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  1. My favourite pub is the woods end at bramerton. Sent from my 9001X using Tapatalk
  2. That reminds me of a joke,here goes. A wine taster went into a bar and asks the bartender for a fifty year old glass of red wine. The bartender pours him a drink, the man drinks it and immediately spits it out, and yells “This is a 43 year old red wine! I asked for a 50”A few people at the bar applaud him for his knowledge. He wipes his lip and says “Its ok. Just give me a 35 year old glass of white wine” The bartender serves him again, the man tries it, and cannot bring himself to swallow the drink. Furious he yells at the bartender “This is not a 35 year old wine, its only 27 years old”Once again the people at the bar applaud his great taste. He then asks for a simple seven year old beer. The bar tender gives him a can and he says “Its not exactly seven years but not bad.”When he’s done with the drink the bartender comes back and says “Some guy at the other end of the bar told me he wanted to get you a drink”He thanks the man and raises his glass to him, and takes a sip. Disgusted he screams “God this tastes like water!” To which the guy at the end of the bar jumps up and asks “How old am ?
  3. One way cruise...i like the sound of that.
  4. I don't know about you but i find it easier mooring up on my own as opposed to doing it with 2 others that just don't get it however many times you try learning them
  5. I really can't believe they are skimping on bins.... where exactly do they expect people to put their waste,a couple of years ago we were at potter and there must have been 4 or 5 bin bags next to the small poxy bin provided, its wrong.
  6. I've only ever been under potter once when i was a teenager on clear horizon (i think),all i remember about it is that it was very very quiet, just as it should be.
  7. I was sorry to see alpha craft close,ive hired a couple of their boats in the past and all were very luxurious,some with three piece suites in,my dad had his boat moored there,a bourne 40 or 44 i think it was an ex hire craft called amelia purchased from a boat yard opposite NYA at brundall,the staff and boats were brilliant.
  8. It depends on the time of year,i personally avoid the northern broads like the plague from may to august, outside these months it's pretty calm and there's enough moorings to go around,there is some amazing stretches of water right up the river ant and some fantastic wild moorings.The southern broads are totally different in my opinion, I've been in the middle of august and the boat traffic is alot less than the northern broads woth no mooring issues even in august.If i had to choose northern or southern I'd choose southern as it feels more like proper boating to me with the tides/fast flowing water/bridge heights and the bigger sea going boats you see around brundall and Lowestoft,plus i love the woods end pub at bramerton.
  9. Nose into the reeds...i just planned on filling the empty wine bottles lol
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