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  1. Sincere condolences .Keith and Pauline Toombs. Ocean Dawn
  2. Set it too soon . Failing that your idea about buying it off the shelf and getting Halls to shape it may work. Thanks for the info.
  3. Hi We are in Simpsons Lodge over Christmas as the boat is with Phil for some time doing internal work. We will provably take the trim off and take it to Halls assuming they will be open after Christmas. Failin g that we may bring it home as there are many fabricators in Grimsby. F,
  4. On our Ocean it has a back hatch and two side pieces.They are covered in treadmaster and trimmed with a half round aluminium trim but are rounded at the corners , ( If they were square you are correct you could buy of the shelf and just mitre the corners).In essence they are in one complete piece screwed down periodically . They have cracked in places.Just don't look good.
  5. Thanks for that.We have three that need edging.Did you think that it was expensive?On that basis it would cost us about £500 .However the place in North Walsham did say it would be cost prohibitive as it needs to be rolled?
  6. Could you tell me who is doing the stainless steel around the hatch please? S o far unable to find anyone to do ours. Many Thanks
  7. I have never met this gentleman but have dealt with Richardsons.I have always found them to be excellent to deal with , fair reasonable and not driven by greed. All of these attributes would have been taught and cascaded down by Mr Richardson, and will be part of his legacy. Can you imagine the Broads without Richardsons? My condolences to the family.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone.
  9. Does anyone know a good mobile engineer and someone to do internal woodwork? Many Thanks
  10. Don't often post but this thread reminded me of our first boating adventure when the children were small some fourty years ago! We hired from Hearts Cruisers and the first stop was Berney Arms. We came in at such speed assuming that the boat would stop like a car.(Nobody told us otherwise) Crack went the bow. We were mortified and my husband went inside the bow to try to push out the dent. We were just a young family on holiday, not reckless or being stupid just clueless.We now have our own boat but you can bet your life that whenever were are on it we make at last one foul up when mooring. The difference is now that we approach slowly and are aware of the tides etc Yes we try not to moor in really busy spots but we also always help to moor and give advice if necessary regarding the currents tides etc. We have all been there.No boater whether private or hirer sets out to cause damage or harm.I remember that bump each time we pass the Berney Arms.The dent is probably still on the quay heading.
  11. oceandawn


    Swancraft is a great little yard and Paul is always helpful and his prices fair.The issue for him would be if he pushed the diesel and pump out facilities is the space as most of his points have boats moored on them (including ours).However he does have a visitor mooring and obviously If boats are out you would be Ok so it would be worth a call.
  12. In think you correct about Swancraft not being open at weekends. We are moored there and he very rarely works weekends.
  13. I think that bullying or intimidation is how it is perceived and it is not always meant in the way that it comes across.However, I very rarely post , although recently I received some excellent advice on selling boats. The reason that I don't is that some time ago I expressed frustration at the constant disparaging remarks regarding grp boats.Quote" My proudest moment in my life is never having sailed in a bathtub". The response that I received from some members was very upsetting , but I would imagine and hope that should I have met them face to face that they would have been surprised at how that dialogue affected me. I think we need to think a little more before we post. When I was working when sending memos or letters , no matter how hacked off I was, I always wrote it. then revisited and invariably adjusted the tone. Rarely does anyone set out to offend
  14. MM Your comments regarding the Ocean 30 are music to my husbands's ears! Interesting that Brooms supposedly had the moulds. Last year there was some discussion whether the Ocean 30 would be allowed at the Broom meet.The answer was no as they were nothing to do with Brooms. I found it strange that that being thee case why did Brooms allow the Ocean 30 carry their name for so long?
  15. Thought it was still.in the shed being worked on.It must be filthy.!
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