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  1. There is a wonderful app now available to enable sufferers to monitor and self manage the condition.Trials so far have resulted in hospital and GP attendances greatly reduced.GPs can arrange it.
  2. No it went through Boatshed really quickly within days really.We too have bought a bungalow which we are refurbishing whilst still living in our current home.Mega busy.Cannot think why NYA would be involved it is moored at Cove Marina ,may be it needs work but would be surprised if that is the case though as Phil from Simpsons had it all winter and went over it with a fine tooth comb.We looked into a share of a syndicate boat but that was not for us.We are on Silver Serenade from the 20th July.Give us a wave of you are about.
  3. Hi John We were surprised to see that you are selling your price and joy. We know exactly you what you mean by the time constraints.We have just sold the Ocean Dawn for the same reason.All good things come to an end.Initially we were sad but now feel quite a relief that we don't have to worry about it a anymore.We have not given up on Norfolk in fact are hiring next week but the week is over we can forget about it until the next time!Does the fridge still go? Good luck with the sale.
  4. Hi Steve Could you pm with more details please. many Thanks Pauline
  5. We just do not have the time to use it now. We have had the boat for 7 years and I kid you not we have spent circa 40k on it.Once we started we had to finish it to restore back to it's original form.Like yours it has always been in private ownership so the fittings are superior.Phil at Moonfleet has done the majority of the work.If it sells someone will get a good boat but they are old boats so we will see.
  6. We are selling Ocean Dawn our Ocean 30.Never been a hire boat alwAys in private ownership.Many thousands of pounds spent on her .Gel coat in near perfect condition.Described as in exceptional condition with the majority work done professionally.Pm me
  7. Sincere condolences .Keith and Pauline Toombs. Ocean Dawn
  8. Set it too soon . Failing that your idea about buying it off the shelf and getting Halls to shape it may work. Thanks for the info.
  9. Hi We are in Simpsons Lodge over Christmas as the boat is with Phil for some time doing internal work. We will provably take the trim off and take it to Halls assuming they will be open after Christmas. Failin g that we may bring it home as there are many fabricators in Grimsby. F,
  10. On our Ocean it has a back hatch and two side pieces.They are covered in treadmaster and trimmed with a half round aluminium trim but are rounded at the corners , ( If they were square you are correct you could buy of the shelf and just mitre the corners).In essence they are in one complete piece screwed down periodically . They have cracked in places.Just don't look good.
  11. Thanks for that.We have three that need edging.Did you think that it was expensive?On that basis it would cost us about £500 .However the place in North Walsham did say it would be cost prohibitive as it needs to be rolled?
  12. Could you tell me who is doing the stainless steel around the hatch please? S o far unable to find anyone to do ours. Many Thanks
  13. I have never met this gentleman but have dealt with Richardsons.I have always found them to be excellent to deal with , fair reasonable and not driven by greed. All of these attributes would have been taught and cascaded down by Mr Richardson, and will be part of his legacy. Can you imagine the Broads without Richardsons? My condolences to the family.
  14. Thanks for the info everyone.
  15. Does anyone know a good mobile engineer and someone to do internal woodwork? Many Thanks
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