BMC only used 2lrs an hour or maybe slightly more if punching the tide through Yarmouth.
  6. For me winterising is not just filling the fuel tank, pump out, emptying the water tank etc but to bring home all the duvets, sheets, pillows etc so getting a boatyard to winterise doesn't work, it has to be a visit and because of the travel time has to be an overnight stay. I'm retired so I was able to go on Tuesday and come back Wednesday, this would not have been possible if I was still working and I sympathise with folk that have been caught out.
  7. My boat is at Broadsedge and I suspected that this lock out would happen so allough highly inconvenient due to a house move I winterised on Tuesday and yesterday now I'm dammed glad I did. For me living so far away it would be too much to do the winterising without an overnight on board even if David hadn't locked the gates.
  8. We use a fleece blankets instead of a bottom sheets on the beds and winter weight duvets. Hot water bottles are a must in my opinion.
  9. There seems to be some confusion as to what the RH Load icon is showing. The load is just an output from the control panel which you can use under conditions that you can set. It is sometimes used to power a light on a timer for instants. Personally I don't use this facility.
  10. The solar panel is generating 14.8 volts at 0.6 amps, the MPPT controller is converting it to 13.5 volts at 0.6amps. I have a 100watt panel and have seen up to 20 volts being generated but the controller manages it and converts to the voltage and amperage required.
  11. Re the last restriction, I thought that the majority of the Broads are classified as tidal. I agree with Vaughan about the 24 hour watch but it doesn't actually say that.
  12. Good luck with the drying out, dry heat and plenty of ventilation is the way to go. Fortunately its never happened to me but did happen to a friend a few years ago when his seacock froze and cracked partly sinking the boat. He was fortunate in that he had shore power available and we ran two large dehumidifiers for a long time to dry it out.
  13. I have a large raw water filter mounted on the bulkhead. With the engine off I close the seacock and undo the lid of the filter. Start the engine and pour the antifreeze into the filter where the pump will push it around the engine until it appears at the exhaust then turn of the engine and put the lid back on the filter. I always pump all the water out of the fresh water system, leave all the taps open and take the pipes off the pump.
  14. Unfortunaty I don't have the original box, as I got got more track etc I transfered everything into a bigger cardboard box.
  15. I still have my Hornby O gauge clockwork goods set, I haven't progresses far have I 😂
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